AVADA Ecommerce Platform Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 10 days ago, Apps and Software


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  • Platforms: Online/Browser
  • Pricing: From $9/month

Verdict: Users searching for a platform with an array of eCommerce features should pay attention to AVADA, which is one of the best options for businesses, especially creative ones. The service contains many different great applications for advertising a company online within one platform.

Besides, AVADA allows performing such tasks as search engine optimization, tracking orders, posting ads on social media platforms, and launching email marketing. Successful photographers, painters, and videographers, who want to create online stores without much hassle, often choose this service.

  • A variety of eCommerce solutions under one roof
  • Free transfer from other platforms
  • Options for effective email advertising
  • Marketing campaign segmentation
  • Doesn’t filter clients based on their language
avada website

AVADA is a marketing automation platform specifically developed for the eCommerce niche. It offers a rich variety of services related to using Shopify, Magento 2, and the like.

Besides AVADA allows you to generate email marketing campaigns and tools for segmenting your audience. It also provides the access to options for creating pop-up windows to increase the conversion rate.

AVADA: Main Features

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AVADA offers convenient solutions for cooperation, providing round-the-clock technical support, and live chats for customers. They are always in touch with their customers and there is even a special community for sharing ideas.

All AVADA for eCommerce tools are easy to use. Moreover, the developers offer comprehensive tutorials and training classes explaining how to solve various issues related to the development of online stores.

If you use other eCommerce platforms, including Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Omnisend, Active Campaign, or Sendinblue, you can take advantage of free migrations services. Also, customers receive a great discount and free automation flows when switching from other resources to AVADA.

Pre-Made Automation Workflows for Email Marketing

avada automation workflows

AVADA offers ready-made solutions for automating tasks related to email marketing. The platform allows you to perform all the basic operations without your participation, so you can fully focus on creativity and promoting your personal brand.

Navigating the service, you will find many photographer email templates, as well as specialized templates for other creative professionals. As they are optimized for deliverability, you can be sure that your emails will get to a client’s inbox. They are pre-set for sending at a specific time, so you don't have to worry about timing nuances. Using the bulk email sender offered by the service, you can completely optimize your communication with clients.

You don’t have to use third-party email marketing software to inform customers about receiving their orders, notifying them about shipping, sending invoices in PDF format, etc. The platform has also special templates designed for reminding about cart abandonment and restoring lost sales.

What’s more, AVADA allows performing conditional splits to send specific messages to people based on their behaviors and segments. This ensures that your store has something interesting for different cohorts of customers. Although all functions are automatic and there are many ready-made templates, you can personalize them so that customers have the feeling of communicating with a live brand representative, and not with a robot.

AVADA stands out with extensive controls over an email marketing strategy thanks to reporting. You will receive comprehensive reports on the whole automation workflow or its parts.

Personalized Newsletters for Increasing Store Visibility on the Web

avada personalization

Using personalization tools, you can configure the look and content of your e-mails so that they increase your brand awareness and boost conversion.

You can create email on your own, using ready-made interactive blocks and combining them in a drag-and-drop email editor. It is possible to complement letters with photos, graphics, corporate colors, and other branding elements to make customers recognize and remember your brand. You can save an email you created as a template and use it down the road.

Besides, you can save any email blocks for future use. In addition, you can attach coupons to your emails for a customer to use when purchasing from your online store. Adding client information to your letters will help you build a rapport.

Easy Customer Segmentation for Customized Offers

avada segmentation

Specifically developed for eCommerce businesses, the platform lets administrators categorize customers taking into account their status, tag, email, name, the latest checkout date, and other details. You can track emails by individual target groups, considering their interactions with your brand.

AVADA allows segmenting clients according to their shopping experience in your store. So, you can use photography equipment, the type of photo sessions a customer ordered, purchased product collection as the basis for your categorization. To organize the division more effectively, you can add or delete some conditions. In this regard, the service has a huge advantage over similar platforms, since such segmentation is usually carried out by the specialists of ecommerce development companies.

Based on segments, you can offer specific services and products to people. Feel free to generate client databases with contacts, importing or exporting them via CSV, and as TXT files.

Pop-Ups Creation and Implementation for Increasing the Customers’ Involvement

avada pop up

Pop-up forms help eCommerce store owners spur clients’ activity on a web page. You can create pop-up messages and set them to appear at a specific time. To build a contact form, you don’t need to hire a tech-savvy expert, but can use tools available on the platform.

You can also use pre-made templates for different types of pop-up messages. The platform allows you to change their design and personalize a message based on current demands.

Set them to appear after the website loaded, at a certain time, after scrolling X percent, or after choosing any ticked component on your page, etc. Moreover, you can pick any specific sites or your resource to showcase a signup form.

AVADA offers an array of pop-up contact forms for various purposes. For instance, Spin to Win attracts your consumers’ attention and lets them find out whether they can win a random prize. You can customize prizes and the chances to win/lose. Add-to-cart pop-up message is displayed once a customer ordered a new product and added it to the cart.

AVADA Prices

The service has flexible pricing and the cost is calculated based on the number of contacts and requirements. A Free Plan includes 15,000 emails, 500 contacts, basic automation workflows, entry-level email templates, lead captures, web push notifications, and email support. You can get a free trial of each subscription before purchasing.

The cost of the Pro Plan starts at $9/mo. In this case, you get all the features offered by a free version, as well as an unlimited number of emails, unlimited automation flows, all email templates, SMS, branding removable, WhatsApp, email & chat support.

The Advanced Plan costs $49/month. It contains 2500 contacts and all the features of the previous plan. It also provides integration with Google Ads and Facebook Ads, personal account manager, deliverability & implementation (3 workflows). If you need more contacts, get ready to lay out additional money.

The plan for enterprises includes all the options from the already mentioned plans, as well as over 200,000 contacts, migration services, and priority support. The cost is calculated for each customer based on various aspects.