50 Weird Stock Photos That Will Make You Laugh

Weird Stock Photos That Will Make You Laugh

Have you ever seen weird stock photos on different platforms? Of course, I appreciate the work of each photographer, but some ideas need an explanation. To understand what I’m talking about, get acquainted with this list of really funny and weird stock images.

50 Weird Stock Photos You Won’t Be Able to Unsee

Are you read to see the weirdest stock photos on the web? Then look at this selection of the strangest and funniest stock pictures I’ve found.

1. Who Said Coronavirus?

weird stock photos reddit

This is a great example of weird stock photos that you can use for creating memes connected with people who are buying too much toilet paper because of COVID-19 quarantine.

2. Surprised Cat and Hands Coming out the Computer

really weird pictures

In this weird stock photo, we can see a guy stretching his hands out of a laptop monitor and typing, while a very surprised cat is sitting next to him.

3. Odd Product Placement

weird images

This guy clearly spent too much time under the sun. If it was meant to be an advertisement, it wasn’t a good one since the sunscreen spray did not help him at all.

4. I Gotta Take This Call

weird stock photos

Here is one more example of weird images. Look at this man. He looks pretty happy sitting near the ocean shore, with a surfboard, smartphone and a laptop. Yeah, a strange combination.

5. Man With Hair in Rollers Wearing Women Lingerie

cursed stock images

Who says it's easy to be a woman? Apparently, this man decided to prove the opposite. He turned out pretty sweet.

6. Post-Apocalyptic Robot Baby

weird stock images

Looking at such weird pics, we can understand that our future will be very frightening. The baby smiles so cheerfully, and it makes this photo more creepy.

7. Beauty Will Save This World

weird stock photos brutal fairy

When you don't wish to do anything but be a fairy with pink wings and a magic wand. In this photo, you should not care that you are an adult brutal man with a beard.

8. Can I Borrow Your Charger?

weirdest stock photos

You may find me old-fashioned, but I prefer using a classic charger for my smartphone. Such an invention looks very creepy. Imagine how you will feel when you see a luminous head of this doll in the middle of the night.

9. Swapping Faces

weird stock pictures

We are all little masters of Photoshop. But sometimes how ridiculous the results are. The exchange of faces was successful .. or not. What do you think?

10. Pizza Delivery

weird pics

This weird flying robot with really creepy eyes will deliver your pizza really fast.

11. Definition of Cringeworthy

weird free stock photos

Now it seems that the previous weird images were not so weird at all. How can I describe this picture? Who thought of such an absurd idea? As for me, it is really painful and unpleasant to look at.

12. Deadly Proposal by Tarantino

really strange pictures

This is the most terrible marriage proposal I’ve seen. Everything was good and looked quite romantic, but the ending of this story is tragic and strange.

13. A Boy with a Gun

weird pictures funny

This extraordinary example of weird stock photos was published on Shutterstock. Its author is a Russian photographer Sergey Komisar. No one can understand what idea Sergey wanted to convey. Some users find this photo terrible, but other people consider it even funny.

14. Jumping Pants

funny stock photos

If you have been looking for the perfect photo of a guy jumping in huge pants for a long time, pay attention to this one. By the way, the author of this masterpiece was very surprised to find out about the popularity of this picture among Internet users.

15. Teeth in the Eyes

weird pictures that make you think

Here is probably the creepiest shot from this weird stock photos list. Interestingly, in Spain, there is a proverb "Estás comiendo más con los ojos que con el estómago," which roughly means "eat with eyes." It seems that the author of this picture took the meaning of this phrase too literally.

16. Where is the Face?

funny weird photos

This picture conveys the Easter mood perfectly. Just kidding, it is terrible.

17. Absolutely Sincere Potato

weird stock photos sincere potato

It is difficult to imagine what goal the designer who created this potato had in mind. Maybe, they wanted to implement a creative portrait photography idea. You just need to look into the eyes of this lovely creature to feel the desire to hug it.

18. Everything Is Weird

weird pictures of people

Can someone explain to me what is happening here? I didn’t quite catch it.

19. Funny Friends

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This photo can be included not only to the list of weird stock photos, but also to a selection of the most cute photography ideas. Girls, you are great!

20. Mona Lisa’s Tongue Tattoo

uncomfortable pictures reddit

Nothing special, it is just a naked man with a suitcase.

21. The Cat is the Hat

weird funny pictures hilarious

Dr. Seuss would probably have been shocked by such an original interpretation of his idea. Above all, do not forget to feed your hat if your eyes are really important to you.

22. Hot Dog Manicure

wtf pictures funny

Here is one of the strangest examples from this weird pics selection. Have you ever thought that hot dogs also need a manicure? This is probably a revolution in the beauty industry.

23. Noodle Brain

funny stock photos

It seems to me that eating food from a plate is not so cool. Too outdated, maybe. But to eat from the head - that’s it! Look, the dog wants it too.

24. Work Sabotage

funny stock images

Now I understand why the girl from the previous picture asks for help. Very strange things happen in this office.

25. How Did You Find Me Here?

funny images

This photo reminded me of another picture, which can also be included in the weird stock images list. Look at the man’s facial expression and the emotions of the girl in this picture. What is happening?

26. Man with Long Mustache Hair Covering His Mouth

stock photo meme template

Oh, these men with a mustache! Attractive, of course. But maybe you should not cover your mouth with the same mustache? But in general, it’s interestingly.

27. Pizza Face

weird pictures reddit

Maybe I am wrong, but it seems to me that people should eat pizza a little differently. Is she all right? The author of this picture tried to do everything to get into weirdest stock photos lists.

28. A Balanced Diet

weird pictures of people

This image shows all the components of a balanced diet. Of course, fruits and vegetables are very useful. But don't you think that people look weird somehow? Moreover, the wine does not fit into the big picture a bit.

29. Dog, Frog or Maybe Both?

funny cursed images

This mysterious creature looks really strange. Is it a dog or a frog? What do you think?

30. The Horse as a Lifestyle

random weird pictures

Rich Ellgen, who publishes his images on iStock, has taken not just one photo with a horse mask, but a whole collection of such funny stock photos. According to the photographer, his brother gave him this strange accessory.

Since then, he has been trying to come up with as many unusual ideas as possible and to realize them together with his wife. The horse lifestyle theme has become the main shooting direction of the photographer.

31. Fat Santa Pinching His Nipples

funny photos

The image of Santa Claus is used in Christmas photographs very often. However, we can find a lot of weird photos with his image on the Internet. Look at this example.

Tracy King, who is the author of this strange picture, and the model at the same time, said that he took this photo just for fun, not hoping that it will become so popular.

32. A Man Pregnant with Watermelon

strange photos download

What kind of madness is going on here? The photograph shows a pregnant man. However, this is not the strangest thing. The fact is that he eats a tiny watermelon. Is he a cannibal? I do not understand anything.

33. Return from Work

funny stock photos

This is how astronauts look like when they are on their way home after a hard day at work. For sure, I always imagined them that way.

34. Monkey Talking on Cell Phone

weird stock pics

Here is another example of stock photos funny. In fact, this is quite an ordinary picture. You can see a beautiful woman taking a bath However, one detail can confuse you.

A chimpanzee is sitting next to her and talking on the mobile phone. It does not seem to bother the girl at all.

35. Why so Old Fashioned?

funny stock photo memes

The strangeness of this photo breaks all records. Literally, every detail looks absurd. Look at this girl in vintage clothes. She is going to cut a huge orange with a gigantic knife. Why did the photographer choose black and white tones and old-fashioned style?

36. Sorry, but You’re Sitting on my Man

stock photo meme guy looking at girl

It looks like someone will have problems. Get off that guy immediately!

37. Modern Stock Photography

dark stock photos

This image stands out from the random stock photos due to its originality. Just look at this composition! Cat-snake is cooking some potion in a watermelon! Ingenious! This is the essence of modern photography.

38. The Best Breakfast

weirdest stock photos

What could be tastier than toast with nails for breakfast? I think this is a real men's breakfast!

39. Looking for New Business Ideas

funny photos

Sometimes, we are little children a bit, even if we work in large corporations.

40. I Love Cookies!

funny weird stock photos

A huge number of really strange pictures on post-apocalyptic themes can be found on the Internet. Look at these lovely people in gas masks. They just enjoy freshly baked cookies.

41. Watermelon Spy

weird photos to air drop

Now the watermelon is a spy. I have already seen it somewhere... It seems like this is the beginning of the pregnant man story.

42. Mutant Cat

weirdest stock photos

This is just a three-eyed cat looking right into your soul. It seems like a new iPhone.

43. Bread Hat

funny stock picture

I feel like funny weird photos with unusual hats are very popular today. Apparently, regular hats aren’t in trend anymore.

44. The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far

shocking stock photos

They look so much alike! That is the power of genetics!

45. When You Decide to Stop Your Vegan Diet

weird stock pics

Fast food or healthy lifestyle, what do you choose today?

46. Pregnant Women Quirks

epic stock photos

If you do not bring a watermelon to your pregnant wife in the middle of the night, get ready to be killed. Pregnant women should be respected.

47. Catanic

wtf pictures funny

Here is one more interpretation of the "Cats” musical or the "Titanic” movie or both of them combined. In addition, this is a great example of weird stock photos.

48. Diver on Train

weird pics

If it did not work out with diving, you can always ride a train. Cheap and cheerful!

49. Grandma Teaches Important Life Lessons

funny stock images

I wonder how anyone can possibly make use of this photo. Nevertheless, sea and fish lovers will definitely like it.

50. The Pain of Adulthood

weird stock funny picture

Perhaps this child has realized what things await her in adulthood. Or she has just looked through the entire weird pictures list.

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