10 Real Estate Tiktok Trends You Can’t Miss in 2024

If you are a professional real estate agent willing to employ every possible communication channel to improve your enterprise, you’d better pay attention to the major real estate TikTok trends.

These short videos will let you discover the current flows in real estate video marketing, estimate other real agents’ performance, and promote your first video clips on TikTok.

1. Predictions for Real Estate Markets

real estate tiktok trends predictions

Both real estate agents and potential customers are interested in discovering the trends and potential scenarios of the real estate market development in the nearest future. That is why the videos in which digits and statistics are given, are always popular and desirable.

If you wish to make a viral video with the market forecast, it is vital not only to present just the data, but also be emotional as, for instance, @officialbiggerpockets in his TikTok profile.

2. Advice for Realtors

real estate tiktok trends advice

As predicted by the specialists, this year is thought to be a real collapse for real estate markets, thus, video clips, where experienced TikTok real estate agents give advice on their performance to beginners and their colleagues are trendy.

For instance, @a1schmidt is dwelling upon how to stay alive this year: you can invest in cash-flowing holdings with a monthly profit, in necessity equities (housing, clothing, food, etc.), or you can keep fostering your active profit while fostering a passive one.

TikTok real estate influencers are presenting various things which will be useful for other agents. You can evaluate the real estate videography guide illustrating advice on how to invest in REITs, which signifies that you own the stock in a company that possesses and runs commercial real estate.

3. Helpful Tips & Tricks

real estate tiktok trends tips

There exist various TikTok real estate videos in which the agents present their hacks and tricks useful for business fostering. They can relate to different stages of deals including preparation, communication with potential buyers, means of information presentation, real estate photography tips and more.

In her TikTok for real estate profile @tatlondono, agent presents tips from her experience regarding earning money from real estate sales, describes real cases, comments on them, and talks about how to get prepared for the showing flat for sale.

4. Luxury Property Tours

real estate tiktok trends luxury property tours

Lavish home tours are an especially widespread real estate tendency that make people care about every little detail. Enormous pools, high ceilings, high-end appliances, splendid furnishings, and top-of-the-quality equipment, these elements really contribute to some excellent viewing.

Such real estate videos are the best ones for the beginner real estate agents, as they can find some useful tips and inspiration for producing their own TikToks.

Aaron Grushow, an LA realtor with more than 27M views on TikTok, is known for his tours featuring luxury homes. Opulent landscape design duo Foxterra Design have earned millions of views on their "Clients asked me..." style clips with bleak backyards feature that they convert into luxurious oasis.

5. Poking Fun at Homes

real estate tiktok trends roasting homes

Many TikTok viral videos that become popular through this trend, help select property on real estate sites and appeal to the most absurd features. CyberExBoyfriend is the star who has made waves with his “Roasting McMansions on Zillow” section with millions of views and a lot of followers.

Here you can discover real estate photography tips, which you’d better avoid doing if you want to be successful in this business (or sell the house as a customer).

Other users criticize homes not for their splendid features, but for the poor design. A Kansas City home inspector Bryan Standley, performing routine inspections of homes and take a look at super-specific things that in the other case you’d omit.

Such videos are extremely fun to view, nevertheless, my choice fell to the homeowners or agents trying to sell this property.

6. Region News

real estate tiktok trends region news

When followers can trust you as a consistent source of reliable information from the local real estate market, you’ll also gain the trust while educating both consumers and sellers. Whether it’s offering market upgrades every week or revealing more durable trends, these four clips are perfect examples of educational materials that makes your future clientele advantageous.

Sam Saberikamareh constantly presents the information regarding the current Toronto housing market situation. His TikTok video content is focused on Toronto market, and he illustrates different news and commercial real estate photos from that very region.

7. Advice for Buyers

real estate tiktok trends advice for buyers

Since there exist plenty of bad real estate photos on the Internet, and a lot of unscrupulous vendors, the buyers at times find it difficult to find out various intricacies of the deals, to differentiate the real proposition from the fake one, invest in the wrong real estate asset, overpaying fear, etc.

Therefore, TikTok videos with correspondent information for buyers-to-be are extremely widespread.

A financial expert, Ivy Bermejo, advises on points to take into consideration before purchasing a property. TikTok users especially like the videos with eye-catching titles as «The biggest homebuying mistake» by a mortgage agent Jide Buckley.

Real estate agents are frequently more aware about the trends and rules of the market, unknown to ordinary people, thus, watching such videos can help the customers to save thousands of dollars.

8. DIY Hacks

real estate tiktok trends diy hacks

At the TikTok app you will find a lot of real estate video ideas with advice on how to improve the interior of your house on your own, create home-made furniture or décor. These tips will appeal both to ordinary people willing to make their houses look like high end real estate photography examples, and for realtors willing to show the property for sale from the most advantageous side.

Follow Liz Lovery on TikTok to discover DIY ideas for renters on how to make the property feel like your home. Decorating interior duo My Tiny Estate are also widespread for their plain DIY ideas that vary from a door transformation to a simple plastering class.

Such “before-after” videos are especially popular, and the users actively repost them.

9. Humorous Real Estate TikToks

real estate tiktok trends humorous

Funny real estate videos are also very widespread among agents and buyers. Humor is still a trustworthy way to reveal your individuality and add simplicity to your content.

Jen Crouse Realtor films TikToks in such a funny manner, revealing the real stories from the practice or showing certain intricacies of the realtor performance. If you find such videos appealing, you’ll also enjoy the clips by TheRieltorChris, who publishes both humoristic and informative videos in his TikTok too.

10. Real Estate Myths

real estate tiktok trends myths

People like watching disclosure, myths, don’ts and similar videos on TikTok, thus, such content is very widespread in real estate industry. As in any other sphere, there exist a lot of rumors, in which it is quite difficult to separate the truth from fiction, especially for the beginners or ordinary buyers, that is why, disclosure clips are a TikTok trend this year.

In his TikTok profile, SoCal Realtor unmask popular myths about the property sale and purchase. The clips are informative, furthermore, they are quire aesthetic, as the author applies creative approach to TikTok editing apps for effects and music adding, text inserting.