Red Pocket Mobile Wireless Network Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 10 days ago, Apps and Software

Red Pocket Mobile

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  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Pricing: Starts at $10/month
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Verdict: Red Pocket Mobile is an affordable cellphone service provider that allows you to keep your smartphone while picking the desired option from all large wireless networks. It’s a good solution for photographers and other users who constantly need to stay connected with their clients over the phone and online.

I like that Red Pocket can connect to any one of the major networks, letting you pick the option that provides the best coverage and speeds for your location.

  • Affordable
  • Quick and straightforward activation process
  • Good data transfer speed
  • Easy and convenient switch
  • Possible issues when setting up phones with multiple SIM cards
  • As with all wireless carriers, you may get spam calls and messages if you get a new number and don’t port in your current number
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Red Pocket Mobile is a mobile service and internet provider that offers terrific wireless coverage similar to popular American networks while being available for a much lower price.

In terms of quality, this cellphone service provider is a direct competitor of leading networks like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint, although its service runs on their networks, and offers nearly identical performance when it comes to speed, coverage, etc. This is achieved through strategic partnerships with the leading carriers and Red Pocket Mobile's low operating costs.

Red Pocket Mobile: Main Features

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If you want to reap the benefits offered by Red Pocket Mobile, you have to follow one of two paths. The first is to activate your SIM card while keeping the number and phone you were using with a different service provider. To do so, you have to input your phone’s serial number, the ICCID number that you can find on the back of the SIM card Red Pocket Mobile sends you, and the confirmation code that will be sent to your email.

The second path entails picking your phone. You can keep your current phone, or pick a new one from Red Pocket Mobile's website, which feature the latest model iPhones along with Android devices and even an old school flip phone if that’s your thing. If you decide you want a new phone, Red Pocket is currently offering free service bundled with many new devices.

RedPocket also features quick-start tutorials that will help ensure the process of switching between providers is completed quickly and painlessly.

Whether you bring your own phone or get a new one - or port in your current number or get a new one - setting up is easy. Their website contains all the necessary settings for iPhones and Android smartphones if you’re keeping your current device and need to reconfigure it.

Ability to Choose the Mobile Service Network

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It’s an obvious thing to say, but most mobile service providers only support one network. AT&T just sells the AT&T network, for example. AT&T stores don’t sell the Verizon network!

Red Pocket Mobile is different - in a really cool way. With Red Pocket, users to pick from their choice of networks, which they label as GSMA, GSMT, and CDMA. This gives subscribers the unique freedom to switch between networks as they see fit.

If you have an AT&T compatible smartphone, you can’t go wrong with this option. GSMA is among the biggest countrywide networks in the United States, as it reaches even distant rural locations. If you often travel to different parts of the country, this provider will ensure you are always available and can be reached quickly and without any issues. This network supports 4G and/or 5G on compatible devices.

If you have a T-Mobile compatible smartphone, the GSMT network is a great option. GSMT is one of the fastest networks available, you’ll be able to post pictures on social media and share files in a blink of an eye. This network supports 5G speeds on compatible devices, but you can also employ an LTE (4G) smartphone as long as it offers GSM compatibility.

Red Pocket Mobile allows its users to benefit from the most extensive CDMA network in the country. Go with Red Pocket’s CDMA option, if your phone supports that network, and enjoy unparalleled coverage. If you don’t know if your smartphone is CDMA compatible, the provider’s live chat support will help you find out.

Lastly, if you require assistance picking the optimal network, you can check the coverage on Red Pocket Mobile’s official website.

Flexible Plans for Individual Purposes

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Red Pocket Mobile offers flexible that allows customers to only pay for what they need. Most calling plans offer unlimited mobile internet and call minutes that many users don’t even need.

The company took that into account and developed plans that let you pay just for what you need - an approach that saves most people a bundle. For example, Red Pocket offers a plan for the light user that comes with 500 minutes, 500 texts, and 500MB of ultrafast internet data for just $10 a month. That’s the cheapest cell phone plan I’ve ever seen and the FixThePhoto team recommends it.

Affordable Connectivity Program for Separate Regions

red pocket affordable connectivity program

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who are in need of affordable internet service, Red Pocket Mobile can help. You can take advantage of the special program provided by the federal government and supported by Red Pocket Mobile called the Affordable Connectivity Program. It includes an unlimited amount of call minutes, texts, and 10GB high speed data per month for households that meet specific requirements, which you can find on the official website.

Extra Benefits Provided by the Referral Program

Whenever you invite your friends to join the Red Pocket Mobile client base, you and your friend receive a discount on your next payment. To take advantage of this offer, you have to register for the referral program and generate a referral code. Next, your friend types in your code when registering in the system to receive a $25 discount on the company’s services.

Referrers receive one credit for each successful referral, leading to the activation of a new account, which is later prolonged for a second month. However, you can’t receive more than $500 in rewards within a calendar year. If you’re able to attract a large number of clients to Red Pocket, check out the individual offers for active referrers.

Red Pocket Mobile Prices

Red Pocket Mobile provides four standard plans. The cheapest unlimited plan will send you back $20 a month and includes 3GB of 5G internet and unlimited calls, messages, and data. The catch is that the internet speed is lowered once you use up the offered 3GB. For $30 a month, you’ll receive everything from the first plan but the speed will be decreased only after you’ve reached the 10GB threshold. For $40 a month, the maximum speed is offered for up to 25GB and 12GB for CDMA. Finally, the $50 plan grants you 100GB of high-speed internet on the GSMA network and 50GB for CDMA and GSMT networks.

The provider also offers a Family Plan that provides identical unlimited options. You pay a monthly fee of $30 for the first line and another $20 for up to 4 extra lines. Additionally, you can receive over 10GB of high-speed data for every line for as little as $10.

Red Pocket provides two Business packages. The first encompasses unlimited services and 25GB of high-speed internet and some extra features while setting you back $45 per month for every line. Meanwhile, Red Pocket’s new Business plan will cost you $30 a month, or just $45 a month complete with Vonage’s enhanced collaboration features.

The company’s offers aren’t limited to monthly plans. If you’re confident Red Pocket Mobile services will fully satisfy your needs, you can save money by paying for an entire year upfront which gives you a fantastic discount.