5 Best Agile Project Management Software in 2022

In this review of the best agile project management software, you will learn about the most popular platforms and tools to complete your tasks successfully. I will compare several top options so that you can select the one that will let you manage agile projects as efficiently and conveniently as possible.

Top 5 Agile Project Management Software

  1. monday.com - With color-code projects
  2. Favro - For team collaboration
  3. Taiga - With complete feature set
  4. Clarizen - For hybrid methodologies
  5. Hubstaff - With time tracking

Here, you can learn everything about their features, pros and cons, cost, and also check their screenshots to make the right decision.

1. monday.com

With color-code projects
  • 14 day free trial
  • Huge focus on collaboration
  • Spreadsheet-style pulse
  • Complex pricing rubric

Verdict: Team collaboration is defined as an important part of monday.com project management software which states that "a team is a group of people working towards a common goal". Such software facilitates real-time collaboration, which also has the potential to bring down project costs.

monday.com interface

2. Favro

For team collaboration
  • Multiple view boards
  • Department collections
  • Huge focus on collaboration
  • Complex pricing rubric

Verdict: Favro is a collaboration and personal project management software that integrates the best practices of Agile and Lean. Agile, which were born from the idea of software development that collaborates together with customers and executives, and Lean, which emphasize continuous improvement of processes through the use of a Six Sigma methodology, are two of the most influential management styles that have shaped the modern global economy.

Favro is a platform that allow teams to work more efficiently and thereby increase productivity. By removing the need for the vendor lock-in that occurs during traditional software development cycles, Favro allows teams to easily utilize the latest technology without having to change their business processes in order to use it.

favro interface

3. Taiga

With complete feature set
  • Easily create cards and track progress
  • Simple to use
  • Built-in issue tracking
  • Can be challenging to categorize items

Verdict: Taiga agile project management tool was developed to allow the development of real-time systems for the supply chain management. It has the ability to integrate with other tools that are necessary for the overall project success, and it was built to support a number of applications.

One of its most important features is its ability to handle large and complex projects that require many employees on a daily basis. This means that a large number of people will be working on this project, which will lead to increased productivity within the company. Also, a high level of team collaboration will be enabled as everyone will be in close contact with the system.

taiga agile project management software interface

4. Clarizen

For hybrid methodologies
  • Great graphical workflow editor
  • Strong focus on collaboration
  • Upgrades and integrations are automatic
  • Offers advanced project planning
  • Higher learning curve

Verdict: Clarizen is popular photography business app that offers a number of features that help you to run projects with speed and efficiency. You can have the best agile project management software without having to spend more money on it than you have to, because this software has many of the features that the professionals pay for, but you don't have to pay the price for them.

All of these features are included in this product for free, because this is what you will get if you purchase the product, not the features that are optional. By purchasing the full package, you will be getting some of the best agile project management software that is available, but without paying any money or spending any time on acquiring it.

clarizen agile project management software interface

5. Hubstaff

With time tracking
  • Easy prioritizing with the Sprints feature
  • Allows time tracking
  • Customizable workflows
  • Only one integration

Verdict: Hubstaff is a project management software application that was developed by Hubstaff Consulting Company. The application was initially developed as a web-based solution for teams that were based in Vancouver Canada. The product has since then been used in a number of other capacities, including those of Yahoo!, LinkedIn and Twitter.

In addition to being web-based, Hubstaff has also been designed as a powerful project tool and is considered by many to be the best agile project management software available today. One of the features that sets this software apart from others is the capability to manage projects across multiple sites and to perform the work efficiently and effectively.

hubstaff agile project management software interface