Adobe Premiere Rush Review

Adobe Premiere Rush 2024
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS
Adobe Premiere Rush Mobile: iOS, Android
Price: Free Trial or $9.99 per month
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VERDICT: Adobe Premiere Rush is a wonderful program for beginning video editors and professionals, who want to try something new. This software is designed for trouble-free video editing and supports synchronization between desktop and mobile devices.

Adobe Premiere Rush also allows posting the results of your work on various social platforms. However, in the current state, Rush is slow while rendering projects and it lacks many regular video effects. Besides, the price for the software is quite high unless you are a CC subscriber.

  • Understandable UI
  • Helpful tools for work with color and title 
  • Projects are synced between mobile and desktop
  • Slow projects rendering 
  • Has only 3 transitions
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Premiere Rush boasts some of the most effective tools for video and audio editing as compared to other apps from the Adobe Creative Cloud family. Such an extensive toolset is still quite easy to master, which is a sure benefit for rookie users.

Unlike other software developed by Adobe, mainly Adobe Premiere Pro, Premiere Clip and Premiere Elements, Rush offers almost identical mobile and desktop versions with the possibility to store all videos in the cloud.

Adobe Premiere Rush Review

adobe premiere rush logo

Adobe Premiere Rush CC is a universal video editing program with a separate version for desktop and mobile users. The purpose of this software is quite clear.

It is designed as an all-in-one tool for people engaged in video editing, so that they can quickly edit the footage and share the results on YouTube and other social media platforms. Actually, Adobe Rush has become a go-to tool for many YouTube users.

Rush contains main Adobe instruments for video and audio editing, combined into a convenient package, enabling both desktop and mobile users edit their footage like a pro. For example, using Rush, you get a set of Motion Graphics templates and can efficiently work with customizable titles.

Convenient Edit Workspace

adobe premiere rush workspace

Starting Adobe Rush, the first thing you see is the Home screen. From here you can create a new project, view tutorials and online Help, as well as become a member of the Premiere Rush community on YouTube. Besides, you can easily access any of your projects.

Share: The Share workspace allows posting your videos on Facebook, YouTube, Behance or Instagram. To learn more details, see Save, share and export your video.

Titles: There is a library of default Motion Graphics templates where you can find a suitable option. For more info, check Create titles.

Control Tracks: Use the available controls to switch tracks on/off, hide or lock them to make the workflow efficient.

Project Panel: View all the components of your project – videos, images, audio, graphics and sequences.

Add: Extend your project with the help of titles, media files or a voiceover. For more information, go to the Import photos, video and audio section.

Editing Tools

adobe premiere rush editing tools

The Edit workspace of Adobe Rush is meant for video creation, editing in the timeline and using the refinement tools. Here you can edit your clips by inserting text, audio, transition, color presets, etc.

Editing Tools: The range of integrated editing tools allows splitting, duplicating, and deleting your videos. It is also possible to expand the soundtracks to simplify work with audio. To learn more details, check Edit your video in the timeline.

Edit: As the name implies, here is where the main part of video editing takes place. You can add text, presets, sound and more.

Color: The program supports third-party presets and allows creating your own once by altering contrast, exposure, highlight and other parameters. See the Adjust a clip’s color to find out more info.

Audio: Adobe Premiere Rush comes with comprehensive audio controls, so you can easily adjust volume, make sound muted, improve voice or auto-duck background music. To learn about the additional operations with audio, see Add and refine audio.

Transform: Make your video look unique by using crop, scale and rotate functions. You can even create a picture-in-picture effect. The Crop and rotate a clip section, contains more information.

Transitions: Fade in/out and dissolve transitions are also available in Adobe Rush. See Add and edit transition, to do it with ease.

Perfect Motion Graphics Templates

adobe premiere rush templates

Not many video editing programs can offer the same features and tools in both desktop and mobile versions. Adobe Rush is a nice exception to the rule. Thus, you can conveniently edit your footage even on the go.

If you watch popular YouTube videos, you have probably noticed the cool animation effect they all have. This is what Motion Graphics Templates in Rush are designed for. Those in need of such effects, either create them in Adobe After Effects themselves (quite a long and tiresome process) or buy the ready-made ones. However, Adobe Premiere Rush CC has a broad range of these templates available for free.

If you learn how to add pop-up titles to your videos and animate boring footage, your projects are bound to attract more viewers, thus bringing you both financial and moral satisfaction.

Social Media Optimization

adobe premiere rush social media export

Use your mobile devices to record a quality video and edit it with the help of intuitive tools Adobe Premiere Rush offers. Once you’re done improving audio and motion graphics, share the results on social media platforms directly from your mobile app.

The Share tab is within an easy reach during all stages of video editing. You can save the final clip to your internal storage or use the amazing pre-configured social export options. You can share your videos with like-minded people on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Behance, Adobe’s community for creative professionals. I wish Vimeo was included on the list, as in such a way, artists can not only demonstrate their works, but also earn some money.

There is another shortcoming that should be improved by the developers. I mean the impossibility to specify the file type or codec (the frame rate and resolution can be adjusted). Many alternative options let you do this. If you are interested in first-class video editing, send your project to Adobe Premiere Pro and continue the work.

Good Color Customization

  • adobe premiere rush color customization
  • adobe premiere rush color customization

    Amaze your followers with top-notch templates directly in the app, with hundreds of more options available on Adobe Stock. Alter the size, color, and font to make it ideal for your own brand.

    Understanding the color schemes is of great importance if you are determined to create an eye-pleasing video or viral social content. The best Hollywood movies have a definite color language, which makes them so popular among the international audience.

    Adobe Premiere Rush has 11 color style presets. Open the Edit tab on the panel and customize Vibrance, Exposure, Temperature, Contrast, Saturation, Highlights, Tint and Shadows.

    There are also advanced tools meant for deeper video editing. Using them, you can add a Faded Film effect, Vignette or Sharpening. Once you like the result, save the edits as a custom preset.

    Slow in Rendering Projects

    The rendering speed is greatly affected by the capabilities of your device and the size of videos you are editing.

    Rush can be a bit slow when you are trying to watch previews, regardless of whether you are using a PC or a mobile/tablet.  If you are browsing the net for clips to complement your project, you may need to wait for several seconds till the preview shows up. This also refers to rendering speed, but the software offers the pre-render feature to speed up the video playback.

    No Ripple Trim Tool

    This implies changing the position of the edit point, so that the rest of the timeline is also moved to the same extent to compensate.

    In other words, when you click and drag the footage to trim it, the rest of the video isn’t automatically moved to occupy the empty space.

    Though it isn’t such a huge problem, it would be nice to automate the process instead of removing the gap and dragging the footage to fill it manually.

    Adobe Premiere Rush Mobile App Review

    Adobe Premiere Rush Mobile 2024
    Platforms: iOS, Android
    Adobe Premiere Rush Desktop: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS
    Price: Free, In-App Purchases
    adobe premiere rush mobile logo

    Mac App Store

    download for windows

    adobe premiere rush mobile

    The mobile version of Premiere Rush allows producing wonderful videos using the built-in camera functions. The app has all the necessary tools for work with audio and motion graphics, and supports direct sharing on the most popular media platforms.

    Actually, you can create an interesting show on the move. Record a video, edit it with the help of available tools and share it with your friends and followers in a matter of seconds. All your edits are saved on the cloud, so you can access them whenever needed.

    Pro-quality Video: Built-in camera features are sufficient enough to shoot pro-quality footage right from the app and begin editing straight away.

    Easy Editing: People decide on Adobe Premiere Rush download because of an intuitive drag-and-drop video editing mechanism it supports. You can easily arrange your videos, audio, graphics and photos and use the straightforward tools to edit them, fix colors, add titles, transitions, etc.

    Multitrack Timeline: You can generate a huge variety of original projects using 4 video and 3 audio tracks.

    Customize Titles: Go to the section with integrated templates (some are animated) and alter the size, color and font to make your titles look one-of-a-kind. Visit Adobe Stock to download even more catchy titles.

    Great Sound: The audio editing possibilities are truly amazing. Here you can add music, record voiceovers and use advanced Adobe Sensei AI-powered tools to balance sound, remove noise and perform auto-ducking.

    Adobe Premiere Rush: Price

    Adobe Premiere Rush Price differs depending on the plan you choose. Paying $9.00 monthly fee, which is known as the Individual plan, you receive 100GB of cloud storage, Adobe Fonts, Adobe Spark and Portfolio. The Business plan costs $19.99 per month.

    If you need Premiere Rush and Premiere Pro, get ready to pay $20.99 every month as a part of the Individual plan, and $33.99 if you stick to the Business plan.

    Get the official Adobe Premiere Rush CC version, which includes Premiere Rush + Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, 100GB of cloud storage, Adobe Fonts, Adobe Portfolio and Spark for $52.99 per month (the Individual plan) or $79.99 per month (the Business plan).

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    Adobe Premiere Rush is basically oriented at video editing. However, there are many different effects and filters that will make your videos more attractive and bring a special atmosphere to it.

    City Lights

    adobe premiere rush freebie city lights adobe premiere rush freebie city lights

    This filter has rich contrast shades. This LUT will help saturate even the dinkiest video with bright colors and create the atmosphere of the night in a big city.

    Secret Land

    adobe premiere rush freebie secret land adobe premiere rush freebie secret land

    This LUT is perfect for travel videos. The filter makes landscapes saturated and rich in vibrant colors.

    Sweet Home

    adobe premiere rush freebie sweet home adobe premiere rush freebie sweet home

    Film effects have been in fashion for years. This video filter has rich sunny colors and mimics the warm atmosphere of the past decades.

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