5 Contact Form Examples You’ll Want to Use

By Tata Rossi 3 days ago, Photography Tips

As the famous American psychologist Rollo May puts it, “Communication leads to community”. And that is one of the reasons why contact forms make up an important genre among other form types. Online contact forms have an essential function, the function of building a strong bridge between people and your organization. Today, you are so lucky because you can start to benefit from them instantly by using some free form samples.

What is a Contact Form Template?

contact form examples

Briefly, a contact form is an instrument that makes communication both easy and safe for organizations. When people think about contacting a company or an institution, they often seek an easier and more reliable way than email.

As sharing phone numbers can bring some potential dangers, you need to come up with a more convenient idea. (Oh, a quick correction: you need to create an online contact form uniquely designed for your needs.) And here are several more reasons why.

Preventing Scams and Phishing Attacks

Today, you must have an email address, and you must have seen a lot of scams in your mailbox. While they may seem harmless, seeing them in your inbox can still be annoying as it is. Moreover, some advanced phishing attacks can threaten the security of your other accounts.

In order to prevent all these, companies and other institutions need a secure way of communication. Thanks to online contact form templates, this is now an easy process for whoever wants to generate an intermediate way between their company and community. After choosing a suitable template for your needs, simply make some adjustments and start using your online contact form, safely.

Another recommendation is to use email marketing software and creative photographer email templates in combination with contact forms. This way, those who contact you via the contact form will receive an immediate, and beautifully-designed automated response, letting them know you’ve received their enquiry.

Providing a Great Frame for Messages

filling out contact form examples

Customer service constitutes a crucial part of every firm. However, ask any support team about their jobs, they will tell you how hard they dig in to extract what people are trying to say, using customer service software. This is, of course, only true for the teams that primarily use emails for community contact. 

Through a form builder, such as forms.app, you can easily edit your website contact form to receive more organized messages. As form builders often have an easy-to-navigate results page, the information you are after will also be easy to find.

Collecting Files Safely

As an extension of other dangers, accepting all kinds of files on emails poses a great threat. Especially for companies that hold customer information. When you start browsing, you will see that some of the contact us form samples includes a built-in file upload field.

Moreover, it is possible to determine which file extensions people can upload, depending on the form builder of course. This process will bring the second layer of security when collecting files, and in combination with internet security suites your customer information will always be safe.

Simple Yet Powerful Data Management

Another feature that will make data extraction more convenient is the data management pages. For many form types such as signup forms and website contact forms, form builders offer result pages where you can review, remove, and share the submissions. Some of them even offer special statistics for your contact forms.

Top 5 Contact Form Templates

Contact forms vary depending on your niche and the type of business you’re in. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective contact page examples, that will increase your revenue online.

1. HTML Contact Us Form Template

html contact form examples

“Contact Us” forms are maybe the most general name among other contact forms. Therefore, a contact us form can be preferred by any business. Whether you have a professional photography portfolio or have a shop on popular ecommerce platforms, you can place the contact us form (or its link) in any convenient area. This will allow your community or customers to easily see how they can reach you. 

As these forms are used for general purposes, you will have many options to edit them according to your needs. Open a contact us form template you like and check out its questions and design. Many form builders will offer some basic editing features but you can have much more advanced options by choosing innovative ones among them. 

2. Website Contact Form Template

website contact form examples

Contact forms, most of the time, are generated for websites. Companies want them on their landing pages, pop-ups, or contact-us pages. Now that there are so many website contact form templates, you won’t have to build your own form from scratch. After selecting a suitable website contact form template, head over to the form designer and make some customizations. No matter your website, what website builders for photographers you used to build it, or your company type, or website contact forms offer:

  • Quick solutions for free
  • All question types you need
  • Customizable form fields
  • Awesome looking designs

3. Customer Contact Form Template

customer contact form examples

For professional corporations, providing an easy and safe way of communication is of great importance. Being able to achieve this will bring some advantages and ensure great results, such as being safe from attacks, having happy customers, and organizing your form according to your needs among others. By simply opening a customer contact form template:

  • You will only need to make a few adjustments
  • You will be able to change fonts, add google maps, background images
  • After some quick modifications, you can copy the embed code to place your form

To attract more customers or convince them to get in contact with you, make sure to add a call to action at the end. This is a well-proven solution to motivate your clients. If you are now thinking how amazing it is, well, prepare yourself for more; because this is only the start of what you can do with contact form examples. 

Another great feature of customer contact form templates is the query type selection. If you are receiving questions about certain matters, you can easily add a dropdown selection to the template (in most cases, customer contact form samples include one). This way, you will be able to sort the responses for more efficient use. Some form builders also offer the conditional field feature, which allows you to hide or show the questions based on previous selections.

4. Emergency Contact Form Template

student contact form examples

Maybe the most unique and necessary one among other contact forms is the emergency contact form. While we usually don’t want to think about it, accidents do happen. And the best we can do is to be prepared. Emergency form templates help you get prepared by providing necessary questions.

Of course, it is possible to build a form from the very beginning but that would cost you some time and there is a high chance that these examples will include some additional questions you may need. For example, you will see that some emergency contact form samples also have health questions. When you organize a road trip or a tour in dangerous sites, these questions and fast access to the answers can be life-saving.  Here are some example questions you can consider:

Emergency contact - relation type - other means of communication

  • Blood type
  • Any allergies
  • Any chronic illness

5. Hotel Contact Form Template

hotel contact form examples

In accommodation businesses, you can start one step ahead by having a great contact us page. People always seek customer service that pays attention to their problems or wishes. And this desire is doubled for the places they will be staying. Before coming to your hotel, they will want to learn some things first, for example;

  • If it is safe, comfortable, and affordable
  • How close it is to a city center or tourist sites
  • If entering the hotel is restricted to some hours
  • Whether or not the hotel provides food service

As seen above, potential customers have many questions before choosing a place to stay. So it is necessary to explain all these in a convenient way. Today, website templates and WordPress photography themes often leave some empty areas that people can use freely. Therefore, you can add the features of a hotel to these free zones, or you can create a FAQ section above or under the contact us form.

Above it is covered what is a contact form template; how you can use it for your benefit, and the most frequently used contact forms are explained. However, it is possible to use the famous analogy here; it is only the tip of the iceberg. People create websites, companies, initiatives, foundations, charity organizations for countless reasons. If you are any of these or have a different plan, you need to ensure safe communication.

A simple contact form can be a great start to be able to do that. Whether you will place it as a pop-up, or create a separate page for it, choose a sample for your contact us form easily. In the age of communication, you need to have the best means and provide the best meanings. Remember how community and communication are interrelated and choose a free contact form template now to act on your plans!