CopyTrans Studio Review 2024: Is It Worth Your Time?

CopyTrans Studio

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  • Platforms: iPhone or iPad and Windows PC
  • Price: Free or $24

Verdict: As a travel photographer who takes photos on iPhone, I try to find an easy way to access and manage my photos on the go. That's why when I found out about CopyTrans Studio form, I was super happy. The application lets you access iPhone photos on your computer, which is helpful for editing and posting. 

I had to upload like 100 gigs of photos from my last trips, and it took me only about an hour. This photo transfer app is simple to use and signing up went smoothly as well.

  • Special built-in viewer
  • Automatically change HEIC to JPEG
  • Works with Live Photos
  • Supports wireless transfer
  • Convert multiple files at once
  • Free plan restrictions
  • Not available for Mac
copytrans integration into windows explorer

Working with photo management on my phone became much easier after installing the CopyTrans Studio app. It connects my iPhone with my HP laptop, reach the photos, all needed on my part was to open some folders on my PC.

Smart Albums is 100% perfect, it helps categorize my images based on location, date, or other metadata. Moreover, the application lets me convert HEIC photos to JPEG and view even Live Photos like gifs without lags.

CopyTrans Studio – Main Features

copytrans features

CopyTrans Studio is a desktop application created by Ursa Minor, that has existed since 2004. The suite includes 11 tools that help you manage your iPhone from the desktop. They also have another tool called CopyTrans Shelbee that lets you restore your iPhone without iTunes. The applications are available in 5 languages: English, German, French, Japanese, and Spanish.

CopyTrans Studio works with 64bit versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11 and can read data from all Apple devices, like iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch (starting with iPhone 3GS and iOS 5). I don't need the Internet to transfer files if I’m using a USB cable.

"I just installed it today, and I really like how it is a user-friendly app. I can copy my photos to other drives on my computer, and the best part is, it is free." - Josh, graphic designer ★★★★★ (5/5)

Intuitive Registration Process

What makes CopyTrans Studio the best choice for me is how simple it is. It helps me have my photo library right in Explorer, so I don't need to download any complicated software and spend time figuring out how it works. It's as easy as just opening a folder on my computer.

I didn't have any problems with the installation of the software. I just followed the steps of the installation wizard. After that, I connected to CopyTrans Studio using Wi-Fi, but you can also connect using a USB cable.

Then, I opened the Windows System Tray at the bottom right of my Desktop to find the app's icon and clicked "Allow connection over Wi-Fi".

copytrans settings

For iPod transfer, I also set up how I want my iPhone files to be exported.

In Settings, I also selected the Windows Explorer setting, Live Photos, and edited photos settings. 

There are also troubleshooting guides and video guides in the Help tab.

Ability to Create Unique Albums on Your Own Criteria

The feature that immediately caught my attention was the Smart Albums display. It basically lets you have your special collection of memories on the screen. The tool easily creates albums based on specific dates, locations, or even people.

copytrans smart albums creating

I use Smart Albums all the time, and it takes me about 3 minutes to create it. Firstly, I chose "Create a Smart Album" and then named it.

Then, I had to filter and group the photos. To do so, I selected sorting them by month and country. After that, I just clicked to create the Smart Album.

copytrans parameters to sort photos

I also like that I can delete Smart Albums at any time. All I need to do is right-click on the folder and select "Delete".

"It's really simple to use, even for someone who's not good with technology like me. Now, I can finally handle my iPhone photos easily, without any trouble." - Linda, student ★★★★★ (5/5)

View and Automatically Convert HEIC on PC

copytrans jpg convention

CopyTrans Studio also comes with CopyTrans Viewer, which helps me to view and convert HEIC photos easily, which is useful as most editing software offers more options for editing JPG files than HEIC. 

Converting HEIC to JPG is simple. All you need to do is open a folder with HEIC photos and select the image you need to convert. Then choose the option “Convert with CopyTrans”. 

With this HEIC to JPG converter, I can convert up to 100 photos at once.

Automatically Back up iPhone Photos

What really sets CopyTrans Studio apart is its automatic backup feature. I set it up to back up the photos from my iPhone regularly to be sure that I don't lose anything. This backup software lets me customize how often I want to do it and offers options of daily, weekly, or monthly backups.

To recover messages, images, videos from my iPhone backups, I use CopyTrans Backup Extractor from the same developer.

Strong User Privacy and Security

CopyTrans Studio prioritizes keeping users' information private and secure. If you download their software from the official website, you won't have to worry about viruses or malware. For example, CopyTrans Contacts is a software that helps me organize contacts, add notes-reminders to a calendar, schedule my working week, and is safe to use. 

CopyTrans Studio does not share my data with third parties. There are also no ads or hidden fees. Payment information, such as PayPal account data or bank details, are all secured as well. They don't store any user's private information on their servers and their employees can't access it either.

"makes managing my photos simpler. it helps me organize and move them to my computer for projects. with its automatic backup feature, i always keep my important marketing things safe on my iphone." - Toby, sales manager ★★★★★ (5/5)

User Guides to Harness the Full Potential of Tool

copytrans user guides

CopyTrans Studio has really helpful user guides and tutorials that helped me learn most of its features. The user guides taught me almost everything, from setting up to using professional features, like automatic backups.

I like that each guide is easy to understand as they have detailed explanations and visuals to help me learn about the tools. They don't use complicated language, which makes them easy to understand for everyone.

CopyTrans Studio Prices

The free version of CopyTrans Studio helped me manage my iPhone photos without spending money. It’s a fast and free help for anyone struggling with 10000+ photos on their phone.

However, after downloading it, I was able to use its paid features for 14 days and I liked them. These include 1-Click Photo Library Backup and Automatic Photo Library Backup. These features stopped working after the trial period was over. I was able to create only 3 Smart Albums for free.

In order to use those features again, I paid $24 for a Premium Plan, which also gives automatic and unlimited access to future updates.


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