11 Best Digital Marketing Blogs To Read In 2021

Companies that specialize in digital marketing always need to keep pace with the recent technological developments and analyze the latest news and trends to come up with a winning strategy. Digital marketing blogs are the best place to get relevant information nowadays.

Top 11 Online Marketing Blogs of 2021

  1. The Moz Blog - Tips from industry experts
  2. Adlibweb - Frequent posts
  3. Econsultancy - Interviews of digital marketing agency owners
  4. Search Engine Land - Google’s algorithm updates
  5. Convince & Convert - Best for developing content marketing strategy
  6. Content Marketing Institute - Custom research
  7. MarTech - Info on upcoming launches
  8. Neil Patel - Easy-to-understand format
  9. HubSpot - For inbound marketing
  10. Unbound - For learning how to build a landing page
  11. The Digital Elevator - Digital marketing tips for business owners

In a good marketing blog, you can find articles about current trends, useful stats, handy tutorials, strategies, reviews of popular marketing tools and other information that will come in handy for any professional.

On this list, you will find blogs that focus only on things one needs to know to successfully promote a product. Their authors create relevant content that will be useful for you and your clients.

1. The Moz Blog - Our Choice

Tips from industry experts
  • High-quality content
  • Great tutorials
  • Easy to navigate
  • Handy marketing tools
  • None

Verdict: The Moz blog will be useful for professionals who specialize in search and inbound marketing. Here, you will find articles written by industry experts who describe their experiences in detail, share insights, offer a piece of advice and step-by-step guides.

What makes it different from other digital media blogs is its easy-to-read content. You can implement every strategy easily regardless of your level of experience. Another advantage of this blog is the Whiteboard Friday Sessions. During these sessions, experts share their tips on the most effective search optimization techniques and use a whiteboard to demonstrate the results.

the moz digital marketing blog interface

2. Adlibweb

Frequent posts
  • A well-thought-out layout
  • Useful articles
  • Many effective tactics
  • No categories

Verdict: Adlibweb is a well-known digital marketing agency created by Nick Loggie and Pilar Vidueira in 2001. It provides digital marketing services worldwide. The agency can come up with an effective strategy and find the best way to implement it.

Their blog will be perfect for those who work with international clients and want to learn how to promote their products. In the blog, you will find a lot of information about end-to-end marketing problems.

For instance, there are articles about strategies that can be used during a global crisis. On this website, you will find a lot of practical tips that will help you build a successful marketing strategy.

adlibweb digital marketing blog interface

3. Econsultancy

Interviews of digital marketing agency owners
  • Created by a professional team
  • Handy tips
  • Marketing strategies for different industries
  • Convenient categories
  • You need to pay for some content

Verdict: The Econsultancy is an Internet marketing blog that provides many useful tips for professionals who work across different industries. Here, you can find information for niche specialists as well.

You can use the available resources to promote your brand online using recent digital marketing trends. Besides, the agency often posts interviews with owners of top digital marketing agencies.

After subscribing to this blog, you will get regular news about other brands and many articles about AI and e-commerce. Their team consists of several award-winning analysts and content professionals, which ensures that you will get reliable information about the most effective strategies that can be used for promoting your brand online.

econsultancy digital marketing blog interface

4. Search Engine Land

Google’s algorithm updates
  • Easy-to-understand how-to guides
  • Articles about current trends
  • Great layout
  • Daily updates
  • Marketing events
  • Focuses on search traffic topics
search engine land digital marketing blog logo
Search Engine Land

Verdict: Search Engine Land is a daily updated digital blog that features many useful articles about Google ranking optimization, SEO software, link building strategies, and search engine marketing.

Here, you will find a detailed analysis of common marketing techniques and learn how to use paid search techniques. On this blog, you will see articles written by well-known experts. There are several categories, including Loca, Google, Bing, and Social.

Make sure to subscribe to this blog if you are interested in news about the recent updates of Google and other search engine algorithms. Here, you will see several how-to articles about the most effective marketing strategies. It’s a great website for those who want to develop their businesses and drive new traffic.

search engine land digital marketing blog interface

5. Convince & Convert

Best for developing content marketing strategy
  • Useful templates
  • Multi-channel
  • Informative content
  • Cluttered interface
convince & convert digital marketing blog logo
Convince & Convert

Verdict: Convince & Convert provides readers with a lot of useful information. You can explore their official website, read their blog, listen to a podcast or even purchase books and ebooks. The C&C blog publishes articles on content marketing and photography marketing that will help you engage your followers and expand your client base.

In each article, they describe the main idea in detail and provide readers with useful insights. They have a unique approach to common issues, which allowed them to get many subscribers. To receive regular updates, you need to subscribe to their newsletter. This way, you will receive weekly newsletters about current trends.

convince & convert digital marketing blog interface

6. Content Marketing Institute

Custom research
  • Useful examples
  • Easy-to-understand information
  • In-person events
  • Daily updates
  • Convoluted interface
content marketing institute digital marketing blog logo
Content Marketing Institute

Verdict: The Content Marketing Institute specializes in education and training. You can contact them if you want to know how to engage your audience and improve customer retention. They will show you how to create content that is relevant to your target audience and use multiple channels to promote your products and services.

Their team of writers explained how to expand audience outreach and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Here, you will learn about recent industry developments. CMI offers articles written by successful content marketers.

They will come in handy for anyone interested in digital marketing. The main advantage of this blog is that it contains plenty of useful examples and describes the most effective marketing campaigns in detail. It also provides users with helpful suggestions about website optimization.

content marketing institute digital marketing blog interface

7. MarTech

Info on upcoming launches
  • New articles every day
  • Experienced writers
  • Handy tips and strategies
  • Poorly organized
martech digital marketing blog logo

Verdict: Every day, MarTech publishes articles about recent developments, industry trends and useful tricks that will help you launch a successful digital marketing campaign. The company has created one of the best digital marketing blogs where you will find articles on recent email marketing trends and learn how to promote your product on social networks.

You can also read how-to guides to find out how to implement the best strategies. Make sure to subscribe for weekly updates to get newsletters about recent developments in the world of social networks.

Besides, you will get loads of useful tips and learn about strategies that will make your marketing campaigns more effective. Marketing Land regularly updates its blog with articles about digital marketing trends.

martech digital marketing blog interface

8. Neil Patel

Easy-to-understand format
  • Covers many topics
  • Concise language
  • Useful how-to guides
  • Newsletters on crucial developments
  • Tutorials
  • Sometimes they publish rehashed content
neil patel digital marketing blog logo
Neil Patel

Verdict: Patel is a famous influencer and author who has founded such successful businesses as KISSMetrics and CrazyEgg. He has worked with various Fortune 100 brands. Besides, he has created one of the most successful online marketing blogs where he shares his insights about effective content strategies, email marketing software, digital marketing and other topics.

What makes his digital marketing blog different is that he writes easy-to-understand articles and explains every case in detail. Lengthy articles on his blog are well structured, which makes them accessible even for beginners. This blog is perfect for those who are looking for tips that can be easily implemented.

neil patel digital marketing blog interface

9. HubSpot

For inbound marketing
  • A well-thought-out structure
  • Free marketing tools
  • A lot of useful content
  • Doesn’t cover many subjects
hubspot digital marketing blog logo

Verdict: HubSpot is one of the best blogs for professionals who are interested in inbound marketing and use white marketing strategies. Its writers explain how you can promote your product without manipulating your customers.

They don’t cover such topics as commercial ads, spam emails and pop-up ads. Instead, they share useful marketing insights and ideas to help their clients boost their sales.

Here, you will also find articles on how to improve your productivity, establish long-term relationships with your customers and build a loyal client base. All the articles are nicely organized under different categories. For instance, you can read blog posts about marketing, sales, or services.

hubspot digital marketing blog interface

10. Unbounce

For learning how to build a landing page
  • Stylish graphics
  • Accessible content
  • Landing page templates
  • No regular updates
unbounce digital marketing blog logo

Verdict: Unbounce is a digital blog for those who want to create attention-grabbing landing pages. Here, you will find a lot of tips on lead generation and PPC marketing strategies. You will also learn how to use AdWords, Facebook Ads and display advertising for promoting your products.

The team creates detailed tutorials that will help you build a landing page and create engaging content. They explain how to build an effective campaign strategy and improve a brand’s online presence. Subscribe to this blog if you want to improve your conversion rate.

unbounce digital marketing blog interface

11. The Digital Elevator

Digital marketing tips
  • Useful information about content marketing
  • Focus on website search engine optimization
  • Great storytelling style
  • Up-to-date information for different industries
  • Lack of highly targeted content for photographers
the digital elevator marketing blog logo
The Digital Elevator

Verdict: The Digital Elevator is a marketing agency that offers various services like content marketing, search engine optimization, PPC, and web design to help your business grow and develop. The team started a relevant blog about marketing to help people go deeper into the industry. It mostly aims at business owners, photographers, and designers who strive to increase their brand awareness.

By reading the blog, you’ll learn how to build content strategies for your business, boost sales with the help of visuals, and achieve business goals with high-end content. Besides, experts share e-commerce image optimization tips and visual content marketing hacks to direct traffic to a website.

The second thematic direction of the blog is search engine optimization and website promotion-related stuff. You can study the current criteria for ranking sites on Google, and optimize your site based on these requirements. The team constantly updates blogs with new articles from professional marketers, providing the most relevant and useful information to readers.

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