Creative Kindergarten Graduation Photoshoot Ideas to Try

Graduation from kindergarten is one of the most important events for a child and his parents. To remember this special day, many people are looking for kindergarten graduation photoshoot ideas. You can let your imagination run wild to create interesting shots by changing the props, backgrounds and capturing sincere emotions.

Top 20 Kindergarten Photo Ideas for Parents

Experienced photographers try to take different pictures, even within the same location. In this article, we’ll share kindergarten graduation photo ideas that work great for such an occasion.

1. Dress The Kids in University Graduation Uniforms

kindergarten graduation photoshoot ideas university uniform

5-6-year-old kids look very cute when dressed in the uniform of university graduates. It includes a gown and a graduation cap. Since children's skin doesn’t require advanced retouching, you won't have to spend much time on photoshopping portraits.

2. Take Family Photos with Signs

kindergarten graduation photoshoot ideas family outfit

Ask parents to wear a similar uniform to take beautiful family photographs. Do not forget to buy kindergarten graduation signs. If you do not have such an outfit, you can rent it or simply select matching family outfits. Such photos look very stylish.

3. Place Portraits on the Neutral Background

kindergarten graduation photoshoot ideas plain background

The best way to implement indoor photography ideas when taking photos of a kindergarten graduation party is to use a plain background. You can print such photos and create a great photo album with them. Besides, you can use various portrait photography tricks and fully focus on the child without using extra props and creative backgrounds.

fixthephoto retouching fixthephoto retouching

Since the main focus is on the face, it is important to pay attention to editing. You can contact professional retouchers from FixThePhoto. They will perform color correction, remove imperfections, and adjust the lighting.

4. Organize Outdoor Shots

kindergarten graduation photoshoot ideas natural background

When shooting in the garden, you can take pictures of children against a green background. You can also make the background of a picture blurry to give a photo a unique look.

Depending on what photography equipment you have, you can use either camera settings for portraits or blur background in Lightroom when retouching your shots.

5. Photoshoot Near a Wall

kindergarten graduation photoshoot ideas  wall background

Take some portraits next to the wall. The brick texture allows you to experiment with diagonal lines and you can use different angles to make a portrait look more dynamic.

6. Several Shots in the Kindergarten Class

kindergarten graduation photoshoot ideas in the class

Take photos in a classroom to capture the special place where a child’s development and growth started. To implement such kindergarten graduation picture ideas, you need stationery, educational materials, and relevant props.

7. Capture the Whole Group

kindergarten graduation photoshoot ideas group

It’s impossible to imagine a prom without group photos. If you are shooting in a studio, make sure to use a professional lighting kit to capture group shots.

8. Best Friend Snapshot

kindergarten graduation photoshoot ideas outdoor photos

If you don't want to use additional items, you can take group portraits outdoors. Such photos will look bright and attractive even without props. You can ask the kids to break into groups so that you could take interesting friend pictures.

9. Add Some Details

kindergarten graduation photoshoot ideas chalkboard

When taking portraits, add different thematic details for each child to make them stand out. This includes books, balloons, various signs with inscriptions, glasses, flowers, sparklers, etc. Small chalkboards will look great in the frame. You can write the graduation year or any other relevant information on the chalkboard.

10. Change Poses and Shooting Angles

kindergarten graduation photoshoot ideas angles

To make the photo session interesting, try using various kindergarten graduation pictures poses. Besides, you can change angles and image orientation when shooting close-up photos. You can combine photos using the online collage maker. Alternatively, you can use these pictures to create a photo album.

11. Chalk Blackboard as Background

kindergarten graduation photoshoot ideas chalk blackboard background

Every kindergarten has a large chalkboard on the wall. You can draw an academic cap on it and write congratulations to use it as a backdrop.

12. Use Bright DIY Backdrop

kindergarten graduation photoshoot ideas bright background

I recommend creating a bright children's photo zone for portraits. Kids will enjoy such a background. Besides, it will help you create a festive mood during the graduation ceremony. You can decorate it with homemade crafts, balloons, and inscriptions.

13. Drawings on the Asphal

kindergarten graduation photoshoot ideas drawings on the asphalt

To implement the most unique children photo ideas, add a creative touch to your photos by drawing a bright background on the asphalt. Create a colorful drawing with chalk, add inscriptions, and take photos of the child lying on this background. Keep in mind that you need to shoot from above.

14. Picnic Mini Photoshoot

kindergarten graduation photoshoot ideas outdoor photos picnic

Since kindergarten graduation usually occurs during the warm season, take outdoor portrait photos. While picnics look interesting, you will need to use various props, including books, blankets, toys, fruits, etc. Choose a suitable photography location and experiment with different angles.

15. Capture Real Emotions

kindergarten graduation photoshoot ideas collage

When photographing children, it is difficult to get them to pose for even a few minutes. Let the kids behave naturally to capture their grimaces, hand gestures, etc.

As a result, you will get lively faces, sincere emotions, and the most natural relaxed poses. Since it might be difficult to select only a few photos, I recommend creating collages instead.

16. Make a Bright Frame for Shots

kindergarten graduation photoshoot ideas props

When shooting kindergarten graduation, you can use multiple photo zones and DIY photography props. Bright DIY frames will make your pictures look like Polaroid photos.

17. Photos with Diplomas

kindergarten graduation photoshoot ideas certificate

One of the best kindergarten photo ideas is to take photos of children with “certificates.” You can take a blank sheet of paper and tie it with a bright ribbon. It will add solemnity and seriousness to the moment. Besides, you can use other cheap photography props.

18. Prepare Unusual Photos

kindergarten graduation photoshoot ideas covid

To take even more amazing photos, consider using creative photography ideas. You can focus on a global pandemic and take interesting shots in protective masks. Such COVID-19 photos will attract viewers and make you stand out from others.

19. Make Some Pictures Black and White

kindergarten graduation photoshoot ideas black and white

Black and white photography helps you convey emotions without using distracting details. You’ll get expressive and sincere portraits. Since children’s photoshoots are usually bright and colorful, such kindergarten graduation picture ideas look more interesting.

20. With Glitter and Confetti

kindergarten graduation photoshoot ideas effects

You can use various effects during shooting to create a party mood. Use soap bubbles, glitter, tinsel, confetti, rainbow balloons to make your photos more eye-catching. Such effects will bring joy to children and help you capture sincere emotions.

Bonus Tools

fixthephoto presets collection

If you want to do perform post-processing but don't want to use complex techniques, try using presets. With their help, you can correct colors, remove imperfections, improve lighting, adjust white balance and perform other basic photo manipulations with a few clicks.