20 Funny Real Estate Videos You Can’t Miss at YouTube

20 Funny Real Estate Videos You Can’t Miss at YouTube

All these funny real estate videos and fails is a nice way to take a break from the routine and view your occupation from a different side. These videos show true-to-life situations that may occur to anyone.

20 Funny, Viral, and Weird Real Estate Videos

Watch them to learn about ridiculous situations realtors often find themselves in, learn about various types of clients and the issues realtors have to deal with.

1. Old Spice Parody

Old Spice is known for creating the most ridiculous commercials. The author of this clip, who works as a realtor, decided to film an Old Spice parody, which is often found on the list of the funniest YouTube real estate videos.

The guy indeed gathers crowds and undoubtedly doesn’t experience the lack of clients.

This is one of the brightest examples of the real estate video marketing.

2. Real Estate Humor: Open House

Real estate agents know for a fact that some of the Open House events, parties mostly, are attended by people who may be interested in inspecting the listed property.

However, now and then realtors end up sitting by themselves, hoping that someone will show interest in the house. Don’t be so surprised as Open Houses used to be more relevant 5-10 years ago.

3. The Funniest Real Estate Video Tour

These funny realtor videos are created with the aim to reflect on the peculiarities of the job or advertise a certain real estate business. In this clip, Reily LePage, who works as a realtor, shows such obvious benefits of an apartment as the availability of a living room, bedroom and kitchen in an ironic way.

He attempts to convince the potential buyer that living in a condo is no different from living in a luxurious mansion with a private pool and a tennis court. He is evidently sure that this deal is sealed.

4. Really Real Realtors

In this clip, a famous talk show host, Ellen, covers the most fascinating real estate ads she managed to find online. In fact, there is a series of such funny real estate videos where Ellen demonstrates the real listings.

For instance, some houses and flats are complemented by mold, suspicious gay neighbors, extremely relevant vases with flowers, a naked person in the bathroom, and all sorts of ridiculous offers people come up with in all seriousness.

5. The Crazy Buyer

This clip shows what realtors are willing to do in order to sell the house to a client. They may even become a fake husband of their female clients.

Realtors don’t like dealing with such buyers, but they have to know how to approach and please them, the bedroom included. That’s what makes a realtor a true professional.

6. Benjamin Beaver: Don't Call Him, He'll Call You

Among funny real estate commercials, this video is truly one of the most ridiculous ones. A realtor guarantees that he will sell the house within 7 hours or more.

He claims that he is one of the most qualified realtors in the sphere according to his mother (a reliable source of information, isn’t it?). There is no need to call him since he will call you – after your call, of course.

7. Funny Real Estate Video Home Tour

Jamie Seneca, a broker, demonstrates a new house in a comical manner, stating how luxurious and comfortable it is.

Clients can instantly pretend how they will be sipping on their favorite drinks in a contemporary kitchen, watching TV in the living room, sleeping peacefully in one of the three bedrooms, and eating fresh fruits straight from the garden.

Most importantly, they will have a clean towel close to them after swimming in the pool.

8. The Negotiation Process

Realtors have to react adequately to the buyer’s negotiations. In this clip, a calm and collected realtor demonstrates the house to a couple.

Whenever a man attempts to ask something, the realtor approaches and repeats “Did I arch you?” It is difficult to pinpoint what he implies, but his reaction as an effect.

9. With Jimmy Fallon and Aaron Drussel

The main idea of this video may fit into several words – finding the house is not as easy as falling off a log. The clip is made in the form of a trailer to an adventure movie where a man and a woman are involved in the house-hunting process. Jimmy Fallon discusses this movie with its author, Aaron Drussel, in the talk show.

10. Adele – Hello Realtor Parody

In one of the brightest examples of real estate agents videos, Megan Hill Mitchum, a remarkable realtor, tries to think of the place of meeting with a client to discuss the deal, considering that they have been to 63 houses. The whole situation may seem exaggerated – but, in fact, that is a painful reality of the real estate agents’ work.

11. Funny Real Estate Commercial

The primary idea behind this video is that the job of the real estate agent isn’t as well-paid as we originally think.

Realtors have to wait for hours and days until they receive the commission check. Moreover, they will get only half of that money because of the broker. To escape it all, there is Wheatland Realty where agents live happily in their own paradise.

12. Real Estate Marketing Dude

In this funny house selling video, you will see a woman who is certainly a pro when it comes to pleasing clients.

According to her, buying a house isn’t just about getting a property – it is all about happy emotions and the accomplishment of dreams. This woman is a successful realtor, for sure.

13. Prequalify the Client

In the real estate sphere, a realtor and a client absolutely have to be on the same page for a successful deal, especially in terms of craziness. Are you wondering how to check it?

Ask a client to dance with you! If he doesn’t run away from you after that, you will certainly strike a deal with him.

14. The Open House from Hell

The video covers one of the issues realtors have to deal with on a daily basis. It depicts an argument between an agent and a seller, and each of them tries to defend his own point of view.

Who will win – a determined seller or a clever realtor who risks losing his job? Undoubtedly, it will be the Open House from Hell.

15. Twenty Minutes Workout

Realtors may often find themselves even in embarrassing situations. That’s how ideas for funny real estate videos are born.

Imagine showing an apartment to the client, opening the door to one of the rooms, and encountering the owner in the middle of the workout process. But that is just one of the most innocent activities you can come across, right?

16. Not Your Regular Real Estate Video

The Terreri Team aspired to create a video tour that will become popular on the net and they managed to do it. If you are willing to experiment and add a creative touch to the presentation of the house, you will succeed in your business and sealing deals more effortlessly.

The real estate sphere is rather conventional, so realtors have to be resourceful to get it right.

Instead of using simple real estate agent photos at their business card such creative realtors produce remarkable funny videos.

17. Funniest Real Estate Sales Video Ever

In this clip, a resourceful realtor demonstrates a seemingly perfect house with a durable build, stunning walls, air conditioning, amazing sunlit windows and simple access.

Nothing can be compared to living in a place where only nature surrounds you. Especially if we take into account the fact that this building doesn’t even resemble a house.

18. The Glamorous Life of a Realtor

This funny real estate video shows how realtors work in real life. When we think of the job of a real estate agent, we imagine a person demonstrating a gorgeous house to clients that will be a perfect match for them, and that they will be instantly buying.

However, it isn’t as simple– the video will prove it to you.

19. Funny Realtor Video Florida Real Estate Source

In this funny real estate video, Florida Real Estate Source suggests that clients address qualified realtors to receive top-notch services when picking an apartment.

The clip covers each step of the real estate deal – from listing to showing the property and persuading clients that exactly this house is ideal for them. In an ironic way, the video reflects on the competitive side of the real estate market where any method to gain a client is better than none.

20. Irritating, Know-Nothing Estate Agent

Are you willing to deal with a real estate agent who has zero knowledge of the house listed? I don’t think that you are.

However, people in this clip seem to have a lot of patience, or probably they just think that the agent is nice. In a funny manner, the clip depicts a real situation when someone claims to be qualified but indeed has no clue what to say and to do.

Maybe it will be interesting for you to view also bad real estate photos.

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