21 Best Photoshop Tutorials

21 Best Photoshop Tutorials in 2023

Watch and learn the best Photoshop tutorials to create anything your heart desires in Adobe Photoshop. It is truly the most powerful image editing tool, however, beginner users may find it quite daunting. I have gathered these 21 Photoshop lessons with short 10-steps video tutorials to help you along the way.

21 Best Photoshop Tutorials

Retouching face, hair, clothes, objects, as well as editing photos in a creative manner, is not that hard if you have clear and understandable tutorials for Photoshop at your disposal. Each of the lessons you will find below can help you create anything you want with your photos.

1. Smooth Skin in Photoshop

smooth skin in photoshop tutorial smooth skin in photoshop tutorial
1. Duplicate layers (Ctrl + J)
2. Apply Gaussian Blur: Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur
3. Work with High-Frequency Layer: Image - Apply Image
4. Switch to the Linear Light Blend Mode
5. Create a Correction Layer (Shift + Ctrl + N)
6. Use the Mixer Brush Tool

2. Whitening Teeth

whiten teeth in photoshop tutorial whiten teeth in photoshop tutorial
1. Create a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer
2. Invert the Layer: Image - Adjustments - Invert
3. Whiten the teeth with Brush Tool (B)
4. Done! Assess the Result.

3. Remove Clothing Wrinkles Photoshop Lesson

how to remove clothing wrinkles in photoshop tutorial how to remove clothing wrinkles in photoshop tutorial
1. Duplicate the standard layer (Ctrl + J)
2. Make the Curves Adjustment Layer
3. Switch to the Brush Tool (B)
4. Create New Layer (Ctrl+Shift+N)
5. Select the Mixer Brush Tool (B)
6. To add volume use the curves and draw glares
7. Done! Assess the Result

4. Removing Stray Hairs

how to remove stray hairs in photoshop how to remove stray hairs in photoshop
1. Duplicate the Layer (Ctrl + J)
2. Switch to the Healing Brush Tool (J)
3. Paint over the stray hairs
4. Done! Assess the Result

5. Remove Double Chin Photoshop Tutorial

remove double chin in photoshop tutorial remove double chin in photoshop tutorial
1. Duplicate your background (Ctrl + J)
2. Select Filter - Liquify. Use Brush (B) to edit blemishes
3. Create a New Layer (Ctrl+Shift+N). Use Mixer Brush (B) to Correct the Light and Shadows
4. Create artificial skin texture
5. Create an Empty Layer: Edit - Fill - 50% Gray
6. Go to Filter - Noise - Add Noise
7. Go to Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur. Set the Linear Light Blending Mode
8. Create 2 Additional Layers and Make Dodge & Burn

6. Change Eye Color

how to change eye color in photoshop tutorial how to change eye color in photoshop tutorial
1. Add a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer
2. Invert the Layer Mask
3. Create a Semi-Transparent Layer (Ctrl+I)
4. Paint over the eyes with the Brush Tool
5. Change the Color
6. Done! Compare the before and after images

7. Double Exposure Photoshop Lesson

double exposure in photoshop tutorial double exposure in photoshop tutorial
1. Choose Action and click Play Selection
2. Press Stop. Choose the Area you need and click “Play Selection” to continue the process
3. Press Stop, add the Overlay and press Play Selection
4. The process is complete
5. Use the black Brush over the layer mask to remove the unnecessary effect

8. How to Add Texture

how to add texture in photoshop tutorial how to add texture in photoshop tutorial
1. Place the Texture
2. Cut Out the Object: Right-click - Make Selection - Set Feather Radius to 1
3. Adding Texture
4. Blur the edges: Layer 1 - Right click -Distort
5. Add final touches

9. Watermarking in Photoshop

how to make a watermark in photoshop tutorial how to make a watermark in photoshop tutorial
1. Create New Layer (Ctrl + Shift + N)
2. Enter your text: Start - Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Character Map
3. Adjust the Font (Ctrl+T)
4. Position the watermark
5. Make finishing adjustments

10. How to Remove Shadows

how to remove shadows in photoshop tutorial how to remove shadows in photoshop tutorial
1. Duplicate layer
2. Select the Patch Tool (J)
3. Remove shadows
4. Done! Check the result

11. How to Make a Photomosaic

how to make a photomosaic in photoshop tutorial how to make a photomosaic in photoshop tutorial
1. Sync settings to Multiple Images
2. Adjust Automatic Crop
3. Make a Contact Sheet in Photoshop
4. Create an Overlay
5. Open the image and apply the photo mosaic pattern
6. Adjust the scale
7. Change the Blending Mode to Soft Light
8. Adjust Contrast with Levels

12. Blur Edges Photoshop Guide

how to blur edges in photoshop tutorial how to blur edges in photoshop tutorial
1. Define the area for Feathering: Tools Panel - Marquee Menu - Elliptical Marquee Tool (M)
2. Feather the Edges (Shift+F6)
3. Inverse the Selection (Shift+Ctrl+l)
4. Choose the Color: Adjustments - Solid Color

13. Frequency Separation Basics

frequency separation retouching in photoshop tutorial frequency separation retouching in photoshop tutorial
1. Duplicate layers (Ctrl + J (x2)
2. Low-Frequency Blur: Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur
3. Work with texture: Image - Apply Image
4. Switch to the Linear Light Blend Mode
5. Create Correction Layer (Shift + Ctrl + N)
6. Set up the Mixer Brush Tool (B)
7. Light and Shadow Pattern
8. Configure the intensity of settings

14. How to Create a Watercolor Painting Effect

how to create a watercolor painting effect in photoshop tutorial how to create a watercolor painting effect in photoshop tutorial
1. Duplicate the Background Layer
2. Convert the layer into a Smart Object
3. Make two copies of the Smart Object
4. Apply the Cutout Filter
5. Set the Blend Mode to Luminosity
6. Apply the Dry Brush Filter
7. Set the Blend Mode to Screen or Lighten
8. Apply the Median Filter
9. Set the Blend Mode to Soft Light

15. Text Portrait Effect

text portrait effect in photoshop tutorial text portrait effect in photoshop tutorial
1. With the Crop tool, crop the image as precise around the face as possible
2. With a Pen tool, click Ctrl+Enter to make the selection
3. Click on Add Layer Mask
4. Fill the new layer with a solid black color
5. Add text with the Type tool
6. Hold down Option/Alt, click on the thumbnail of your subject and press Ctrl+Alt+G
7. Click on your main image thumbnail and go to Adjustment Layer. Click on Posterize and change the value from 4 to 6
8. Come back to the Layer options and click Ctrl+Alt+G to do Clipping Mask

16. How to Turn Photos into Cartoon

how to turn photos into cartoon in photoshop tutorial how to turn photos into cartoon in photoshop tutorial
1. Duplicate the layer (Ctrl+J)
2. Choose Filter - Other - High Pass
3. Adjust until you see an outline
4. Duplicate the Layer (Ctrl+J)
5. Invert the top layer (Ctrl+I). Change to Divide Blending mode.
6. Press Ctrl+E to Merge 2 top layers.
7. Press Ctrl+L for Levels. Slide the black slider to the left until it is in the white area of the histogram
8. Duplicate the background (Ctrl+J)
9. Choose Filter - Blur - Surface Blur

17. How to Change Background Color

how to change background color in photoshop tutorial how to change background color in photoshop tutorial
1. Select the background with the Magic Wand Tool (W)
2. Use the Refine Edge Tool to Retain Detail: Right-click - Select - Inverse
3. You will see the selection change from the background to your subject: Select - Refine Edge
4. Add a New Background Color: Layer - New Fill Layer - Solid Color
5. With the Marquee tool, draw an elliptical slightly off-center of your image
6. Create a Levels adjustment layer: Layer - New Adjustment Layer - Levels.

18. Blur Background Photoshop Lesson

how to blur background in photoshop tutorial how to blur background in photoshop tutorial
1. Duplicate the Background Layer (Ctrl+J)
2. Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur and Select a value that will fit your photo
3. Add a Mask for the Layer and invert it (Ctrl+I)
4. Take a White Brush (B) and Apply the Effect

19. Dispersion Effect Photoshop Guide

dispersion effect in photoshop tutorial dispersion effect in photoshop tutorial
1. Choose Action and press Play Selection
2. Press Stop
3. Check the image size: Image - Image Size. The size on a wide side should be between 2,000-3,000 pixels.
4. Download the Brushes from the “Dispersion Effect” folder
5. Press Play Selection
6. Press Stop. Select “For Mask” brush
7. Choose the “Dispersion Area” Layer
8. Press Play Selection.

20. Add Sunlight in Photoshop

how to add sunlight in photoshop tutorial how to add sunlight in photoshop tutorial
1. Add a new layer (Ctrl + N)
2. Go to the Filter - Render - Lighting Effects
3. Choose the style of your lighting.
4. Experiment with the "Intensity" and "Focus" scales

21. How to Change the Color of Clothes

how to change the color of clothes in photoshop tutorial how to change the color of clothes in photoshop tutorial
1. Create a new layer (Ctrl + N)
2. Sample the Colors you want to change: Select - Color Range
3. With the Eyedropper (I), click on the color you wish to sample once
4. Create a Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer
5. From there slide the hue until you get the color you want!

Photoshop Training Channels on YouTube

Advertising, web design and professional photography — are major markets, which earn good money using Photoshop. On the other hand, millions of people delve into the intricacies of graphic editor solely for himself: for example, for high-quality retouching of images and overlay them complex effects.

Don't hesitate, it's worth the price, though, you'll have to study hard and diligent practice. Our selection of best YouTube channels to learn Photoshop instructors will help you at the start.

10 Best Photoshop YouTube Tutorials and Channels

  • Phlearn LLC, 1,5m followers, 580 Photoshop tutorials
  • Photoshop Tutorials, 792k followers, 146 Photoshop tutorials
  • Blue Lightning TV, 690k followers, 600 Photoshop tutorials
  • Tut Vid, 698k followers, 886 Photoshop tutorials
  • Photoshop Training Channel, 489k followers, 213 Photoshop tutorials
  • Adobe Photoshop, 450k followers, 421 Photoshop tutorials
  • Howard Pinsky (IceflowStudios), 424k followers, 465 Photoshop tutorials
  • PSD Box Official (Andrew Oprinica), 261k followers, 315 Photoshop tutorials
  • Evan Eckard, 121k followers, 222 Photoshop tutorials
  • PhotoGavin, 264k followers, 207 Photoshop tutorials

1. Adobe Photoshop

Best photography YouTube channel is the flagship product of Adobe will be useful to any user regardless of their level of training. It is here first hand, you can learn about the most important updates of the program and its new features or simply to look high-quality lessons.

2. Tut Vid

The author's project of Nathaniel Dodson develops over the course of ten years. On the channel Tut Vid cheerful photographer shares his own experience with the treatment of portraits, food photos, images, Apple Watch, and also talks about the tricks of the new versions of the graphic editor or reflects on related topics, for example "Plagiarism is good", "When to use Photoshop and when Illustrator". Some lessons last for about an hour, however, reveal a complex topic in full.

3. PhotoGavin

PhotoGavin by Gavin Hoey — is the winner of the official competition Adobe Evangelist of the company's products, and active coach for processing raster graphics. Huge experience and skills to work with the tools of Photoshop and Lightroom will no doubt be useful for all photographers despite the fact that the last issue was posted more than a year ago; the author started a similar project associated with the staging of the photo.

4. IceflowStudios

Since 2006, Howard Pinsky in the middle of the channel IceflowStudios lessons for Photoshop and Lightroom. Big list quality video is divided into thematic playlists, among which, I think, stand out the Minute Photoshop Tips — short videos with the maximum benefit for those who have time to spare. By the way, recently Howard demonstrated their skills in real-time on Twitch. I hope he liked it and the initiative will catch on.

5. Blue Lightning TV

Marty Geller, the owner of best photography YouTube channel, Blue Lightning TV, shares recipes classic tricks and Photoshop effects, and does it very carefully. Surely these simple and affordable lessons will appeal especially to beginners. It is important that Marty recorded a new video with an enviable constancy and does not shy away from topical themes, such as Christmas or the release of a new episode of "Star Wars".

6. Photoshop Tutorials

More than 100 lessons best Photoshop tutorials on YouTube dedicated to the most diverse topics: lighting effects, work on the fonts, retouch portraits and simulation of weather phenomena, e.g. snow.

The short duration and low complexity should appeal to beginners. Especially in the description of each video will contain a link to the home page of Photoshop Tutorials, where it posted the source code of lessons, however, is not always free.

7. Photoshop Training Channel

The name of the channel Photoshop Training Channel YouTube says it all: Photoshop tutorials, Photoshop tricks, Photoshop effects and nothing more. Adopted here is a special mantra. Quote: "Just show me how it's done."

8. Phlearn LLC

800 thousand subscribers and 42 million views are talking about the highest class PhlearnLLC. This is the channel for young, advanced and experienced users of Photoshop from professional photographers and retouchers.

In addition to producing instructional best Photoshop tutorials on YouTube, the team Phlearn Photoshop and Photography sells a special collection of lessons from the source RAW files, textures and detailed explanations on the most popular areas of design and photography, such as creating pictures in the style of pin-up or deep retouch portraits.

9. Evan Eckard

Evan Eckard very secretive and never reveals his personal life, but struggling helps retouchers Photoshop training channel YouTube. In his works the visible bold artistic talent and influence of computer games. In addition to useful lessons from these videos you can learn also just the pleasure and enjoyment from observing the work of a professional.

10. Andrew Oprinica

Andrew Oprinica is the Creator of PSD Box, in which he shows his new ideas in graphic design. In his Photoshop training channel YouTube there are tricks post processing photos that tourists can't find, just on his channel and his books in Spanish and English. You can even find a few tutorials on music production that Andrew is experimenting also.

Photoshop Tutorials on Color Correction

Editing colors is mainly carried out in two ways: through the overlaying of layers and also edit in Adobe CR. And that and that way you will be able to achieve amazing results with a high degree of control and flexibility, all saving image data. This is what saves the integrity of the photo. This is the edit which will allow you to make changes or to cancel them.

To edit the image at different levels use layers that will help to keep the original image. To make it easier to use the tools of photo color correction services and background colors use the navigation buttons in the panel "Correction". If you need a more complex and deep editing, you need to add a few adjustment layers. If you want to change only one part of the image, such as a piece of clothing or make-up, you need to use the feature "mask".

One of the most effective plug-ins in Photoshop it is Camera Raw, this plugin will help you correction color and tone. I would also like to note that it is extremely easy to use. When you run this plugin you will see the toolbar of the thumbnail image, and the most important thing for ease of use tools are located at the relative frequency and popularity of their use. Important for many editors is the fact that this plugin works with images of completely different formats and also raw formats. For fast image processing you can save the color correction setting that you normally use and apply it to all other images.

Adjusting the Color and Tone of a Photo by Layering

1. Choose the tool you want to use on the panel "Correction"

  • Color balance and Saturation is used for color settings
  • To make the image grayscale, chose black and white
  • To make the image grayscale, chose black and white

2. To set other correction settings, locate the Properties panel.

What Do You Know About Adjustment Layers:

  • First run the application.
  • When the program starts, open the files that fit the format.
  • And then open the file.

You can now use completely different tools to adjust the image to improve it. If you need to edit only a specific area or part of the image, use the brush tool. If you want to know more information read the user manual to adjust color and tone in Camera Raw.

Instruction to Camera Raw:

Photoshop Tutorials on Wedding Post Processing

The wedding will be over, but the memories you can save with photo. And of course you will do everything possible, so they look like the best. In the video tutorial that we found for you below, author and professional photographer Chris Orwig scans the image which he made during a wedding and shows how best to post process them in Photoshop while retaining their natural look and giving your own style. 

In this tutorial on YouTube you will learn how to work with light correction, remove unwanted skin defects, to make a white smile, how to process portrait photos, make photo black and white or to give any color shade.

Video will help you in the areas of:

  • Shoe image of unnecessary parts
  • The skin smoothing and removal spots
  • Shine eyes
  • Blur on the background
  • Correction for bridal's dress
  • Using different brushes for correction
  • Create a white smile
  • How to crop a photo
  • The conversion to black and white

Photoshop Tutorials on Portrait Enhancement

It takes time to master the skill of retouching; here are a few rules and photoshopping portraits tips to help you improve your portrait editing in Photoshop and Lightroom.

for beginners:

  • Keep as much skin texture. To do this, use small brushes and forget about the lessons, which suggest blurring large areas of skin.
  • Do not consider natural skin spots, e.g. freckles and moles as flaws and defects. They lend a characteristic and flavor.
  • All must know when to stop and realize when to stop. Often beginners-retouchers of the 40-year-old model doing Megan Fox, you will agree, this is too much.
  • If you intend to work in the area of professional retouch and handle photo shoots for other photographers, learn to respect their work. You don't have to make significant changes, because the light, the model, her image was chosen for a reason. Your work should be subtle, almost imperceptible.

Basic Portrait Algorithms in Photoshop

It happens that for the snapshot need minimal post processing, the opposite happens. The number of treatment and the degree of intervention in the photo and each defines for himself. It's a personal choice and taste, so I will not dwell on it. And how what is done is too long.

As you know, the same can be obtained in different ways. It is information about retouching in Photoshop portrait tutorials and some information about Lightroom you can find here - Important question - how to add presets to Lightroom in some steps.

  • Download and test other free programs like Photoshop to edit portraits, studio, wedding, newborn, and travel photos as the professionals mentioned above.

Top Photoshop Tutorials for Advanced Users

Photoshop is one of the tools of the earnings of many people. Lately it has become increasingly popular and more and more people want to learn to post process the photos in Photoshop. But it's not as easy as it seems, you have a lot of time and effort to become an advanced user. But becoming a power user you don't become a professional, it is necessary to develop further; therefore, we have gathered for you the top 10 Photoshop tutorials for advanced users.

1. Create a Glowing Three-Dimensional Text

glow three dimensional text

Three-dimensional text from tuts +, by Rose. Make amazing 3D lettering using Photoshop, show the world that you are indeed a master of his craft, and then more people will want to work with you.

2. Dramatic Shadows

dramatic shadows in photoshop

Dramatic shadows in Photoshop from Abduzeedo, by Abduzeedo. And again we come back to 3D fonts in photoshop. In this lesson you will learn how to create a dramatic look with 3D labels and shadows.

3. Giraffe's Neck Photoshop Tutorials

giraffe neck knot tutorial

The site of the giraffe's neck from alfoart.com by Alexandra Fomicheva. At the same time fun and exciting. This is the work of Alexandra where she shows you how to add the following node in the neck of a giraffe.

4. Abstract Blur Pattern

abstract blur pattern

Abstract blur pattern from Spoon graphics, by Chris Spooner. All experienced users like to show how they skillfully combine several programs that Spooner shows his simple abstract work made with Illustrator and Photoshop.

5. Create the Effect of Splashing

create the effect of splashing

Of aces tuts +, by Brandon Spahn. Need to practice with the brush? Then this lesson is for you, this lesson will help you become really proficient in this technique.

6. A Seamless, 3D, Geometric Pattern

seamless 3d and geometric pattern

Aseamless, 3D, geometric pattern from tuts +, by Grant Friedman. Not all turn out beautiful templates in Photoshop, but they simply look extremely scary. But Grant shows us how to do it correctly.

7. Realistic Money Effect

create a realistic money effect tutorial

How to create a realistic money effect from Spoon graphics, by Chris Spooner. With each example of collaboration between Illustrator and Photoshop shows all the more ravishing effect.

8. Create a 3D Ice Text Effect

3d ice text effect tutorial

A 3D ice text effect (Modo and Photoshop) from tucow +, by Tomasz Lachacinski. You may know that it's more work in Modo than in Photoshop. The author of this tutorial used Photoshop only for color correction. Well, except that photo doesn't look really cool? I advise you to try to work in this application.

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