7 Best Rental Property Software for Mac in 2022

7 Best Rental Property Software for Mac in 2022

Many landlords and realtors who use Apple computers for their work need to use the best rental property software for Mac to make their work easier. With this software, you can manage the records of your tenants and control all aspects of property maintenance.

If you are planning to rent out your home for the first time, you are probably wondering whether you should hire realtors or handle everything on your own. If you opt for the latter, you can hardly do without the assistance of rental software for Mac. Such programs will save you money because you won’t need to hire realtors and pay them for services. They will also help you quickly understand the intricacies of renting, thus saving time and effort.

Top 7 Rental Property Software for Mac

  1. Condo Control - Flexible and user-friendly software
  2. Neighbors - Great option for condominiums
  3. Hippo CMMS - Great for business owners
  4. PayHOA - Great homeowner association software
  5. Rentec Direct - Great for novices
  6. Property Matrix - Multiple tabs for organizing
  7. Propertyware - Great lead-to-lease options

The best rental property software for Mac will help you optimize processes and switch them to automatic mode, which is especially convenient for online payments. Besides, such software quickly resolves issues related to maintenance and repairs. To solve repair tasks, you need to contact specialists, but any communication can be held online. I have compiled a list of the best programs that will help you manage your rental property.

1. Condo Control - Our Choice

Flexible and user-friendly software
  • Simplifies booking
  • Online communication
  • Budget option
  • Great customer support
  • Limited document upload size

Verdict: Condo Control is a rental property manager for Mac that allows you to communicate with tenants and manage condominiums. Besides, the platform has an online forum where you can discuss issues of interest, order concierge services or book accommodation in advance. Thanks to the online library, residents can keep various records such as regulations, homeowner’s association meeting minutes and financial statements.

Responsible property representatives can create an open website for a condominium to share information with residents, such as an event calendar, community news or polls. Condo Control offers a security and concierge console through which security personnel can check authorized condominium entrances. Users can also track deliveries by using the relevant option in the program. They can keep a log of the received parcels at the front desk and add their signatures upon picking them up.

condo control interface rental property software for mac

2. Neighbors

Great option for condominiums
  • Great customer support
  • Intuitive and friendly UI
  • Event management
  • Property database
  • Difficult to use

Verdict: Neighbors is the best property management software for Mac that allows property owners, community associations and boards of directors to meet the needs of their tenants. You can use this software on the go to talk to residents or management. Besides, if you need to notify all tenants about some news, you can do it in a couple of clicks. You can store and track all messages and files in one place. If your tenant sends a service request, the responsible specialist will be notified automatically.

Neighbors offers secure storage for your data so you can quickly alert stakeholders about meeting minutes, by-laws and forms on your Mac. You can upload Word, Excel, PDF, JPG, PNG and other files. A big advantage is that it allows users to update the website with all the relevant information necessary for residents.

neighbors interface rental property software for mac

3. Hippo CMMS

Great for business owners
  • Preventative maintenance schedule
  • Helps control maintenance costs
  • Keeps all history
  • Great customer support
  • Poor mobile integration

Verdict: If you are looking for easy-to-use landlord software for Mac, then Hippo CMMS is your choice. The program is great for businesses, helping them manage and track maintenance processes. Due to its versatility, the platform allows you to create work tasks, manage facilities, equipment. It’s also perfect for preventive maintenance. Hippo CMMS offers an intuitive interface, reliability, great connectivity, good functionality. Besides, it is easily adaptable to business needs.

With Hippo CMMS, managing workloads becomes easier. You can store important documents on the platform, such as warranty data, operation and maintenance manuals, ID tags to help you track your preventive maintenance schedule. Besides, this software includes equipment and asset management options that allow you to quickly access various content, such as videos, pictures or documents. You can also find a database for inventory control in Hippo CMMS. Additional options include vendor, supplier and labor management, besides, Hippo CMMS works as a floor plan software.

hippo cmms interface rental property software for mac

4. PayHOA

Great homeowner association software
  • Efficient communication
  • Personalized tools
  • Simplified accounting tasks
  • CC payment
  • Buggy PDF mailer

Verdict: PayHOA is a rental property manager for Mac that allows you to chat with other users, collect payments online and track expenses. This software is great for property managers, condominium and homeowner’s associations. PayHOA offers mail, call and SMS communication options. If you need to inform all residents about something, you can use the bulk mailing option. Plus, you can easily create a community website using a drag-and-drop website builder and multiple templates.

Using a Mac device, tenants can edit text and page content, create new items, like newsletters. You can also monitor maintenance requests and notify residents when the work is completed. Residents can sell tickets to events or collect donations. Besides, you can create invoices with PayHOA and send them to other members to notify them about upcoming payments. The “Pay now” button in your mailing list allows a tenant to pay via credit card without logging into the system.

payhoa interface rental property software for mac

5. Rentec Direct

Great for novices
  • Modern integrations
  • Electronic signatures
  • Reasonably priced
  • Great customer support
  • Lacks a mobile app

Verdict: Rentec Direct is rental software for Mac that helps landlords and associations manage properties. It has an accessible website where you can post ads with photos and prices attached to them. Besides, Rentec Direct integrates with other platforms, such as Craigslist, to post relevant vacancies. Thanks to the online file management option, you can share documents and images just like you do it by using document management software.

Rentec Direct allows screening potential tenants so that a landlord is sure that a person has no criminal record. Thanks to the ACH option, users can pay using eChecks or credit cards. Rentec Direct has great customer support based in the United States. A huge plus is that it’s fully secure, thanks to the two-factor authentication option and other measures.

rentec direct interface rental property software for mac

6. Property Matrix

Multiple tabs for organizing
  • Convenient dashboard
  • Customized reports
  • Real-time news
  • Supports any device
  • Background settings are limited

Verdict: Property Matrix is the best rental property software for Mac as it provides users with the necessary tools. Property Matrix has all the features you need, such as maintenance management, landlord and tenant portals, etc. This software has an integrated enterprise-class accounting system.

Using Property Matrix, you get access to detailed ledgers, accounts, plus, you can track your revenue sources. Moreover, you can customize this software to suit your business needs. Along with a customizable interface, Property Matrix offers a great reporting system that simplifies your work thanks to a set of handy templates.

rental property matrix interface software for mac

7. Propertyware

Great lead-to-lease options
  • Fast customer service
  • Adjustable
  • Good for communication
  • Great reporting options
  • Price

Verdict: Propertyware is an excellent rental software for Mac that allows you to optimize various processes. It enables users to control operating costs, manage tenants and properties, and increase profits. Propertyware has been designed to provide a great user experience. It doesn’t have a steep learning curve so you can master it easily.

Propertyware provides access to relevant information that can be shared with other users. You need to have a Mac device, like a laptop or tablet, and Internet access. Propertyware combines all the necessary functions and solutions for real estate management, eliminating the need to download many applications for different tasks. Plus, you can switch between different tasks.

propertyware interface rental property software for mac