The Farm Soho Review 2023: Coworking Space With 24/7 Access

By Kate Gross 10 days ago, Apps and Software

The Farm SoHo

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  • Location: New York City
  • Price: From $29/day

Verdict: When I went to New York, I was looking for a comfortable place to work. The Farm SoHo coworking space attracted my attention with its convenient location and pleasant atmosphere. This place is beautiful and has a rustic feel thanks to its cozy and exquisite interior. I was also impressed by the professional skills of the management team and by the fact that access to the coworking space is open 24 hours a day.

Coworking is great for freelancing, meetings, conferences, and conducting various events. A coworking team offers solutions for corporations allowing you to rent, built, and manage offices at an affordable price.

  • Convenient location
  • Friendly and helpful team
  • 24/7 access
  • Pet-friendly
  • Affordable prices
  • Slightly misleading photos of coworking space
the farm soho interface

The Farm SoHo is an event venue and a co-working space in the center of SoHo NYC. The most impressive thing about this workspace is its cozy designed office. It looks like a vintage barn in the center of New York City. Also, it has a supportive community and a stunning location.

The Farm SoHo — Main Features

the farm soho logo

The space creators built it by hand. It represents their fondness for nature and organic design. The office has an energetic atmosphere created by the members of the community who feel here like at home. A Farm is a suitable option for those who are in search of a low-priced coworking space, a shared office space in NY, or an atmospheric full floor office. 

Simple Space With Rustic Charm

the farm soho workspace

The Farm Soho is located in the center of SoHo, which is one of the most atmospheric districts in Manhattan. Besides, it is situated near the major subway lines and the important technological businesses like Squarespace, & Square. Freelancers and office workers will definitely appreciate its rustic atmosphere and inviting environment. I worked in this space for a few days, and I liked it here.

The key advantages of The Farm Soho are high ceilings, rustic furniture, and a special feel of this particular space. Although the company images of this workspace do not always correspond to reality, the atmosphere of this coworking is very pleasant. When entering the room, you will see long tables with comfortable chairs. In this The Farm SoHo review, I will tell you about my experience of using this coworking space.

24/7 Secure Access and Simple Booking

One of the greatest advantages of coworking spaces is round-the-clock access. You can purchase membership right on the website but the Day Offices package requires approval. If you want to work on workdays, Mon – Fri, from 9 am to 5 pm, you will receive a confirmation about your membership the same day. Otherwise, you will get a notification the next working day. You will get access to the working space starting from the date you’ve selected.

Day Pass purchase doesn’t require confirmation and can be accessed immediately. You will get your Day Pass on the “Start Date” you’ve selected on the purchase page.

In addition to the simple booking process, you can enjoy a stable and speedy connection.

Everything You Need to Have a Productive Day

I was impressed that the employees take care of everything to ensure that you have a productive day. You can have some snacks in the kitchen, make a cup of coffee, or go up on the roof to get fresh air and appreciate the magnificent views.

They also provide printing and scanning services, you can get letters or packages. Moreover, you can bring your pets with you to the coworking space.

Locations for Any Occasion

the farm soho locations

Currently, the offices are located in SoHo, SoHo East, Nomad, and SoHo North. The Farm SoHo provides a convenient environment for business owners, start-ups, and remote workers who need to be a part of a dynamic community. This space is great for conducting meetings, and conferences, collaborating with your team or organizing some activities.

The company offers various types of offices, including fully furnished rooms or branded floors to satisfy your needs. The Farm Soho East has a convenient rooftop for relaxation, numerous phone booths, and well-organized office setups – everything you need to provide your team with a convenient working environment.

The combination of the classic rustic design and the industrial look of old NY makes these workspaces look atmospheric. The Farm Nomad provides you with a convenient and friendly environment offering private offices with all the necessary furniture pieces and technology items. These workspaces also have comfortable areas for having a break. The Farm Soho North is suitable for conducting meetings and offers convenient working conditions.

An Event Venue that Has It All

the farm soho event venues

The rooms are not only suitable for work, but also for various events like conferences, business seminars, baby showers, weddings, and more. For me, as a photographer, it is always important where the holiday will take place because the quality of event photography depends on it.

They’ve provided venues for corporate and social events. Its rooms are full of sunlight, which makes them great for yoga training, brunches, or other meals, whereas its rooftop space is perfect for outdoor celebrations or relaxation.

You can choose from several rooms, depending on the number of people and the nature of the event. The spacious SoHo loft can be customized to your preferences. It is an ideal place for both big parties and family-style dinners. The meeting rooms can accommodate up to 16 people. These spaces are fitted with all the staff that is required for conducting business meetings and conferences.

If you are looking for an original spot, you will like an open rooftop event venue. Their industrial space is suitable for corporate events. It consists of five conference rooms, four bathrooms, and a reading and nursing area.

I was impressed by how effortlessly a room can be prepared for any event. Before you book a room, you can inspect it. In addition to the premises themselves, you can also use various furniture items and an A/V system, which consists of a projector, a TV, microphones, and speakers. The space includes a myriad of seating spots and offers WiFi connection at every spot of the office. You can also ask a staff member for help, in case you have questions during your event.

One disadvantage is that the office lacks a fully-featured kitchen, so serving hot food is not an option. However, there are two refrigerators, so your can store food without problems. In the kitchen, you can find a sink and a smaller counter.

If your plans have changed, you can cancel your booking. To get a refund, you need to do it up to 30 days before the event date. However, you won’t get money back for deposits. You can also reschedule the event, but the price can be higher in this case.

Marketing Services for Your Business

The Farm SoHo also provides marketing services like content creation, distribution, outreach, and optimization. Their staff can train your whole marketing team of freelancers. They’ve hired professionals from various fields to build a team that can plan content calendars as well as provide copywriting and design creation services. These specialists can manage social media platforms, generate backlinks, and create guest blogs to promote your website.

I liked that you can order almost any marketing service from them. They use all popular social media sites for photographers, so you can tell your audience about yourself.

Enhanced Cleaning Measures

I was pleasantly surprised by how clean and fresh their rooms are. The offices are cleaned according to CDC guidelines. The janitors clean surfaces and shared amenities.

Besides, the workers use TABS (EPA registered) disinfectants, sanitizers, and bleach options. Prot Electrostatic Sprayers are quite effective against viruses and bacteria. They can disinfect various types of surfaces.

All common rooms are fitted with hand sanitizer stations. Clients can wash their hands with soap, dry them with paper towels and cleanse them with an alcohol-based agent. Also, the premises have access to the outdoor air ventilation. The distance between workplaces is at least 1.5 meters.

Full Curation Support of the Individual Office

the farm soho enterprise solutions

The Farm SoHo has a team of professionals consisting of experienced designers, architects, and realtors. They can work with you to supervise your office. For instance, they can find an appropriate location, select a suitable layout, customize furniture items, create brand identity, etc. They will select the most suitable workspace and interior design to suit your budget. You can also select one of the ready-made premises to implement new business ideas.

The company has several offices. If you do not like any of them, the specialists will design the room according to your preferences creating a great environment for your tasks.

Get Bonuses as a Farm SoHo Family Member

The Farm SoHo has partners from other fields. It allows it to provide its clients with bonuses and discounts on the services provided by these companies. You might get discounts on accountancy services, fitness, and Amazon delivery. Besides, you can get free risk assessment services provided by Founder Shield Insurance.

You will have free 5 full-day passes at any of the partner coworking spaces across five continents in any part of the world. In addition, you will be able to access Chelsea Capital services with a 15% discount for a half year.

If you’ve chosen the Hive Teams package, you can get an exclusive 20% discount. Hive is a great collaborative platform for managing projects, tracking tasks, etc.

The Farm SoHo Prices

The coworking site offers several membership options. If you want to spend one day in a coworking space, you need to pay $29. A monthly Day Pass costs $350.

If you want to rent a table to work with a team, you will need to pay $299 per month. A private room for 4 people will cost you $2,000 per month. You can learn the prices for other services by contacting a manager.