9 Best Video Speed Up Apps in 2023

By Tani Adams 20 days ago, Software reviews

9 Best Video Speed Up Apps in 2023

A good video speed up app for smartphones enables you to produce a fast motion effect in video that results in the reduction of its total length. Users also choose such tools for creating comic effects for TikTok.

These apps can be very handy when you don’t want to make your film shorter but do want to avoid overly long scenes. You can also use the speed video up app for summarizing a long speech or lecture.

Top 9 Video Speed Up Apps

  1. FilmoraGo iOS | Android – Video editing app for professionals
  2. iMovie iOS – The best choice for iOS
  3. Videoshop Android – Perfect for social networks
  4. KineMaster iOS | Android – Nicely designed tool
  5. Vlogit iOS | Android – Ideal for YouTube bloggers
  6. Quik iOS | Android – Most appropriate for GoPro camera videos
  7. SloPro iOS – Trouble-free video sharing
  8. Magisto iOS | Android – Perfect choice for business
  9. Vizmato iOS | Android – Easy editing of HD videos

With a great video speed up app, you can modify the playback rate of your movie. Such a tool not only enables you to accelerate the video in several clicks but also will let you produce movies, add special effects, music or some text to them.

1. FilmoraGo – Our Choice

Video editing app for professionals
  • Very easy to use
  • No irritating ads
  • Many advanced functions for video editing
  • You can export footage in premium quality
  • You need to buy a subscription to get rid of watermarks

Verdict: FilmoraGo is a user-friendly video editing app that has numerous advanced features allowing you to be expressive and creative. With this tool, you can edit videos, create films and share this material with others.

The broad functionality and intuitive interface of FilmoraGo enable you to add fast or slow-motion effects to your videos and share them on various social media networks. With the help of this app, you can speed up a clip, add text, music, stickers, or other effects.

FilmoraGo speed up existing video app is fitted with a wide range of helpful features and useful options to make your movie as captivating as it could be. This tool is compatible with various platforms and is perfect for using on your smartphone.

  • filmorago interface video speed up app

    2. iMovie

    Best choice for iOS
    • Stylish user-friendly interface
    • Exclusive themes
    • Chroma-key video editing
    • A great range of audio tools
    • Cannot add tags

    Verdict: iMovie is designed as an iOS video editor that can produce full movies with logos or credit rolls. The tool is competitive with iOS and macOS. Use it to produce engaging videos and share the material with your friends or relatives.

    As a full-featured speed up video app, it can modify the rate of video playback without trouble. To do so, you only need to import a video into iMovie and actuate the Speed icon. Drag a slider, which will appear on the screen of a smartphone after launching the app left or right to create a fast or slow-motion effect.

    • imovie interface video speed up app

      3. Videoshop

      Perfect for social networks
      • Can adjust video and audio speed
      • Modifies brightness, contrast and other characteristics
      • Produces a movie with numerous clips
      • Has basic video editing instruments
      • Limited functionality in free version

      Verdict: Videoshop is a speed up video app that has broad functionality. With this tool, you can trim clips, add various effects like sound, tunes from your library, or text. Of course, one of the most popular features of Videoshop is its ability to speed up, slow down, or even play your videos in reverse.

      Moreover, with this application, creating stop-motion animations or rescaling your shots within a video isn’t a problem anymore. The tool allows you to enhance your videos with impressive overlay filters, which are especially praised by Instagram users.

      • videoshop interface video speed up app

        4. KineMaster

        Greatly designed tool
        • Adds numerous audio and video files
        • You can trim your voice recordings
        • Modifies background of a footage
        • Impressive audio effects
        • You can add up to 20 layers

        Verdict: KineMaster is an advanced video editing tool that can function on devices with iOS and Android. It is equipped with a great range of great features that allow you to perform such actions as trimming and cutting of audio files, adding various effects like images, text, etc. KineMaster is also a great app for video collage creation.

        Regarded by many as a perfect option for producing engaging videos of premium quality, this tool will reward you with unparalleled control over your original footage. KineMaster is also a professional speed up existing video app perfect for creating slow or fast-motion effects.

        • kinemaster interface video speed up app

          5. Vlogit

          Ideal for YouTube bloggers
          • Can integrate animated intros
          • Add audio effects and tunes
          • Make custom thumbnails
          • Uploads directly to YouTube
          • Unexpected crashes

          Verdict: Vlogit is a great video editor for YouTube that is absolutely free of charge and even without trial watermark. This great app allows you to produce a creative video with various effects.

          After recording a video with your mobile device, upload it into the application and cut all the parts that are unnecessary for a final clip. Moreover, you can share the resulting video material on YouTube or other social networks. It can also create YouTube thumbnails that will grab your audience's attention.

          Vlogit is a highly functional speed video up app that can accelerate or slow down any video file. Simply set a desired playback speed value and the result will not be long in coming. Before posting a modified video on social media pages, you can preview and evaluate the changes you have made.

          • vlogit interface video speed up app

            6. Quik

            Most appropriate for GoPro camera videos
            • Can work with GoPro cameras
            • Merges more than 200 video files
            • Impressive range of themes
            • Produces great videos automatically
            • Limited file-sharing options

            Verdict: Quick is a powerful video editing tool that will let you create engaging videos with audio and other captivating effects. The application sorts out the most amazing videos and photos and offers 26 video styles for merging them. Quick is fitted with a wide variety of great features that allow you to add text, spectacular effects, and impressive transitions between frames.

            With a Quick video speed up app, you can easily produce slow or fast-motion videos. If you want to integrate some audio into a file, the app will synchronize it with video content automatically. Although it cannot handle 4K files now, it can import or export HD recording.

            If you don’t have a video editing experience, then Quik is one of the best free video editing software to start with. Though it is not equipped with some advanced features like a multi-track editor, the app provides you with a wide range of other useful functions.

            quik interface video speed up app

            7. SloPro

            Trouble-free video sharing
            • User-friendly and free
            • In-app video trimming
            • Moving from fast to slow-motion effects
            • Easy sharing
            • A feature of adding audio is absent

            Verdict: The SloPro app records videos, edits them, and lets you share the processed material on social media networks. It is a great video editor for Android and iOS, tablet or smartphone users. This speed video up app can slow down the video playback rate for a particular span of time and then retrieve its normal speed.

            By creating great fast-motion effects, you can add some special flavor to your footage and attract more viewers. Even a free version of this app offers you a trouble-free functioning, but after purchasing a $1.99 subscription you will receive an opportunity to load your videos to Camera Roll, export footage at 60fps, and more.

            slopro interface video speed up app

            8. Magisto

            Perfect choice for business
            • Many themes
            • Can download the unlimited number of HD movies
            • Original business styles
            • You can edit and rearrange parts of the video
            • Many in-app ads

            Verdict: Magisto is a great online app that allows you to modify video recordings with just a few taps. The app has a user-friendly and intuitive interface that simplifies the process of transforming footages into engaging and eye-catching short movies. Magisto can be used as a speed video up app that will accelerate video playback on any Android-supported devices.

            This editing tool is a perfect choice for all those users, who are eager to produce professional material that will attract the attention of the audience online. Moreover, the application can perform well on both PC and tablet. Its broad functionality increases the popularity of Magisto daily.

            magisto interface video speed up app

            9. Vizmato

            Easy editing of HD videos
            • Fitted with numerous features
            • Easy video speed customizing
            • You can export files in one tap
            • Great number of Vizmato fans
            • Themes are paid

            Verdict: Vizmato is a popular application, especially among Instagram users. It does not only have trimming and video editing features, but also offers more than 20 themes and 40 graphic effects, as well as 140 backing tracks that can be added to the footage.

            Vizmato is a perfect solution for recording and editing HD video files. This is also a great speed video up app that will let you play with the tempo of video playback creating some interesting effects.

            Moreover, you can modify the speed of a practical part of your recording or play it in reverse that results in original content. The app has a useful feature of previewing already processed video allowing you to evaluate the result before sharing it with friends.

            vizmato interface video speed up app
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