17 Photoshop Elements Tutorials Designed to Inspire

With these Photoshop Elements tutorials, you can master refine your photos to make them more appealing to the audience. All these lessons will teach you how to start editing images, use filters, remove backdrops, add text or frames, and create a slideshow. The tutorials will come in handy for beginners and experienced photographers.

Top 17 Photoshop Elements Tutorials

Even though Adobe Photoshop Elements is a light version of Photoshop, the program has numerous pro-level features. It is an optimal choice for those who don't need to use advanced software.

These tutorials will help you learn how to use basic and professional instruments. You will also learn how to organize photos, edit them and make them more unique with special effects. 

1. Exploring Elements: Simple Editing with Bob Gager

This video was created by Bob Garger specifically for the Photoshop Elements channel. He tells about the Quick Edit mode in Adobe Photoshop Elements. The duration of this lesson is 17 minutes. Bob describes every feature in a simple and comprehensive way.

2. Adobe Photoshop Elements Training Tutorials

This collection consists of 18 lessons that will help you master the basic and pro-level features of Adobe Elements. By watching these videos, you will learn how to use instant and smart fix, lighten, color, and trim pictures quickly. In these lessons, you will also find explanations on how to organize and import your photos, add captions, and use layers.

3. Making Editing Easy With Adobe Photoshop Elements

This is probably the best Photoshop Elements tutorial for learning the art of retouching quickly. You will learn how to use Quick Mode and experiment with various effects.

4. Photoshop Elements Organizer

If you're just getting started with the program, learn more about organizing photos in Photoshop Elements. Of course, the program does not have such advanced features as those supported by photo organizing software, you can use it for sorting and adding keywords. After watching the tutorial, you will know how to edit images faster.

5. The Organizer Environment in Photoshop Elements 2021

Discover more about the Organizer Environment in Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021 with this 6-minute tutorial. You will learn how to manage the catalog of shots, sort images, add ratings, and so on.

6. Importing Pictures in Photoshop Elements

Find out how to use various methods for importing photos to Photoshop Elements. This video will teach you to import images quickly and easily. Besides, it will show you how to organize your shots so that you can find the necessary file without trouble.

7. Editing RAW Images in Photoshop Elements

This video is probably one of the best Photoshop Elements tutorials that teach the viewers how to refine photos using RAW files. It shows how to improve photos shot with the Nikon D600. The tutorial lasts for about ten minutes and is great for beginners.

8. How to Make a Colored Pencil Sketch Effect

This is an all-encompassing Photoshop Elements Pencil Sketch tutorial that explains every step of creating a colored pencil sketch effect and a multi-layer image. Watch this video to learn how to create a colored pencil variation on the basic Pencil Sketch effect employing various photo-enhancement techniques.

9. 5 Fun Filter Effects in Adobe Photoshop Elements

This video will tell you about five fun Photoshop Elements filters that can turn each image into creative artwork. By mastering these tricks, you can become a real expert. You will learn how to use such effects as Equalize Filter, Painting Effect, Graphic Novel Effect, Old Style Photo Effect, and Better High Contrast Effect.

If you want to try using more sophisticated software, watch Photoshop effects tutorials. With their help, you can improve your pictures and give them a retro effect.

10. Top 10 Best Guided Edits Tutorial

Photoshop Elements has the Guided Edits Mode with detailed instructions that can make complex image processing easier. Guided edits will help you fix common issues and add unique effects. The Expert Mode allows you to process photos quicker. The Top 10 Best Guided Edits Tutorial will tell you more information about these modes.

11. How To Use Photoshop Elements Layers

This short 15-minute video will explain to you how to create and use layers in Photoshop Elements. The tutorial was created for Photoshop Elements 2018, but you can use it for any version of the program. The author explains in detail how to use layers in your projects, so this video tutorial is suitable even for beginners.

12. How to Repair and Restore an Old Damaged Photo in Photoshop Elements

This comprehensive tutorial will help you learn how to enhance old shots and make them look natural. It was created for Photoshop Elements 13 you can use it for any version of the program up to 2021.

13. Photoshop Elements Background Tricks

This is the best Photoshop Elements tutorial covering the five most useful tricks that will help you alter the background of a portrait photo. The video lasts six minutes and shows each step in detail, which makes it perfect for beginners. Advanced users can watch Photoshop portrait tutorials that will help them improve photos professionally.

14. How to Use Photoshop Elements Selection Tools

You can change the background with the help of selection tools. Watch this tutorial to learn how to remove a person out from the background easily. The video was created for Photoshop Elements 2020, but you can use it for 2021, 2019, 2018, 15, and other versions. In 12 minutes, you will learn how to work with the basic selection tools.

15. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021 Release New Features Review

In this video, you will learn about the new features that have appeared in the latest version of the program. Discover whether it is worth updating Photoshop Elements to the latest version and find out more about its features, such as a new organizer auto-backup, face tilt, perfect landscape, duotones, move and scale objects tools, moving photos tools, quote graphics.

16. What's New to Photoshop Elements 2021

This video will come in handy for users who have already worked in Photoshop Elements. You will get acquainted with the program updates and find out if it is worth switching to the new version of the program.

17. Adobe Photoshop Elements Hidden Gems

This video will reveal the hidden features of the program that you did not know about. Bailey from the Adobe Elements social team hosted a live stream on Instagram and shared tips to help advanced users improve their skills.