Creative Linkedin Background Photo Ideas to Use in 2023

Original LinkedIn background photo ideas allow you to increase the visibility of your page and create professional opportunities for your career growth. The visitors of your page do not only evaluate your LinkedIn profile picture, but also the background of your page. Together these components can create a great first impression.

Top 13 LinkedIn Background Photo Ideas

Your LinkedIn banner photo should underline your professional identity and visually support the info indicated in your profile. It should convey your values, skills, and professional experience. The background image has the same function as a cover photo for Facebook. It allows you to let the visitors know about your achievements.

When selecting the best LinkedIn background photo, make certain that it is not overly promotional. So check out these thirteen creative ideas that will help you promote your personal brand with amazing backdrop pictures.

1. Experiment with Abstractions and Textures

abstract linkedin background photo ideas

One of the easiest ways is to use a color that differs from LinkedIn default blue to make your profile look personalized and more original. Even such a minor alteration can make your profile stand out among other standard LinkedIn accounts. Select the color that reflects your personality or matches your brand colors.

You can also try using an abstract texture that looks fresh and original. Avoid using images featuring laptops, coffee cups, keyboards, etc. To make your profile original and authentic, choose an abstract image associated with your brand or personality.

2. Show Your Creative Personality

fixthephoto image manipulation service

To impress your colleagues and employers, try to create an abstract picture and enhance it with various effects in Photoshop.

It might be complicated and time-consuming to create such a LinkedIn custom background. Therefore, it would be a good idea to let the professionals do this job for you. We have been enhancing photos for 17 years. You will get beautiful photos with natural surface textures, light accents, and pure shades.

3. Use a Text that Inspires You

text linkedin background photo ideas

Do you have a favorite quote that reflects your personality? Have you recently read some engaging industry insight? You can use it as a captivating header!

One of the most interesting LinkedIn background photo ideas is to combine an image with text to attract more attention. You can mention this info when creating a banner:

  • Your job title
  • The services you provide
  • The companies you’ve cooperated with
  • Your personal hashtag, in case you have it
  • Your other pages on social media networks
  • Email address
  • A quote that you like

You need to follow one rule: the text on the background image should be short. This way, users won’t be overwhelmed with info. Make sure that the text is clearly visible and not covered by your LinkedIn profile picture. Add it to the right or top-left corner.

4. Add a Beautiful City Landscape

city linkedin background photo ideas

If your professional activity is closely connected to a particular place, you can choose a city skyline, landmark, or another urban photography option for your background image. By doing so, you will show your potential clients where your business is based in.

Another great idea is to use a picture of a place that refers to your personal history. Use an image of the city where you spent your childhood, lived in or a picture of a location that has a special meaning for you. This way, you can make your profile more visually attractive and professionally focused.

5. Choose the Architecture That You Like

architecture linkedin background photo ideas

If you are the owner of a business with a strong reputation, choose a nice picture of a building to create a sense of credibility. You can use a photo of an office, building facade, or business district.

Select a picture that corresponds to your industry. If you are an entrepreneur who works in an office, use a picture of a business center. If you are a tutor or a teacher, choose a school campus. It can be an architectural landmark from any city that you would like to visit or have already been to. It can be either your photo or a picture from stock photography sites.

6. Show a Successful Result of Cooperation

services linkedin background photo ideas

You can concentrate on the result your client wants to get and use an image that represents it without advertising your product too much. Try to appeal to customers’ emotions to induce them to make a purchase.

For instance, if you are a medical worker or an insurance broker, it would be a great idea to select an image of healthy people. If you are a financial planner, select a picture associated with financial freedom. Those who provide photography marketing services can use their best photos to tell more about the genre they specialize in.

7. Represent Your Mission

mission linkedin background photo ideas

To make a creative LinkedIn background, use a picture that shows the impact you are trying to create. Choose an outdoor photo that will look fresh and original if compared to other LinkedIn background images. Such a picture can help visitors to understand your personality. Besides, the outdoor shot will let people feel like they are in nature, and not in the office.

For instance, if you are interested in renewable energy, you can choose an image of a wind turbine. If your passion is arts, consider including the photo of some artistic installation that reflects the style you are interested in. Keep in mind that if there is a lot of free space in a photo, your profile will seem more trustworthy.

8. Common Objects Used in Your Job

objects linkedin background photo ideas

One of the best LinkedIn background photo ideas is to feature objects used in your job. An image that shows the tools you work with is a great alternative to boring and plain background pictures of other LinkedIn users.

The cover photo that showcases the equipment you use in everyday professional activity makes customers think that you are very dedicated to your profession.

Choose the object that is associated with your industry, like a camera or lenses if you’re a shooter, a typewriter, notebook, or laptop, if you are writing novels, or a microphone or headphones, if you’re a singer.

9. Use a Photo of Your Workspace

workspace linkedin background photo ideas

One of the most suitable LinkedIn banner backgrounds is a photo showing your working space. This can be your office, a desk, and other areas.

If your professional life includes much collaboration, we recommend you choose an image of a conference room or other similar spaces in your office. However, not all people are ready to share photos of their actual workspace. If you are one of such professionals, you can use a great variety of stock photos showing well-organized workplaces.

10. Use an Image of an Award

award linkedin background photo ideas

Another idea is to show your achievements using a cover photo. If you have recently gained an award or status like “top influencer,” do not hesitate to write about it in your profile. You can also use the image of the award as your LinkedIn background banner.

This is one of the most effective ways of increasing the trust in your company and establishing a close connection with your followers. Besides, you can mention your publications and other achievements to boost your credibility as a professional.

11. Feature Your Product Or Service

product linkedin background photo ideas

Another great option is to choose a photo featuring your products. A high-quality image will attract potential clients, partners, or investors.

For example, a store owner can feature a photo of the most popular product and use various product photography tips. If you are involved in B2B product manufacturing, opt for a photo featuring a close-up image of the component you supply.

If you work in a service industry, browse the web to find out which pictures can illustrate the field you are involved in. For instance, if you are building your career in logistics, it would be reasonable to use an image of a cargo ship or airplane on your page. Use a photo of a community event, if you provide social services.

12. Show Yourself Doing Your Work

working process linkedin background photo ideas

A photo of you working is probably one of the best solutions for professionals from various fields. Use an image that looks natural and not staged to achieve the desired effect. For such a LinkedIn custom background, you will need to buy a budget tripod for your smartphone or camera to be able to make a decent picture of yourself.

If you’re a writer, ask someone to capture you when you are taking some notes or creating a draft for your next publication. A public speaker can use an image taken during their speech or presentation.

13. Use Your Company’s Logos

brand linkedin background photo ideas

Your brand is what makes you stand out among competitors. It also helps customers understand the area your company specializes in. By adding your logo to the LinkedIn cover, you can increase the trust in your business. If you do not know how to use graphic design software, try such a beginner-friendly Canva photo editor.

Bonus Tools

tools for photoshop

If you want to make your background photos more creative and unique, use these ready-made seamless textures. These filters will help you enhance your images in one click without spending much time on post-processing.