Email Marketing Strategies for Photographers: Review and Tips

By Tata Rossi 19 days ago, Photography Tips

If you combine your website with well-crafted email marketing strategies for photographers, you can be sure you will have your email list flooded. Let's have a look at various tips to boost your email marketing for your photography.

Ideal Email Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Photography Business

Today, many photographers use social media platforms or a special professional photography website to make a name and reach out to their clients. While this is critical for the success of small businesses at the moment, email marketing is equally important. Many use expensive, automated solutions while other photographers prefer cheap or free newsletter templates.

Email marketing tools assist photographers in the following areas:

  • Promotional purposes - some photographers email their lists with promotional messages offering a certain percentage off from the regular charges. This inspires the clients to consider themselves as potential providers of the services they may require.
  • Work display - photographers will showcase their work by including it in blogs, thus building credibility with their customers. In addition, many of them regularly send emails with images of their best past works and exciting stories behind them. This reminds their recipients of the style and quality of their job.
  • Encourage brand ambassadors - one way of lengthening your email list is through your existing clients. For example, some photographers follow up on the people they have served with an email offering incentives and requesting them to market their job to colleagues, families, and friends.

Email marketing helps with building relationships with existing and potential customers. It also builds your profile and brand and consequently scales up your sales plus profits.

1. Create an Email List

Database establishment is the foundation of successful email marketing for any business. Nonetheless, you need to ensure you only send emails to those willing to hear from you.

But, sending emails to all clients on your contact list may rub some people off the wrong way. Therefore, contact your current customers to identify those willing to receive your newsletters. Make up a special list for those willing, which you can use for your marketing campaigns. You can use special list building software to make the process faster. Also, you can add opt-in forms on your photography website for more sign-ups.

Here is a subscribe form created with in 10 minutes:

create an email list to drive an effective marketing strategy

2. Identify an Effective Email Marketing Provider

sender effective email marketing provider

Email marketing photographers can utilize such a provider to administer their list, subscriptions, and unsubscriptions and send the subscribers correct emails.

So, why risk doing it on your own and mess up in the process?

As there are tons of service providers, it might be hectic to identify the best among them. But, worry not!, being one of the best contact management software, is your ideal email marketing service provider for your photography business. They have a combination of features that satisfies every professional photographer's needs. You can use free email templates, set up automatic responses, and much more.

Note, Sender fully owns their infrastructure and constantly monitors to ensure excellent email deliverability for their users. Sign up for an account today, and thank me later!

3. Write Engaging Content

You don't have to be an experienced photography blogger to write an informative newsletter. You can simply stick to your likes and knowledge of the industry.

Your subscribers signed up out of their interest in your expertise and your career in general. So, focus on expounding more on your knowledge in the simplest terms possible for all to understand.

In addition, you can include details like your availability, promotions, giveaways, recent photoshoots, and the like. To create engaging, dynamic content, you can use professional email marketing services that will help you segment your audience and target your newsletters better.

4. Provide Freebies

Give your visitors a reason to sign up for your newsletters! Offering freebies will be a way of rewarding your customers for opting into your email list. 

In this case, think of something attractive enough to draw your customers' attention and inspire them to surrender their email addresses.

Photography email ideas for incentives include:

  • Coupon code - you can give a discount for your customer's next photo shoot.
  • Tutorial - writing a photoshoot resource guide gives your subscribers enough reason to sign up.
  • Gifts - you may offer your clients free mini-albums or posters with your designs for the next order they make.
  • Checklist - you can work out a 10-image list for your customers to consider when planning for their weddings.

By the way, most marketing studies suggest that a message regarding a freebie, bonus, or discount is 88% more likely to be opened than a regular email. If you’d like to see even more examples of freebies, then you can check out my full list of photography marketing tips.

5. Welcome Message to New Subscribers

create a welcome message to drive an effective marketing strategy

This is a special email sent automatically to new subscribers upon signing up. And you can get the correct email addresses of potential customers by choosing a high-quality Findymail email search tool. The message is essential in acknowledging their presence and giving them a feeling that they have made the right decision to choose you over your competitors.

Welcome emails also direct your customers to the lead market and prepare them on what to expect from you. To maintain happy customers with a reduced unsubscription rate, focus on managing their expectations. For example, by sending newsletters weekly, on a specific day.

Here is an example of how you can automate your emails and you don’t need any skills for that.

6. Create an Eye-Catching Email

create an eye-catching email to drive an effective marketing strategy

Your marketing email rate will be highly determined by the subject line you use. An enticing subject line will increase the open rate and enhance the success of your email marketing efforts. If you can’t come up with a suitable option, you can address the Elastic Email experts for help.

An ideal subject line should be exciting and attractive, simple, and 50 characters in length.

Additionally, your email should:

  • Be direct to the point
  • Have a short, clear, and engaging ending, and CTA
  • Have a safe email font
  • Include light images, easy to load

They have powerful features that enable you to choose from various beautiful templates, share content on social platforms, acquire new subscribers with every sent email, and keep track of campaign statistics.

Here is an example of how you can create an eye-catching email using an email marketing tool, like

7. Be Time-Conscious

use holiday invitations to drive an effective marketing strategy

Time is a key factor in the success of your email campaigns. On seasonal occasions like graduations, you should send themed newsletters in large numbers, as there are high photo shoot demands. Also, remember to send regular emails to your clients to remind them that your services are still available when they need them.

8. Automate Your Responses

The reason why most photographers won't engage in email marketing is due to their time-consuming nature. Nevertheless, with proper automation of your newsletters, this problem is sorted!

All you need is to craft the relevant messages and determine the guiding principles while the email marketing software will take care of the rest. These drafts include greetings, thank you messages, and feedback emails.

Using Email Marketing Strategies for Photographers to Boost Your Email Campaigns

Like any other business, email marketing for photographers is essential for their success. All you need as a photographer is a well-crafted email plus effective email marketing strategies to run a fruitful email campaign for your business.

When summarizing all the aspects mentioned above, it should be highlighted that you can efficiently promote your website either for free by relying on well-built email marketing strategies for photographers or investing a part of your profits into paid, automated software.