Timly Review 2023: Benefits & Pricing

By Kate Gross 3 days ago, Apps and Software

Timly Software

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  • Price: From €145.00 per month

Verdict: Timly is an easy-to-use cloud-based tool designed for efficient tracking and management of your assets, no matter their type – machinery, furniture, IT, etc. I find this asset management software handy as it provides centralized access to my assets, complete information about them, and my actions.

I like that my inventory is always in front of my eyes along with all the related data, including location, status, maintenance schedule, etc. What’s more, my entire team also uses Timly software, which leads to improved productivity and usability.

  • Perfect reporting capabilities
  • Effective and user-friendly
  • Available on smartphones
  • Real-time tracking and analytics
  • Personnel skills management
  • Minimizing inventory costs & efforts
  • Stable internet connection required
  • Lacks free version
timly software interface

Timly provides a label with a QR code for all your assets, allowing scanning with mobile phones. As a result, all essential data is accessible at the assets’ locations such as building sites, staff offices, production shops, and everywhere you need.

By using this software, you reduce the risk of performance inefficiencies, save on operating costs, effectively manage quality, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Timly Software – Main Features

logo timly software

The software offers a variety of advanced features that make it simple to digitize your assets and improve maintenance procedures. By utilizing the 360° overview, you can conduct your yearly inventory more efficiently. Cutting-edge features also give you a complete look at your company’s assets, even those located in home offices.

This top-notch solution has been tried and tested by several prominent companies, including BASF, Siemens, Cornelsen, and Der Spiegel. These organizations have successfully used the software to enhance their inventory management and tool-tracking efforts.

User-Friendly Interface

timly software user-friendly interface

Whether or not you have technical skills and prior experience, you will get to grips with all of Timly’s features and tools as it has a very easy-to-use UI even for beginners. The software seamlessly integrates into your team’s workflow with a straightforward and visually appealing operation process.

Inventory Everything Regardless of the Industry

Timly is a versatile inventory management software that can be used to control any type of inventory, whether it’s digital assets, equipment, or mechanisms.

It is designed to work seamlessly on both desktops and smartphones, making it an ideal choice for businesses of any size.

timly software inventory features

By using this tool, I can easily track regular and irregular situations, e.g. defects, maintenance, or repair. It comes with a maintenance planner that also helps me ensure that my assets are functioning properly and meet regulations.

Using this software has allowed me to save valuable assets from the very beginning. With the convenient dashboard, I can have a comprehensive centralized overview of my inventory at all times.

Automated Maintenance Management

Timly software is equipped with strong maintenance control features that allow for planning preventive maintenance, tracking repair tasks, and handling work orders. With this robust solution, automatic notifications can be generated to alert businesses about upcoming maintenance due dates, which helps address potential issues promptly and extends the life of assets.

This maintenance management software allows for the automation of maintenance activities that leads to performance optimization, downtime decrease, enhanced asset reliability, and overall productivity.

Strong Security and Data Protection

Timly places a strong emphasis on privacy and safeguarding asset data. To achieve this, it implements strong encryption protocols, access controls, and constant data backups to maintain the security and intactness of critical information.

Additionally, the tool is fully committed to complying with data protection regulations like GDPR.

Easy Integration into Your Business Processes

Timly seamlessly integrates with various business solutions including ERP and purchasing software, as well as help desk apps. Examples of these systems include SAP, Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Dynamic 365, and so on.

timly software integration

By integrating with your business system, synchronization of all necessary data is a breeze and requires just a couple of clicks. Also, you can benefit from eliminating source databases and boosting operational performance.

Thanks to a great scalability the tool can cater to the growing asset management needs of companies of any size.

Usable on Any Device

With Timly software, I can easily access information wherever my assets are stored. What’s more, it is available for smartphones where I can manage all the activities.

timly software on mobile

This includes performing all necessary actions on-site, such as recording and documenting repair and maintenance tasks, utilizing deadline control and maintenance planning tools, assigning assets for check-in or check-out purposes, and reporting & tracking defects.

Analytics and Reporting

Timly software provides users with cutting-edge reporting and analytics features that offer rich insights for asset efficiency, usage, and expenses. This data analytics platform allows for creating custom reports, visualizing data using infographics, and determining how to boost performance and reduce costs.

Smart GPS Tracker to Keep an Eye on All Assets

timly software gps tracker

With the help of high-end IoT tracking methods, monitoring real-time data like location, consumption, fill levels, and so on becomes effortless. This allows for the optimization of costs related to valuable heavy equipment and machinery.

You can view the current locations of your assets on an interactive map, regardless of where you access it from. The ax-track platform is intuitive and available on smartphones.

Digitally Maps Skills & Certifications

timly software staff skills

Timly comes with an electronic staff file that keeps track of workers’ knowledge and skills. All certificates and other related docs are electronically added to the personnel file.

The tool can be connected with personal devices and systems of authorized staff for operation or maintenance purposes. With full automation, you can assign inventories to workers, locations, and external inspectors.

Timly Prices

Timly software offers 4 plans to choose from:

Essential+ starts at €145.00 monthly, with features like unlimited user access, Timly Cloud inventory, intelligent check-in and check-out, deadline tracking & alerts, and superior customer support.

Professional, priced at €375.00 monthly, includes everything in Essential+ plus digital signature on handover, GPS location monitoring, damage report submission, and service planning & documentation.

For €725.00 per month, Premium offers all Professional features along with single sign-on through Azure Active Directory, custom roles, smart inventory management (with delegation), and utilization planning for inventory.

Additionally, there’s an Enterprise plan; to know its pricing and features, you must contact the company directly.

A 10-day free trial is available as well.


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