Photography Slang

Photography Slang

photography slang

If you want to communicate with photographers at the same level, understand the strange abbreviations, photography words and phrases on the forums and not look like a beginner in the comments under the articles - then this photography slang dictionary for photographers is created for you!

Photography Slang

Slang for Camera & Shooting

Photographers, like in any popular direction, have their own language in which they speak. They have nicknames for some types of photographers, cameras and shooting techniques, and of course for many other things.

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Uncle Bob: This photography slang refers to a restless relative with a camera that runs and hinders professional cameraman.

Shutter bug - a beginner cameraman.

To freeze - photography slang means one of the options for editing a video that captures images. Such slang has come from the phrase "freeze frame".

Grip and Grin: instant photo, the objects in this picture see in the camera with ineptness or grab.

Filling the frame is to take a frame. Framing an image is generally used for the right composition. This is the most popular slang you can hear from a photographer.

photography slang

Chimping – this slang means when the photographer uses a lot of time for nothing. It scans the images after each frame.

Gobo – means the blocking of scattered or unnecessary light from falling on the object. Often a reflector (on the black side) can serve a double purpose and act like a gobo.

Scrim – this term is used to refer to a device that is used as a display. It softens and dispels light. Often it is used on movie set. They can be large to create a shadow.

Artifact - means an element that reduces the quality of the image. This happens when the images are heavily compressed in JPEG format, as well as with various manipulations, when the picture is distorted. This can be a lens flare.

photography slang

Bigma - the Sigma 50-500mm f / 4-6.3 lenses has been nicknamed "Bigma" due to a significant range of 10x zoom and significant proportions.

Fill-in - If you want to remove the shadows in the picture, a flash is used, it is called fill or fill flash. To balance ambient light and flash, you must set the flash to slow sync.

Fringing/purple fringing - this photography slang is used for purple glow, which can sometimes be seen at the edges of high contrast areas in digital images - compactness is particularly susceptible to this.

Glass - this slang is coined for lenses. Experienced photographers believe that the camera model has practically no effect on the image quality, in contrast to the lens. Good photographers have better lenses.

Pixel peeper is a photographer who studies pictures for a long time. Noise and permission, he examines in detail and does not deal with photography.

photography slang

Shutterbug - this slang was invented by the Americans. It means a person who lives in photographs. Wherever he went he always has a camera with him, even if he went to the store for bread.

Shutter nutter - this slang was already invented by the British. They are not as perfect as Americans, but they can often be seen at an exhibition photographing "colorful kiosks."

photography slang

Photobomb – this is the person who managed to spoil the photo at the last moment. He can jump or fall and the frame automatically becomes corrupted. And this person is called a photo-bomb.

Tog - This is an abbreviated word from the "Photographer". It is used in any case, whether you like the photographer or not.

photography slang

Nifty 50 - Is the name for a specific lens with a fixed focal length of 50 mm. Very necessary and cool thing.

Bracketing - is the term that is used for the quick-capture program. The photographer receives three images in a row with pivot settings. Exposure bracketing makes it possible to do HDR shooting. In this case, the photographer receives pictures with the maximum detail. This term Bracketing the diaphragm is often used when the photographer changes exposure, as well as speed and depth of field.

High-Key/ Low-Key - This slang is used when the background on the photo is either completely white or completely black. This technique is used for photos with silhouettes. The background can also be used completely black.

photography slang

Moire - it is suitable for photographs depicting people in certain clothing (shirt in a cage, strip).

Stop - the term "EV" stop (the exposure value in the cameras) is effect in the chambers. The aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings on the camera change in the stops, only the actual figures do not change. Stop reduces or increases the exposure by half.

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Candid - is an unexpectedly made photograph that shows one or more people.

Muddy – a photography slang for a variety of newspapers that do not have bright colors, but mostly in black and white shades.

Grad this term means an optical filter with dark and distinct areas.

Scheimpflug Principle - this slang is used for focus in large-format photography. In this case, the planes of the lens, object and image are on the same axis.

photography slang

Aliasing - pixels that have a square shape smooth out the pattern, and thanks to them the diagonal line does not look smooth, but dentate.

Barrel Distortion - Using wide-angle lenses, you can round out straight lines. Such images have spherical sides. These types of photographs are often used in photos of real estate.

Fast/Slow - you can use this term to describe the aperture of the lens. The faster the lens, the better the quality of the photo.

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Light bucket - it defines the photo shoot that is on the sensor of your camera, it is necessary if you want to get a good exposure.

Photophile/Photophilic/Photophilous – is a photographer who does not just love photo art, but also does not represent his life without it.

Slang for Picture Editing

No filter - this is a photograph that needs to be retouched.

Anti-aliasing / jaggies - Its squares made of pixels.

Halos - when there is light around the objects during retouching in different programs.

Marching ants - used to name flickering lines around selected areas using a popular photo processing program.

photography slang

Touching up/retouching - this photography jargon term describes a specific retouch, namely whitening, discoloration of the skin with the help of special programs. The method of adjusting a shot in photo retouching app/program.

photo retouching

Lossy vs. lossless - compression of the file with a decrease in size occurs. Unnecessary information is deleted.

photography slang

Bokeh – when in the background the light sources are poorly visible or blurred.

Xpro - s rare, pointlessly text speak-style definition of ‘cross processing’.

To shoop/potatochop – internet slang for “to Photoshop”.

Sunchip - a man who is awesome at Photoshop retouching.

Lacitate - selecting parts of photos using the lasso tool in Photoshop.

Digital lasagna - when Photoshop editor file has hundreds of unnamed layers.

Grafikking – the art of using layer after layer of standard Adobe Photoshop filters to images.

Giffing - making animated GIFs animations using Photoshop, GIMP or some other graphics editing software.

Photography Acronyms

Slangy abbreviations (acronyms) for photography are not so many, but some can numb. We suggest that you get acquainted with photographer jargon in advance.

DOF: Means the boundaries of perception of the sharpness of the image. It starts from the point of focusing and ends near the horizon.

OOF: When a photo is taken without focus. Also can means when some parts of the image are without focus.

SOOC: This is just a photo without retouching.

photography slang

EVIL: This acronym is deciphered as Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens.

RTFM: This acronym stands for an unskillful photographer who constantly asks the same questions and questions, asks. This abbreviation is deciphered as Read The Faikkin’ Manual. One word we little edited.

BIF: This term can be found in a variety of forums. It is used in a very heated discussion about focusing exposure.

ETTR: Cameras capture bright parts of the exposures because of their limitations in the settings. To remove shadows, photographers change the exposure and then the image becomes brighter in the image. As a result, we get an image more vivid from the right and darker on the left.

IQ: This acronym means the image quality of the selected photos.

PSD: Photoshop document.

SIF: Secret Internet Fatty. It is quite adept at hiding somebody’s fat on the Internet by means of Photoshop services.

Photography Play on Words

Many slang expressions are almost impossible to understand. This transcript will help you understand them and talk at the same level with other photographers.

photography slang golden hour

Golden Hour - This term means the best time for a successful photograph. It is done before sunset or after sunset. You have an hour to make a great image without shadows, thanks to the natural light that falls horizontally.

Spray and Pray: chaotically made photographs, without hope for a successful shot.

Dust bunnies - This term is used when dust points appear on the sensor, with all photographs and one imprint. They must be removed.

photography slang

Doughnuts - this bokeh with a mirror lens.

Blown out - these are parts of the photo that are bleached.

Machine gunner - this term is called a photographer who does a lot of photos, but he needs one good shot. He has many identical photos and he always has a lot of memory cards.

Catchlights - bright spots on the eyes, because of the reflection of light.

Bridge camera - the bridge camera makes it possible to control all the settings much more. This allows you to make much better pictures and change the aperture setting and shutter speed separately. This is a good and cheap option for changing the quality of an image.

Photography Quotes

Own site gives the opportunity to increase the number of customers and advertise your product, in this case, photos. Interesting quotes and clever photography sayings will be able to diversify your site and make it interesting.

Funny Photography Quotes

photography quotes
  • There are no bad images; that’s just how your face looks at times. - Henri Cartier-Bresson
  • If you suddenly see how a person drowns, you have the opportunity to save it or take a picture. What will you choose?
  • Is there really such a woman who is completely happy with her self’s photo? - Elizabeth Metcalf
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  • Minolta creates the best bodies, Nikon creates the best lenses, and Canon creates the best compromise.
  • What should a photograph do to take quick money? - Sell your camera.

Short Photography Quotes

  • You don’t take a picture you make it. - Ansel Adams
  • You don’t take a photo. You take it on loan.
  • I don’t trust syllable. I trust photos. - Gilles Peress
  • Picture is truth. - Jean-Luc Godard
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  • I use my eyes - this is my equipment. - Unknown
  • All moments in life end in photography today. - Susan Sontag
  • Great image is about depth of your feeling, not depth of field. - Peter Adams
  • Take photos only of what you love. - Tim Walker
  • Character, like pictures, develops in blackness. - Yousuf Karsh

Old Photography Quotes

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  • The best inspirational quotes about photography we have chosen for you are presented below. They were spoken by great and prosperous photographers who lived by photos and could create such pictures that will surprise and inspire many generations.
  • You can take pictures wherever there is light. - Alfred Stieglitz. 1924
  • The best photos are those that do not lose their strength over the years and have undeniable effect on others. - Anne Geddes. 1956
  • The camera makes it possible for you to forget that you are where you are shooting. This does not mean that you are hiding behind the lens. It's just that you forget how much you look. - Annie Leibovitz. 1949
  • In picture there are no shadows that cannot be illuminated. - August Sander. 1922
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  • Image is represent the present. After shooting the object remains in the past. - Berenice Abbott. 1946
  • Image is a love affair with life. - Burk Uzzle. 1938
  • A photo is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know. - Diane Arbus. 1956
  • You must really use the camera today, as if tomorrow you will be blinded. - Dorothea Lange. 1948
  • The picture of portrait is not taking in the camera; it is on different sides of the lens. - Edward Steichen. 1953
  • Look for something unusual around you. I see things much more interesting than you. - Elliott Erwitt. 1928
  • I am not interested to take photos with new things – I am interested to see things new. - Ernst Haas. 1954
  • The photographer should respectfully and with care treats people on the other side of the lens. A photographer is important, not a camera. - Eve Arnold. 1940
  • My work of taking portrait is a lure, an entertainment and gladness. - Helmut Newton. 1950
  • Image - this is an important event, which disappears after a second. - Henri Cartier-Bresson. 1948.
photography slang
  • My great best shot will be created the next day. - Imogen Cunningham. 1925.
  • There are two big differences in making a portrait photo and making a portrait of the person who he is actually. - Paul Caponigro. 1932.

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