9 Best Real Estate Apps in 2023

By Tani Adams 16 days ago, Apps and Software

9 Best Real Estate Apps in 2023

There exist three main types of real estate apps: to find homes, for home design and for managing transactions.

In case you are searching for the house to buy or to sell, or you are eager to invest in some property, keep on reading to find the best real estate app for your purpose.

9 Best Real Estate Apps

  1. Zillow - Estimates the value of houses
  2. Xome - For national real estate
  3. Redfin - For holding a home tour
  4. Trulia - For an active home search
  5. LoopNet - For commercial real estate
  6. Movoto - For choosing your next residence
  7. Houzz - For home design
  8. Dotloop - For transaction management
  9. Buffer - Social media management platform

If you are dealing with huge sums of money when it comes to just one transaction, you need to address this issue seriously and thoroughly. Ensure that you are getting the most beneficial offer using the one of the real estate apps from this list.

1. Zillow

Estimates the value of a house
  • Free of charge
  • Making an estimate of the real estate value
  • Ability to create a personal account
  • Users can view home prices by location
  • None detected

Verdict: Zillow was the very first app with the ability to provide an estimate of the real estate value, view past sale prices, and more info about practically any house in the US. In case you own a house, you have a chance to register an account and monitor the estimated value of your property over a long period of time. Also, you will be interested to see the possible price if you are thinking of selling the house.

Zillow is a must-have app for those who plan to buy a house. Using it, you will be able to see the prices for houses by location right from your mobile device and find houses via helpful filters and search options. Also, you can read more about real estate photography.

zillow real estate app interface

2. Xome

For national real estate data
  • Zooming in the house by 100 times
  • Offers real estate search similar to other apps
  • Connection the agent to show the house
  • Property filter by different criteria
  • Terrible customer support

Verdict: Xome is designed for the purposes of those who are buying or selling the property. It operates according to the same principle as all other house finding apps. Xome uses national real estate information and displays listings on markets all over the country.

If you wish to buy the house, look through numerous property offers in the selected area. If you are selling the house, you will be able to list and examine the houses sold by other people.

Xome is notable for a “Homes Only” option enabling investors to discover foreclosures, short sales, and houses owned by the bank in the desired area. Since the app provides information directly from listing services, investors have an opportunity to look through the houses that aren’t accessible to a wide range of people just yet.

Besides, investors will appreciate the fact that Xome offers info on real estate auctions that they won’t find elsewhere.

xome real estate app interface

3. Redfin

For holding a home tour
  • Notifies users about a new house
  • Quick sharingofpreferred houses
  • Ability to search on different devices
  • Drawing your custom home search radius
  • Occasional lags
  • Real estate filter is pure

Verdict: Redfin will greatly help you out if you are serious about getting a new house. It is one of the most comprehensive real estate apps with the ability to notify users about foreclosures, short sales, and updates of real estate listings.

Feel free to examine surrounding houses, schools, townhouses, and other types of property. Observe pictures, maps up and down, and learn in more detail about the listed real estate.

By the means of the integrated toolset, users can share their preferred houses through e-mail, text messages or social networks. In case you come across a house to your liking, it is possible to arrange a tour via Redfin’s Real Estate Agent option.

redfin real estate app interface

4. Trulia

For an active home search
  • Drawing user’s personal map boundaries
  • Over 30 filters and custom keyword search
  • Ability to locate different types of property
  • Pricing data on recently sold homes
  • Search requires improvement
  • Listings with fake information

Verdict: Trulia is an indispensable real estate app if you don’t feel like spending plenty of time searching for a perfect house. Just set the necessary filters and you will have an opportunity to examine an extensive number of pictures and video tours, interactive maps with the crime rate info, ratings of schools, shops, cafes and so on.

Trulia is the best app to find houses for rent through such filters as location, size, features, keyword and price. Besides, sharing the preferred houses or contacting the listing agency straight away is possible.

The app pleases users with the presence of a calculator for a mortgage and a full cost of the property, open house scheduler, voice management, chat support, and the compatibility with Android Wear smartwatches.

trulia real estate app interface

5. LoopNet

For commercial real estate
  • Sale status
  • Year of renovation
  • Land lot details
  • Info on broker team
  • Solely for commercial property investors

Verdict: LoopNet states to be one of the best realtor apps in terms of the amount of traffic, the covered area, and the number of listings. It is hard to check whether this info can be trusted, but you can try this app and see if it helps.

LoopNet offers numerous search filters for every user to find the desired property. In case you come across a proper listing, you will be able to examine all the required data, observe pictures, street views, money-related info, etc.

It is possible to add the preferred houses to a watch list and receive notifications as soon as there is an update on the property.

loopnet real estate app interface

6. Movoto

For choosing your next residence
  • Fully licensed brokerage across all 50 states
  • Viewing over 1 million active listings
  • Notifies instantly
  • Qualitative pictures in high resolution
  • Only for new OS versions
  • Terrible customer support

Verdict: Movoto is another remarkable option on the list of effective house finder apps. It will greatly simplify the process of searching for the perfect house. The app is praised for the extensive variety of applied search filters.

You will be able to find real estate with pools (if necessary), and take a look at the integrated maps to examine the surrounding establishments, schools, and other sites you have to be aware of. If you manage to find the house to your liking, simply contact a qualified Movoto agent in one click, and they will assist you in finalizing the deal.

movoto real estate app interface

7. Houzz

For home design
  • 9 million interior design pics
  • Real Estate Agents category
  • Connects with more than 2.5 million specialists
  • Visual Match recognition technology
  • Functionality is pure

Verdict: Are you interested in remodeling the house? Or do you wish to bring your property to the perfect condition before listing? Either way, Houzz will become the best real estate app to renovate your place. It appeared in 2009 and by this day, continues offering people ground-breaking methods to design their houses.

Using the app, those who buy or sell the property have a chance to examine over 9 million interior design pics, home décor, interior inspiration and ideas, as well as online advice from specialists involved in improving homes.

Moreover, not long ago the developers have introduced a Real Estate Agents category. With its help, agents will be capable of listing themselves with a profile and don’t pay anything for it.

Here are interesting stats about the app – 15% of the Houzz users intend to buy property in the following two years. 10% of them intend to build their own house in that time period. Please, view bad real estate photos and do not repeat these mistakes.

houzz real estate app interface

8. Dotloop

For transaction management
  • Ideal for managing transactions
  • Teamwork capabilities
  • Ability to monitor the transaction
  • Saves records for up to seven years
  • Supports only new OS versions

Verdict: Dotloop may be called one of the best realty apps for real estate brokers, teams, agents and customers when it comes to managing transactions. It is known for eliminating the work with paper documents, enabling smooth cooperation, making the entire process more productive and compliant.

Using Dotloop, everyone involved in the deal will be capable of creating, sharing, signing and storing documents no matter where they are in order to speed up the effective closing of the deal.

Open the app and you will find the progress bar of every active transaction. Therefore, you have an opportunity to constantly monitor the current state of the deal. Besides, Dotloop is often praised for the storage capacity option.

The app saves records for up to seven years and may become a great solution for those who value a high level of organization.

dotloop real estate app interface

9. Buffer

Social media management platform
  • Compatible with various social networks
  • Convenient social network planning
  • Straightforward analytics for update
  • Integrates with Instagram reposts
  • Occasional crashes of the app

Verdict: Buffer is undoubtedly one of the best real estate apps for investors who require the integration with social networks. It enables them to create and track posts on different social network platforms. Buffer is compatible with such platforms as Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to unite the necessary content in one app conveniently.

If you are interested in developing a real estate business, this app is a must-have for you. The primary goal of Buffer is to optimize the process of working with social networks, make it more productive and efficient.

To promote the business and boost its success on the market, you shouldn’t forget about the integration with social networks that can help spread the word about your brand. In this case, maintaining consistency is the key – that’s where Buffer will come in handy and keep you updated on the posts. Besides, Buffer is one of the few platforms that lets users manage social networks from a mobile device.

buffer real estate app interface