9 Best Vision Board Apps to Realize Your Ideas

Since I love planning and to-do lists, now it's so easy for me to visualize my goals and define the most optimal ways of their achievement by means of a vision board app on my phone.

The standard elements of the vision board are pictures, text, and visual images for inventing original ideas or creating affirmations. It helps me in a more convenient way to plan my actions, organize things, have it on all platforms and devices I want and for free.

Top 9 Vision Board Apps

Price Free Version iOS Android Web

Adobe Express






Perfectly Happy


Free Trial




From $0.99















Vision Board, Visualize Dreams











From $7.99







To determine the best app for vision board to meet all your requirements, you should pay attention to the following features.

Ease of use. The majority of mood board apps allow importing custom images, as well as using pre-made templates.

Embedded libraries. With the embedded collection of pics and visual elements, building a vision board online that satisfies all my needs is an intuitive procedure.

Price. All apps mentioned in this article are available for gratis and come with premium features to enrich their functionality.

Mobile and/or computer compatible. Many applications can only run on mobile devices, whereas others are designed to function on both mobile phones and PCs.

Extra features. Some free vision board apps for iPhone also enable users to share their content with others, whereas others provide an even better visualization experience by displaying a slideshow with encouraging music.

1. Adobe Express

Pro-level features and templates
Cost: Free or $9.99/mo
Available on: iOS, Android, Web

vision board app adobe express
  • Intuitive performance
  • More than 20,000 licensed fonts
  • Extensive collection of paid and free templates
  • Multiple special effects filters
  • Does not support all export options
  • Free version with basic functionality

Verdict: Adobe Express offers all the needed tools and templates for the trouble-free creation and customization of vision boards. The variety of filters, adjustment tools, and stock images makes the process of vision board creation simple and enjoyable.

Adobe Express is a perfect solution for doing quick and easy tasks. Although its functionality does not include all the tools offered by the full version of Photoshop, Illustrator, etc., the app provides you with a more convenient and quick way to visualize your ideas and goals eliminating the need to navigate through a variety of complex functions.

creative cloud all apps logo Adobe Express is available as a part of the Creative Cloud Individual All Apps plan to enhance your vision board and make it even more eye-grabbing. It offers twenty more Creative Cloud applications and contains all the necessary options to build a visual map of your goals in no time.

2. Perfectly Happy

Versatile application for vision boards & affirmations
Cost: Free trial or $10.99/mo
Available on: iOS, Android

vision board app perfectly happy
  • Picture upload directly from the internet
  • Multiple audio affirmations
  • Multiple tips are provided in a special section
  • AI voice options
  • The quality & variety of pics could be better

Verdict: This app stands out among other similar tools with its ability to add excellent music, voice affirmations (custom or preset), and clear pics to make my vision board more emotional. Users can browse the collection of ready-to-use images and import their own pics, or benefit from a web search function. Really, it simplifies the workflow considerably. Among other things I like is a custom vision slideshow, which is very helpful.

You can either bring the focus on the big pic or smaller areas like your job if it requires special attention at the moment.

The availability of vision board examples and a separate affirmation feature is another great plus. Actually, these affirmations are very helpful, as a 1 min affirmation session is a quick and effective way to become more productive.

3. Visuapp

Classic & intuitive vision board app
Cost: Free or $0.99
Available on: iOS, Android

vision board app visuapp
  • Feng shui vision boards
  • Allows uploading music tracks to boards
  • No ability to share data with third parties
  • Includes Gratitude Journal
  • Data backup is only possible upon purchasing a subscription
  • Free version with limited functionality

Verdict: Visuapp is probably the best app for making vision board as it is extremely user-friendly and functional at the same time. Users are free to upload pics from a phone, take images, or download them from the web to their vision boards. Besides, I like the ability to add text and set reminders to better visualize goals and organize meditation practices.

Those who have access to the premium version of this photo collage app can take advantage of a Feng-Shui board for a more convenient dreams and goals grouping. The following categories are available: family, relationships, career, fame, money, health, creativity, knowledge and travel.

4. Sparkello

Amazing community to follow
Cost: Free
Available on: iOS, Android

vision board app sparkello
  • Notifies you about the need to review your dream boards
  • Supports keyword search
  • Has a social aspect to it
  • Unsplash image collection is available
  • A few customizability options
  • Limited variety of image library

Verdict: Sparkello is widely regarded as the best app for making vision board for a more convenient goal setting. With the app’s “Sparks” section, it is easy to generate graphic design ideas for fun activities. It contains such categories as fitness, creativity, and travel.

After defining the dreams and goals that are valuable for you, Sparkello induces you to describe why each of these goals is so important. It also prompts you to identify the time span during which you’d like to achieve the desired aim as well as order all your goals from the least to the most significant. These simple tricks are very effective for staying highly committed and focused.

5. Canva

All-in-one graphic design tool
Cost: Free or $14.99/mo
Available on: iOS, Android, Web

vision board app canva
  • Excellent customizability
  • Multiple resources to build a vision board
  • Various paid and free templates
  • Trouble-free download or share
  • Access to all templates is very expensive
  • The abundance of options is distracting

Verdict: Although this app is not dedicated to vision board creation, its toolkit and the variety of options make it a perfect tool for performing this task. Canva comes with hundreds of free templates, a rich collection of images, and various design assets, as well as other handy options

Intuitive operation is another considerable plus. You start the creation process by choosing one of the ready-to-use templates or starting from scratch.

Moreover, it is possible to add free graphics, vectors, illustrations, icons, and other elements and customize them to your liking. Once your design is ready, you can download it to your PC, print and hang it on the wall. Another option is setting the vision board as a wallpaper on your computer.

6. Vision Board, Visualize Dreams

Allows tracking goals on the dashboard
Cost: Free or $2.99/mo
Available on: iOS, Android

vision board app visualize dreams
  • Background meditation music
  • Paid subscription is not expensive
  • Goal prioritization with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Handy Viewing Mode
  • Lacks customizability
  • A free version is full of ads

Verdict: If you are into bright and colorful pics, this tool is probably the best app for vision board creation for you. Select a picture or import your own, add text, clip art, stickers, and more. If you have already created stories on Instagram, then you’ll have no problems building amazing dream boards with soundtracks, as these processes are very similar and intuitive.

Like with daily planner apps, Vision Board, Visualize Dreams presents a dashboard for tracking goal progress, so you can easily define how much of your way to success you’ve already got through.

7. Shuffles

Pinterest app for creative expression
Cost: Free
Available on: iOS, Android

vision board app shuffles
  • Straightforward collage maker
  • Integration with Pinterest
  • Extensive community
  • Occasional bugs
  • Problems with the sticker list

Verdict: Shuffles is a free vision board app, with which I can easily create vision boards right on my phone without struggling to figure out the principles of functioning of complicated software. Import your own cutouts and you will be credited as the first poster of that picture. Then you will see other creations made with it and revealed to the public.

The application is similar to Pinterest with identical inclusivity of subjects and styles. This photo collage maker offers amazing features like accessible quick adjustment of the order of things (foreground to background), search by keyword, AI-prompted cutouts, the ability to save the desired cutouts, and final effects to refine the collage.

One thing that irritates me a bit is the “for you” section. The stickers seem to change randomly and do not relate to the designs I’ve produced before, which really irritates me.

8. Subliminal

Affirmations and subliminal for any case
Cost: Free or from $7.99
Available on: iOS

vision board app subliminal
  • Allows building collections of affirmations
  • Voice recording feature and ability to listen on repeat
  • An extensive variety of topics
  • Irritating pop-ups
  • Mediocre support

Verdict: Once you download the app, you can choose a vision board based on your goal—for example, gaining confidence or learning to think positively. I also like that users can share their stories directly in the app and here you can find the photography inspiration. Or you can share some knowledge about the subconscious mind.

I created my own collections of affirmations and set up smart daytime and bedtime affirmation reminders (as push notifications). In general, the application is quite convenient to use, but if you have any questions, you’ll have to wait a very long time for a response from support.

9. Horizons

Action tracker option
Cost: Free or $9.99
Available on: iOS

vision board app horizons
  • User-friendly app
  • Journal for every goal
  • Provides access to motivating quotes
  • Only compatible with the iOS platform
  • Restricted functionality if compared to other apps

Verdict: Horizons is probably the best vision board app for iPad. With it, it is easy to visualize, act, and reflect on your goals. You are free to create as many vision boards as necessary, and it does not contain any in-app purchases. The ability to search for pics right inside the tool is another great plus.

With Horizons, you won’t have trouble creating and tracking tasks and actions on a regular basis. Then you can save your experiences and describe your goals in the dedicated journals. The tool also allows for saving thoughts, wins, learning moments, and photos.