6 Best HEIC to JPG Converters in 2023

If you are looking for a high-quality one-click photo converter with the possibility to batch convert files as well as make some basic edits, then check out this list of the best HEIC to JPG converters.

Top 6 HEIC to JPG Converters

  1. Pixillion - Lots of effects to apply after conversion
  2. Ezgif - For further EXIF data editing
  3. Movavi - Fast HEIC to JPG batch conversion
  4. FonePaw - Basic post-conversion editing options
  5. iMazing - Cross-platform conversion
  6. Apowersoft - Safe conversion

You can convert photos in batches with Apowersoft or perform further basic editing, using filters and effects available in Movavi. Besides, by choosing any program from the list of best HEIC to JPG converters, you’ll be able to get rid of the limitations of your built-in gallery and view photos taken with iPhone on a device running any other OS.

1. Pixillion

Converts 10+ formats
  • Rich format support
  • Advanced functions
  • Trimming options
  • An abundance of effects
  • Dated UI

Verdict: Pixillion is a powerful HEIC to JPG converter, which also allows handling other file formats. Despite rather advanced functionality of the program, the interface is outdated yet understandable.

With Pixillion Image Converter, in addition to converting, you can resize HEIC images. The program also has a wide range of effects, including popular Instagram styles - pastel, coffee, dramatic, contrast and B&W. This way, it stays on par with the best free image converters.

pixillion heic to jpg converter interface

2. FonePaw

Cross-platform conversion with EXIF data setting
  • Sleek interface
  • Quick batch conversion
  • Free
  • Compatible with Windows and macOS
  • Conversion issues

Verdict: FonePaw is famous file converter software, optimized for both Windows and macOS platforms. The program has a modern and user-friendly interface. The main screen contains a transparent field where you can drag and drop your image or upload it as a HEIC file.

After importing your file, you can adjust the conversion settings, set the original quality of the files, correct and add EXIF data, specify the output location, and more. Also, the software has a fairly convenient batch conversion function, which will greatly speed up your work.

fonepaw heic to jpg converter interface

3. Movavi

Fast AI conversion with basic color editing
  • Powerful EXIF management options
  • Lossless conversion
  • Accelerated work due to AI technologies
  • Batch mode
  • Limited functionality in a free version

Verdict: Movavi Converter is part of a family of applications built on the basis of AI technology. It has a clean drag-n-drop interface and allows converting HEIC to JPG without quality loss. In addition to terrific AI algorithms that speed up conversion, this HEIC to JPG software can process files in batches. Besides images, you can convert videos and GIF files to any format.

After the conversion is over, you can use editing tools to resize, fill in EXIF data including geolocation, add filters and make basic color adjustments, customizing white balance, shadows and highlights. If basic tools aren’t enough for you, you can go to full-fledged Movavi Photo Editor, and perform partial skin enhancement, improve or replace the background, and more.

heic to jpg converter interface

4. Ezgif

Preserve the quality during conversion
  • Integrated basic editing features
  • Fast conversion process
  • User-friendly
  • Doesn’t reduce size while converting files
  • Preview is not always displayed
ezgif logo

Verdict: Although Ezgif is an online service mainly focused on making GIFs, it also has a set of tools for converting HEIC to JPG and PNG images.

The interface of the site looks trashy and outdated, due to scattered ads and layouts. Anyway, after converting your files, you can crop, resize, rotate, and even add text to images. To protect your intellectual property from stealing, add a unique watermark.

ezgif heic to jpg converter interface

5. iMazing

Keeps EFIX data when converting
  • Mobile version
  • Converted images are of high quality
  • Batch conversion mode
  • Intuitive workflow
  • EXIF data may be lost
imazing logo

Verdict: iMazing is a cross-platform online HEIC to JPG converter that allows performing this action in a matter of seconds. The software has a fully drag and drop interface, so you instantly take files from your iPhone's gallery folder and add them to the working area.

The editor keeps all EXIF metadata, and you can use it both on Windows and Mac computers. The service is completely free and allows converting entire albums for a streamlined workflow.

imazing heic to jpg converter interface

6. Apowersoft

Batch conversion of HEIC photos
  • Automatic backups
  • It is available for business and personal
  • Notifications if backups fail
  • Easy restore process
  • Weak functionality
apowersoft logo

Verdict: Apowersoft is a simple online converter that allows you to batch convert HEIC images to JPG format. There is also a mobile version, which will come in handy for those, who frequently work on the go. The interface is quite simple, so you won’t experience any confusion down the line.

Keep in mind that all your photos are temporarily kept on their server, but once the conversion is over, they are automatically deleted. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the privacy of your images.

apowersoft heic to jpg converter interface