20 DIY Photo Backdrop Ideas for Taking Creative Photos

Purchasing and setting up a professional backdrop can be ridiculously expensive. Thankfully, you can significantly reduce your expenditures by creating your own DIY photo backdrop at home.

Such a cheap backdrop will grant you the necessary creative freedom and ensure your images look amazing. Whether you’re organizing a newborn, family, or birthday party photoshoot, it will have you covered.

Top 20 DIY Photo Backdrops to Make at Home

This rundown of backdrop ideas will inspire you to put together a bunch of cool-looking backdrops that you’ll be able to use for multiple shoots. Some feature paper flowers while others rely on cardstocks. You’ll also see several minimalistic backdrops that utilize washi tapelines and yarn & dowel to create adorable backgrounds.

1. Paper Plates

diy photo backdrop

Did you ever organize a party at home and ended up not using a load of spare paper plates that you don’t know how to deal with now? Then you’re going to love this DIY photo backdrop idea!

If you’re willing to put in the extra effort, you can purchase different plates in the same color palette and put together an ombre wall. Alternatively, you can purchase a bunch of different colors and randomly tape them to the wall to create a vibrant, colorful background.

2. Hanging Fringe

diy backdrop

Turn your boring wall into a vibrant piñata-like collage by attaching a bunch of fluttery strips made of paper, vellum, or foil.

I suggest purchasing fringes in different colors to combine them and make your photos look more cheerful. Such a backdrop is best used for parties, birthdays, and New Year celebrations.

3. Paper Chain

diy backdrop ideas

Want to create an eye-catching geometrical DIY backdrop for a wedding or birthday party? Then you’ll be thrilled to craft this large paper chain decoration that will add a blast of color to your photos. Since all you need to make this backdrop are paper circles, it’s also one of the cheapest ideas you can try.

Purchase cardstocks in various colors, cut them into strips, and then loop and link them together, crafting a colorful chain-link. If you ever wanted to make an affordable paper chain installation, this is the way to do it.

4. Fabric

diy photoshoot backdrop

Pick a color that complements your event. If it’s a birthday then pick a bright vibrant fabric, and if it’s a wedding, consider getting beige or white fabric. It’s mind-blowing how amazing a backdrop that consists of only fabric and some fresh flowers can look.

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5. Paper Poppy

cheap backdrop ideas

Any type of gathering or event should finish off with a relaxing and heartwarming photoshoot to ensure everyone remembers the occasion. Thus, it’s always a good idea to have a beautiful DIY photo backdrop prepared for such situations to make the pictures more memorable and eye-catching.

Creating this paper poppy backdrop doesn’t require a lot of time or money while allowing you to make the visual space of your photos more interesting. You’ll need several paper supplies to craft these large poppies, including red and black paper, glue, and a poppy template.

6. Triangles from Color Tissues

creative diy photo backdrop

Want to do some crafting? Then it’s time to grab some colored tissues and a pair of scissors to create these geometrical elements.

The only thing you have to do is cut a load of differently-sized triangles and attach them to a wall. You can go either with a conservative or more wild approach, whatever you like. Both symmetrical patterns and random color combinations can work equally well for this DIY backdrop.

7. Paper Daisy

diy photo backdrop with paper

Can’t seem to stop crafting paper flowers? For this idea, you’ll simply need a bundle of large paper flowers placed next to each other on a wall and you’ll receive a charming, cheerful, and attention-grabbing background that is sure to make any event photo more memorable and moody, which is a huge upgrade over a bland empty wall.

8. Ballons

diy photo backdrop balloons

Balloons are one of the best cheap backdrop ideas that can be used for both adults and children. You can arrange them in various interesting combinations, have them floating, or simply put a couple of balloons behind the models.

Balloon backdrops aren’t exclusively made for cheerful photoshoots either, as they can also fit nicely into a fine art portrait photography shoot.

9. Ribbons

diy photo backdrop ribbons

Attach strips of flagging ribbons to a backdrop with glue to create a celebratory photo marker. Colorful ribbons connected to paper balls look minimalistic and stylish. You can enhance such a backdrop further by having a more unconventional background behind the ribbons. Typically, such an idea is used for putting together a glamorous wedding photography backdrop.

10. Curtains

diy photo backdrop curtains

White curtains look cozy and romantic and can be the perfect backdrop for an indoor love-story photoshoot. Remember that you might need to prepare some extra lighting for a daytime shoot, but that’s not necessary if you don’t mind taking some silhouette photos. If you’re willing to experiment, use this backdrop outdoors, for instance, as a DIY photo prop.

11. Floating Stars

diy photo backdrop floating stars

To implement this idea, you’ll need cardboard, scissors, some thread, and glue. All you have to do is cut out star shapes, glue them to the thread, and then attach them to a wall or another backdrop construction. By the way, if you want to save money on a stand, I suggest learning how to create a DIY photo backdrop stands for less than $10.

Such a backdrop works best for children and family portrait photography since it adds a tender atmosphere to the photo.

12. Doilies

diy photo backdrop doilies

Doilies are a great choice for a simple DIY photoshoot backdrop. You merely need to purchase a bunch of them and attach them to a wall or stand in any way you want. You can have all of them either in the same color or different tones, the result will look great either way. The same goes for placement, as both straight lines and random arrangements work equally well.

13. Cut-Out Tissue Paper

diy photo backdrop tissue paper

You can use colored tissue paper or some colored fabric that can be easily cut. Cut out various geometric shapes and attach them to the wall.

Such a backdrop is perfect for event and children photoshoots. Besides, it’s a solid choice for some funny, light-hearted selfies.

14. Floral & Greenery

diy photo backdrop floral

If you’re looking for affordable backdrop ideas that will look professional and visually impressive, this one should definitely interest you. As a side note, if you plan to design a greenery garland, and some clothespins to put this floral backdrop together. You can also utilize washi tape if you want to create a geometric look.

15. Old Newspapers

diy photo backdrop newspapers

A newspaper is an unconventional decoration choice that can make any photoshoot stand out. Regardless if you’ll make origami figures out of the newspaper, crumple it, or just attach the sheets to the wall, the backdrop you receive will certainly be eye-catching.

16. Creased Tin Foil

diy photo backdrop tin foil

In its standard form, foil can serve as a fantastic silver-like backdrop. Now, if you crease it, you’ll add even more texture to it, making the subject of the photo stand out more. Unlike standard creased wrapping paper, tinfoil also has a cool shine to it that makes images much more visually impactful.

Be mindful of how you light up the scene with such a backdrop since tinfoil excels at reflecting light, meaning the photo might end up looking like a distracting mess if you aim too many bright studio lights at the backdrop. Tinfoil is best complemented by soft natural lighting like a window. Additionally, you should read up on some DIY photography lighting hacks to learn how to create the perfect lighting setup even on a tight budget.

17. Flower Wall

diy photo backdrop flower wall

Floral elements are an endless source of inspiration for DIY photo backdrop ideas. They’re reasonably cheap and are simple to set up when you don’t have much time to create a backdrop.

This flower wall acts as both a photography backdrop and favor display. You’ll need a pocket-covered planter and an array of potted flowers (any kind you want). Once everyone has taken a photo in front of the backdrop, they can grab a plant with them on the way home.

Remember to keep the flowers in the light plastic containers they were sold in – the final product is already heavy on its own, no need to buff that weight any further.

18. Twinkle Lights

diy photo backdrop twinkle lights

This cost-efficient backdrop is ideal for creating stunning bokeh photography. You merely have to get some hanging twinkle lights from a nearby store. Hang them across the backdrop and turn them on. With proper exposure settings, you’ll be able to pose the model against a whimsical background.

19. Yarn Balls

diy photo backdrop yarn balls

Want to make a solid color background more eye-catching? Use skeins of yarn to make yarn balls (you can use balloons and glue to give them a cool shape). Hang the yarn balls across the backdrop while ensuring they come in different sizes and colors to make the photo more interesting.

20. Rainbow Parasol

diy photo backdrop rainbow parasol

You’ll find it hard to believe, but even regular umbrellas that you can find in every house can become a creative photo idea. Simply face the parasols towards the camera and you’ll receive cool photos. You can create a nice backdrop with both single-tone and differently-colored umbrellas.