Premiere Rush vs Pro: What Software Is Better

By Eva Williams 13 days ago, Software reviews

Premiere Rush vs Pro: What Software Is Better

If you can’t choose between Premiere Rush vs Pro, this review will help you. Premiere Rush is perfect for beginner bloggers and YouTubers who need to edit videos on the move. Adobe Premiere Pro is designed for professional video editing.

Not long ago, Adobe divided its video editing platforms into two non-linear apps: Adobe Premiere Rush (usually called Adobe Rush) and Adobe Premiere Pro (usually called Premiere).

Which application to choose? The answer, as usual, depends on several factors. In this post, we will compare these two programs and help you choose the most suitable variant.

What Is Adobe Premiere Rush?

adobe premiere rush logo Adobe Premiere Rush is a new video editor by Adobe Company created specifically for those who work and spend much time on the net. Thus, the program enables you to record and share video data, create any content using a wide range of tools, filters and functions. For beginner users, the developers have designed various built-in templates, titles and presets.

The key idea of Premiere Rush is to provide the content developers with relatively simple and convenient tools to edit video clips, create content and share it any moment and from any place.

We can safely claim that Adobe Rush is one of the best video editing software for Windows especially for users who regularly post their videos on social networks or enhance video quality.

  • adobe premiere rush interface
  • adobe premiere rush interface

    Adobe Premiere Rush: Strengths and Weaknesses

    + Simple interface. If you launch Adobe Rush, you will see that its UI is very similar to that of Lightroom CC (don’t confuse it with Lightroom Classic). Adobe Rush doesn’t tire your eyes and is convenient to perceive. If you don’t use side panels, they are hidden.

    The source panel is on the left, while the effects and settings are on the right. Undoubtedly, there are some differences because we work with video footage. If you hover the cursor over a tool, a tooltip appears and explains how to use this option.

    + Opportunity to customize color. If you have ever worked with digital movies or created viral videos, you know how important color parameters are. The best Hollywood films feature color languages to create an emotional response. Rush provides the user with 11 color style effects.

    + Staid title templates. This app has 36 motion title templates for you to choose from. In the process of video editing, you may preview them in WYSIWYG mode.

    + Audio editing is available. Adobe features 10 soundtracks for various moods, but they are not attached automatically to your clips like in Pinnacle Studio. Feel free to use your own audio tracks.

    + Working with smartphones. With Adobe Rush, you may adjust colors, transitions, add titles and edit audio on your smartphone. If you work on several devices, you will be offered to create a copy in order not to lose edits.

    + Sharing and output in Adobe Rush. The Share Tab is always at hand no matter what changes you make in the application. The simplest thing you can do is to save your video footage on your device. You may easily share your projects on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or send them to Adobe Behance Community.

    - Slow rendering. Although the latest updates have significantly improved Rush, it isn’t stable yet. It also doesn’t allow you to specify such parameters as bitrate or codec.

    Few transitions. This video editor offers only three traditional transition types ‒ Cross Dissolve, Dip to Black, and Dip to White. It falls behind the competitors because PowerDirector and iMovie provide the users with more than 20 transitions.

    No additional functions. Rush isn’t improved with any new options and tools. It only simplifies the working process and improves the current functions. If you need the app that keeps up with the latest video editing technologies, Rush is not your option.

    What Is Adobe Premiere Pro?

    adobe premiere pro logo Adobe Premiere Pro is a program that enables you to perform non-linear video editing. It is an ideal tool for a post-production process or editing of recorded material. It should be mentioned that Adobe Premiere Pro is used by many worldwide famous specialists in the movie industry.

    Moreover, many leading specialists in the television and movie industry call Premiere Pro the best video editing program. It is used by such famous companies as BBC, TheTonightShow, etc.

    • adobe premiere pro interface
    • adobe premiere pro interface

      Adobe Premiere Pro: Strengths and Weaknesses

      Wide range of functions. Everyone may use only the functions that are necessary personally for him/her. You can make any visual effect and video editing you can imagine here.

      Work reliability. Crashes and failures are almost absent during the working process. Their appearance may be related to computer performance but not to the program’s break downs. That is why you should not worry about the results of your work.

      Convenient work with audio files. You may record sound directly in the mixer in the online mode and work with key dots in the auto mode.

      Well-developed trimming function. You may perform qualitative trimming solely using a mouse or switch to the dynamic trimming using the keyboard.

      Almost all program operations may be performed using hotkeys. If you want to, you may adjust the keyboard layout individually. Also, Adobe Premiere Pro settings may be synced using Creative Cloud. In such a way, you may use personal settings of hotkeys on any computer.

      Immersive virtual reality support. For today, virtual reality is very popular in the movie industry. Video specialists require a tool that will make their creations immersive from all angles. Adobe Premiere Pro is a great helper in any advanced VR editing project.

      Support multiple file formats. Adobe Premiere Pro supports many popular file formats, which greatly simplifies the process of video editing since no conversion is necessary. So, you may easily import videos from your gadget directly to the application.

      Complicated for beginners. Almost all Adobe software is designed for professional use. That is why it may seem too advanced for beginners. However, you may always spend several hours on YouTube watching Adobe Premiere Pro tutorials and learn the basics.

      Problematic updates. It is difficult to work back and forth between old versions and new ones. In this sphere, users don’t rush to update.

      Premiere Rush vs Pro: Price

      adobe premiere rush vs pro battle price

      No matter what program you choose ‒ Premiere or Rush, both of them are professional Adobe products. That is why you may get either single plans or use the plan that offers both programs.

      PremiereRush vs Pro – Who Wins?

      If you choose a platform for a long time period, Premiere Pro is the best variant. The biggest advantage of Premiere is its extensive resource library and tools. In other words, this software has been available long enough to offer a big library of tutorials and video guides. Moreover, you may use Premiere Pro templates from various sites to boost your productivity.

      Adobe Rush is a simplified version of Premiere Pro developed for video bloggers and mobile shooting enthusiasts. According to Adobe, a creative person does not necessarily have to become an expert in the sphere of video editing to create cool clips. Besides, if you have to edit videos every day, Rush is a great variant.

      If we compare Adobe Premiere Rush vs Pro, of course, Rush doesn’t have all the possible video editing tools, but it doesn’t actually pretend to. It has enough options for the most basic video edits ‒ from transitions to color adjustment and simple text overlay. Adobe Rush is a relatively good video editor suitable for working with video materials. The program is focused on the basics of video editing to simplify the learning process.



      In case you are an amateur videographer trying his/her hand at video editing, it is very important to work with color settings appropriately. Color grading is known to be the most complicated ones. That is why it’s better to install these LUTs to create and save color grades. It will greatly simplify your work in future projects.

      City Film

      city film freebie for premiere rush vs pro city film freebie for premiere rush vs pro

      Apply this LUT to adjust white balance and control temperature.

      Vibrant Light

      vibrant light freebie for premiere rush vs pro vibrant light freebie for premiere rush vs pro

      If your video is dull and quite ordinary, use this LUT to make it eye-catching.

      High Tide

      aura freebie for premiere rush vs pro aura freebie for premiere rush vs pro

      Being an extraordinary one, it is a perfect LUT to turn your video into an impressive piece of art.

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