30 Promo Video Ideas – Creative Promotional Video Ideas

Creative Promo Video Ideas

promo video ideas

Use these promo video ideas if you’d like to increase your sales or promote services. If you manage to provide your potential clients with original and interesting promo videos, your chances to achieve success grow immensely.

If you don’t know what theme to use or you lack knowledge on how to present your promo video in the best way – keep on reading. Here you can find 30 promo ideas with real samples, so you are bound to create something fantastic.

30 Best Promotional Video Ideas

Do you have any experience in creating product promo videos? If you are new to the job, but still want to make a video that will attract many new clients, you should definitely make use of the ideas described below. Once you learn how things work, you will see that this process can be very enjoyable.

1. Show Customer Testimonials

Make a quick interview with your regular clients, so that they can tell other people about their experience of working with you. Such product promotional videos look very credible and personalized, so people, who are hesitant about ordering your products, will feel more confident and secure about their decision. If they know they you managed to satisfy other clients with similar requirements, they will definitely address you.

2. Release Teasers

The best promo videos are those that make people intrigued and involved. To see what I mean, you can watch any video from Apple. The company always prepares short teasers for each new product and it is a really nice way to make people talk about the item and anticipate its release. If you want your target audience to be interested in your brand, you must stir up their curiosity in such a way.

3. Introduce New Products

Once you have released a new product, you should make people know about it. Creating a video is the most appealing and informative way to do this. You can show how reliable and trendy your product is, as well as highlight its unique and cool features. Many camera brands, e.g. Canon advertise their new devices with the help of promo videos.

4. Introduce Your Team

Let customers learn more not only about your products, but also about people involved in making them. Bringing a personal touch to your creative marketing videos is one of the best ideas. But remember that your team should behave absolutely natural and relaxed, so don’t go the “formal” path.

Ask them to speak about their role in the company, how they like their job, and add a bit of humor to the plot. Viewers will definitely like such an approach.

5. Introduce Your Business

There are certain things your clients definitely know about your business, but give them a chance to look deeper, by revealing secrets of how you started your brand, who/what inspired you, what aims you want to achieve in the future, etc. Leave such an introduction video on your home page or the “About Page” on your website.

6. Film How-To Videos

One of the best promo video ideas is to make your content helpful. This implies creating a video that shows how people can use a product and benefit from it (relevant if the process isn’t very clear). This is more interesting than giving your clients ordinary instructions. FOREO Company produced an awesome how-to video of their UFO mask, which can serve as a great example.

7. Answer FAQs

Every site contains the FAQ section, but you’d better present it in a more original way if you want to have more clients on your list. For instance, you can create a video featuring the most popular questions and answers to them. Besides, you can include not only the questions that are regularly asked, but also those that can draw people’s attention to certain features of your products, thus making them even more appealing.

8. Challenge Videos

Search the net for challenge videos and see how they work. Think of how you can relate your own brand to a challenge and present this idea to your clients. Record the results.

You can use Dove’s mannequin challenge as an example. The company encouraged women to dress like mannequins and pose next to them. This made Dove’s products look more interesting to potential buyers and, as a result, boosted their sales. You can also invite potential clients to take part in calls-to-action product promo videos and capture the process.

9. A Day in the Life

An interesting approach to creating a business promo video is to show the daily lives of your team members. This is a very unconventional thing to do, but clients will definitely like it. Though such a video should look absolutely realistic, a bit of planning won’t hurt. You can combine these short clips to present your whole team. Don’t forget to shot yourself.

10. Behind the Scenes

People are really curious and want to see the things that are typically hidden from them. Knowing this human nature, you can use it to your advantage! How? Record short “behind-the-scenes” clips and let your customers see how you craft various items. Be sure, your sales will grow. When people realize what an accurate and reliable manufacturer you are, they are willing to buy your products. A nice example of such tactic is Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson’s video. They showed how they started their makeup production business from the very beginning. The moment people watched a clip, the company’s sales reached unseen heights.

11. Engage the Audience Emotionally

If you want people to be interested in your promo HD video, you need to add an emotional element to it. Decide on the emotion, you want to convey. Of course, this should be something positive and encouraging. To get a dose of inspiration, watch Real Beauty Sketches from Dove.

The company hired Gil Zamora, a professional FBI forensic artist, who drew portraits of women, whom she had never seen before but simply heard how they described themselves. Then a stranger was asked to describe the same ladies, and Gil drew another portrait based on the new description. In the end, there were 2 different portraits, which proved how often we diminish our natural beauty.

12. Include Celebrities or Influencers

Inviting a famous person to participate in your video for business is really a good idea. Red Bull frequently shoots talented athletes doing fantastic stunts in order to make average people think that if they buy their products, they will be able to do something similar.

They invented a slogan “It gives you wings” and supported it by showing Baumgartner, a successful base jumper and skydiver, jumping 24 miles Earth and breaking the sound barrier in the process. Their idea is considered to be one of the most spectacular stunts in the online marketing.

13. Create Stop-Motion Videos

Creating stop-motion videos doesn’t require much time or proficiency, but there are still some people, who neglect this possibility to advertise their business. Those, who decide to make such clips, know how rewarding their effort is. In fact, you just need to take some images of your products and merge them in an online promo video maker. That’s it.

14. Create an Animated Promo Video

Animated videos serve as another means of promoting your products. Though such videos may look a bit simple, their main purpose is to be informative and illustrative. Watch this brilliant example of an animated promo for DocuSign. This service provides people with the possibility to sign documents digitally and creating such an animated demo, they showed all the stages of the process.

15. Taunt Your Rivals

When you create product promotional videos, you can solve two problems at once – show your business in the best light and defame your rivals. Whatever industry you specialize in, there are surely other entrepreneurs, making your life more difficult.

When Burger King needed to show how cool their café is, they released a video showing people, who had to go to McDonald’s (the main rival), take a movie magazine and scan page 5 using Burger King’s app. Then people scarpered from McDonald’s to #EscapeTheClown and found a hideout in the nearest Burger King of 1 cent Whooper. This is a very well thought-out and cheeky idea.

16. Prank Videos

There are so many cool prank videos on YouTube and you should definitely create something similar for advertising your products or services. LG has demonstrated real ingenuity in their video about IPS monitors, and how “lifelike” they are. They replaced a floor in an elevator with monitors and when people were staying in a lift, the floor began to fall away.

They also mounted a camera in the wall, so that people’s emotions were recorded. This video has over 30M hits on YouTube and the company continues impressing their clients with top-quality products and eye-catching promo campaigns. Refer to Fixthephoto video editing service if you need a fast video editing help at affordable prices.

17. Use Humor

People don’t remember boring and monotonous videos, while those featuring a bit of humor will surely engrave in memory. Mind this trick when you record creative marketing videos and let people recollect your brand when they see or hear something that appeared in your clip. The OldSpice promo video has proven to be a brilliant sample of how to use humor to make a product appealing and desired.

18. Use "Before and After" Formats

People buy various things to make life easier and even more efficient, so you need to show in what way your product can help them with this task. “Before and after” video format perfectly matches such an idea. If you think for several minutes, you are likely to recollect many samples of such clips, but, in my opinion, the most successful one is Blendtec promo. The company recorded and shared 100+ “before and after” videos that support the idea of how reliable and powerful their blenders are.

19. Use Controversy

You may claim that this is a very cliché approach, but it works in most cases. Presenting an object or a situation that causes controversial attitude, you make people talk about your brand and stimulate them to test your products/services.

Using controversy is definitely one of the best promo video ideas, and it was skillfully carried out by Gilette in their new clip raising the topic of toxic masculinity. The idea, music and plot were harmoniously combined and this promo evoked many discussions, thus attracted lots of attention to the brand.

20. Thank Your Clients

Not only you need to attract people to your products, but also thank them when they help you grow your business. If you feel that your recent campaign has been successful, or you managed to organize a big event – record a short video to express your gratitude to your customers. If they feel that they are important and valued, they will undoubtedly return to you again and again.

Watch the video above and read comments to it, to see how effective this idea is.

21. Holiday Greetings

There are many opportunities throughout the year to share holiday-spirit videos with your target audience. People like watching festive company videos related to Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Halloween and other holidays, so mark all the appropriate days in the calendar at the beginning of the year and please your clients with thematic promo videos.

A nice example is a clip above by Aristotle Interactive. It is made as a funny time-lapse Christmas e-card, showing how this marketing company celebrates this holiday and congratulates its clients.

22. Create an Office Tour

Another way to make clients feel “involved” in your business and help them understand how the working process is organized is to record an office tour video. This will bring wonderful results if your office has an original design. Ask the owner of a company or a staff member to hold the tour. Watch Kylie Jenner’s video attached above to make a plan for your own clip.

23. Share Tips & Hacks

If you are good at what you are doing and offering, you definitely have some hacks and tips to share with other people. Your clients will appreciate it a lot, if you record a video with recommendations concerning your product or services. Give this idea a try and you will never suffer again making videos for small business.

24. Video Infographics

If you are looking for 30 second video ideas and need to present a portion of information in an easy-to-understand manner, the infographics approach is your match. Such videos help single out the most necessary data and easily compare several similar products.

If you are frequently blamed for producing analog items to other brands, just create animated infographics. The example above shows the difference between Photoshop and Illustrator, so that even newbie user can understand what is what. Address our product video editing service if you want the same post production.

25. Share Announcements

Is there anything special you want to tell your clients about? Record a short video, instead of writing a long post on Instagram or Twitter. This will cause more excitement and buzz.

26. Recruitment Videos

As a part of promo filming, you can record recruitment videos. These are aimed at showing the benefits of your company over similar agencies and attracting professional, hard-working and enthusiastic employees to your team.

27. Event Invites

If you want to inform your clients about the upcoming event that matters a lot for your company, you can record a video and share it on social media platforms or send it via email. For instance, the Fyre Festival sold out all the tickets in 2 days and that is believed to be a real marketing success in the history of festivals. If you want to understand how to make a promo video for an event, watch the clip above.

28. Q&A

One of the creative video ideas, is to invite experts and influencers in your area and record the Q&A video for your followers so that they will learn more about things you are doing. Besides, people, whom you have interviewed, may also share this video in their social media accounts.

29. Create a Time Lapse Video

If you want to show your progress over time to your customers, you may record a time-lapse video. Speed the clip up and add a fitting soundtrack. Share the result with your audience and study the feedback to understand if you’ve done everything right.

30. Event Highlights

Every event has highlights and you need to define them to “construct” your promo video out of these moments. People, who have visited the event, will definitely like to repost such an attention-grabbing video, while those, who missed it, would fill intrigued and buy tickets for the next meeting.

Freebies for Realizing Promo Video Ideas

Once you managed to bring to life your creative promo video ideas, you need to fix colors in the clip. In case, you want to facilitate the process, you can use free color grading tools designed by FixThePhoto.

Orange and Teal

orange and teal free lut for videographersorange and teal free lut for videographers

This is a very helpful LUT for videos where blue and orange/brown tones predominate. You should absolutely use this tool to enhance colors in your traveling and summer footage.

Color Pop

color pop free lut for videographerscolor pop free lut for videographers

This filter helps to make colors in your videos brighter and vibrant.

Film Effect

film free lut for videographersfilm free lut for videographers

If you miss a cinematic look in your footage, make use of this LUT. The tones will become warmer, while the shadows will be eliminated. It also helps smooth sharp lines. Your promo video will resemble an old movie.


canon free lut for videographerscanon free lut for videographers

This LUT is meant for videos recorded on Canon cameras. Its effect is based on how Canon devices shot footage.

Warm Light

warm light free lut for videographerswarm light free lut for videographers

The “Warm Light” LUT gently affects colors, making them softer. The result looks very realistic.

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