10 Best Mood Board Apps for Photographers in 2024

By Tani Adams 5 days ago, Apps and Software

Using mood board apps, you can create an inspiring design that helps arrange thoughts and find creative ideas for photography. A mood board is a visual platform for collecting related concepts needed to reveal a specific feeling or atmosphere. You can use a mood board to plan photoshoots and share your ideas with clients.

Top 10 Mood Board Apps for iOS and Android

  1. Pinterest - Quick search of inspiration
  2. Moodzer - Variety of fonts
  3. MilaNote - Instant syncing
  4. Canva - Convenient interface
  5. GoDaddy Studio - Wide range of templates
  6. Design Wizard - Online Moodboard creation platform
  7. Jux - Easy to use
  8. Morpholio Board - Simple drag and drop
  9. Vision Board - Wide choice of categories
  10. Moodboard - Image size alignment

The list below includes applications with tools that you can use to create a mood board. All these iOS and Android apps are great for conveying emotions and establishing the tone for your projects by creating collages and managing individual collections.

1. Pinterest — Our Choice

Quick search of inspiration
  • Millions of pics
  • You can get inspired by other boards
  • Convenient managing tools
  • Free
  • Not found

Verdict: Pinterest is a user-friendly mood board app that provides access to millions of images. Users can download, save, sort, and manage their pins on individual boards.

Having pinned photographs, you can easily collect ideas that you like. Pinterest is a perfect place to find photography inspiration. The platform is full of mood board samples for movies, TV, and interior design.

Once you pin the massages you like, they are stored on your board. This board itself functions as a mood board by visually offering ideas and inspiration related to your interests. You can create several boards depending on your needs.

pinterest mood board app interface

2. Moodzer

Variety of fonts
  • Well-arranged images
  • Lots of colors and filters
  • Search function
  • Possibility to add typography
  • Occupies much space
moodzer mood board app logo

Verdict: Moodzer is a simple and aesthetic app to create collages, which also allows arranging images by grids. By dragging images into the program, you can easily start building mockups. It is possible to change the module size, apply filters, alter colors, and even add overlays.

The bragging point of this moodboard app is the possibility to add typography to your projects. This font generator offers numerous fonts so that you can make your collage even more appealing.

moodzer mood board app interface

3. MilaNote

Instant syncing
  • Flexible drag&drop interface
  • Suitable for collective work
  • Allows downloading images from a camera
  • You can save images and links from the net
  • Most functions are for note management

Verdict: If you don’t like artistic mockups and look for a minimalistic and simple mood board app, you can start with MilaNote. It may be also called the Evernote for creatives. Although it is mainly a note taking app, a mood board function is well-integrated here.

MilaNote allows creating beautiful mood boards by adding images, text, links, and other visual elements. Since it’s not a separate idea board app, it lacks adjustment options. Yet, it perfectly copes with its primary task.

milanote mood board app interface

4. Canva

Convenient interface
  • Wide choice of tools
  • Variety of templates
  • Desktop and mobile versions
  • Numerous stock photos
  • Limited functions in a free version

Verdict: Being a design application, Canva still offers different templates to create mood boards. You can pick one among hundreds of mockups and even create your own design. Just choose an empty mockup or mood board template and start adding different images and illustrations. You can also add quotations or text, as well as play with fonts.

Most tools work on a drag-n-drop basis, so the whole process of creating a mood board won’t take much time. Besides, there are professional customizable templates. Canva is available for desktop and mobile devices. The registration is free but if you need to access a media library and use additional design functions, you should register in Canva Pro.

canva mood board app interface

5. GoDaddy Studio

Wide range of templates
  • Huge library of stock images
  • Many fonts and stickers
  • Simple photo import
  • Convenient collage creation
  • Frequent interface updates
godaddy studio mood board app logo
GoDaddy Studio

Verdict: The UI of the program replicates that of Canva, which also affects the entire workflow. GoDaddy provides unlimited access to a wide range of stock images, cool design templates, and graphic design ideas for your creative canvas.

You can find tools to produce logos, stickers and fonts. It is also possible to add text to photographs, mix and add layers, and more. With the help of this app, you can produce designs that will be very popular on social media for photographers.

godaddy studio mood board app interface

6. Design Wizard

Online Moodboard creation platform
  • Time-efficient
  • Integration with other design tools
  • Print-friendly designs
  • Community and tutorials
  • Online
  • Dependency on internet connection
  • Platform-specific
design wizard tools moodboard maker logo
Design Wizard

Verdict: Design Wizard caught my eye first by its simple visual storytelling and easy-to-use interface.

And its drag-and-drop functionality changed everything. Intuitively, arranging my chosen elements – personal photos, stock images or textures from within Design Wizard's extensive library was surprisingly simple and delivered great results. If selecting colour press-ups isn't enough, there is the option to customise pallets completely, as well as image size and filters, for more control.

The last feature that turned me upside down is that I could actually invite my friends or colleagues to take part in creating a common moodboard and adding some different perspectives or ideas. The process was super-engaging—and then the moodboards that came out of that were far more dynamic and engaging than anything I could have done in isolation.

design wizard moodboard maker image

7. Jux

Easy to use
  • Wide array of fonts
  • Various mockups
  • Export in PDF
  • Unsplash image search
  • Image search on Google is available only with a premium version
jux mood board app logo

Verdict: Jux is a mood board app designed for different users, be it a professional designer or a person who wants to create funny mood boards. It allows producing, enhancement, and sharing your boards no matter where you are.

Choose among various mockup types to find the simplest way to express your idea. Customize your board by picking fonts and background shades. Search for unlimited images on Google and Unsplash.

The application has a great mockup and grid parameters. Apart from grids, you can pick various font options to enhance your board. Using this app, you may build a mood board following three simple steps: 1) choose a mockup, 2) add images, 3) add text. Simple like that!

jux mood board app interface

8. Morpholio Board

Simple drag and drop
  • Digital tables are created automatically
  • Teamwork
  • Well organized images
  • You can leave comments
  • Inconvenient storage
  • Sometimes lags
morpholio board mood board app logo
Morpholio Board

Verdict: Morpholio Board allows users to make impressive mood boards using various templates. It also functions as a photo collage maker and is very popular among professional users. You can simply drag&drop your images into the templates and the program will turn them into a mood board.

You can also start from scratch and create your own mood board. This inspiration boards app allows you to leave a comment under each picture to explain your ideas to viewers.

In the application, you can choose among different furniture pieces and decorations. You can also produce a VR board by clicking on the image of your house in real-time and placing the furniture in a proper way.

morpholio board mood board app interface

9. Vision Board

Wide choice of categories
  • Safe option with a PIN code
  • Allows adjusting colors of a board
  • Unlimited number of mood boards
  • Fast image downloading
  • Occasional bugs
  • Many paid features
vision board mood board app logo
Vision Board

Verdict: Use this mood board app to arrange your ideas in a straightforward manner to use them for future projects. What makes Vision Board so special is daily quotes to motivate you for creative work.

The application allows visualizing your aims in preview mode and creating daily notifications to stay organized. Define your ideas in the app and it will motivate you to move on towards your goal. Thanks to the impressive graphics and simple user interface, your will always feel motivated to fulfill different tasks.

vision board mood board app interface

10. Moodboard

Image size alignment
  • Fast collage creation
  • Various sizes of canvas
  • Simple to use
  • You can create unique mockups
  • Fails to work as intended
  • No auto-saving
moodboard mood board app logo

Verdict: Moodboard is one of the best photo collage apps as it allows creating free-form photo and video collages with minimum effort. Combine photographs and videos with text parameters to build your own mockups and share them with followers or save them for yourself.

You can post your project directly in Instagram stories, your feed, or export it to your photo library. Choose from Instagram Stories, a 9:16 portrait, 4:3, square or landscape size of the Moodboard canvas.

Users may adjust colors of the background, border, and text by utilizing a customizable color gamut. To follow particular aesthetics, you can also pick colors from photos or videos by using an eyedropper tool.

grumpicon svg converter interface