Real Estate Photography Classes

Real Estate Photography Classes

It’s not a secret that the market of real estate images has begun to grow rapidly, especially for professional photographers. In this regard, more young people want to link their lives with this genre of photography, respectively, the demand for real estate photography workshop is growing. And on the Internet you can find a lot of different property photography courses. But how to decide what is the best one?

Since all courses are different from each other and each has its advantages and disadvantages, I decided to group all real estate photography classes depending on the following criteria:


Free Real Estate Photography Classes on YouTube

YouTube is a platform not only for cute videos with kittens, but a kind of educational platform too. Therefore, it is not surprising that you can find channels where photographers share their experience and offer different real estate photography techniques.

1. Learn Real Estate Photography with Rich Baum

The channel with more than 10,000 subscribers belongs to real estate photographer Rick Baum. On his channel, which was created on 10.12.2011, he helps with the following issues: fixing fan shadows with an ambient exposure, working with extreme WB, making a composition for a product shot etc. He also shares what real estate photography equipment he uses for taking stunning photos.

Basic Lightroom Tutorial for Real Estate Photography:

2. Andrew Pece Knows How to Increase Your Real Estate Photography Salary

On this channel there are not so many subscribers, a little more than 1100. But it was created on 01.22.2015. You can find the videos about which real estate photography lens or tripod is more useful or which of the drones is the best one for the aerial photography. He also gives useful real estate photography tips, for example, "10 ways to save time as a real estate photographer" or "website design for real estate photography for beginners", and "how to increase your real estate photography salary fast".

Best Real Estate Photography Equipment for Beginners:

3. Guess and Check Real Estate Photography Classes

This channel was created on 01.09.2016, and already has just over 1000 subscribers. On this YouTube channel you will find the tutorials featuring off-camera lighting, behind the scenes set-up video and images, how to edit real estate photos in Lightroom & photographer interviews. There is even a video that tells how to take images of the bedroom with dark furniture and bright windows.

How to Photograph a Bedroom with Dark Furniture:

4. Real Estate Photography Definition by REP 101

The youngest channel, which was created on 05.31.2017, and has 497 subscribers, but the videos on this channel have from 1.2 to 3.4 thousand views. On the channel, you can learn how to become a real estate photographer, how to take photos and edit them using a blend of flash etc.

Real Estate Photography:

Top Free Online Real Estate Photography Courses

In addition to free property photography courses on YouTube, the Internet can give you enough useful real estate photography online free workshops.

5. The Picture Correct Team’s Architectural Photography Courses

The Title: “Mastering Architecture and REP


Location: Online
Cost: Free
Level: Intermediate & professional
Suggested Program:

  • The art of composition;
  • What you should do to achieve high real estate photographer rates;
  • You will understand the concept of light quality;
  • Get professional pieces of advice on real estate photo editing

Duration: Not specified

6. Kelby’s Property Photography Courses

The Title: “Getting Started in Real Estate Photography”

Location: Online
Cost: Free
Level: Beginner
Suggested Program:

  • Composition, kinds of lighting, cheap and expensive equipment, best real estate photography lens;
  • Go behind the scenes of real estate photos post-processing;
  • Learn how to support your photography business and much more with these free real estate photography classes.

Duration: 2.36 min

7. How to Take Real Estate Photos with iPhone

The Title: “Real Estate Photography on a Smartphone


Location: Online
Cost: Free
Level: Not specified
Suggested Program:

  • Which phone accessories, editing apps you need and how to use them;
  • Find out how to plan your session beforehand;
  • Try different lighting conditions.

The Best Paid Online Real Estate Photography Courses

8. What Real Estate Photography Equipment You Need

The Title: “Mastering Photography for Architecture and Real Estate


Location: Online
Cost: $69.00
Level: Middle & Expert
Suggested Program:

  • You will study camera settings for real estate photography;
  • Find out about the editing workflow;
  • Discover the ways to fix blemishes;
  • How to use your equipment in the full advantage.

Duration: Not specified

9. Real Estate Photography Tips & Tricks

The Title: “Mastering Architecture and Real Estate Photography

Mastering Architecture and Real Estate 

Location: Online
Cost: $59.00
Level: Middle & Expert
Suggested Program:

  • This real estate photography tutorial will teach you working with supplemental lighting;
  • All you need to know about editing your images quickly;
  • Learn about the HDR effect.

Duration: 12 hours

10. BPSOP’s Real Estate Photography Courses

The Title: “Mastering Photography for Architecture and Real Estate


Location: Online
Cost: $129.00
Level: Intermediate & professional
Suggested Program:

  • Find out how to arrange a scene and set proper camera settings for real estate photography;
  • Discover a way of improving your storytelling angles.

Duration: 4 weeks

11. Architectural Photography Courses By Mike Kelley

The Title: “Real Estate and Architectural Photography


Location: Online
Cost: $39.00
Level: Not specified
Suggested Program:

  • 17 Video lessons with real estate photography techniques in HD;
  • Learn how to attract clients;
  • The best way to arrange your portfolio.

Duration: 2.35 min

12. How to Get Real Estate Photography Clients

The Title: “Real Estate Photography


Location: Online
Cost: $23.00
Level: Not specified
Suggested Program:

  • The HD video lesson that contains information from the best property photography courses
  • Learn how to develop & sustain a business;
  • Photo shooting in a way that requires minimal image post-processing.

Duration: 1.22 min

13. How to Shoot Real Estate Photography

The Title: “REP Course


Location: Online
Cost: $47.00
Level: Not specified
Suggested Program:

  • Creating high-quality photos with low-end equipment;
  • Discover all the real estate photography techniques;
  • How to upgrade your flyers.

Duration: Not specified

Real Estate Photography Classes by Scott Hargis

This man is a photographer who became famous for his interior and architectural photos and based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His classes are designed for those people who are looking for short and informative real estate photography online courses and want to understand how to get into real estate photography industry.

His proposal consists of such free courses:

14. Professional Real Estate Photography Tips for Bathroom Images


Location: Online
Cost: By subscription - $19.99/month
Level: Intermediate
Suggested Program:

  • Bathroom stylization;
  • Capturing the same space with three different approaches;
  • Selection base exposure for you;
  • Photo shoot with only one light;
  • Taking photo session with two lights sources;
  • Completion a photography;
  • Editing the final photos.

Duration: 1.29 min

15. Real Estate Photography Pricing & Customers

Location: Online
Cost: By subscription - $19.99/month
Level: Intermediate
Suggested Program:

  • How to set real estate photographer rates of your services in your region;
  • Creating the right real estate photography contract;
  • Behavior during photo shooting and conflict resolution after it;
  • Managing invoices - how to sell your works properly.

Duration: 2.32 min

16. Exterior Photos for Real Estate at Twilight


Location: Online
Cost: By subscription - $19.99/31 days
Level: Intermediate
Suggested Program:

  • Why should you choose twilight?
  • Setting up and selection front and back photo shots;
  • How to wait for the right moment;
  • Using interior lights;
  • Photo editing.

Duration: 1 hour

17. Real Estate Photo Editing Tips for Kitchen Images


Location: Online
Cost: By subscription - $19.99/month
Level: Intermediate
Suggested Program:

  • Setting up and selecting angles;
  • Preparation - test photo shots;
  • Real estate photography lighting and composition adjustment;
  • Kitchen stylization;
  • Photo post-processing.

Duration: 1.12 min

18. Set a Real Estate Photography Business Plan Well

Location: Online
Cost: By subscription - $19.99/month
Level: Beginner
Suggested Program:

  • Exploration the outside & inside of a building photo;
  • Selecting the desired real estate photography camera settings;
  • What is necessary to take perfect images of kitchens and bathrooms;
  • How much do real estate photographers make
  • Quick photo session of rooms;
  • Taking photos of exteriors;
  • Photo correction.

Duration: 3.21 min

19. Real Estate Photography Camera Settings for Bedroom Pictures


Location: Online
Cost by Subscription - $19.99/31 days
Level: Beginner
Suggested Program:

  • Real estate photography for beginners and various lighting methods;
  • Setting up the composition of the bedroom;
  • Studying work processes in these real estate photography classes;
  • How to expose the camera for taking images the inside of the room;
  • Working with the outside world, real estate photography lighting for exterior.

Duration: 42 min

Cheap Real Estate Photography Classes

20. American Graphics Institute

The Title: “REP Course

Location: Boston
Cost: $99.00
Level: Not specified
Suggested Program: This real estate photography workshop explains in detail how you should deal with natural light, choose the arrangement and use objects to improve it, what equipment is better to use in different situations etc. Also, the solutions for the following problems will be provided: photo shooting in dark rooms or with very bright windows.
Duration: 5 hours


21. Two Precision Camera & Video’s Classes for High Real Estate Photography Rates

The Title: “Basic Real Estate Photography

Location: Austin, TX
Price: $99.00
Level: Beginner
Suggested Program:

  • In this course you can learn about the things which make a good real estate image;
  • Analysis of basic equipment;
  • Setting up the camera and working with it;
  • Basic list for taking images;
  • Choosing the composition;
  • Working with the lightning;

Duration: 3 hours

The Title: “Advanced Real Estate Photography

Location: Austin, TX
Cost: $139.00
Level: Advanced
Suggested Program:

  • Selecting the composition style;
  • Image Harvesting;
  • Dynamic range to maximum;
  • Everything about how to make Light Painting;
  • Using multiple lights;
  • How to get a natural look by photo post-processing;
  • Photo shooting on-site.

Duration: 6 hours

22. Find Out the Real Estate Photography Job Description with Rock Brook Camera

The Title: “Real Estate Photography Class Omaha

Location: Omaha, NE
Cost: $40.00
Level: Intermediate
Suggested Program:

  • You will know how to get the most effective real estate images from this property photography course;
  • Properly planning a photo shoot;
  • Solving the problem caused by complex light.

Duration: 1 hour


23. How to Get Real Estate Photography Jobs

The Title: “*Brand New* Real Estate Photography

Location: Online
Cost: $130.00
Level: Not specified
Suggested Program:

  • Getting Started with a real estate photography;
  • Factors affecting pricing;
  • Tips for taking good real estate photos;
  • Photo post-processing tips;
  • Walk through a house and familiarization with it.

Duration: 4 hours

Universities Where You Can Receive a Real Estate Photography Certification

Many beginners are wondering: are there some real estate photography classes near me? And to answer this inquiry I suggest to your attention several specialized universities where you can get certificated.

24. Real Estate Photography Classes Atlanta

The Title: “Architecture / REP

Location: Atlanta
Cost: $50.00
Level: Not specified
Suggested Program:

  • In this real estate photography workshop you will understand how the manual mode works and how to master it;
  • Photo Shooting free-hand;
  • Selection of the right lenses;
  • Learning HDR photography;
  • Photography as a business.

Duration: 3 hours


25. Real Estate Photography Classes NYC

The Title: “The Art and Business of Photography

Location: New York
Cost: $445.00
Level: Digital Photography II or equivalent
Suggested Program:
In this real estate photography school various styles of photography are presented, among which there are an architectural and abstract genres. Also, you will know how to make a business out of your images, can buy real estate photography course DVD. The seminar will include the major concepts of copyright, the creation of a portfolio and publications, the tips about the ways of finding your name in the “real estate photography near me” list.
Duration: 15-18 hours


The Most Expensive Real Estate Classes

26. Learn Real Estate Photography with Coursehorse

The Title: “Real Estate Photography

Location: Schaumburg, Illinois
Cost: $450.00
Level: Beginner
Suggested Program:
In this course, the beginners will study how to use DSLR cameras, what settings and techniques are needed to make ideal pictures of the building. You will get knowledge how to use Adobe Lightroom and enhance images there; what is High Dynamic Range & White Balance etc.
Duration: Not specified


27. Increase Your Real Estate Photography Salary with Photography Space

The Title: “Mastering Real Estate & Architectural Photography

Location: Online
Cost: $699.00
Level: Any
Suggested Program:
The program includes real estate photography books with all-inclusive information about equipment, lenses, techniques how to get interior and exterior images. Besides, the users are offered to find out how to start and do the real estate photography business and edit the photos quick and naturally.
Duration: Not specified

28. What Does a Real Estate Photographer Do?

The Title: “Real Estate & Property Photography

Location: Tamborine Mountain, Australia
Cost: $355.00
Level: From intermediate to advanced
Suggested Program:
The first part of the courses implies the studio work and insight into aspects of equipment, file formats, lighting and exposures, marketing things and photo editing base. The second part is fieldwork. The students have to show their developed skills on the location (cottage) and take interior and exterior photos.
Duration: 6 hours


29. With Elmhurst Energy You Do not Need Real Estate Photography Books

The Title: “Property Photography Training

Location: Lutterworth, UK
Cost: £299.00
Level: Basic
Suggested Program:
The participants will know how to avoid mistakes during a photo session because they will be taught all basic techniques about real estate photography and camera settings. Furthermore, this architectural photography course includes training of editing and marketing, and making virtual tours.
Duration: Not specified

30. Real Estate Photography Course Melbourne

The Title: “Real Estate / Architecture Photo Course Melbourne

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Cost: $790.00
Level: From the entry-level to advanced
Suggested Program:
The real estate photography course Melbourne includes a two-day of workshops which cover explanations of all camera and gear characteristics, a fieldwork, and tips how to photo post-process and do costing. Students go to the exact locations to train and get iconic interior and exterior photos and perfect their skills.
Duration: 2 days


31. Snap Home Studious

The Title: “Real Estate Photography Workshops in Mallorca

Location: Mallorca, Spain
Cost: €995.00
Level: Advanced
Suggested Program:
This individual architectural photography course is designed mainly for real estate agents who want to raise their income. They will get more than 6 hours of intensive training of taking photos and image photo editing. In addition, the students will get a FREE review and online coaching and FREE monthly support with tips and updates in the sphere of real estate photography.
Duration: 6 hours

32. Three Little Wishes will Help to Find Freelance Real Estate Photography Jobs

The Title: “Real Estate Photography Workshop

Location: Auckland, New Zeland
Cost: $550.00
Level: Basic and higher
Suggested Program:
The suggested program includes the individual one-day teaching of techniques how to choose right angles, best flash for real estate photography, what is xposure real estate photography, etc., and how to make selling photos of the realty. In addition, the instructors will give tips about the equipment, how to set up and present the place of the photoshoot. The peculiarity of this workshop is that masters come to the student’s home and give him/her a mastering architecture and real estate photography lecture. It is managed by Mark Ryan.
Duration: 5 hours

Moreover, if you are interested in real estate photography in Sydney, I recommend you reading this blog and inspire by the cool photography tips and amazing examples for insiration.

Make your interior and property photos luxurious with FixThePhoto real estate photo editing services - $2-10 per photo.

Hope, I have considered various types of real estate photography workshops. So, choose which of them are the most suitable for you and start studying.

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