Real Estate Video Marketing

Real Estate Video Marketing

Real estate video marketing tips to help real estate agents attract clients, sell more listings and build their brand. Want to feel confident among dozens of your competitors engaged in real estate business? It isn’t as difficult as you may think.

35 Real Estate Video Tips

Video marketing for real estate agents helps in developing business. Though there are dozens of videos and they are absolutely different as well as people who create them, there is something that makes all these videos interesting and catchy.

To help you, I have examined many real estate listing and agent videos and included only the best ones in this article to give you some inspiration.

1. Create 360 Videos

If you want to become a successful agent, you must figure out how to make a real estate video tour as your task in to show not only a single room, but the entire house and its surrounding. That’s when 360-degree videos come in handy. Offering such clips to your clients, you give them a chance to “move” from one room to another, examine furniture, ceilings and floors, various devices, etc. I don’t know a single client, who wouldn’t like to try it, as it removes all the doubts he/she may have.

2. Look for New Approaches

In a variety of real estate marketing videos, you have to present something really awesome that your clients haven’t seen before. Watch the video above, and you’ll see how creative a real estate agent is, creating a certain melody for the flat and play it there.

Isn’t it memorable? Of course, such a video won’t leave anybody indifferent.

3. Set your budget

Financial issues may drive crazy even experienced real estate agents, but, anyway, this is the thing you have to plan in detail. Think how much money you can spend on real estate video for marketing, namely, on gear and software.

If you plan to use your iPhone, then take care of at least your audio with an external microphone. You can choose any you like, for example, Rode products that are known for their quality.

4. Prepare a Script

No matter what real estate video ideas you want to try, you need to have a definite script. Clients aren’t interested in long trash talks or your awkward pauses, which are a usual thing if you don’t prepare a script in advance.

5. Tell a Story

Your real estate promo videos must be informative and entertaining. To make a person interested in what you are telling and showing, you need to present this information in a non-trivial manner.

The above video is a great example of really touching content. The previous homeowner shares his memories and thoughts about the house, talking about its restoring and the way his family lived there together.

6. Interview the Architect

In order to make your real estate marketing video more serious and professional, you can interview an architect or a person specializing in new building methods or development of unique houses.

People like getting evidence that they are dealing with a great specialist and will buy good property, so having others in your videos may work in your favor.

7. Humanize the Property

Watch the above video to see that an agent decided not solely show the property but film one day out of the life of people living there.

Thus, the final variant looks humanized and viewers can imagine what it feels to live in that house.

8. Purchase a Video Camera

At first, you may try to record videos with your smartphone, but the features they offer are greatly inferior to those you get with professional video cameras.

For example, Canon EOS 5d Mark IV can boast of reliable image stabilization, interior and exterior video shooting capabilities, advanced video editing tools, impressive memory and battery life, in-depth zoom characteristics, etc.

9. Use Humor

Record funny real estate videos. Watching a smiling real estate agent, who moves from one room to another, talking about furniture, devices, premises and other things you get there, clients feel an urge to contact this person and learn more.

Just check the comments below the video and you’ll see how many people like the way the agent presents that house, especially since they are accustomed to absolutely different, serious real estate videography.

10. Market a Lifestyle

The house a person lives in, doesn’t only serve as an accommodation, but it also shapes his/her lifestyle. Why not use this idea and record creative real estate videos, thus making your clip differ from the ones your competitors post?

For example, you can divide people into certain groups according to their hobbies, occupations, etc. The above video perfectly defines the type of people, who can potentially live in such a house, as it shows the couple, who admire sports, trendy clothes and romantic.

11. Include More Details

Using video for real estate, people want to know as much as possible about the property. Though most listing videos contain the address of the house/flat, they lack pricing info, the number of bathrooms, bedrooms, size of rooms, etc.

I highly recommend including all the important details into your video, so people can see it during the first 20-30 seconds.

12. Mention the Proximity to Places

While selecting a property, people want to find something in easy reach of stores, sports centers, parks, various cafes, bus stops, etc. So, don’t miss these details and tell as much relevant info as you can, not boring your viewers.

People with kids like having information about nearby kindergartens and schools, while the older population group is more interested in healthcare establishments proximity. If you watch the sample video, you will see that the agent concentrates attention on the closest coffee shops, stores and waterfront.

13. Use Drones to Place the Building in its Context

Practicing aerial shooting, as well as real estate aerial photography // is awesome. Every property looks wonderful shot from above, therefore being placed in its context. Your clients can see all the surrounding, location, the size, orientation and many neighboring objects, such as parking, roads, stores, forest, rivers, etc.

14. Hire a Professional Videographer

You can save some money, recording realtor videos on your own, but their questionable quality, may cause even more expenses in the future.

Hiring a professional real estate videographer is a really reasonable decision unless videography was your major in college. Check Craigslist, Facebook, Instagram or visit local colleges to find inspiring real estate videographers, who are looking for a job, regular income, and strong clientele base.

15. Make a Plan

If you need to record a listing video, you have to prepare a floor plan of the building and mark the sequence of rooms where you want to shoot.

After you have decided on the shooting place, I recommend examining the rooms and finding the most flattering angles and lighting for your realtor videos. It is also reasonable to talk to the homeowner and ask him/her to remove some furniture if the space is too cluttered.

16. Create an Intro Video for Your Services

A good real estate video marketing strategy is to record an introduction. Let people trust you by telling a little bit about your career, why you’ve made up your mind to become a real estate agent, and what motivates you.

Don’t be afraid to look personal, as you are a human, not only a professional. In such a way, people will fully understand who they are going to work with.

17. Describeу the Neighborhood

Almost all people, who are going to buy a property, are very serious about the neighborhood and community where the building is. They ask many neighborhood-related questions and this is one of the key factors that influences their final decision.

Neighborhood real estate marketing videos help interest your clients in the property and make a final choice.

18. Create FAQ Videos

Imagine that you are a client. What questions concerning the property buying or selling do you have? Remember those you buyers ask you all the time.

19. Create Client Testimonial Videos

People understand that it’s your job to advertise the property, so it is reasonable to create client testimonial videos in addition to your own ones to make your first-time buyers believe your words.

If you have a business website, ask your clients to write comments about your cooperation for future prospects to see.

20. Create a “Sold” Video

It is a very effective real estate video marketing strategy to let your community see the properties you have sold. It demonstrates the skills you possess that make your work so effective, the power of brokerage and the type of listings you took care of.

You can realize this idea in several ways. Primarily, you can create a list of properties that you’ve sold. Or after selling the building, keep the “SOLD” sign near the corresponding video for everybody to see it.

21. Create Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Sometimes people get tired of marketing footage and want to watch behind-the-scene videos that add to your brand personality. You can prepare them in advance or broadcast the live stream in FB Live, Vine, Snapchat or Periscope to demonstrate regular work of your company.

Such videos must be quite short, from 30 secs to 1.5 minutes maximum and show your team getting ready for the shooting, taking part in some events, or just working in the office.

22. Create Home Buyer/Seller Advice Videos

Of course, potential buyers/sellers have certain expectations concerning the property, but there are some dangers most of them face. For instance, they may know little or nothing about things that affects a house’s cost, how long they need to wait while selling/buying a house, etc.

23. Create Annual Year-End Review Videos

Evaluate your past year and create a review. Tell about your achievements, satisfied clients, and sold listings.

24. Update Videos

Your clients may be truly interested in buying/selling a house, but they don’t want to monitor the current local property market all the time. Do them a favor and create video updates, so they can check the listing whenever they want. Make your presentations informative and short. Upload them to your channel/website regularly.

25. Mix Different Speeds in Editing

To make your real estate marketing videos more interesting, use different speeds (slow-motion, regular and fast) and various transitions. For example, you may start with a slow-motion video in the hall, and then make it more dynamic showing a living-room or even add a drone shot rising the speed. The above video helps you understand what I mean. To get the same post production, refer to our real estate video editing services.

26. Add Narration to Your Home Tour

In such a way, you can focus on specific details and make viewers feel that they are walking across the house together with you.

Don’t use lots of metaphors or epithets, while describing the property; be precise and credible. Make your voice and the message you want to deliver, consistent. Let Fixthephoto video editing service help you to finish your real estate video at the fast deadline.

27. Use Music to Set the Mood

Depending on the property you advertise, you can select a certain melody and add it to your real estate marketing video. It should perfectly suit the house and help you convey your idea.

Remember, music easily evokes feeling and emotions, so think what you want your clients to experience while watching a video. In the case with the sample marketing clip above, an agent integrated a peaceful melody that makes viewers feel relaxed.

28. Try Virtual Staging for Empty Houses

Judging by real estate marketing stats, staged housed look more interesting to potential buyers and cost more, while empty spaces may sit on the market for a long time.

Advertising empty buildings won’t be such a problem, if you use the best virtual staging software. Thus, buyers can imagine how everything will look like in the house and see it in a completely new light.

29. Create Short and Concise Videos

Even the most beautiful building can lose its visual appeal if you keep talking about it in the video for more than 10 minutes. Nobody can stay concentrated on one and the same thing for such a time period.

Experiments show that video that’s two minutes long is perfect for viewer engagement. Check out the optimal video length for real estate videos.

30. End with a Strong Call to Action

All successful real estate videos for marketing have one common thing – they motivate for further cooperation. That’s the reason to leave your contacts (name, phone numbers, website, e-mail, social profiles) at the end of the video, so people can easily get in touch with you and visit the house.

31. Use Zillow

Every person even partly engaged in real estate business knows about Zillow marketplace with about 200 millions of monthly visitors.

If you dream of enlarging your client database, hurry up to create Zillow account. Your video placed on this platform will get 3 times more views that the one you have on your website.

32. Use Semantic SEO for Higher Rankings

real estate videography seo

Remember to optimize your real estate videos for SEO. This works the same way as with the rest of your content, so simply mentioning the listing address in the title won’t help a lot. Include keywords and relevant phrases from the real estate video proposal in the title, meta description, and tags.

33. Promote Your Videos on Social Media

Mind the power of social networks in modern life and don’t miss a chance to post your videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

34. Schedule Video Publish Time

real estate videography publish time

Be mindful about the time to post your new real estate marketing videos, otherwise, people will simply miss them in a variety of content. For instance, the peak time for FB is 3 p.m.

35. Choose the Right Thumbnail

real estate video listing

You can choose a thumbnail on YouTube, which is a great advantage. Don’t pick a freeze frame or any random shot. You need something catchy, and unique to make people notice and remember your brand.

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