Real Estate Cover Photos

Real Estate Cover Photos

Real estate cover photos for Facebook plays a crucial thing for your social media photography marketing. The first impression always plays an important role, since it forms the opinion about the person or the product. Especially, it is popular in the field of social networks. So, your Facebook real estate cover photos should attract the attention of users so that they continue to study your profile and services list. I want to tell you about the secrets of a successful Facebook profile that you can create using real estate FB cover photos.

Free Real Estate Cover Photos for Facebook

There are several reasons to have a creative and modern Facebook Cover Image:

  • It completely tells the users about your activities (work, services, etc.).
  • It helps find more potential customers.
  • Your image plays an important role, as it tells visitors about your brand (price, quality, etc.) and forms a good impression.
  • You can use this to manage messages and calls.

Today, every user can have an excellent Facebook cover. So how to get into real estate photography with AWESOME Facebook covers? You only need to download our free real estate cover photos for Facebook templates.

free real estate facebook cover psd

free real estate facebook cover psd


free real estate facebook cover psd

free real estate facebook cover psd


Facebook cover image is a significant marketing tool and here you see a set of several popular examples among US realtors. They are easy to customize and ensure a positive impression of the clients, who should get the feeling that their dream house is one click away. The light, airy pictures in the slightly muted blue and green colors do just that. The lighted windows make them look warm, not just a building. It is a place to dream about.

free real estate facebook cover psd

free real estate facebook cover psd


free real estate facebook cover psd

free real estate facebook cover psd


These Facebook cover templates make up great first impression. First of all, the images are of good quality, it is always a must. They are made in the recommended size, which is ideal for this social network. Each logo provides with the phone or e-mail information so that a potential client doesn’t have to do extra search. The geometrical figures or smooth lines, choose the design you prefer most.

free real estate facebook cover psd

free real estate facebook cover psd


free real estate facebook cover psd

free real estate facebook cover psd


This set of pictures is a great example that reminds of the classic call to action. It doesn’t matter, whether it is a contact data or an eye-catching motto, the goal is to get people’s attention. Including a link to the website also guarantees that a customer won’t be lost. The pastel blue tones are appealing to human perception. The bright pop of color on the black and white does a trick as well. This is a subtle way of managing a target audience. All of the composition components play up to the whole image and would be ideal for someone, who specializes more on the modern living environments.

free real estate facebook cover psd

free real estate facebook cover psd


free real estate facebook cover psd

free real estate facebook cover psd


All of these four templates look modern and up-to-date. It is very important to the customers, they should associate the cover picture with a company’s service. The violet and pink tones always look good with the neutral grey backdrop and allow focusing on the main message. The templates are perfect for the real estate agents, who are looking for the worthy representation of their services.

free real estate facebook cover psd

free real estate facebook cover psd


free real estate facebook cover psd

free real estate facebook cover psd


The next patterns would fit well into every real estate company’s profile. They highlight all of the necessary information, including a phone number, e-mail address, and a website. The color schemes are designed in such a way that they bring up a feeling of the enlightenment as well as make the companies look trustworthy. The images are recommended for those, who value laconic styles.

free real estate facebook cover psd

free real estate facebook cover psd


free real estate facebook cover psd

free real estate facebook cover psd


These templates would come in handy to attract more potential customers. The pictures are also visually convincing and support a professional image. They create an impression of creditability and confidence that prompts people to call you or visit your website. The clean lines, saturated colors, and a nice house, which looks warm and inviting help do the job.

free real estate facebook cover psd

This is a right Facebook cover image if you’re looking for something to convey a light and sophisticated mood. The picture in pastel pink colors makes people think about their dream house and seek for the corresponding service.

FAQs about Real Estate FB Cover Photos

What is the FB Cover Photo?
This is a high-quality photo (851 x 315 pixel) that everyone can see on your page. Each registered Facebook user can select any image for the cover.

How to Edit the Cover Photo?
You can visit this page to learn all the nuances of this action.

Why the Cover Photo Matters?
According to the recent researches, almost 92% of the information comes to the brain visually and is processed 60,000 times faster. Consequently, the user will see your cover photo first. It is the image that will help him to form an impression of your profile. Imagine that you see your cover photo on Facebook. What impression does it cause? Can it describe your life or activity? What can your real estate cover photos say?

Tips for Real Estate FB Cover Photos

Tip #1: Create a Cover Photo                                                                                                        

 facebook real estate cover photos

Having created a personal profile in this popular social network, you will see an empty place where the cover should be. What does it mean? It shows that you are a beginner in this field. If you want to attract the attention of users to your brand, make a bright and beautiful cover. The absence of a cover will not allow you to expand the client base and make a good brand advertisement. As I said, the cover tells about your activities and services.

Address real estate photo editing services to have a beautiful and high quality photo of your properties and interiors. FixThePhoto professional photo editing help starts from $2 to $10 per photo.
Tip #2: Choose a Picture that is Characterizes Your Service and Attracts Attention              

real estate images for facebook

I would like to note that real estate Facebook cover photos are always available for viewing. This means that you can not restrict access to your picture after downloading it. Even a user who is not your friend on Facebook can see this cover. Make sure that this picture accurately describes your business, and you don’t mind others see it. Note that the photo of your profile and the cover image are the two elements that should be available to the Facebook public. Of course, you can add a large number of photos (for example, in the chronicle), and determine if all the visitors of your page will see them.

Tip #3: Choose the Appropriate Size and Shape of the Cover                                                 

The size of photos on Facebook is standard (851x315 pixels). You can change the format for this size (recommended). I advise using good quality pictures to attract attention and display good quality of your product. In this case, you need to pay attention to an important detail. The system of this social network allows you to post pictures only 851x315 pixels large.

Modern technologies and applications allow creating a high-quality and beautiful cover. Users use this to stand out from the competition and display a high level of professionalism.

Tip #4: Use Beautiful Images                                                                                                        

The quality of real estate images for Facebook plays a major role in business. As a real estate agent, you need to use a professional approach to work in a social network. Typically, professionals choose one image that perfectly describes the niche of the work and also the service. In addition, the user can make a set of pictures that will describe the entire scope of activities. Regardless of the chosen option, the quality of such images plays an important role. Pay attention to this aspect!

So which image should you choose? Of course, you will have a large selection of photos to post on Facebook. I advise you to choose a picture that subtly conveys the real estate business. It has to look great and be professionally edited.


I think that these questions will help you make the right choice to prove that you are a professional REALTOR:

  • What types of houses do you sell?
  • What is your geographical location?
  • What types of photos suit your activities?

So, you are a realtor. This is a great hint for choosing suitable real estate cover photos. So, I recommend choosing images of houses, work offices or using the images provided by your brokerage company. You should also use subtle design elements: additional labels, graphic effects, icons and more. If you do not want to work in real estate, then choose the pictures that describe your interests. It is about images of a hobby (travel), sport (football) or a picture of your family. In addition, your personal profile on Facebook can also serve to describe your activities as a realtor.

Successful realtors use covers with several pictures. If you do not like such collages, contact the designer who will create a stunning photo or use a graphical application. You can choose any picture, but it should symbolize your activity (work, hobby).

Tip #5: Change the Cover Easily                                                                                                   

If you plan to attract the attention of a large audience of users, then change the real estate cover photo regular (weekly, monthly). In this case, the cover will become part of your strategy to work on Facebook, since the updated picture will indicate your activity. In addition, your friends will know about it. Changing the cover is a simple process that will help you make brand advertising effective among social network users. This method is suitable for every occupation. For example, you can describe the entertainment (beautiful beach and sea), travel (images of cities) and work (logo of a brand or company).

Changing the cover for a Facebook profile is an excellent advertisement. This option allows subscribers and friends to learn more about your personal life. They will know how you spend your free time, with whom you communicate and where you prefer to rest.

I recommend changing a profile cover regularly to remain relevant and interesting to your customers. This also has a positive effect on brand/company advertising.

Tip #6: Promote Trends                                                                                                                

Each sphere is constantly being improved and changing. Therefore, you need to talk about the current trends in your working field as it changing, too. Then, use the free real estate Facebook cover photos for this purpose. Tell us about new products, services, and other trends in your working field. For example, it can be real estate aerial photography or 3D real estate photography

Tip #7: Use Links                                                                                                                           

If you released a new modern application, report it through a modified photo of the cover. You can attract the attention of users through various visual effects that describe the role of this application. The cover changing will notify your potential

customers and subscribers about the new application and also tell them where they can get it. For example, graphic arrows may point to links, groups, and websites with this product.

Tip #8: Add a Hashtag with the Name of the Brand/Product                                                   

Hashtag appeared on Facebook not so long ago but has become very popular. In addition, a large number of companies use this option. This new modern feature allows you to track all the conversations about your business, brand or company. You can turn a hashtag into a feature of your brand.

Tip #9: Attract New Customers                                                                                                    

You can use free Facebook cover photos for realtors for different purposes. But regardless of these goals, you should be interested that the customers find additional information about your services and brand. Use the cover with the URL of your site to track the activity of customers and users. In addition, you can use cover images to send users to your site so they can subscribe to the newsletter.

Tip #10: Do not Make it Sales-y                                                                                                    

It is worth noting that sales are contrary to Facebook culture. Remember that the cover and pictures are not "billboards". You should use this social network as an "inbound" marketing platform. You need to upload new photos only to draw the attention of users and communicate with them.

Tip #11: Use Images that are Allowed                                                                                        

You should not steal an image from the Internet. So choose a photo carefully before uploading it to your profile. Avoid bad real estate photos.

Tip #12: Do not Use a Photo Larger than 851 Pixels Wide                                                       

Facebook does not allow downloading real estate cover photos which have more than 851 pixels. Neglecting these rules, you will get your photo stretched.

Tip #13: Do not Use a Photograph that is Shorter than 315 Pixels Tall                                   

Note that you should not upload short photos because they will look ugly.

Tip #14: Avatar Should not Hide the Cover of the Profile                                                      

You need to comply with all the requirements to have an attractive profile in this social network. This means that your avatar should not hide the cover image. However, Facebook experts continue to change these criteria related to the size of the cover and the ratio of such elements. As a result, I can say that the cover is a great way to tell about life, hobbies, and work.

13 Creative Real Estate Facebook Cover Ideas

Use these FB cover images ideas from different companies to create a unique real estate cover photos. It is a great way to increase the number of clients and orders.

1. Netflix

Use attractive, high-quality video for real estate Facebook cover photos.

home cover photos netflix

The Advantages of this Home Cover Photo:
Facebook has a great new feature, namely video, which can be used for page covers. It is a unique opportunity for business development and to attract new customers. Use this function and create realtor cover photos. The new video options are expected to appear soon, so you’ll be able to promote your business.

2. Best Buy

Add bright colors.

home cover photos best buy

The Advantages of this FB Home Cover Photo:
If your shots of the property have dark shades, use this example of a free real estate Facebook cover. Best Buy added bright colors and effectively draw attention to their pictures so that you can do the same with your real estate photos.

3. Tim Hortons

How can crowdsourcing help you?

home cover photos tim hortons

The Advantages of this FB Home Cover Photo:
Tim Hortons used photos from around the world and combined them into one collage. You can do the same to create cool real estate FB cover photos. Actually, it is one of the best ways to attract attention. You can take photos of different sizes and shapes to achieve the better effect.

4. Atlassian

Focus on specific real estate.

home cover photos atlassian

The Advantages of this FB Home Cover Photo:
If you want to focus on the details of an image or particular real estate, this is the best option for your real estate cover photos. Use bright colors for a graphic representation of the property. It will be very original and unusual.

5. Uber

The harmonious combination of website and app.

home cover photos uber

The Advantages of this FB Home Cover Photo:
If you look at Uber home cover photos, you will see how the colors are merged harmoniously. In this case, the style of the image corresponds to the style of the website and the application. It is one of the essential moments while creating real estate images for Facebook.

6. Help Scout

Experiments with symbols.

home cover photos help scout

The Advantages of this FB Home Cover Photo:
Help Scout uses a brand overlay on the cover with the different characters that are associated with the work. You can also try this method for real estate cover photos. Use decor elements or different icons, for example, the symbol of the house. Choose a color that will suit the image perfectly.

7. Festival de Cannes

The branding image.

home cover photos festival de cannes

The Advantages of this FB Home Cover Photo:
The cover image of the Cannes Film Festival page is an emotional shot from the film. Also, they use text with the number and the date of the event, which match each other in color and style. You can also supplement the Facebook real estate cover photos with different inscriptions. Do not forget about the correct combination of tones. The letters should be visible, but it is better to use a short slogan. It should not interfere with the image.


Show a trust indicator.

home cover photos lamy

The Advantages of this FB Home Cover Photo:
If you want to attract new customers, you need to create a good impression, as LAMY does. Their cover doesn’t only the products, but also serves as an indicator of quality, and therefore a symbol of trust. The future client must understand that he/she can trust you, just by looking at your Facebook cover real estate. It means that the cover should not only attract attention but also inspire confidence.

9. RingCentral

Attract attention with the “strong words”.

home cover photos ringcentral

The Advantages of this FB Home Cover Photo:
RingCentral used a loud statement, which creates a stunning effect. Moreover, they used a larger font. Thus, the reader pays attention and remembers the information. If you want to surprise and amaze the client, come up with an influential text for real estate cover page for Facebook. It must be different from other pages and have a font that will match the style and color of the main image.

10. Squarespace

The motivation to act.

home cover photos squarespace

The Advantages of this FB Home Cover Photo:
Look at the cover of Squarespace. It is a direct call for action. "Make it Squarespace" - they say. How can you apply this variant to your free real estate cover photos? Use such encouraging words as 'buy' 'sell' 'make a choice' 'rent', etc. The client will surely feel an inclination to contact you.

11. VICE

Be unique and modern.

home cover photos vice

The Advantages of this FB Home Cover Photo:
The abstract cover of media VICE is something new and unparalleled. There are vivid elements, which in principle, aren’t connected, but look harmonious in one picture. You can also try to use different elements for real estate cover photos, but they must have a connection with your activities. Let your cover be modern and somehow different from the standard free Facebook cover templates. Update it from time to time, add new elements, but never forget about the prime idea.

12. Estee Lauder

Present a specific product (property).

home cover photos estee lauder

The Advantages of this FB Home Cover Photo:
In this example, we can see that the cover of Estee Lauder brand is also an advertisement for a particular product, namely perfume. A beautiful picture not only attracts attention but also encourages the customer to buy the product. It is always advantageous to show the definite products in the cover. That is, your real estate cover photos should display the real estate you are dealing with.

If you learn how to create free real estate Facebook cover photos, you’ll get many opportunities to develop your real estate business. You have a chance to find clients more quickly, and also sell and rent the property. It is a great way to raise your status and make more deals.

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