9 Best Maintenance Management Software in 2023

Use the best Maintenance Management software to run your business smoothly and effectively. It is an indispensable tool to control maintenance, workflow, and costs. Your maintenance team can successfully utilize it to improve their assignments – they may choose the machines that require maintenance and decide which stores have the necessary repairing parts.

Managers may use this software to handle issues more effectively. For example, they can calculate what is cheaper ‒ to repair a machine or to provide precaution maintenance. Plus, the software offers CMMS information for regulatory compliance confirmation.

Top 9 Maintenance Management Software

  1. Hippo CMMS - For organizing assets
  2. Limble CMMS - Best price
  3. UpKeep - Tracking & scheduling
  4. Wrike - For project management
  5. NEXGEN - Best CMMS Solution
  6. Fiix - Manage unlimited orders
  7. Databox - Over 70 proprietary integrations
  8. InnoMaint - Multi-location support
  9. ManagerPlus - Inventory tracking options

A CMMS alert function enables to schedule the asset’s use, wear, or meter readings. This way it is possible to prepare the replacement parts and carry out servicing before something breaks down and has a negative impact on your business.

Moreover, the best Maintenance Management software offers such functions as data management, a work ordering system, schedule and planning management, inventory control, asset tracking, as well as analytics to meet KPIs.

1. Hippo CMMS - Our Choice

For organizing assets
  • Works across multiple sites
  • Tracking maintenance
  • With interactive site maps
  • Not found

Verdict: Hippo CMMS comes with highly advanced features for controlling, monitoring, and administering enterprise-level network maintenance and support. The software is designed for supporting all forms of CMMSs, including load balancers, application service providers (ASPs), retail management systems, and Web presence servers. The main benefits of Hippo CMS are its ease of use and its wide range of features that make it ideal for a wide variety of business applications.

This rental property software for Mac is easy to install and use, and provides thorough reporting capability over all aspects of network operations. The Hippo CMMS maintenance management software can automatically provide alerts and notifications on failover, security, bandwidth management, server health, and security threats.

hippo cmms maintenance management software interface

2. Limble CMMS

Best price
  • Allows to schedule alerts
  • Has mobile apps
  • Easy information tracking
  • Needs a few improvements with reporting

Verdict: Limble CMMS is designed in such a way that it keeps an eye on the work of machinists and technicians and also alerts them about any problems related to the production process at regular intervals. The CMMS also helps in controlling the production capacity and thereby helping to save a considerable amount of time. Some of the benefits that are associated with this software include the possibility of controlling the downtime caused by long hours of work.

The CMMS is easy to use as it comes with complete manual support including diagnosis, troubleshooting, optimization, and maintenance and repair tools. The Limble CMMS is capable of running on servers to allow remote operations to be carried out without any difficulty.

limble cmms maintenance management software interface

3. UpKeep

Tracking & scheduling
  • PM scheduling
  • Inventory management tools
  • Real-time reports
  • Not so many features in the free version

Verdict: UpKeep automates the process of asset management and reporting while providing users with real-time data from all aspects of the business. This asset management software allows businesses to track and analyze nearly every aspect of their business.

By using UpKeep, your support team can easily and quickly input data regarding your business' assets and liabilities, and it can then be displayed for everyone to see in one convenient location. You can also easily determine which departments need to be producing a certain asset, allowing you to assign employees to those departments as well. If something goes wrong, or if there is a mistake made in the initial transaction, you don't have to spend time fixing it, because the program will take care of it automatically.

upkeep maintenance management software interface

4. Wrike

For project management
  • With time-tracking tools
  • Collaboration tools included
  • Integrates with Google Docs and Dropbox
  • Expensive for solo users

Verdict: All you have to do is install the software, set up the jobs and the Wrike management will take care of all the tasks for you. Wrike maintenance management software is also very easy to use, which means that there won't be any hassles when it comes to learning how to use it.

This kind of software is also very efficient, as it can run on a series of templates that you choose from. Wrike offers a free demo and this is an excellent way for you to see if the software works for your business. If you are completely satisfied with the results, you can then purchase the whole package for a reasonable cost.

wrike maintenance management software interface


Best CMMS Solution
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Predictive Analysis Capability
  • Comprehensive Compliance Management
  • Cost Management Tools
  • No Free Option
  • Limited Fields for Orders

Verdict: NEXGEN Asset Management is an industry-leading software solution by NEXGEN, designed to tackle the complex challenges of asset management in both small and large-scale businesses.

The software offers two versions - the Standard and Enterprise versions, each designed to meet different organizational needs. Deployment of this solution is versatile, extending from cloud-based options to On-Premise and hybrid solutions. Prominent features of this software include Asset Management, Preventive Maintenance, and Predictive Maintenance. The primary benefits of using NEXGEN Asset Management encompass streamlined operations, improved regulatory compliance, increased efficiency, and maximized asset lifespan.

This software integrates seamlessly across most devices, supporting accessibility on desktops, laptops, Windows, Mac, Android, and Apple devices. In terms of support, NEXGEN offers a range of options including online support, phone support, and consultation with a 24/7 representative.

nexgenam maintenance management software

6. Fiix

Manage unlimited orders
  • With scheduling and inventory tools
  • Barcode creation and scanning
  • Role-based security
  • No hotkeys

Verdict: Fiix can help you get more out of your current setup by allowing you to make sure that your hardware and software components are running at optimum levels, which helps to keep costs down. The program also allows you to check over all of your updates and add-on software modules remotely from any location.

Fiix makes a number of tutorials available on their website that walk you through all of the steps of how to install and use the program. For those users who need some help but are wary about asking questions, there is an option for phone support as well. The FiX maintenance management software is reasonably priced, being very comparable to the cost of some of the other similar programs on the market.

fiix maintenance management software interface

7. Databox

Over 70 proprietary integrations
  • One dashboard from several database sources
  • Integrated templates
  • Allows embedding live reports into Hubspot
  • Occasional database sources can lose connection over time

Verdict: Databox collects all user data in a single location, helps visualize performance fluctuations, tracks progress towards user-defined goals, allows making better decisions, collaborating with other users, and creating reports using customizable dashboards and deep-dives for all facets of your enterprise. Establish, assign, and track progress as you strive to reach Smart Goals on a single screen that can be accessed by all employees of your company, allowing everyone to have a clear picture of how the business is doing at any given time.

Moreover, the created dashboards can send user notifications regarding vital KPIs via email, mobile messaging, and Slack on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It’s also great that you can integrate data into Databox with the help of over 70 single-click integrations. These tools are equipped with thousands of standard metrics along with hundreds of premade Datablocks and more than 20 premade reports templates.

databox maintenance management software interface

8. InnoMaint

Multi-location support
  • Flexible and adaptive
  • Intuitive UI
  • Convenient mobile app
  • Poor support for new options

Verdict: InnoMaint is cloud-based CMMS that offers support in asset and maintenance management, safety compliance, and progressive self-diagnosis until users face crucial issues. Whatever hardware you use, InnoMaint helps enhance your daily operations, monitoring, measuring, and managing the maintenance of your assets.

You can control the program remotely using a mobile application on your phone, or from a desktop computer. InnoMaint helps you scan the barcode or QR code of the equipment to start the diagnostic process. It prevents failures in the mechanisms and devices. The main goal is to reduce the likelihood of downtime in your workflow by constantly checking if the equipment is running smoothly and correctly.

innomaint maintenance management software interface

9. ManagerPlus

Inventory tracking options
  • Automatic backups
  • It is available for business and personal
  • Notifications if backups fail
  • Weak functionality

Verdict: ManagerPlus boasts a wide range of features and capabilities that allow it to serve many of today's growing businesses. It has five modules that include scheduling, management and inventory tools. Another feature of this software is its extensive database of troubleshooting information. It has a built-in helpdesk that answers questions that customers may have about their systems. This feature is similar to help desk software options.

One of the features that make ManagerPlus stands out from other maintenance management software packages is its online tech support. Online tech support makes using their software simpler and allows customers to receive assistance quickly when they need it most.

managerplus maintenance management software interface