10 Best Virtual Staging Software And Tips For Amateurs

By Eva Williams 24 days ago, Software Reviews

10 Best Virtual Staging Software And Tips For Amateurs

Virtual staging software allows enhancing the design of a room and adding some pieces of furniture to make images more attention-grabbing. These programs can make buyers interested in a property, increase the price of a house, etc. The functionality of the software allows you to modify the size of a room, the location of the windows, alter the colors of the walls, improve the design, etc.

Top 10 Virtual Staging Software

  1. Adobe Photoshop - Easily adjust technical characteristics
  2. 3Ds Max - Change the materials, texture, and color
  3. VisualStager - Affordable DIY option
  4. Real Tour Vision Software - Supports multiple languages
  5. Styldod - Multiple style options
  6. Cedar Architect - 3D home remodeling
  7. roOomy - Suitable for all kinds of styles
  8. Virtual Staging Solutions - More than a decade of experience
  9. Hasten - Create visually impressive real estate listings
  10. BoxBrownie - Receive a finished project within 48 hours

This list covers the best virtual staging software and services that will help you decorate a space and present it to potential clients. Virtual staging is more affordable and quicker than the physical staging of a home.

While compiling this list of visual stager tools, I paid attention to such aspects as the quality of results, customer support responsiveness, image improvement, price affordability, floor plan reworks, UI friendliness, library size, 360-degree services, etc. The service price also depends on the number of rooms you need to stage and how quickly you need to receive the results.

1. Adobe Photoshop - Our Choice

Easily adjust technical characteristics
  • Virtual staging tours
  • Lifelike images
  • 360-degree view
  • Not found

Verdict: This virtual staging app will help you transform the space of a room into a 3D lifelike image. The program can create volumetric plans for casting shadows on the floor from all objects in the room. The software also allows compiling your own library with the main structural elements (walls, partitions, windows, doors, etc.). With the help of various textures, you can achieve impressively high-quality results.

The functionality of Adobe Photoshop also lets you adjust the level of brightness, contrast, and color scheme. Use this tool for lightening up a room to make colors more vivid. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms.

adobe photoshop virtual staging software interface

2. 3Ds Max

Change the material, texture, and colors
  • Features a Chamfer modifier
  • Data Channel modifier
  • Tools for mesh and surface modeling
  • Full version is expensive

Verdict: The software is capable of adding realistic features to living spaces, enhancing their look, and making them more attractive. Incorporating numerous features, this tool has an original set of built-in shapes for generating the bases for model development.

Besides, this virtual home staging software enables 3D designers to add texture to the objects and prepare additional materials for modifying them. The program has a lot of features for designing all kinds of 3D models while preserving certain metric dimensions. By using the free version of 3Ds Max, you can create highly professional images.

3ds max virtual staging software interface

3. VisualStager

Affordable DIY option
  • Offers virtual tours
  • Drag-and-drop furniture and knick-knacks
  • Allows staging in a browser or mobile platform
  • Loading may take much time

Verdict: Considered by many users to be the best virtual staging software, VisualStager can brag about its convenient drag-and-drop feature that allows easily placing furniture objects, pictures, rugs, etc. The program offers over 2500 furniture and décor items that can be arranged with a keyboard touchpad.

VisualStager is a browser-based program, so it doesn’t need to be downloaded to function on various devices. To perform staging, you need to upload an image, scale it, delete unnecessary details, and create a new design.

visualstager virtual staging software interface

4. Real Tour Vision Software

Supports multiple languages
  • Integrated tools for property marketing
  • Individual URL for media gallery
  • Drag & drop feature
  • Occasional bugs
real tour vision virtual staging software logo
Real Tour Vision Software

Verdict: Real Tour Vision offers an extensive collection of furniture and décor items that can be used for creating an original interior for empty rooms. Utilizing patented 3D rendering technology, this software allows you to generate floor plans and upload pictures of your property, and then enhance them with furniture and décor pieces according to your preferences.

You can use this program in Chrome and Safari web browsers. You pay for staged images with credits purchased for real money. For instance, you need to pay $100 for 100 credits, and one staged image will cost you about 15 credits.

real tour vision virtual staging software interface

5. Styldod

Multiple style options
  • Result within 24-48 hours
  • Round-the-clock customer service
  • It is possible to make a bulk order
  • May respond to a request slowly
styldod virtual staging software logo

Verdict: Styldod's Virtual Staging service helps with virtual staging of residential and commercial spaces, interactive 3D walkthroughs, and virtual renovation. Besides, you can address the experts for interior picture enhancing, architecture planning, and the creation of a video or a website.

Styldod helps photographers and real estate agents improve images, get rid of mess, and virtually stage rooms. First of all, you need to choose a proper interior style from the available options and upload photos. It usually takes them 24-48 hours to edit pictures and then they will send you the result to your inbox and Styldod dashboard.

styldod virtual staging software interface

6. Cedar Architect

3D home remodeling
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Suitable for downloading GIFs
  • Available on mobile devices
  • Supports only Reddit videos
cedar architect virtual staging software logo
Cedar Architect

Verdict: Cedar Architect allows you to create terrific house interiors and exteriors in 3D format. The software offers an extensive collection of furniture and decorative items that can be customized to your liking.

This 3D modeling software ensures you’ll produce realistic images that will attract potential buyers. Besides, the software offers a 15-day free trial period during which you can design three projects and perform 3 HD renderings. The paid subscription provides you with the 360° Views feature and a high number of Print Renderings.

cedar architect virtual staging software interface

7. roOomy

Suitable for all kinds of styles
  • Professional-level virtual staging
  • Free app version
  • 1-day turnaround
  • App suffers from regular crashes
rooomy virtual staging service logo

Verdict: roOomy is a browser- and mobile-based tool for transforming images into virtually staged interiors by adding furniture and decoration items from popular brands like Crate & Barrel, Wayfair, and Design Within Reach. roOomy provides a broad selection of virtual staging features, even going as far as utilizing AR and VR technology to help make your rooms even more appealing.

This service sets itself apart from the competition by providing a free DIY app that allows potential buyers to fully immerse themselves in the interior. Additionally, even though reviews mention the app’s slow performance and regular crashes, this tool can still be of great help when it comes to staging your property with realistic furniture models that can later be purchased by the buyer.

rooomy virtual staging service interface

8. Virtual Staging Solutions

More than a decade of experience
  • Quick turnaround
  • Great tool for planning to remodel and restyle your apartment
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Not suitable for beginners
virtual staging solutions logo
Virtual Staging Solutions

Verdict: Virtual Staging Solutions provides incredibly fast results, completing most orders within 1-2 days after they were received. You can also request a rush service for an extra price. Additionally, the service offers 2 free revisions with a refund policy if you’re not satisfied with the results. Simply send them images of all the rooms that require staging, pick a style from the premade furniture collections, and the designer will handle everything else.

This option also provides remodeling and restyling staging services that let you swap floors, walls, furniture, etc. Finally, Virtual Staging Solutions can delete existing furniture and replace it with other objects.

virtual staging solutions interface

9. Hasten

Create visually impressive real estate listings
  • Good image quality
  • Nearly instant feedback
  • Plenty of services for real estate agents
  • Not available as a one-off
hasten virtual staging service logo

Verdict: Hasten offers high-end photorealistic staging images while doing their best to enhance bland, outdated interiors by infusing them with sophistically designed furniture and décor while ensuring you receive quick feedback and all your requirements are met.

Other than that, Hasten offers services related to photography, floor planning, 3D visualization, 3D virtual tours, and much more. Meaning, if you plan to stage an upcoming development or premium property, then making use of this service is likely the best decision you can make.

hasten virtual staging service interface

10. BoxBrownie

Receive a finished project within 48 hours
  • Broad selection of editing and staging features
  • Unrestricted number of revisions
  • Fantastic bang for your buck
  • Inferior photo quality compared to other services
boxbrownie virtual staging service logo

Verdict: BoxBrownie was established to help you attract more potential buyers and has proven to increase sale speed by up to 75% while also allowing you to boost the listing price, all for a minuscule fee compared to how much it would cost you to perform real-life staging. Send them your images, wait for 2 days, and let their experts handle the rest.

This service primarily deals with both small and big commercial and residential listings. Additionally, it offers photo editing for real estate images, floor planning, rendering, copywriting, and 360o video services.

boxbrownie virtual staging service interface

8 Helpful Virtual Staging Tips

virtual staging tips virtual staging tips

To ensure your real estate photos look realistic, make use of the tips provided by experienced professionals that have been using the best virtual staging software on the market for years now. You’ll learn what furniture to pick, what is the optimal lighting setup, and much more.

1. Show Unstaged Listing Pictures

Professionals suggest including a photo of the empty room next to the staged image to let the buyer feel the difference between a furnished home and an empty space. Such an image is also useful for managing the customer’s expectations and preparing them for the feeling of disappointment that always arises when a person transitions from seeing a stunning staged photo to visiting the vacant property in real life.

2. Take High-Quality Pictures

High-resolution photos are essential for ensuring the property looks its absolute best. Virtual staging professionals advise employing a digital single-lens reflex camera and taking the images in RAW format.

3. Keep The Lights On

virtual staging lighting tips

Even if the space has an abundance of natural lighting, you should still have the lights turned on, as they help add a sense of warmth and realism to the scene. Additionally, this step will make your job of using real estate virtual staging software a lot simpler, as you’ll have an easier time handling shadows and ensuring all rooms look natural when adding furniture and décor pieces.

4. Keep the Furnishings Neutral

Maintain a neutral furnishing style so that potential buyers can get a better grasp of perspective and space size. Professionals advise sticking to earth or subtle beach tones to ensure the room feels cozier. Additionally, some plants can help set a homey atmosphere that will draw in the buyers even more.

To make a room livelier, you can add some bright highlights to the neutral color scheme. You can also introduce more vibrant colors with a small rug, some paintings, vases, or even child toys.

5. Think About the Buyer

You always have to account for the buyer’s lifestyle and taste when doing virtual staging for an apartment. For instance, while you might be a fan of midcentury industrial interiors, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to stage a beachside condo in Key West in this style since most potential buyers won’t appreciate it.

Before you get to virtually staging a room, read about the current trends in one of the popular magazines about interior design:

Architectural Digest – Goes over a plethora of creative, trendy ideas while allowing regular people to receive some professional ideas for a cheap price.

Veranda – Stylish magazine that features luxurious and refined interior design ideas for any house style.

Traditional Home – Will inspire you for traditional color palettes, breakdowns of various furnishing styles, window treatments, etc.

6. Work Around the Apartment’s Flaws

If the room space is limited or doesn’t have enough space for a closet, instruct the virtual staging professional to add storage furniture. Rather than using an L-like couch and large armchairs, go with a regular couch and place the TV on a deeper console that has extra storage space. Replace a night table with a nightstand-high dresser that will serve both as a table and storage container.

7. Label Each Picture with the Name of the Room

On occasion, virtually staged images look so convincing that the client can mix up which room they’re currently viewing. To prevent such cases of confusion, it’s recommended to always add a visible label to each photo that states what room is depicted in it.

8. Dedicate Time to Enhancing the Images

interior design presets to enhance virtual staging photo interior design presets to enhance virtual staging photo

Free Lightroom tools allow you to make a photo brighter, more vibrant, or contrast in a single click. They will help you quickly improve the look of your virtually staged interiors, cafes, hotel rooms, apartments, etc. These tools can be easily installed in any recent Lightroom version including Mobile, 4, 5, 6, and CC. Additionally, each preset can be individually adjusted to make it a better fit for each specific photo.