Best Font Generators in 2024

If you are a web designer on the lookout for the best font generator, this overview will surely come in handy. Such programs are widely used for converting the outline forms of different formats into SVG or web-friendly fonts.

Professionals can’t do without such generators, when it comes to creating offbeat fonts for web platforms, designing logos, and the like. Frankly speaking, you can fully rely on font generators when you need to embellish a website with catchy and unique elements.

Top Font Generators

  1. Prototypo - For adjusting fonts globally
  2. Glowtxt - Generating text as PNG or GIF files
  3. Font Meme - For handwritten texts
  4. Pixelied - Standout fonts
  5. Robofont - For Mac users
  6. Fancy Font Generator - A variety of unique fonts
  7. Glyphs - Variable fonts possibility
  8. Copy And Paste Fonts - A multitude of unicode symbols
  9. Fontello - Convert vector images into fonts
  10. FontGet - For Facebook or Instagram users
  11. Flaming Text - Numerous font designs

Any design benefits a lot from an elegant yet neat and easy-to-read font. If you use tiny or too cramped fronts, clients are sure to skip the pages and move to more professionally made designs. Create an ideal font for your web pages using the text generators described below.

1. Prototypo - Our Choice

For adjusting fonts globally
  • Design in real-time
  • Easily removing or adding serifs
  • Web preview in real-time
  • Great design
  • Can be complicated for some

Verdict: Prototypo is a typeface creator that can be used for any typeface creation needs, from personal or business, there are thousands of user created variations of fonts that the user can choose from. This software has several different options that can be used with it and the options that the user has will depend on what the typeface will be used for.

Some examples of the typesets that can be created with the Typo font generator include, Times New Roman, Georgia, and Candida, which are the most common typeset variants of that of course. There are many more typesets that can be made with the software that will all depend on what the needs of the end user may not be and if they are going to be used in a professional environment, which they should always be in. However, if you don't want to create it by yourself, use free photography fonts for Photoshop.

prototypo interface

2. Glowtxt

Generating text as PNG or GIF files
  • Animation feature
  • Changing of the background color
  • Easy to use
  • Not many variations of fonts

Verdict: Glowtxt will enable you to create thousands of different variations of fonts, making it easy for users to select the most relevant type of font that suits their purposes. If you want to design a letterhead or business card, but are stumped for which font would be best to use, you can simply run the Glowtxt and generate a number of words in any font of your choice.

For example, if you wanted to make a list of items with numbers on them, you could simply run the Glowtxt and punch in the numbers you want along with the words used to fill the space. When the program is done, you will have created a fully working document in just a few minutes. The possibilities are endless.

glowtxt interface

3. Font Meme

For handwritten texts
  • Examples of brands and logos
  • Free font collection
  • Auto-generated HTML snippet
  • No possibilty to change serifs

Verdict: Font Meme is a free software for generating different variations of fonts. I have also discovered that this font generator can be used to create different typeface styles from scratch using the built-in "glyphs".

If you are interested in exploring the many possibilities that Font Meme software can offer, download Font Meme today and see for yourself how easy it is to use and its vast potential!

font meme font generators interface

4. Pixelied

Standout fonts
  • Top-notch results
  • Free
  • No installation needed
  • Website design overwhelming
pixelied logo

Verdict: Pixelied stands as a shining star in the realm of font generators, offering an effortless way to elevate your social media presence and digital content. What sets Pixelied apart is its simplicity - with just three simple steps, you can harness the power to create captivating and trendy copy and paste fonts that will leave a lasting impression.

Once you've discovered the perfect font, Pixelied empowers you to seamlessly copy and paste it across various platforms, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Discord, or any other desired destination.

Pixelied's font generator tool boasts an extensive collection of fonts, ensuring there's a style to match every vibe. Whether you're aiming to convey a specific mood or simply looking to stand out with bold and distinctive fonts, Pixelied is your go-to resource.

pixelied font generator

5. Robofont

For Mac users
  • Scaling font generation process
  • Created with using of Python
  • Creating your own tools feature
  • Works only on Mac
robofont font generators logo

Verdict: Robofont can be a very convenient way for creating many different types of fonts. The reason why people like this type of software so much is because it creates thousands of variations of commonly used fonts, based on the user's own set of stylistic rules for each letter.

For instance, if you are using Times New Roman or some other popular type of font, there is a good chance that you will also have other fonts that you use in conjunction with it, such as Arial or Helvetica. The Robofont will take these two sets of fonts and combine them into hundreds of different styles. This is just one of the many advantages to using this type of software.

robofont font generators interface

6. Fancy Font Generator

A variety of unique fonts
  • High-quality results
  • Unicode text converter
  • User-friendly, drag-and-drop UI
  • Free of charge
  • Occasional lags
fancy font generator logo
Fancy Font Generator

Verdict: Font Generator is a free service that will help you format your text by changing the fonts in your browser. It has an impressive collection of various fonts. You just need to type any text, select a suitable font, and copy the text to your social media page or website.

With this online service, you can make your social network profiles more attention-grabbing. Besides, you can use the available fonts to improve the About page on your site. You can select any font for headings and quotes as well.

fancy font generator interface

7. Glyphs

Variable fonts possibility
  • Customizable app
  • Drawing vector feature
  • Reusing of shapes
  • For pros
glyphs font generators logo

Verdict: Glyphs is a type of software that generates Glyphs files (glyphs) in different styles and formats according to your preferences. Glyphs are a kind of script, which are used to convey a symbolic representation of an object, idea by means of a string of characters. Glyphs are used in web-based applications such as HTML and XML, and it is the Glyphs character which serves as the script for the text.

Glyphs fonts or scripts make up a part of the image in a web page and it is this representation that can be rendered using Glyphs font generator software. Glyphs software is a kind of software that converts the set define Glyphs characters into other kinds of fonts or file formats.

glyphs font generators interface

8. Copy And Paste Fonts

A multitude of unicode symbols
  • Turns text to many resembling unicode characters
  • User-friendly copy-and-paste functionality
  • Allows customizing fonts in comments
  • Sometimes lags
copy and paste fonts generator logo
Copy And Paste Fonts

Verdict: What I like most about Copy And Paste Fonts is its supports for various fonts in comments, messages, and bios. So, you don’t need to look for the desired fonts for many hours, and experience issues when installing them for further usage, as you can use them without installation.

This font generator doesn’t contain ads, and all fonts are absolutely free. You need to enter the text in the field in the upper part of the screen, choose a font, and go to the “Copy” tab to copy the fonts.

copy and paste fonts generator interface

9. Fontello

Convert vector images into fonts
  • Built-in collection of fonts
  • Quality result
  • Free to use
  • One color for icons
fontello font generators logo

Verdict: Fontello will allow you to choose your own typeface and font variations for your website, email signature, header, footer and any other place on your site that need it. The software comes with over one hundred fonts including ninety styles and twelve scripts. You can create unique and custom lettering for your business cards, website, business documents, sales letters, catalogs, brochures and more.

This software can be used for creating full color and simple logo designs as well. You can even make Fontello installer that will allow you to use a template or create your own font. Fontello font generator is one of the best software programs available today for creating stunning, professional results.

fontello font generators interface

10. FontGet

For Facebook or Instagram users
  • Open-sourse generator
  • Offers a range of different font
  • Download font as PNG file
  • No possibility to change font
fontget font generators logo

Verdict: FontGet is a free, open-source utility for generating different variations of your favorite fonts. This software is easy to use, and the results are impressive. The software has been designed to "learn" from the user, as the user provides the font variant that the software needs to generate the result set, FontGet will automatically figure out the variations of the chosen fonts and adjust them to create the perfect style for the given document.

In other words, FontGet can help you create exactly the right font for your message. Or you can use free add text to photo online service.

fontget font generators interface

11. Flaming Text

Numerous font designs
  • No downloads or installation required
  • Easy to create fonts
  • Easily-customizable logos
  • Poor design
flaming text font generators logo
Flaming Text

Verdict: There are many different types of software that are being used to create unique text and effects for websites, but one of the most common tools is the Flaming Text Font Generator. This software will help you decide what is necessary and what is not in order to customize the look and feel of your site.

One of the biggest problems with web design is trying to make something that looks good online. Many people do not know the basics of HTML and when they try to add flash or other visual elements, it can look terrible. Using Flaming Text you can get the fonts that you need without having to do any programming or have to deal with the code that many programs use.

flaming text font generators interface