Real Estate Facebook Cover Photos – FREE Templates & Tips

A realtor cover photo is a so-called visiting card that may attract or scare off a potential client. Your main task here is to create a page that makes a good first impression. Plus, a professional real estate banner boosts engagement and increases the number of followers.

These are some good examples of real estate cover photos for a Facebook page. They will help you find a suitable tone for your page and attract people that may become your returning clients.

3 Must-Have Real Estate Cover Photos Rules

To derive benefit from your Facebook page, you must follow particular guidelines.

Rule #1. Optimize Photo Size for All Devices

real estate cover photo dimensions

Facebook shows cover photographs at 820px wide by 312px tall on computers and 640px wide by 360px tall on smartphones. Thus, a realtor cover photo should be at least 400px wide and 150px tall. Keep that in mind if you think that a smaller picture will do; Facebook will stretch it distorting an image.

real estate cover photo dimensions

If you want your cover page to be loaded as fast as possible, it should be an sRGB JPG file that is 851px wide and 315px tall, and smaller than 100 Kb. Plus, if you know that most of your followers visit your page via smartphones, use sRGB JPEG files because they are loaded faster on mobile devices.

However, if you don’t have much time and want to get high-quality photos more quickly, you can address our professional service. Our retouchers know how to improve your real estate pictures and help your potential clients buy, sell, or rent the best properties on the market.

fixthephoto real estate photo editing example fixthephoto real estate photo editing example

Moreover, to make your page interesting, you can use a video as a cover. You can still work with static photos but they should be 820px wide and 462px tall. It is an optimal size for mobile and desktop devices. Note that graphics and text should be in the middle of the photo since it is a safe zone.

Rule #2. Consider the File Type

Facebook claims that it is better to use PNG files for cover photos that have logos and text. The thing is that Facebook automatically compresses cover images and there may be some changes when the compression is completed. For example, colors may be severely distorted.

Speaking about a cover video, the resolution shouldn’t exceed 1080p. You may upload it in an .mp4 or .mov format. Of course, you may use some other formats but Facebook recommends stick to these. Besides, you may use file converter software if your video is in a different format.

Rule #3. Make Sure the Video Meets Technical Requirements

how to edit night sky photos in lightroom lens corrections

As has been mentioned before, you can use a video as a Facebook cover. It opens new possibilities for you, e.g. you may tell more about your business.

Facebook recommends uploading videos with 820x462 pixels. However, it is okay to use a minimum of 820x312 pixels. Your video should be between 20 and 90 seconds. Thus, if you have a longer video, make it shorter for Facebook.

Don’t forget about color grading and post production to receive professional-looking content. 

10 Real Estate Cover Photos Examples with Tips

To make this post as informative as possible, I communicated with real estate agents and chose the most essential tips to create a realtor Facebook cover photo. Check out these tips from real estate professionals and marketing experts that will help attract potential clients using your page.

1. Include Contact Information to Encourage Engagement

real estate cover photos example contact info

No one wants to surf your page to find at least a phone number. Thus, it is better to include contact information in a realtor cover photo. Your clients should feel no difficulties trying to contact you. People hate wasting time searching for something; they will just go to another page that has contact details on the cover. Your page should as informative as possible.

2. Incorporate Customer Reviews

real estate cover photos example customer reviews

Of course, a realtor Facebook cover photo is an important thing but you shouldn’t forget about the feedback from your customers. You can use reviews from your Facebook page and a website to show your potential clients that you are a good specialist.

Most people pay attention to reviews when they are choosing a real estate agent. If an agent has vast experience and clients write he/she is really good, a person is likely to choose this expert.

When looking for a real estate agent, people compare various options and monitor local specialists. Therefore, by showing testimonials from previous clients, you give people more arguments to choose you. Plus, you may even record a video where customers speak about the quality of your services.

3. Create Eye-Catching Videos

Begin it with quick edits and cuts to catch customers’ attention. Then, show your working experience. Finally, apply to their need depicting how you cope with all sorts of tasks.

Don’t forget to show stunning images from your farm area to create a connection with your followers. One of the most effective real estate video marketing tips is to include a call to action at the end, like “call me”, “feel free to contact me”, and the like.

Another thing that I would like to mention is that if you really want to succeed in selling real estate, you need to pay attention to the quality of your photos. You can embellish your pictures by using the integrated photo-editing tools available in Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. Besides, you can use free interior Lightroom presets and real estate Photoshop actions to make your photos of houses, interiors, malls, restaurants, cafes look more appealing.

4. Include a Hashtag

real estate cover photos example hashtag

If you want to promote your brand, you should play by social network rules. Adding a hashtag is one of them. By doing so, you promote your page and attract more people to visit it. This way more clients will see your Facebook account and are likely to choose your services.

Integrate a hashtag into your Facebook page and more people will learn about your services. Use the words that cause interest and dedicate hashtags to events you arrange.

5. Showcase Your Newest Listings

real estate cover photos example listings

Your real estate cover photos should be of high quality. To make your page look trendy and up-to-date, include a video as a cover. Plus, showcase your latest materials. For example, if you are currently working with an exclusive mansion, show it to your clients.

However, keep away from bad real estate cover photos. A win-win option is to highlight the best features of your listings, like the view or outdoor space. Attract attention with real estate aerial photography that differs from the content other agents provide. Experiment with 3D real estate photography to get even bettter results.

6. Include Awards

real estate cover photos example awards

Your Facebook page is the first thing clients see so you should play all your trump cards to make them stay. If you have some awards, you should necessarily show them.

Feature them on a clean background or property-related one to showcase your professionalism. Plus, describe how useful your services were for other clients.

7. Hire a Graphic Designer

real estate cover photos example graphic design

Of course, you can create an attractive real estate cover photo on your own. However, if you are not a professional graphic designer, you’d better hire one. It is your online business card so it should look perfect.

A client may visit your page only once and you should do your best to interest him/her. Of course, a cover page designed by an amateur falls behind that developed by a specialist. If you really want to promote your Facebook page and make it work to your benefit, address specialists. 

8. Show Your Office

real estate cover photos example office

A realtor Facebook cover may show your office, the place where you work and conduct your day-to-day activities. This way you will show clients how you cooperate with your team. Plus, it is a great way to help clients find you.

9. Create a Slideshow

real estate cover photos example slideshow

Apart from videos, you may also upload slideshows. You can use up to five photographs and share the content you like. For instance, you can generate a slideshow including photos from inside the house and premises, just like you do when creating a listing for a site.

Remember to add a slide with your contact info. Your real estate cover photos should present all info a user is interested in. After you’ve learned how to get into real estate photography, you may need to upgrade your content. Your slideshow should also include your professional real estate agent photos.

10. Show Your Team

real estate cover photos example team

Create a group photo to become closer to your clients. People are always interested in who delivers services and how they work in an office is organized. Show your team and you will definitely raise credibility. 

Bonus Tools

real estate cover photos templates

It’s not a problem if you don’t have graphic design skills or money to hire a designer. You can use these high-quality templates for real estate cover photos. They were developed by professionals to help you create impressive covers. Choose a template suitable for your brand, customize it and start attracting clients right now.

Creative Real Estate Cover Photos: FREE DOWNLOAD

real estate cover photos
real estate cover photos
real estate cover photos
real estate cover photos

These templates are suitable for creative agents. There you can see sophisticated shapes, geometric figures and interesting combinations of design elements. However, being creative, they still preserve the practical value offering all necessary fields for information.

Simple Real Estate Cover Photos

real estate cover photos
real estate cover photos
real estate cover photos
real estate cover photos

These templates for real estate cover photos are quite simple. They are suitable for those, who follow a classical approach when creating covers. They have all the necessary fields and are designed in muted tones.

Clean Real Estate Cover Photos

real estate cover photos
real estate cover photos
real estate cover photos
real estate cover photos

These templates are very neat and uncluttered with design elements. Too many items can be really overwhelming. On the contrary, all composition elements harmonically play up to the whole image. It is an ideal option for agents specializing in modern property.

Modern Real Estate Cover Photos

real estate cover photos
real estate cover photos
real estate cover photos

This set offers trendy and up-to-date templates. Although they look really simple, they are effective to attract viewers’ attention. Moreover, you can easily customize them to your liking. For example, you may upload your own image, change the font and play with colors.

Sophisticated Real Estate Cover Photos

real estate cover photos
real estate cover photos
real estate cover photos
real estate cover photos

These patterns may be called universal since they are suitable for any realtor Facebook cover. They include necessary contact details, like a phone number, e-mail address and a website. The color gamut creates a sophisticated mood and special atmosphere on the page. Your cover image looks stylish and trustworthy. If you are into laconism, these templates will work just fine.

Professional Real Estate Cover Photos

real estate cover photos
real estate cover photos
real estate cover photos
real estate cover photos

These are strict and laconic templates for a realtor Facebook cover photo. They give an impression of reliability and confidence. Clean lines, saturated colors, and a nice house will help you engage more people and promote your brand.

Light and Airy Real Estate Cover Photos

real estate cover photos

In case you want to create an airy atmosphere, these Facebook cover images are exactly what you need. Pastel pink colors prevail making people imagine their dream house. Clients feel an urge to hire a real estate agent that will make their dreams come true.