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Photomatix free is a program for Mac OS and Windows that allows creating HDR photos combining images with different exposure into one picture, preserving shadows and light sources. The process finishes by combining properly exposed, overexposed and underexposed images using exposure merge or tone mapping.

photomatix pro interface

Benefits of Photomatix Pro Free

  • Simple interface and installation
  • More than one hundred presets and adjustments
  • Contains a LR plug-in
  • RAW support
  • Possibility to edit a pack or one shot
  • Many training guides

Free Photomatix Pro: FAQ

  • Is a trial Photomatix Pro free version compatible with Windows and Mac?

Yes, a free trial Photomatix version is compatible with both operating systems.

  • If I bought Photomatix Essentials first, do I have to pay for a Pro version?

Not the entire price. You will pay only the difference for updates. It is a one-time purchase. It means that if you buy Photomatix Pro 6, all updates till Version 6 will be free as well as further updates till Version 7.

  • If a student or a teacher decides to buy a program after the trial usage, will they get a discount?

Yes, teachers and students may get a 60% discount on all Photomatix apps. Apple employees also get this HDR software free. You may also get a 15% discount with Photomatix coupon code: aperlustphoto.

  • How long does a free trial period last?

Photomatix free trial version begins when you activate the program and is not limited in time. The only thing that differentiates it from the licensed program is that it adds a watermark to images.

  • Is there a free trial version of the full Photomatix version?

Yes, you get the latest Photomatix Pro free with all activated functions. You may check Photomatix features on the developer’s web-page.

  • Is there a free trial Photomatix Pro Mac for iPhone and can I use Photomatix for iPad?

This HDR editor has only a desktop version. However, HDRsoft has a mobile app called Photomatix Real Estate Camera for iOS. You may buy it for $9.99.

mac app store

Hidden Risks of Cracked Photomatix Free Download

It is not recommended to use an unknown link to various sources or torrent files to download Photomatix Pro free. It may lead to irreversible consequences and real problems which are difficult to detect. The program has an unlimited trial period so there is no sense in using pirated Photomatix Pro 6.1 license key to extend a period. Besides, you may come across an appealing price on sites like eBay, Amazon and Craigslist.

It’s Definitely Illegal

You certainly get a stolen license key if you buy Photomatix on eBay or purchase a so-called “Open Box” Photomatix Pro on Amazon when it is delivered without a box. You will also get a stolen license key if you purchase software on Craigslist or web-sites selling cheap programs.

Please, don’t buy Photomatix from such sellers since in such a way you reward thieves. Purchases made from the sources outside the official developer’s sites or official distributors are carried out at the purchaser’s risk. Therefore, official software developers are not liable for any consequences. Use the following offer to buy new software.

If you have already purchased from the dishonest intermediate seller on Amazon or any other place, we recommend informing Amazon thereon and requesting to have your money back.

The Product Can’t Be Updated

Buying this product somewhere outside the official distributors’ sites, you won’t get free updates. The license Photomatix Pro 6 purchased on the web-site allows upgrading the program to all additional versions of Photomatix Pro 6. Moreover, this license allows switching to the next basic version completely for free. It means that Photomatix Pro 6 license bought today will enable you to upgrade to Photomatix Pro 7 version when it is released.

You Won’t Be Able to Use All the Benefits

It relates to various manipulations with the license, cross-platform licensing, and usage by several computers, etc. Photomatix license is limited by one user. However, developers may make an exception for another user if it is your husband/wife or a close relative.

In the case of loss of the key, it will be recovered. If you buy a new computer, it may be transferred to it. Get acquainted with different situations and advantages of the licensed software on Photomatix customer service.

Free Photomatix Alternatives

If Photomatix Pro free does not fully satisfy your requirements, there are some decent shareware alternatives available for free. They offer almost similar performance and functions.

1. Photoshop Elements

photoshop elements logo
  • Many powerful tools
  • Decent interface and geo-tags capabilities
  • Great upload options
  • Auto marking and powerful search parameters
  • Useful guide
  • Heavy
  • Correction of chromatic aberrations and lens geometry profiles are not available
  • Few social contacts
  • No integration with Photoshop cloud documents

For amateurs, who want to show a creative approach in their images, Adobe Photoshop Elements remains one of the best alternatives to Photomatix free. It allows non-professionals to create numerous cool Photoshop effects. It offers a wide range of professional functions in a simple package. Many photo effects, organizational tools as well as parameters of the joint use and sharing are an incomplete list of its advantages.

Thanks to the best instruments for creative digital photo processing, Adobe Photoshop Elements remains the best image-editing program for beginners. Those who are interested solely in photography excluding any additional tools for creativity should choose this software to work with.

2. HDR Projects

hdr projects logo
  • User-friendly
  • Very fast
  • Offers numerous presets
  • Advanced tools
  • RAW files support
  • Works smoothly on Mac and Windows
  • 4K-Assisted program interface
  • No 'undo' button
  • High price

FRANZIS HDR has always offered many presets and functions helping create HDR-images and the latest version is no different. In fact, FRANZIS added more presets to the list while options for manual control were also extended.

Presets simplify the working process for HDR-beginners, while additional tools can be useful for those who have more experience in the sphere of HDR photography. In addition, the fact that the interface is 4K compatible will please pro users.

The system will give recommendations and allow reviewing HDR editing for you to instantly choose the correct improvement. It is supported by Photoshop and Lightroom and will edit photos from all possible image sources.

3. Topaz Adjust AI

topaz adjust ai logo
  • Quick adjustments
  • Offers 45+ presets
  • Contains Topaz Detail and Topaz Clarity
  • Adjustment brush is absent
  • Too strong presets
  • Unexpected artifacts
  • Artificial intelligence editing leaves much to be desired

According to Topaz Labs developers, Topaz Adjust AI uses artificial intelligence or machine training to automatically enhance pictures via its information net. It means that Topaz Adjust AI saved preliminary information from numerous photos and methods of better image editing.

Since now Adjust AI includes Clarity and Detail, users have also access to the tools enabling to restore shadows and glares that uncover lost details. Intellectual, patented technology Topaz Clarity allows users to “manipulate macro, mid-frequency and general contrast of your image”.

Topaz Detail Sliders enable retouchers to independently adjust small, average-sized and big volumes of details inside the shadows and glares of the image.

Download Photomatix Pro Free

photomatix pro free forever logo Download Photomatix Pro for Free

Download Photomatix Pro free if you are looking for easy high-dynamic-range photo creating. Finally, you will benefit from this application if you already use Adobe products like Lightroom. Download Photomatix Pro for Windows or Mac and enjoy the efficiency and simplicity of this software.


Using presets in Photomatix Pro may significantly reduce the time you spend on image editing. They are created by professionals and may change the photo in one click.

Black and White

free photomatix preset black and whitefree photomatix preset black and white

This black and white preset is suitable for interior and exterior images. It may help you change the color of the picture in several seconds.


free photomatix preset contrastfree photomatix preset contrast

This tool adds saturation, deepens shadows, and improves the overall brightness of the shot.


free photomatix preset softfree photomatix preset soft

This preset is ideal if you want to keep an image natural. It creates gentle lighting for all types of images softly changing the photo.

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