Photomatix Presets

Photomatix presets let you edit shots in one click more effectively than performing all the manipulations separately. You can apply them to your pictures and then adjust what you need manually. Highlight temperature, make color correction or adjust white balance and exposure settings in Photomatix easy and quickly. Photomatix is an application for editing HDR images. It contains a variety of tools for improving shots, which may be used to eliminate too bright or dark areas of the image while preserving all the details, neutralize noise, adjust saturation, make the details more striking, etc. The program is designed for professional shooters and amateurs with experience.

Free Photomatix Preset #1 "Beautiful"

This preset adds a stunning vintage effect to portraiture. The preset is great for adding softness to the skin and slightly raising the brightness of natural shades.
photomatix pro presets

Free Photomatix Preset #2 "Contrast"

With the help of the “Contrast” preset, you can saturate the picture with intense yellowish shades. After applying it, shadows and exposure will be raised and you will get a truly moody shot.
photomatix natural presets

Free Photomatix Preset #3 "Black and White"

Black & White Photomatix preset highlights all the features and details of a subject in a portrait. Apply the preset whenever you feel like the B&W effect will help you convey the initial idea of the shot better. It works with pictures taken outside as well as in the studio.
photomatix landscape presets

Free Photomatix Preset #4 "Smooth"

Smooth Photomatix preset raises brightness, emphasizes highlights, neutralizes shadows and adds a wonderful airy effect to the shot. The preset is suitable mostly for portrait shots taken in the studio or with natural lighting.
best photomatix presets

Free Photomatix Preset #5 "Sunny"

The preset enhances that gorgeous sunny effect, making the shot brighter, clearer, warmer and more saturated. If you don’t want to end up having an unnatural-looking picture, apply the filter only to the shots taken outside.
photomatix light presets

Free Photomatix Preset #6 "Darken"

It makes the night lighting more prominent, raises contrast and alters the colors, emphasizing warm and blue shades. This preset performs details recovery from shadows and highlights.
photomatix realistic presets

Free Photomatix Preset #7 "Brighten"

In case your aim is to achieve an ageless look in your photos, this Photomatix preset will come in handy. It raises brightness, contrast, vibrancy and adds sharpness to the details.
photomatix standard presets

Free Photomatix Preset #8 "Portrait"

As Polaroid-style shots and Instagram filters are currently in trend, you absolutely need to have retro film Photomatix presets in your toolkit. This “Portrait” preset adds marvelous toning to your shots, creating a retro effect that conveys a sense of pleasant nostalgia.
photomatix pro presets

Free Photomatix Preset #9 "Landscape"

Landscape Preset is an indispensable tool for all traveling and landscape photographers, who want to add more vibrancy and visual appeal to their shots. Moreover, this preset suits a great number of photography genres, so try experimenting.
photomatix landscape presets

Free Photomatix Preset #10 "Soft"

The preset makes the pictures brighter and slightly more contrasting, boosts white shades. Apply it to the shots of a bride wearing a white dress and you will see an incredible result. In addition, the preset produces a gentle matte effect, without going overboard.
best photomatix presets

Why do you need free Photomatix Presets?

The popularity of Photomatix presets among photographers has recently increased. Many of them started using Photomatix as an alternative to paid Adobe Lightroom. If you see that a shot is underexposed, then you just select a preset to increase the exposure and apply it to the shot. If you notice that there is a lot of noise in the shot, choose a noise reduction preset — and lower the noise along with regulating all the other parameters in one click. With Photomatix presets, the picture post-production takes less time. Photomatix offers a vast selection of presets for various photography genres. Pick whatever you need – an intense and contrasting black and white effect for a dramatic landscape or a color effect with increased contrast and saturation for portrait editing, etc.

Installing Photomatix Presets

Photomatix presets are compatible with Windows and macOS. Therefore, we will describe two ways of how you can install these presets.

How to Install Photomatix Presets on Mac

How to Install Photomatix Presets on Windows

Editing Photos in Photomatix in Video Tutorials

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Discover in what way you can use color adjustments in Photomatix Pro 6 to tweak saturation, temperature and brightness of the entire shot and alter only certain parts of the photo with the Brush Tool. Find out how to increase brightness and saturation of separate colors and turn one color into another. 

Using Blending in Photomatix Pro 6 Tutorial

Find out how you can use the Blend with Original feature in Photomatix Pro 6 to achieve a natural look in the shot. Find out how to blend the whole shot with one of the source exposures and how to work with the Brush Tool to blend only certain parts of an image.

Creating HDR Real Estate Interior Photos

Learn how to use HDR photography to get a properly lit real estate interior shot, preserving the highlights from the window. Watch the tutorial to find out how to combine bracketed exposures in Photomatix Pro and pick presets suitable for real estate interior shots. Tips on exporting the picture for use on MLS, cropping and straightening techniques are described as well. 

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Tutorial Photomatix Essentials 4.2

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Creating, Using & Importing Presets

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to HDR Photomatix Pro or you have been using it for a while – you can make great use of presets. They fasten the entire picture processing, help achieve a consistent look and remind you of the last HDR edits you made. This tutorial explains how to create, use and import presets in Photomatix Pro 5.

Creating an Amazing HDR with Photomatix

In this tutorial, you will see how Serge Ramelli creates an HDR effect in a shot using Photomatix. This is his HDR Basics Project #1, as he calls it.

Working with Single Raw Files

Discover in what way it is better to pre-edit separate RAW files in Photomatix Pro. The author of this tutorial is Join Rich Harrington, who delves into the world of high dynamic range (HDR) with the help of HDR Photomatix software.

Editing HDR Waterscapes

For many newbies, it is a challenging task to take decent pictures of water bodies with running water and then combine them into HDR pictures. That’s why, in this tutorial, Joe Jackson decided to demonstrate the entire process of how he does it to achieve an efficient result in Photomatix Pro and Lightroom.

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