Bad Real Estate Photos Which You Cannot Explain

You are unlikely to see these bad realtor photos in catalogs published by real estate agencies. On this list, you will see pictures of seemingly abandoned houses that can be used as a horror movie set and photos of rooms with a hideous interior design. It looks like these real estate agents did everything to scare off potential buyers.

Top 30 Bad Real Estate Photos Posted by Realtors

To create a good real estate listing that will appeal to buyers and make them want to commit a purchase, you need to pay attention to photos. They allow people to get a favorable impression of the property you are trying to sell. If a client doesn’t like a listing at first glance, they are unlikely to click on it.

If you want to avoid possible mistakes that will prevent you from selling your property, take a look at these hilariously bad real estate photos that will give you a good laugh.

1. Aliens in the Building: Episode 1

terrible real estate agent photos

I get that this real estate photo is supposed to grab the attention of a potential buyer, however, it seems that it’s a bit too much. It looks like a real estate agent wanted to warn you that you would not be alone in your new house. Whatever it is, even if you use the most creative photo ideas you are unlikely to take such a bad photo.

2. Aliens in the Building: Episode 2

bad real estate photo example

The same character yet again. It looks like this real estate agent mistakenly believes that it will be easier to sell a house with such a roommate. At least, kids are sure to like it.

3. Aliens in the Building: Episode 3

terrible real estate image

If the previous 2 photos haven’t convinced you, here is another one. Just look, what a beautiful room it is! However, someone is not going anywhere anytime soon.

4. Welcome, Honey

unbelievably bad real estate photo

A smart, middle-aged woman of considerable charm will be happy to make acquaintance with a well-mannered gentleman. Give thought to buying such a house. As you can see, it’s an all-inclusive offer.

5. 100% Real Photo

worst real estate photos

The image looks like a typical Photoshop fail created by an amateurish photo editor. However, this real estate agent hoped that nobody would notice it.

Most real estate photos require post-processing. You can perform color correction, delete unnecessary items, replace the sky, delete the background, fix issues caused by lens distortion.

If you don’t have advanced editing skills, contact professionals to avoid taking the worst real estate photos. The FixThePhoto team has been enhancing real estate pictures for 17 years to help clients purchase, sell, or rent the best properties on the market.

6. Yellow on Yellow

bad real estate pictures

What a great variety of colors, don’t you think so? However, there is something strange about seeing a statue in a bathroom.

7. Green Will Do Too

bad realtor photos

Just like in the previous case with the yellow color, this photo looks quite stunning. What’s more, this amazing grass staircase is bound to inspire every buyer to make a purchase.

8. Add a Cultured Look

bad realtor images

I don’t know about you, but I am positively thrilled. If you want to get start into real estate photography, make sure to take photos like this one. What can be better than a cozy bathroom?

9. For Who?

awful real estate photos

These real estate agents from hell rarely use virtual staging software. They obviously don’t want to sell these properties as quickly as possible and present apartments in the best light. Take such photos only if you believe that everything should look as natural as it can be.

10. Adult-Themed Design

bad realtor picture

The genius is in the simplicity. Do you like this bathroom design?

11. Favorite Pet

bad realtor images

Surely, you can use pet photography ideas to take great real estate photos. I wonder why nobody actually does this.

12. Neat and Tidy

terrible and funny real estate photos

Some real estate professionals have no idea about aesthetic photography. Otherwise, how could they use such a photo for an online listing and hope that they will sell the property? It looks like they want to sell something else instead.

13. Help Me

bad real estate picture example

Such terrible real estate agent photos can’t be saved if you add a little girl in the frame. Especially if she is in a glass case.

14. I Like Animals

terrible realtor image

You might ask why this photo is here. To be honest, the same question haunts me as well. It looks like this unknown realtor wanted to sell this house with all these pets included.

15. Studio Apartment

funny real estate photo

Would you like to have dinner, use a loo, and have a good rest in one room? Everything is possible here.

16. A Horse Was Passing By

bad example of real estate photos

We have already seen some real estate photos with dogs and pigs in the frame. However, this real estate agent decided to practice horse photography to stand out among the crowd.

17. Passion for Animals

worst real estate images

There is something weird about this photo, but I can’t put my finger on it. Is there is an issue with folded blankets? Did the dog jump on the sofa too quickly?

18. Perfect Reflection

bad realtor picture idea

While you definitely need to use real estate photography equipment, it’s unnecessary to show it in the frame. Maybe it’s better to take a photo from a different angle?

19. Strange but Interesting

terrible real estate picture

It looks like someone would hugely benefit from taking real estate photography classes. The photographer who took this unbelievably bad real estate photo needs to improve their skills. This picture looks somewhat disturbing.

20. Where is the House?

embarrassing real estate photo

If you really want to sell a house, make sure never to take a picture like this one. Experiment with different angles to show your property in the best light. Here, the house is partially hidden behind a tree and a truck. Before taking a photo, move all the cars that stand on your driveway and take shots of the main entryway.

To enhance your images, make sure to use free interior Lightroom presets that will help you embellish pictures of rooms, cafes, restaurants, malls, etc.

21. What Neighbors?

bad real estate image idea

A perfect place for introverts! Nobody will disturb you here since there are no neighbors or their pets nearby. The house looks almost squashed between the two walls.

22. Buy It As It Is

bad real estate image sample

While it’s definitely not an example of high end real estate photography, a photographer used creative framing techniques to take this photo. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it could be enhanced even if you use real estate Ps actions.

23. For Economic Ladies

bad real estate images idea

If you don’t want to spend hours washing vegetables, you can do it more quickly by using your bathtub. However, you will need to buy this property first if you are a true fan of bad real estate pictures.

24. A Haunted House

weird real estate images

I wonder how they are going to sell it. Even weird stock photos look pretty nice if you compare them to this listing.

25. Always Stay Fit

weird real estate photos

Sport is life. It looks like the owner of this apartment believes that it’s a perfect idea to do sports without leaving your bathroom. It’s less clear what this real estate agent was trying to tell by taking such a picture.

26. A Very Stylish Cottage

bad real estate image example

This unbelievably bad real estate photo has everything to drive buyers away. The photographer who took it didn’t care about lighting, furniture looks horrendous, and the interior design is simply horrible.

27. Passion or What?

bad real estate photo on the net

Why do we ever exist? It looks like the sole purpose of our earthly life is to watch recent TV series while sitting on these comfy red sofas. There is no need to strive for anything more.

28. Hiding From the Sun

bad real estate pics

If you are wondering how to take photos that will appeal to potential buyers, make sure never to put a beach umbrella in the middle of the kitchen. There is no way it could work.

29. A Spaceship

bad and funny real estate pictures

You can go to outer space without living your kitchen. Everything looks so distorted here. This photo is a perfect example of what happens when a photographer uses a fish-eye lens when taking real estate pictures.

30. Is This a Real House?

bad and weird real estate photo

This extremely weird house looks as if it was built for a character from the Sims. Another explanation is that someone got interested in post-processing and tried to experiment with HDR real estate photography.

Things That Make Unbelievably Bad Real Estate Photos

In order not to get such bad real estate photos and become a member of this hall of fame, I suggest you learning the list of things, which can destroy your photos.

1. Bad Lighting

Сamera for real estate photography is not as easily adjusted as our eyes. So, take photos in early morning or half before the sunset. It is advisable to open the curtains and even switch on all lamps. Then your listing photos will be awesome.

2. Mirrors

Be attentive with mirrors in the room. Play with angles to find the proper spot. Your reflection may also be seen in windows. So, make sure not to frighten buyers by such bad real estate photos.

3. Blurry Images

Real estate photography salary may be poor because of blur. Such pictures prove your unprofessionalism and distract clients from the property.

4. Low Quality

Use only appropriate equipment. If your phone is good for Instagram, it doesn’t mean it is appropriate for real estate photography. Prefer DSLR or mirrorless.

5. Animals and Kids

I know how cute small children and pets are. But they don’t help in selling houses. Clients will be distracted from the property itself. Let the house be in the center of attention.

6. Too Much Effects

Sometimes bad real estate photos mean that they are too improved by Photoshop or Lightroom. Clients may think that you have something to hide. And it is not good at all.

Bonus Tools

bonus tools for real estate photos

Make sure to take pictures that look nothing like the bad real estate photos from this list and further enhance them with presets. They are perfect for exterior and interior photography. With them, you can adjust colors, tone, contrast, remove noise, and fully transform the overall look of your images.

With the help of these presets, you can enhance pictures of buildings and interiors to give them a creative feel. Every action from this collection is compatible with Photoshop CC & CS6.