9 Best Real Estate Photography Software to Install in 2023

Using real estate picture software, you can easily improve your shots, remove various defects, add interesting details, correct colors, fix lighting issues, and more. High-quality interior and architecture photos can help your business stand out from the competitors, attract more customers, and sell property faster.

Top 9 Real Estate Photo Software

  1. Aurora HDR - Great color correction and toning
  2. Adobe Lightroom - Simple and clear interface
  3. Adobe Photoshop - All-purpose software
  4. Photolemur - Allows working with many image types
  5. Canva - For designing and editing real estate images
  6. Photomatix Pro - Batch editing mode
  7. GIMP - Multiplatform software
  8. PicMonkey - Huge collection of creative filters
  9. Pixlr - Opens photos from desktop or URLs

Real estate photography software are indispensable if you need to improve property and interior images to boost the leads. The better the picture you show to potential buyers and tenants, the higher the chances they will be interested in your offer.

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1. Aurora HDR – Our Choice

Great color correction and toning
  • Award-winning software
  • HDR filters
  • Layers, masking, and transform
  • Can be used as a full-featured app or a plug-in
  • None

Verdict: This HDR software for real estate photography comes with all sorts of tools designed specifically for HDR editing, which appeals to many shooters. For example, you can use HDR Smart Structure, Microstructure, Clarity and Denoise tools to raise sharpness without compromising the picture quality. Besides, the instruments are capable of softening and smoothing some details to avoid the over-processed results.

For those trying hard to keep up with the modern trends, the developers added the LUT Mapping feature to the latest version, which gives your photos a movie-inspired feel. This effect is advisable to apply after you are done with regular adjustments and prepare your photos for print.

aurora hdr real estate photography software interface

2. Adobe Lightroom

Simple and clear interface
  • Integrated file management/cataloging system
  • Arrangement into collections and galleries
  • Quick and intuitive slide creating
  • Editing steps can be synchronized
  • Not for beginners

Verdict: Adobe Lightroom has become one-stop real estate picture software for many photographers both embarking on their career path and having extensive experience in the field. It offers easy-to-use tools for color correction, exposure and tone adjustments, etc.

Adobe Lightroom can also interest those fond of HDR photography. It allows merging several exposures of the same picture into an HDR photo in a trouble-free way. You just need to pick images, right-click, go to the Photo Merge menu and select “HDR”.

adobe lightroom real estate photography software interface

3. Adobe Photoshop

All-purpose software
  • A huge variety of design tools
  • Increase resolution of photos
  • Rich format support
  • Many step-by-step tutorials
  • Confusing UI
  • Requires a first-class graphics card

Verdict: Adobe Photoshop is called the best real estate photography software and not for nothing. Using this photo editing software, you can remove unwanted objects, correct colors, and replace the sky, which is very important while editing real estate photos. Besides, the program allows zooming in an image to improve the tiniest details.

A handy feature is auto saving. Thus, the program saves your project at a set period of time (for example, every 5 minutes) without extra manipulations. So, if something happens, e.g., the power supply is cut off, you won’t lose the results of your work.

adobe photoshop real estate photography software interface

4. Photolemur

Allows working with many image types
  • Automated batch editing
  • User-friendly interface
  • AI technology available
  • Lacks photo organization tools
  • No detailed corrections

Verdict: Photolemur is designed to help busy agents and property photographers cope with image editing in a time-efficient way. The most useful feature of this real estate photography software is a batch editing mode, which significantly speeds up routine tasks. Besides, it has cool filters and handy touch-up instruments, which you can use to make your property photos inviting.

Photolemur is known for offering an intuitive approach to photo editing, which largely relies on the usage of filters and presets. Photolemur is based on a self-learning algorithm that analyzes various image features - colors, objects, faces, in a split second. Then the software corrects shots using the traditional post-processing techniques. Color restoration, exposure compensation, sky replacement, noise reduction, haze reduction, natural light correction – this is just a glimpse of what you can do in the program.

photolemur real estate photography software interface

5. Canva

For designing and correcting real estate images
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Helpful forums and excellent technical support
  • Advanced store
  • Suitable for design
  • Dated Flash Player
  • Accepts only JPEG files

Verdict: To make your website more popular, you need to fill it with high-quality real estate pictures and take care of graphics, logos, textures, and other components. Canva is an efficient program that allows achieving stunning results with ease.

This is user-friendly software suitable for inexperienced users. It features an intuitive drag-and-drop UI and offers multiple images, graphics, and fonts. You can employ either the pre-designed templates or start designing your project from scratch. This web design software is available on a free and paid basis. You can upload pictures to the program from social media networks, web resources, or your PC.

canva real estate photography software interface

6. Photomatix Pro

Batch editing mode
  • Intuitive HDR process
  • Advanced ghost removal
  • Amazing quality of edited photos
  • Rich functionality
  • A limited number of photo editing tools
  • Few presets

Verdict: Photomatix Pro is a great program for improving real estate photos. However, its functionality goes beyond regular edits and allows you to produce eye-catching HDR images. This is great news for many professional real estate photographers, who aspire to please their clients with pictures full of details.

Photomatix presets are another feature that makes this software popular among photographers, since it allows producing bring HDR photos. Photomatix real estate photo editing software supports batch editing mode, so you can faster bring a pack of your images to perfection.

photomatix pro real estate photography software interface


Multiplatform software
  • Customizable UI
  • Wonderful photo editing tools
  • Supports lots of editable formats
  • Some features may cause confusion
  • No possibility to output in CMYK format

Verdict: GIMP is a great Photoshop alternative for editing real estate photos in a quick and simple way. As for the advantages, this is an open-source image editor, which is available free of charge. It is compatible with different OS such as Mac, Windows, and Linux. You can boost the initial functionality of this free photo editing software by modifying the source code and uploading various plug-ins.

GIMP is a graphic editor that is great for real estate photo enhancement. Use this tool to create and improve images, logos or photos, correct colors, resize and convert pictures. The program has a slightly unusual multi-window interface that can confuse a new user, but you can master it pretty quickly.

gimp real estate photography software interface

8. PicMonkey

Huge collection of creative filters
  • Photo transferring
  • User-oriented interface
  • Text and graphic overlays
  • Image size limit

Verdict: PicMonkey is a popular online real estate photo editing software accessible from most browsers. Thus, you can take advantage of the platform using your PC, laptop, or tablet.

The service contains several built-in effects, so you can achieve the desired results quicker. Similar to Instagram filters, you can pick the effect that suits your photo more and apply it with a single click. The toolset comprises instruments for spot removal and color correction. All changes are made instantly and there are also real-time previews.

picmonkey real estate photography software interface

9. Pixlr

Opens photos from desktop or URLs
  • Real estate photo processing in just a few clicks
  • Great for beginners
  • Supports layers and masks
  • Adjustable UI
  • Runs on Flash
  • Annoying ads

Verdict: Pixlr is a functional real estate photography software with user-friendly filters and tools. As it is compatible with Android and iOS, the editor is quite convenient for improving images on the go. The editor offers great sharing options.

Using the program, you can correct colors, replace layouts, change the size of an image, apply stunning effects, etc. You can crop images and layout designs for various social media networks. If you lack experience editing pictures, you can benefit from the program’s auto image correction features, filters, and creative overlays.

pixlr real estate photography software interface