12 Best Screen Recording Apps

12 Best Screen Recording Apps In 2023

Screen recording apps are designed for filming instructional, educational, and gaming videos right on your smartphone. Even though screen capture has only recently entered the smartphone market, the number of available apps is continuously growing every month.

Top 12 Best Screen Recording Apps

  1. Record it: iOS | Android
  2. Go Recorder: iOS | Android
  3. DU Recorder: iOS | Android
  4. TechSmith Capture: iOS
  5. Record Now! Screen Recorder: iOS
  6. Super Screen Recorder: iOS | Android
  7. iTop Screen Recorder - Multi-function recorder
  8. AZ Screen Recorder: iOS | Android
  9. Screen Recorder: Android
  10. Mobizen Screen Recorder: Android
  11. ADV Screen Recorder: Android
  12. Lollipop Screen Recorder: Android

With thousands of options that are capable of recording your screen available in stores, comparing all of them and finding the app for your specific device can take days. This overview of the best screen recording apps for iPhones and Androids will help you avoid all of that work.

1. Record it

Good FaceCam
  • Has FaceCam
  • Can record sound, commentary
  • Comes with editing features
  • Filter gallery
  • Not found

Verdict: Record it! is widely considered to be the best screen recording app for iPhones and iPads. This app offers an impressive amount of features. Other than screen capture, it allows you to use the Facetime cam to record your reactions. Moreover, the app also has editing functionality and lets users share files by using AirdDrop or Open In.

Record it! was primarily designed for iOS 12 or newer for full-fledged single-touch controls, and the available video editing features include cropping, rotating, filters, customizable playback speed, and backgrounds.

The videos are stored in the app for quick access, but you can also save them on the camera roll or export the files and upload them to YouTube.

  • record it screen recording app interface

    2. Go Recorder

    Full HD graphics
    • Full-HD support
    • Simple screen capture setup
    • Can add music tracks to screencasts
    • Lacks filters or VFX

    Verdict: This app that records your screen is perfect for filming video games and it doesn’t even require you to root the device when creating screencasts.

    The app is very user-friendly and lets you start recording HD footage in a couple of taps. You have a 3-second delay before Go Recorder actually starts filming, which you can use to get ready for your screencast.

    Once you’re done recording, you can use the app for quick trimming and removing some parts that you don’t want to include in the video. Go Recorder allows you to share your videos on Facebook, YouTube, and most other mainstream SM sites.

    • go recorder screen recording app interface

      3. DU Recorder

      Unlimited time
      • No time limits and doesn’t apply watermarks
      • Can create your own watermark for recording
      • Allows adding a screen capture function to the Control Center
      • Can add subtitles, audio, intros, and other elements in the integrated video editor
      • Can’t be used for time-lapse videos
      • Doesn’t have annotations and effects

      Verdict: DU Recorder allows users to record smartphone’s screen feed in 1080p at 60 fps with 12 MBs. The application supports a broad range of video sizes, framerates, and bitrates, enabling you to choose the screen capture quality that fits your needs.

      DU Recorder lets you use FaceCam for creating all kinds of picture-in-picture videos. You can also resort to the app for making gaming, tutorial, walkthrough, and funny GIF videos.

      This app includes functions for video editing, live streaming, and image retouching. You can cut clips, crop the footage and add subtitles, but the application doesn’t have any VFX or filters that could improve the overall look of a video.

      This app is a reputable, multifunctional tool for both iOS and Android systems as it offers state-of-the-art screen-casting features and allows you to create high-resolution display videos.

      • du recorder screen recording app interface

        4. TechSmith Capture

        Easily export
        • Doesn’t impose screencast length limits
        • Simple and convenient video export
        • Lacks sound and video editing functionality
        • Small number of video export options

        Verdict: Those having main Apple mobile devices can use this app to record their screen feed with maximum convenience. The application allows you to film videos in all the standard resolutions, but you can’t change the bitrate or access other advanced settings.

        Another drawback is the lack of emoticons or VFX that you could add to your videos, but it’s easy to forgive that downside as the 3D Touch feature lets you start new recording sessions with a single tap.

        While the app doesn’t have video editing tools, it allows you to easily transfer your files to Snagit or Camtasia and use them for editing. Sadly, the sharing options of TechSmith Capture are also disappointing, as you can’t upload your clips to Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter straight from the application.

        • techsmith capture recorder screen recording app interface

          5. Record Now! Screen Recorder

          Full screen videos
          • Can capture full-screen footage
          • 90 amazing filters
          • Hundreds of various stickers
          • Free only during the trial period
          • Possible lagging

          Verdict: This app that records your screen is great for filming tutorials, gameplay footage, video demos, and all sorts of other clips on your iPhone.

          As the app’s name suggests, its main purpose is to provide high-quality screen recording. Moreover, it comes with a fast and convenient editor that allows users to adjust their clips by trimming them or adding cool effects. The application also includes animated gestures that will be especially useful for people, who record tutorials.

          screen recording video capture app interface

          6. Super Screen Recorder

          Good editing tools
          • Huge variety of tools
          • Works with FaceCam
          • Doesn’t have a duration limit
          • Doesn’t add watermarks
          • Not found

          Verdict: Super Screen Recorder offers a convenient, clean UI and a solid video editing toolset. Besides, you don’t need to root your device and there’s no maximum recording duration.

          The Super Screen Recorder delivers top video quality while giving you the freedom to pick between different resolutions, framerates, and bitrates. It also has a pause/continue function and allows you to hide the floating window.

          The app also offers FaceCam support, a GIF Maker, and a brush feature that allows you to enhance your recordings with drawings. It doesn’t apply its own watermark, but you can add one of your own to promote your brand. You can get this application free as it’s supported by ads and optional purchases.

          • super screen recorder interface

            7. iTop Screen Recorder

            Multi-function recorder
            • Smooth recording process
            • Custom watermark
            • Basic video editing
            • Allows exporting in multiple formats
            • No advanced edition options
            • Windows-compatible only

            Verdict: iTop Screen Recorder perfectly copes with recording gaming sessions, business meetings, lectures, videos, music, and whatnot. Though the program appeared rather recently, it has some interesting features in a free version that are bound to entice users. I recommend testing a free version first to get a better idea of the program’s capabilities.

            Using this tool, you can record any part of a screen, even the smallest dialogue windows. Besides, thanks to the Facecam feature, you can record just your face. There are no limitations concerning recording time and you can save videos in HD quality. The program supports multiple displays, so the recording process will be absolutely convenient.

            In addition to standard features, here you can also record audio and take screenshots. While exporting, it is possible to choose from 12 formats and even perform conversion. iTop Screen Recorder works flawlessly on all popular devices running Windows.

            itop screen recorder recording app interface

            8. AZ Screen Recorder

            High-quality video
            • Impressive video quality
            • Doesn’t impose a recording duration limit
            • Device doesn’t need to be rooted
            • Has pop-up ads
            • Lacks editing tools

            Verdict: This is one of the best screen recording programs on Google Play as it offers convenient controls, a huge range of recording settings, and a basic video editor that can be used for trimming your clips before you export them.

            You set the needed parameters in a small pop-up screen that closes once you start filming. You can also enable screen touch illustration and capture microphone audio if that’s the type of video you want to record.

            The offered settings let you customize the video resolution, framerate, orientation, and even turn on time-lapse whenever needed.

            • az screen recorder app interface

              9. Screen Recorder

              Video trimmer support
              • Possible microphone recording
              • FaceCam support
              • Trimming feature
              • Magic button
              • Doesn’t have filters

              Verdict: If simplicity is what you’re looking for, then Screen Recorder might be the best option for you. It allows quickly and easily capturing your phone’s screen by pressing a blue button, with a little useful widget appearing around the window that is opened on your smartphone.

              This screen recorder app for Android can capture HD resolutions at a maximum of 60 frames per second and allows you to spice up your clips with various logos, pictures, and text. The ability to turn on and record your microphone is also very useful for tutorial and gaming videos. FaceCam support is provided as well, which is perfect if you’re going after the popular “Let’s Play” look.

              screen recorder interface

              10. Mobizen Screen Recorder

              • Has editing tools
              • Doesn’t have to be rooted
              • FaceCam support
              • Minor lagging

              Verdict: Mobizen is an intuitive, user-friendly screen recorder that is designed for filming, capturing, and editing video clips, games, and applications. It supports HD video resolutions and allows you to record your face thanks to the FaceCam support.

              This Android app comes with a solid selection of video editing functions. Mobizen doesn’t demand root access and enables users to remove watermarks for free with the Clean Recording Mode. The application itself is also free, meaning you have to deal with some ads and can make some in-app purchases if needed.

              • mobizen screen recorder interface

                11. ADV Screen Recorder

                Recording with 2 engines
                • Records with 2 engines
                • Can use both the frontal and back cameras for video capture
                • Clip trimming
                • Doesn’t capture sound
                • Overlay functionality problems

                Verdict: ADV is another candidate for the title of the best screen recording app for Android as it comes with most of the expected features. Unlike other options on this list, it allows users to capture the smartphone’s display with 2 different engines. Besides, you can choose the resolution, framerate, bitrate, and add drawings and text to the clip.

                When capturing the screen, you can also record the footage of your frontal and back cameras. Additionally, the application allows you to pause the recording at any time. ADV doesn’t add its own watermarks and doesn’t demand root access.

                It also gives you a handy three-second countdown before the screen capture begins. It is minimalistic, free, and the number of ads and optional purchases isn’t very noticeable.

                adv screen recorder interface

                12. Lollipop Screen Recorder

                Audio recording support
                • Full screen capture
                • Records sound
                • Can use camera footage for PIP
                • Orientation issues
                • Sound recording can suffer from failures

                Verdict: Lollipop is an intuitive and convenient app that records your screen. It’s available for smartphones that run on Android 5.0 and higher. Since the application uses licensed APIs, it doesn’t demand rooting.

                Clips are saved in an easily findable location, allowing users to view, edit, and share them in their favorite apps.

                Designed to support functions like display orientation and resolution, Lollipop Screen Recorder is probably the easiest-to-use application on the list, and it can even record sound! If you’re satisfied with only having access to basic features and don’t need anything complex, this is the best screen recording app for you.

                • lollipop screen recorder interface

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