11 Best Internet Security Suites

11 Best Internet Security Suites in 2024

If you wish to protect your working PC, mobile device or entire home network, you are sure to find something that will cover your needs among the best Internet security suites. Although a conventional antivirus engine can be effective against traditional malware and viruses, it won’t provide comprehensive protection unlike top Internet security software.

Ransomware, spyware, adware, phishing, keyloggers – these threats are as real as they are dangerous. You can’t rely solely on your gut to avoid infected files or dangerous websites, particularly to vouch for children, since all the latest threats are created specifically to look like traditional apps, games and services.

Top 11 Best Internet Security Suites

  1. Norton - The best multipurpose Internet security suites
  2. Surfshark One - All-in-one cyber secure suite
  3. Bitdefender - Entry-level security suite with PC maintenance tools
  4. Kaspersky - The best intelligent mid-level security suite
  5. McAfee - The best multi-device bundle
  6. Avast - The best free security suite
  7. BullGuard - Comprehensive package based on advanced machine learning
  8. Trend Micro - The best protection for mobile devices
  9. Panda - Machine-learning antivirus with VPN for the majority of devices
  10. Webroot - Lightweight cloud-based fast-performing security suite
  11. Sophos - Affordable Internet security suite

Without security suites, malware can steal your protected usernames and passwords, steal money from your bank accounts, or connect your PC to a spam mailing system. The possibilities are endless and disastrous. But the best antivirus suite is only one type of protection. It doesn’t encrypt your connection like a VPN does. It can’t fend off hacker attacks like a firewall.

For comprehensive security and privacy protection, you need the best security suites. Getting a package is more beneficial than choosing multiple components. This is a very competitive area, where several levels of protection are always available, depending on the number and platform of covered devices, as well as the availability of additional features. Free trials will help you quickly answer the question of what is the best Internet security program for your configuration.

1. Norton – Our Choice

Unrestricted integrated VPN
  • Best parental control capabilities
  • Money-back protection guarantee, trial version
  • Viruses without false flaggings, password protection
  • Backup, cloud storage and data recovery
  • Webcam protection, unrestricted VPN
  • None detected

Verdict: Norton, one of the biggest names in antivirus protection and Internet security software ratings, offers several levels of security. The middle levels provide additional protection against identity theft, financial coverage for victims of identity fraud. The top package offers coverage for an unrestricted number of devices and monitoring the security of retirement investments.

For the average user, 360 Standard will be enough with protection from viruses, malware, spyware and ransomware. There is a firewall to prevent hackers from entering the network and a VPN to hide the identity and location.

The best choice in the line is Norton 360 Deluxe with a password manager, unlimited VPN, personal data monitoring in the darknet, parental control (in-depth monitoring of Internet activity and GPS tracking of mobile devices) and 50 GB of online storage. It is a universal choice of protection for up to five VPN-enabled devices, Windows or macOS, and mobile devices.

norton interface internet security suites

2. Surfshark One

All-in-one cyber secure suite
  • Proactive breach detection
  • Robust security
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Limited device compatibility
  • • Dependency on internet connection

Verdict: Having tried Surfshark One, I can definitely assure you that it's one of the best internet security suites out there. This is an all-in-one package that smoothly falls in with all the needed tools for having a better experience online with more privacy and security.

Surfshark VPN will ensure the security of my online activity anonymously, such that it is not recognizable, by changing my given IP address and also encrypting sensitive data. Antivirus helped me secure all the devices from unwanted viruses and malware.

Surfshark Search gives ad-free, private, and accurate searches, avoiding digital traces. Alert acts as a vigilant guard against personal data leaks and notifies me without any delays in the case of appearing in breached databases with my e-mail, personal identification number, or credit card information.

surfshark one interface internet security suites

3. Bitdefender

Safepay online-banking protection
  • Protection of mobile devices from theft
  • AI-powered antivirus with multi-layer protection
  • Full-featured parental control
  • File encryption, webcam protection
  • Parental control for iOS doesn’t work to the fullest
  • VPN with data restriction

Verdict: Basic Bitdefender Antivirus Plus offers real-time monitoring for viruses, ransomware and spyware. Typical add-ons include built-in firewall protection and spam filtering for up to 3 Windows devices. Users will find many pricing options that let them pick the software, how many devices to cover and for how long.

Mid-level Bitdefender Internet Security adds support for Mac Antivirus software, parental control, file encryption, webcam protection, as well as a two-way firewall with password manager, Wi-Fi network scanner, file shredder and ransomware protection.

Bitdefender Total Security leads the line with device theft protection, system optimizer and licenses for all platforms. Users will get coverage of 5 devices, password and battery manager, file encryption/destruction, VPN, firewall, online banking Safepay browser, vulnerability scanner, webcam and microphone protection, spam filter and malicious URL blocking module. Total Security provides various tools to clean up unnecessary files and optimize download time.

bitdefender interface internet security suites

4. Kaspersky

Safe Kids parental controls
  • Backup, unrestricted password manager
  • Two-factor authentication of the online account
  • Constantly updated modules
  • Highly customizable, precise verification
  • Impact on the system when fully scanned
  • VPN, parental controls are limited

Verdict: Kaspersky is a veteran of the security world, providing high-quality protection with intelligent adaptive protection capabilities. Kaspersky Anti-Virus entry-level software offers protection against ransomware, a virtual keyboard and a convenient online account portal. But it is pretty basic when it comes to additional capabilities.

Kaspersky Internet Security has parental control, secure browser, webcam and laptop theft protection, restricted VPN and software for macOS, Android and iOS. The premium Kaspersky Total Security package adds backup, file encryption, file shredder and unrestricted password manager.

Users get an intelligent firewall, secure web browser, webcam protection, software update tool, as well as the Safe Kids module – parental control with intelligent monitoring of social networks. Kaspersky belongs to top malware removal software, ransomware and phishing programs. Additional capabilities make it a universal tool for protecting not only devices but also IDs and passwords.

kaspersky interface internet security suites

5. McAfee

Protect any number of devices
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Storing documents in an encrypted folder
  • Accelerators for viewing and running applications
  • Top-grade spam filter, protection guarantee
  • Without reliable protection of the browser or a web camera
  • VPN, identity theft protection in a long-term subscription

Verdict: McAfee’s basic product, Total Protection Individual, covers only one individual Windows device. So, I suggest purchasing McAfee Total Protection. For a small additional fee, you get a reliable security package that protects up to 10 Windows or Mac computers, as well as Android or iOS devices. US customers receive a helpful additional service in the form of protection against identity theft.

The interface is straightforward and optimized, although it will be too simple for experienced users. The McAfee antivirus package offers a reasonable value in a multi-device package with some add-ons to improve web browsing speed and application performance.

The software is supplied with a shredder and a two-way firewall, as well as a password manager. To get parental control, you will need to use McAfee Total Protection Multi-Device or its analog, McAfee LiveSafe, which is pre-installed on many new PCs. Licenses for multiple devices in these two security packages also include a personal data protection service.

mcafee interface internet security suites

6. Avast

Passive Mode lets you use another antivirus
  • Game mode for online games
  • Batch VPN
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Optimization toolset
  • Certain impact on PC performance
  • Restricted use of VPN

Verdict: Avast is known for its excellent free antivirus software. But Avast Premium Security software doesn’t exactly match the quality of the top-grade products, although it can simultaneously protect 10 devices.

It offers a password Manager, Wi-Fi security scanning, a two-way firewall and spam filter, webcam protection and file shredder. Users get standard protection along with a tool that lets them test suspicious applications in an isolated sandbox.

The company offers a comprehensive security solution in the form of Avast Ultimate, which includes a full VPN, providing greater protection on the Internet. SecureLine VPN can’t compete with the best free VPN but provides a fairly reliable and fast service. Avast Ultimate has a decent password manager and a secure browser.

This package offers numerous options and configurations for experts, as well as secure antivirus protection, backed by a shield against ransomware for additional protection. Avast isn’t the most robust solution, but thanks to a user-friendly interface, a low impact on performance and an extensive list of capabilities, it can be a good investment.

avast interface internet security suites

7. BullGuard

Game Booster patent for gamers
  • 3 levels of protection, antivirus, anti-malware protection
  • Add-ons for Smart Home
  • Comprehensive identity protection
  • Support for up to 15 devices
  • Doesn’t include password manager, VPN
  • No support for iOS

Verdict: The flagship BullGuard Premium Protection package offers a triple layer of security (anti-phishing and anti-ransomware modules with a secure browser), supported by an integrated firewall, behavioral engine, and advanced machine learning systems to prevent current and future aggressive threats by adapting to the environment.

It provides vulnerability and home network scanners to protect Wi-Fi connections, and parental controls to prevent malware from accessing websites. It is possible to protect up to 15 devices and, in general, it works cheaper than competing suites. Aside from identity theft protection and cloud storage, BullGuard boasts anti-spam and auto-update protection.

Add a leading support service, competitive prices and a user-friendly interface – this option is suitable for those who are searching for the best Internet security package without unused extra tools. BullGuard is available for Windows, Mac and Android.

bullguard interface internet security suites

8. Trend Micro

Folder Shield anti-ransomware
  • Comprehensive security for Android, iOS and macOS
  • Multi-layer protection against ransomware
  • Qualitative URL filter
  • 30-day trial version, mobile applications
  • Number of false positives
  • No webcam, VPN, two-way firewall, cloud storage protection

Verdict: Entry-level product, Trend Micro Antivirus+Security, is quite simple in terms of additional tools, although it comes with a secure web browser. Parental control, system optimizer and a file shredder are part of the mid-level Trend Micro Internet Security. The flagship security package Trend Micro Maximum Security adds a secure browser and file encryption, a user-friendly interface supported by multi-level protection from ransomware.

Trend Micro can simultaneously cover 10 devices and protect passwords. It boasts parental control and reliable protection modules against malware and ransomware. The package provides above-average URL filtering for safer web browsing, and this system can also be easily configured.

Maximum Security also offers social network protection and some PC maintenance. It may be one of the best Internet security suites due to data theft protection, secure storage for confidential files and an impressive built-in password manager. In general, the package is suitable for active users of mobile devices as one of the best Android antivirus apps.

trend micro interface internet security suites

9. Webroot

Tune-up tools for macOS and Windows
  • 70-day refund, trial version
  • Straightforward app, quick scan
  • Remarkable URL blocking
  • Password manager based on LastPass
  • Limited iOS app
  • No spam filtering, parental control

Verdict: Thanks to the cloud-based threat detection and elimination system, Webroot has a low impact on the system. It is compatible with any system of varying degrees of prescription. Speaking of the cloud approach, when the software detects suspicious activity, it sends the necessary data to the company’s data center. All the heavy processing is performed on the server computers.

Protection from phishing and ransomware isn’t inferior to the best encryption software. Webroot Internet Security Complete, being one of the best antivirus software, adds configuration tools, file shredder and backup capabilities, including optimization tools and 25 GB of secure cloud storage. Effective protection against malware along with the low impact on the system is characterized by incredible ease and high performance.

Despite the minimal impact on the PC, Webroot Internet Security has numerous features. Users will find online banking and identity theft protection, webcam protection, as well as a password manager that actually runs on LastPass – one of the most reliable names in password management.

webroot interface internet security suites

10. Panda

USB rescue drive
  • VPN is enabled, no performance impact
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Protection of an unrestricted number of devices
  • Lightweight and optimized kit
  • Non-standard feature set
  • Conflicting assessments by independent laboratories

Verdict: Panda Dome Advanced has a great offer for those who have a lot of hardware they need to protect – it covers an unrestricted number of devices, subject to "reasonable home use" as a caveat.

For a small extra fee, you get the same basic protection as Panda Dome Essential. In addition, Panda Dome Advanced provides identity protection, parental control and advanced threat protection (including protection from ransomware). Data shield and password manager are available at the next security level for an extra fee.

Panda is a decent multi-functional and lightweight package. It is one of the best Internet security suites for large families, who may have a lot of devices for protection.

panda interface internet security suites

11. Sophos

Predictive AI threat detection
  • Low-cost, 30-day trial and warranty
  • Remote management, vast SophosLabs blacklist database
  • Android and iOS devices are unrestricted
  • Decent protection against malware
  • Impact on performance
  • A few additional capabilities

Verdict: Sophos Home Premium does its job cost-effectively, offering reliable malware protection for up to 10 devices at an affordable price. It is an additional product of Sophos corporate software for business clients. It is devoid of many frills, such as a password manager, identity theft protection service or VPN, which other security packages offer to consumers.

Home Premium has everything you need: rolling back ransomware, webcam protection, enhanced browser protection, as well as protection against keyloggers, malicious websites, boot sector and file-free malware.

Sophos offers a web filter system for parents and an online management console from which you can configure most of the parameters. Some may demand more, but anyone who prefers to pay only for what they need will appreciate Sophos’ basic approach.

sophos interface internet security suites