Photoshop portrait tutorials

Photoshop portrait tutorials

If you want to make a natural skin, remove stray hair from your model’s face and body or create dramatic, grunge or glitch effects in Photoshop FREE, I recommend you learning these techniques having watched YouTube Photoshop portrait tutorials. I’ve gathered 50 awesome Photoshop tutorials and other photo editing freebies for male, female portraits, and the images of kids and elderly people below.

Free Photoshop Portrait Tutorials for Beauty Portraits

When you are a beginner in Photoshop, even simple tasks can seem overwhelming, to say nothing about deep portrait photo retouching. Let’s all agree, that unlike video tutorials, Photoshop text tutorials are difficult to follow. Let’s review the best Photoshop effects tutorials for beginners below.

You can always address portrait photo retouching services to remove stray hair, correct make-up or fix clothes, so don’t be upset if something went wrong with it.

1. Skin Retouching Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners

Beauty Retouch – Dodge and Burn:

What Will I Learn:

  • Dodge and burn curve set up (00:46)
  • Dodge and burn groups (01:05)
  • The visual aid group (01:08)

Professional Portrait Skin Retouching in Photoshop: 

What I Will Study:

  • How to make a skin texture editing
  • How to correct skin color naturally not to look fake.

How to Get a Tan in Photoshop:

What I Will Study:

  • To achieve the perfect tan in your photos, 
  • To color highlights and shadows separately. 
  • You will find a secret of creating an adjustment layer (1:18)
  • Aaron shows how to affect shadows (3:57)

Skin Airbrush Technique:

This tutorial will help you figure out how to use Photoshop & programs like Photoshop for beginners. It contains helpful information on how to airbrush without adding a fake plastic look to your photos.

Plastic Effect:

If you are interested in creating futuristic female portraits, this tutorial is a great option for you.

View more about 20 photoshopping portraits to help you improve your portrait editing in Photoshop and Lightroom.

Professional Skin Retouching in Photoshop:

What Will I Learn:

  • Blur some parts of skin (01:45)
  • Using Lasso tool (03:16)
  • Using Clone Stamp tool (07:04)
  • Dodging and burning (11:10)

2. Teeth Whitening Basic Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop CC Tutorial: Brightening and Whitening:

What Will I Learn:

  • Working with Soft edge brush (02:20)
  • Reducing the opacity of the teeth whitening layer (03:58)

How to Remove Braces:

What I Will Study: 

  • Why spot healing brush tool helps in this issue
  • Clone stamp tool – how to use

3. Photoshop Portrait Tutorials for Hair Retouching

How to Change Hairstyle:

Altering somebody’s hairstyle is one of those easy Photoshop tricks every photographer should know how to do. 

What Will I Learn:

  • Layer masks (01:35)
  • Converting layers into A smart object (01:42)
  • Using channels (04:40)

How to Change Hair Color:

What I Will Study: 

This YouTube tutorial Photoshop demonstrates a couple of ways of altering hair color to any color possible:

  • Using "Selective Color" Adjustment Layer
  • Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer
  • Curves Adjustment layer

4. Make-up Photoshop Tutorials YouTube

3 Hours of Make-up Retouching in 3 Minutes:

What Will I Learn:

  • Lip retouching (00:22)
  • Darkening/ adding hair (00:45)
  • Fixing skin blemishes (01:00)

How to Add Make-up:

If you’ve been watching Photoshop tutorials YouTube trying to find the perfect guide on how to add or enhance makeup, this is the one for you.

What I Will Study:

  • Enhance eye-shadows (0:29)
  • Correct highlights (1:53)
  • Fix blemishes (0:58)

How to Fix Lipstick:

What I Will Study:

  • Drawing shapes of lips (0:30)
  • Blurring edges of selection (3:28)
  • Using blend mode

5. Photoshop Portrait Tutorials about Making Color Effects

How to Edit Dramatic Portraits in Photoshop:

What Will I Learn:

  • Checking crop (02:06)
  • Sharping (06:54)
  • Using High pass filter (07:18)
  • Lightening eyes (13:20)

How to Edit Like Brandon Woelfel:

What Will I Learn:

  • Bringing up shadows (00:56)
  • Bringing contrast down (01:50)
  • Working with Hue saturation (02:33)

Shadow Recovery:

What I Will Study:

  • Shadow/light highlights
  • Putting a layer mask
  • Applying gradient
  • How to correct the backlit photos 
  • How to recover shadow detail
  • Glamour style composition

Photoshop Tutorial for Intermediate Level:

Add a glamorous edge to your female portraits with the help of this hands-on tutorial.

What Will I Study:

  • To change backdrop (03:45)
  • Select and crop hair (06:13)
  • Smooth edges (07:20)
  • Turning colors into HDR (11:53)

Old-school Halftone Effect:

Want to learn how to achieve an old-school halftone effect, using Photoshop tutorials for beginners CS5? Then this video tutorial is perfect for you.

6. Free Photoshop Tutorials – Eyes Retouching

How to Color, Brighten and Sharpen Eyes in Photoshop:

What I Will Study:

This channel always offers best free Photoshop tutorials. By watching this one you will find out how to:

  • Alter the natural colors of an eye, 
  • Enhance its color depth and properly dodge 
  • Make them striking.

How to Brighten Eyes in Photoshop:

7. Background Manipulations in Photoshop for Beginners

Double Exposure Effect:

Learn how to achieve Double Exposure effect of overlapping photos, that you often see on the covers of music albums, in modern magazines and in advertising.

Look though this easy guide about how to use overlays on Photoshop to receive professional and realistic results after deep photo retouching.

How to Add a Background Texture to a Portrait in Photoshop:

What I Will Learn:

  • Working with layer mask (03:25)
  • Using white brush to reveal the hidden layer (04:02)

Creative Manipulation:

This is one of the best free Photoshop tutorials photo manipulation out there. Learn how to create fantasy scenes with the help of editing. 

What Will I Study:

  • Combine several backdrops (01:03)
  • Adding details (03:48)
  • Make horizon line straight (04:02)
  • Crop figure of a person (04:20)

Fantasy Blurry Background Portrait Effect - Photoshop Tutorial:

What I Will Learn:

  • Separate a model from the background (quick selection tool) (00:43)
  • Save selection (04:24)
  • Determine the photo part from which fading will take place (06:07)

8. Free Adobe Photoshop Tutorials about Photo Manipulation

Face Slide Effect:

Create a trendy face slide effect by following this hands-on Photoshop guide.

What Will I Learn:

  • Use quick selection tool (00:35)
  • Duplicate layers (01:27)
  • Layer via cut (02:17)

Smoke Effect Tutorial:

Use this high-quality tutorial if you need to create realistic-looking smoke for your male portraits.

What Will I Learn:

  • 00:44 – working with high-quality smoke brushes
  • 02:05 – choosing right brushes for smoke effect

How to Create ART with the Pen Tool:

If you like trying new things - turn your male portraits into a masterpiece with the help of this video. But keep in mind, that this is not one of those beginner photography tutorials, this one requires advanced skills in Photoshop.

What Will I Learn:

  • Selecting sophisticated objects like face with hair (02:20)
  • Using gradients (02:43)
  • Deal with multiple layers (03:50)

Retouch a Moody and Cinematic Portrait with Photoshop:

What Will I Learn:

  • Getting rid of blemishes (02:31)
  • Add brightness and deepness to eyes (07:37)
  • Burn and dodge (10:19)

Galaxy Portrait:

There’s no need to wonder how to learn Photoshop step by step anymore. This video tutorial will teach you how to create popular galaxy portraits in a step-by-step walkthrough. 

What Will I Learn:

  • Use quick selection tool (00:26)
  • Desaturate image (01:27)
  • Work with filter gallery (01:42)

Painterly Splatter Effect:

This text guide will help you learn unique techniques to make your female portraits stand out, with the help of paint splatter effect. 

What Will I Study:

  • Selecting background (00:41)
  • Using artistic tab (02:10)
  • Changing blend mode (04:37)

How to Create Caricature:

What Will I Study:

  • How to work with layers,
  • What is Liquify filter,
  • Which brushes you need for caricatures. 

You will be provided with basic skin smoothing techniques and dodge and burning options.

Painted Portrait Effect:

Even if you don’t know how to use Adobe Photoshop yet, you will still be able to follow this 3-step tutorial to turn your photo into a painting.

What I Will Study:

  • Skin smoothing (01:43)
  • Creating blocks for the face (02:40)

Headshot Photoshop Portrait Tutorials 

9. Skin Retouching in Photoshop Tips for Beginners

How to Slim a Face – Easy Tutorial Photoshop:

What I Will Study:

  • Edit a photo taken with harsh, 
  • Add direct midday lighting by adding shadows, 
  • Correct head shape, hair retouching etc. 
  • How to use Liquify tool, Eyedropper Tool, and Clone Stamp Tool. 

Using Frequency Separation for Skin Retouching:

What I Will Study:

  • Take care of redness and light it up
  • Use spot healing brush (4:03)
  • Use healing brush (5:14)
  • Use clone stamp tool (7:05)
  • Apply patch tool (9:33)

Creating Facial Hair in Photoshop: 

What Will I Learn:

You may have to create realistic-looking facial hair in Photoshop for youк male portraits someday and this video will teach you exactly how to do that. Learn how to:

  • Create custom brush
  • Use marquee tool
  • Use right adjustments to have realistic view

How to Change a Person's Skin from Dark to Light?

You may think that altering a person’s skin color and still making sure that the portrait looks natural is an extremely difficult task, but this tutorial will prove that you are wrong.

How to Remove Holes Caused by Acne Scars in Photoshop:

What Will I Learn:

  • Splitting an RGB image into low and high frequencies (00:30)
  • Using blur (00:54)
  • Setting the Layer Mode to Linear Light (02:00)
  • Using Patch tool (02:24)

Professional Male Skin Retouching:

This tutorial, that focuses on non-destructive editing, will walk you through the whole process of retouching male portraits and teach you helpful tips along the way. 

What I Will Study:

  • Dealing with frequency separation (01:32)
  • Fixing skin blemishes including using Lasso tool for selection (04:57)
  • Adding shadows to eyes (09:56)
  • Using brush at low opacity (11:48)

10. Teeth Color Correction Adobe Photoshop Basics

How to Whiten Teeth FAST:

What I Will Study:

  • Using Lasso tool (01:37)
  • Using lightness slider (02:06)
  • Using Hue saturation (02:37)

Easy Ways of Whitening Teeth:

What I Will Study:

  • How to use hue saturation and color balance for perfect white teeth

11. Best Free Photoshop Tutorials for Eye Retouching

How to Change Eye Color in Photoshop:

What I Will Learn:

  • Selecting the eye (00:57)
  • Refining the selection (04:32)
  • Layer mask on group (06:34)

How to Change Eye Color in Photoshop:

Find out how change eye color in Photoshop in 10 simple steps. You will learn about the best app to change eye color in pictures. 

12. Hair Retouching - Easy Photoshop Tutorials

How to Style Hair:

Messy hair often results in a bad image. Find a way to fix that problem with this Photoshop for beginners YouTube tutorial.

What Will I Learn:

  • Use color range tool (00:51)
  • Use Lasso tool to remove all areas that were not under selection (01:38)
  • Work with layer masks (02:33)
  • Deal with clipping mask (03:58)

Adding Shine, Color and Volume:

  • This is another one of efficient hair tutorials YouTube. It will teach you to deal with one of the most problematic areas to enhance - hair: add volume, color, and style to it naturally.

13. Background Editing Free Photoshop Lessons for Beginners

How  to Clean a Seamless Backdrop in Photoshop:

What Will I Learn:

  • Using Lasso tool (02:09)
  • Using surface blur (03:47)

Free Photoshop Portrait Tutorials for Children Portraits

14. Awesome Photoshop Tutorials for Skin Retouching

How to Retouch Newborn Baby Skin in Photoshop:

What I Will Learn:

  • Targeting problem skin areas (01:18)
  • Working with blue and green channels (01:56)
  • Selection from channel (03:06)

15. Easy Cool Photoshop Tutorials for Correcting Children’s Teeth

How to Fix Missing Teeth in Photoshop:

Fixing a missing tooth has never been an easier process.

What I Will Learn:

  • Creating selection of the opposite tooth and moving it to a new layer (00:16)
  • Adding a layer mask (00:27)
  • Using magic wound tool (00:36)

16. Learning Photoshop Color Effects for Kid Photos

Adobe Lightroom Tutorial: Child Portrait Edit Adding Warm Tone:

What I Will Learn:

  • Adding corner vintage (00:33)
  • Adding warm tones to background with adjustment brush (01:11)
  • Brighten face (02:14)

Photoshop Tutorial How to Edit Outdoor Portrait (Child) in Photoshop CS6 & CC:

What I Will Learn:

  • Using selection tool (01:05)
  • Adjusting edges (02:12)
  • Blurring a background (04:51)
  • Raising contrast (05:35)
  • Using gradients (05:50)

17. Background

How to Blur the Background and Get a Dreamy Portrait?

The video contains both tips for organic background blurring and professional skin retouching.

What Will I Learn:

  • Use Clone stamp tool (01:53)
  • Select sophisticated figure (04:03)

18. YouTube Photoshop Сlasses Online – Making Creative Photo Manipulations

Child Barrel:

Learn how to make the child`s photography way more exciting with this photo manipulation tutorial.

What Will I Learn:

  • Selecting sophisticated objects like baby figure (00:48)
  • Add a selected object to a new background (02:04)

Outdoor Children`s Portrait:

This video guide will help you master outdoor portrait editing. Unlike some Photoshop tutorials, this one teaches you how to do it in an artistic way.

Free Photoshop Portrait Tutorials for Portraits of Senior People 

19. Easy Photoshop Tricks With Skin Retouching

How to Remove Wrinkles in Photoshop:

Whether you want to completely get rid of wrinkles or just make them less prominent – check out this excellent guide, which really stands out among other Photoshop tutorials. 

What Will I Learn:

  • Use spot healing brush or regular healing brush (01:34)
  • Duplicate layers (04:18)

Fast Retouching Senior Man in Photoshop:

Take a look at some wrinkle eliminating techniques in black and white photography.

20. Beginner Photography Tutorials About Color Correction

Dragan Style Photo Effect - Dramatic Eye-Catching Portraits:

Learn how to achieve intense atmosphere in portraits and make them more vivid with this video. 

What Will I Learn:

  • To duplicate background layer (00:243)
  • Adjust radius and threshold (01:28)

21. Eyes Editing - Basic Photography Tutorials

How to Remove Eye Wrinkles and Crows Feet in Photoshop:

One of the most requested Adobe Photoshop CC tutorials ever is removing eye wrinkles. This video will show you how to do this, without making the skin look weird and unnatural.

22. Photo Manipulation Tutorials for Beginners

How to Make Someone OLDER in Photoshop:

You may have to turn someone into an older version of themselves for some fun Photoshop projects. 

What Will I Learn:

  • Select vertical orientation under position 50%(04:22)
  • Use Fade history brush (11:17)

Lightroom Presets

Free FixThePhoto Portrait Presets

free lightroom presets for portraitsfree lightroom presets for portraits


What Do They Do?

  • Add soft balance by warming colors and lowing contrast
  • Add matte effect 
  • Saturate colors

Free Black and White Presets

free lightroom presets for portraits bwfree lightroom presets for portraits bw


What Do They Do?

  • Add soft monochrome coloring for both light and dark pictures
  • Boost warm skin tones
  • Add fil black and white effect ( monochrome HDR effect)

Free Warm Lightroom Presets

free lightroom presets for portraits warmfree lightroom presets for portraits warm


What Do They Do?

  • Brighten colors (the effect as if a picture is flooded with summer sunlight)
  • Add orange shadows
  • Change dark coloring for contrast warm one
  • Add cold tones
  • Add warmer shade to skin with leaving white tones

Free Cool Effect Presets

free lightroom presets for portraits cool effectfree lightroom presets for portraits cool effect


What Do They Do?

  • Add a blue tint and darken all shades of other colors
  • Make the skin darker/ colder
  • Correct the excess of white
  • Change tonal shades in dark photography

Actions for Photoshop

Surely, not always a photographer is able to find a necessary amount of time to devote it to mastering skills in retouching or learning photo manipulation techniques. For such busy specialists, we have gathered a collection of free portrait presets. So, are you ready to complete portrait retouching in a minute?

Looking for a free program like Photoshop? Check out these photo editing apps and softwares that will edit your photos fast and professionally as this Adobe’s software.

Free Photoshop Actions for Portraits from FixThePhoto

free lightroom actions for portraitsfree lightroom actions for portraits


What Do They Do?

  • Brighten eyes
  • Whiten teeth
  • Smoothing skin
  • Add highlights
  • Slightly darken a photo
  • Highlight face features

B&W Portrait Photoshop Actions

free lightroom actions for portraits bwfree lightroom actions for portraits bw


What Do They Do?

  • Decolorize a picture
  • Turn colors into HDR samples
  • Add a vintage effect
  • Warm colors (fall effect)
  • Retouch baby`s skin (smooth tone)

HDR Actions

free lightroom actions for portraits hdrfree lightroom actions for portraits hdr


What Do They Do?

  • Make professional contrast and shadows correction
  • Highlight details on clothes
  • Add volume to hair

Vintage Actions

free lightroom actions for portraits vintagefree lightroom actions for portraits vintage


What Do They Do?

  • Add matte effect
  • Turn colors in HDR
  • Add ivory effect

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