12 Ecommerce Blogs You Need to Follow in 2023

By Kate Gross 13 days ago, Apps and Software

If you sell goods and services of your brand on eCommerce platforms or are just going to, then it makes sense to study this niche in depth and get acquainted with its trends. All this knowledge is available on eCommerce blogs, where everyone can go and improve their knowledge by reading the publications of authors with rich experience in this industry.

Top 12 eCommerce Blogs

  1. Shopify - Perfect for beginners in the eCommerce world
  2. eCommerce Fastlane - Comes with a themed podcast
  3. BigCommerce - Powerful data-based analytics
  4. Wix - Brand owner success stories
  5. WooCommerce - Excellent option for WooCommerce channel visitors
  6. A Better Lemonade Stand - Practical classification
  7. Oberlo - Dropshipping info
  8. Printful - Ecommerce holidays manuals
  9. Neil Patel - Google search optimization
  10. eCommerceFuel - E-commerce trends and recommendations
  11. Yotpo - With the focus on customer retention
  12. Sumo Stories - Online marketing content

Nowadays, the Internet is teeming with eCommerce blogs, but finding a really worthy, high-quality, and interesting one among the many options can be a real challenge. That’s why I’ve put together this list of top-notch eCommerce bloggers and blogs dedicated to all stages of your business, from a successful launch to proper development and management.

1. Shopify

Perfect for beginners in the eCommerce world
  • Top-notch publications
  • Lots of real-life examples
  • Practical advice
  • Conveniently categorized
  • None

Verdict: The Official Shopify Blog tops my list of the most prominent blogs on eCommerce, as it is the go-to for anyone who launches, develops, manages, and optimizes their online store. It boasts not only theoretical articles on the fundamentals of successful brand management but also practical tips and tricks, reviews of useful software, trends in business ideas, as well as success stories of popular Shopify development companies.

Articles are written in accessible and clear language, without the fluff; for long articles, you can use the table of contents to read only what interests you. Check out this incredibly interesting and helpful blog to get inspired by the stories of successful online stores and gain practical skills to optimize your own.

shopify ecommerce blog interface

2. eCommerce Fastlane

Comes with a themed podcast
  • Regular article updates
  • Interviews with professionals
  • Access to secret tactics and methods
  • The latest trends in the industry
  • Some articles need better visual support

Verdict: eCommerce Fastlane is one of those eCommerce marketing blogs that knows exactly how to achieve amazing online sales success today. This blog was founded by Steve Hutt, a real expert in the industry, who will tell you in detail about the really effective and working methods of today’s business on the Internet.

He also makes sure to highlight the latest news and trends in the niche, as well as specific practices that you can use to boost your online marketplace presence. On the blog, you can also explore the interviews he takes with the best of the best, who know a lot about win-win tactics and strategies.

ecommerce fastlane ecommerce blog interface

3. BigCommerce

Powerful data-based analytics
  • Clarifies the opinions of experts with rich experience
  • Suitable for businesses of any size
  • Conveniently categorized posts
  • Studying information following your interests
  • Lacks visuals

Verdict: As one of the most popular eCommerce shopping cart software, The Big Commerce is also an excellent reviewer of working online marketing strategies for both beginners and established brands, which is a strong competitor to today’s best eCommerce blogs. Here you can get expert opinions from pros in the niche, as well as BigCommerce’s own specialists.

They cover all the theoretical and practical aspects of launching and developing your online store – from payments to multi-channel, from taxes to delivery, from conversion optimization to packaging, etc.

In addition to detailed and in-depth articles on specialized B2B and enterprise e-commerce business lines, you can also read professional insights that will benefit every seller, regardless of size or category.

bigecommerce blog interface

4. Wix

Brand owner success stories
  • Spiced up with visuals
  • Detailed guides
  • Articles are conveniently grouped
  • Optimal post size
  • No table of contents
wix ecommerce blog logo

Verdict: Wix has gained its popularity as one of the most powerful eCommerce website builders, but that hasn’t stopped it from running own expert blog, which boasts how-to tutorials and in-depth guides to selling online, as well as inspiring success stories from global industry leaders.

I love that they run a series of extended pro-level blogs for several distinct specialties, including creative ones – photographers, authors, artists, etc.

If you are more focused on generating profits or gaining skills, you can easily find articles on the topic that interests you. One of the things that makes this blog stand out from other blogs on eCommerce is its optimal post length, complemented by the perfect amount of visual content to make it easier to perceive information.

wix ecommerce blog interface

5. WooCommerce

An excellent option for WooCommerce channel visitors
  • Specialized marketing strategy category
  • Discusses the latest trends
  • Useful guides
  • Lots of practical advice
  • Comes with no visuals and table of contents
woocommerce ecommerce blog logo

Verdict: WooCommerce provides you with tons of useful articles to help you get as many new customers as possible, stay on top of the latest trends, and grow your online sales presence and profits. If you are using WooCommerce as your eCommerce platform then their blog is a must-follow for you.

I love that it offers a lot of detailed practical advice and tactics, such as how to start a photography business with WooCommerce and other platforms, how to retain existing customers and attract new ones, how to properly organize logistics, etc. Covering a variety of online marketing topics, this blog is a great place to start optimizing your brand online.

woocommerce ecommerce blog interface

6. A Better Lemonade Stand

Practical classification
  • Handy category filtering
  • Free webinar library
  • Discussion of current trends and news
  • Easy social network sharing
  • Lacks regular updating
a better lemonade stand ecommerce blog logo
A Better Lemonade Stand

Verdict: A Better Lemonade Stand is another sample of the best eCommerce blogs that have everything you need to grow your online store. The blog developers have taken care of your convenience by adding a handy filter for posts, e-books, and manuals and searching by key phrases. Now you can just type “run” or “expand” and see exactly the articles you are interested in.

Learn the basics of brand building, effective management techniques, and development strategies; learn how to optimize with the latest trends, and how to improve supply chains. Also, check out the free webinar section to help new business owners market themselves in today’s marketplace and stay on top of industry trends.

a better lemonade stand ecommerce blog interface

7. Oberlo

Dropshipping info
  • Detailed manuals
  • Business owner stories
  • Offers a rich variety of business ideas
  • Useful tools to boost your brand
  • Intricate layout
oberlo ecommerce blog logo

Verdict: Oberlo is a dropshipping-focused option among top-shelf blogs on eCommerce. It comes with useful features like brand name generation, traffic counting, and profit counting. Here you can dive into the fundamentals of creating and managing online stores, in particular those focused on dropshipping.

In addition to dropshipping, you can also explore a lot of interesting and important topics here – from business ideas to popular products, from industry trends to search engine optimization and conversion. Benefit from detailed guides and tutorials that will make it easy for you to launch your dropshipping brand and develop it properly.

oberlo ecommerce blog interface

8. Printful

Ecommerce holidays manuals
  • Specifies the required time to read the article
  • Table of contents
  • Regular updating
  • Customer success stories
  • Articles are sometimes hard to read
printful ecommerce blog logo

Verdict: Printful is another one of the top-notch eCommerce marketing blogs, covering very specific topics that many other blogs don’t cover. In addition to general topics such as business ideas and online sales tips, here you can learn how to prepare your store for the busiest times of the year, how to properly perform eCommerce image optimization, how to draw customers during holiday sales, and more.

Practical advice is the highlight of this blog. They detail real stories of online stores that have achieved success and popularity and analyze what exactly helped them achieve this. They also highlight specific trends that you can capitalize on to promote your e-commerce store, such as Singles Day for singles.

printful ecommerce blog interface

9. Neil Patel

Google search optimization
  • Posts for every taste
  • Top-notch marketing content
  • Offers free tools to promote your brand
  • Written in an easy and understandable way
  • Articles aren’t categorized
neil patel ecommerce blog logo
Neil Patel

Verdict: Neil Patel is perhaps one of the most famous eCommerce bloggers whose articles are a real boon for all those who are eager to drive as much traffic as possible to their online stores. This digital marketing blog offers all the information you need to complete your site management cycle – in-depth search engine optimization, improving your copywriting skills, strengthening customer relationships, and more.

He not only writes text posts but also produces podcasts and videos, which has become one of the reasons for his popularity. A nice bonus is that you can try out his free SEO Rank Checker tool to compare your site with direct competitors.

neil patel ecommerce blog interface

10. eCommerceFuel

E-commerce trends and recommendations
  • Offers podcasts
  • Content is conveniently categorized
  • Forum for online stores owners
  • Articles are easy to find thanks to sorting
  • Rare updates
ecommercefuel ecommerce blog logo

Verdict: This is one of the few blogs on eCommerce that actively maintains its own forum for online store owners and even hosts industry events with them. Such actions are aimed at sharing experiences and this is bearing fruit. I miss more frequent blog post updates here, but the information provided is extremely helpful and valuable for the successful running and growth of your e-commerce store.

It also covers a wide range of topics, from website design to improving logistics, dropshipping strategies, and expanding your online store. You can learn all this and more on eCommerceFuel and discuss it with other sellers.

ecommercefuel ecommerce blog

11. Yotpo

With the focus on customer retention
  • Highlights current eCommerce trends
  • Provides useful eBooks
  • Offers digital marketing webinars
  • Data-based analytics
  • Poor categorization
yotpo ecommerce blog logo

Verdict: Yotpo stands out from other eCommerce marketing blogs with its focus on customer relationships. Here you can learn how to increase customer engagement and loyalty, retain them, and how to increase your sales and revenues with it. Yotpo creates its high-quality content and guides based on the analysis of reviews and ratings from real buyers.

Exploring the content available here will help you make better decisions, prioritize your efforts, and spend your budget reasonably as you learn about current industry trends, relevant benchmarks, and more. Learn how to run campaigns that increase engagement, build buyer communities to strengthen your relationships, analyze customer reviews and ratings the right way, and more to make a confident online presence.

yotpo ecommerce blog interface

12. Sumo Stories

Online marketing content
  • Brand growth insights
  • Proven growth tactics
  • Simple layout
  • Clear language
  • Lacks regular update
sumo stories ecommerce blog logo
Sumo Stories

Verdict: As one of the best eCommerce blogs, Sumo Stories invites you to enjoy real success stories and educational digital marketing lessons.As one of the best eCommerce blogs, Sumo Stories invites you to enjoy real success stories and educational digital marketing lessons, including PaperTurn online marketing strategies. You can find here detailed and step-by-step posts describing successful tactics for brand and profit growth. You can also visit the data mining and online sales analytics sections to see benchmarks and results from real businesses and Sumo itself.

I highly recommend checking out the Sumo Growth Studies section, where the authors analyze in detail why global brands such as Amazon and others have been able to achieve resounding success so quickly. I like that the posts are written clearly and simply, without tiring readers with complex terms.

sumo stories ecommerce blog interface