15 Best Real Estate Videos for Inspiration in 2023

Inspire with these real estate videos to see really high-quality and professional videos that boost to real estate sales, which means they are in great demand among realtors. This post is a guide not only for videographers but for realtors as well, in order to understand what type of content is better to order.

15 Real Estate Videos That Will Blow Your Mind

In order to become a popular videographer and record the best real estate videos for your customers, you need to understand the basic rules and explain the benefits of such content to the realtors.

To do this, you should consider what angles are better to shoot from, which parts of the house or apartment should be given more time, how to add dynamics so that the video is not boring, how to choose the most attractive period for shooting and learn how to use artificial light correctly.

1. RUHM Real Estate Video

This high-end firm puts together impressive real estate listing videosthat are close to being called proper art. Their team uses footage from drones as well as regular cameras and masterfully combines large-scale shots with detailed overviews of premises.

Their key technique is to fill the footage with people, helping your mind to associate yourself with them and imagine what cooking, watching TV, or messing about in the backyard of such a house would feel like.

2. Nelson Gonzalez Video

These great real estate agent videos expose the beautiful housing of Miami Beach. The creators supplement the visuals with uplifting music that makes you feel more enthusiastic. They never fail to go outside and show you the area as well as the property.

Nelson posts this video on YouTube and over the entire period of existence the channel received more than a million views. You can also use this hosting or go to the best YouTube alternatives to post your work and receive additional orders.

3. NourmandRE Real Estate

This company has been uploading its listings for more than three years, and they really show professionalism. The clips last only 2-3 minutes but they are full of subtle cinematic effects, a variety of angles and perspectives, even shots in different light and time of the day. All this makes their videos interesting and engaging.

If you are a beginner, I recommend using the best free video editors for YouTube, which are fairly easy to master and allow you to create the best real estate videos in no time.

4. The Building Group Inc Real Estate Video

This company can be hired for the production of property videos and they have quite a success among realtors and agencies. A great video will not be wasted, attracting the customers to the particular luxury residence you want to sell. This video is brilliant for a number of reasons, the mesmerizing forest views being just one of them.

The team surely makes great use of natural light and thematic décor casually filling the vast premises of the penthouse. The soothing music is a knowing touch that helps the viewers sink into the atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility.

5. Aaron Kirman Group Video

This video pays great attention to architecture and beauty, as well as the comfort of the surrounding area. The video stream is processed to give a sense of a single space, as the creators seem to be distracted by small details while panning around the rooms.

If you need great real estate videos, you should contact our service. We keep all files our clients send to us reliably protected from prying eyes. If you want, we can complement your clip with matching audio (there is a large library of copyright-free soundtracks) or you can attach your personal preferences. Besides, we can spruce up a video with titles and transitions.

6. Windermere Real Estate Video

Thanks to the added soundtrack, varying camera angles, technologies and resources, this three-minute video is more like a short film - and quite a good one. We used footage recorded with a drone in order to show the advantages of this real estate, including dense woods and a lake around it.

The video “tells” us an interesting story, first concentrating on the house and then gradually moving to the lifestyle anyone buying this property will have: parks for walking, a school nearby, a boat dock on the lake, etc. This is one of the best real estate videos in this category.

7. Interior Pixels Real Estate

For those, who were hoping to find the best real estate videos ever, here they are. Some professionals consider what they do as excessive but sometimes this is just what’s needed to become outstanding.

This company takes pride in creating a high-end story worthy of the cinema, filled with incredible frames made in slow-mo or shot with a drone, and their efforts make such advertisements memorable.

8. Drumelia Real Estate

This company showcases modern house in Marbella. In a super artistic plot, they showed picturesque surroundings, stunning views, and ultramodern equipment at home. Also, the video shows the functionality and elegance of the interiors, as well as the fact that it makes it really special.

9. Andrew Leung Real Estate Video

This realtor working for the Purplebricks agency made sure you know what they are and learn to trust them before any action is taken. The agent introduces himself and helps you understand what sets this company apart as a great partner for such a large purchase.

By the way, if we talk about real estate listing videos, in addition to them, customers may also need professional real estate agent photos, if you have the skills to shoot such images, this will be a big plus.

10. Pienovi Properties Portland Real Estate Agents

These realtors adjust their actions to words and begin by presenting themselves and hopes of becoming your realtor for life, which they justify with their reliable information.

In addition, they often give their potential clients useful tips about buying a property, so that they feel more confident in what they are doing, and it works better than any promises.

11. Stephanie McCarthy Video

We all know that creative real estate videos can attract customers, but more is needed to get them to contact you. This realtor knows this, and his approach was to tell the whole truth about himself and show how important the work was to her.

Such evidence shows that Blair is not going to hide anything from her clients, and this helps those potential decide if they like what they see and the agent’s obvious professionalism makes them like most of the time. This step enhances trust in the realtor and is one of the most successful key moments in real estate video marketing.

12. Blair Haddow Real Estate Video

This agent discloses his main traits and techniques that have helped him to build a successful business over the years. This is a way of convincing you of his professionalism in this simple manner but also explaining why his assistance is necessary. One of the key points in his video is customer reviews.

13. Harnish Properties Video

The best real estate video is the one that you have a sense of presence while watching. These guys managed to achieve such a result. In addition to a detailed tour of the rooms, you can see the view from the window, as well as the nearest area.

Their material allows you to feel how friendly the family is, and at the same time to amaze you with breathtaking shots with drones. Use the best drone for real estate photography and videography to create related videos.

14. Madison Realty Video

Real estate aerial photography and videography are in very high demand as they bring the most original outcome. Since the house is located on a magnificent ocean shore, it was certainly a winning move to capture the beaches, surf, and nice weather – everything that a future owner will receive along with the mansion. Another notable feature of the video is the use of rhythmic music that is in line with visuals and makes the clip more interesting to watch.

Besides, the video contains text that describes every aspect of a house, so a buyer gets more info and can make an informed decision.

15. Faith Wilson Realty Group

This video contains in-depth information about the property on sale. Buyers will definitely appreciate that videographers have written a detailed script for a future video in order to cover all important aspects. Thus, people can have a clearer understanding of the property.

In addition, an informative story about a house makes it attractive to all types of buyers, from childless couples interested in luxury housing to large families who will appreciate spacious rooms. Focusing attention on different features is a smart thing to do as viewers will be intrigued every second of a clip.

Why Agents Use Real Estate Videos?

If you are a realtor and still doubt whether you should switch to engaging footage or remain loyal exclusively to commercial real estate photography or 3D real estate photography, I advise you to read the information below in order to find out how videos really affect sales. This information will also be useful for videographers, you can easily use the data presented below in your letters to customers using free photographer email templates.

Video Emails Bring More Sales

video real estate benefits

If you look into statistics, it will show that the past couple of years halved the traffic to Facebook and that same period introduced the YouTube algorithm that tailors the content to what they believe users would want to see, no longer displaying what’s relevant to their viewing patterns. In short, watching clips about the property you can find gardening and all sorts of things in the suggestions.

For this reason, most efficient real estate agents videos migrated to emails in order to convey the necessary information to the target audience directly. And it works, because today people are more used to watching rather than reading long texts. Therefore, a short video in 9 cases out of 10 will lead to aroused interest and a sale.

Complicated Becomes Easy with the Help of Video

Imagine a text with three thousand words in which you explain to people how to properly acquire housing, what to look for, or give information about closing costs. In most cases, your client will not read this text to the end since he/she will become bored or find it difficult to process.

Instead, a conversational video in which an agent is reciting this information in a friendly, simple manner, supplemented with diagrams, presentation elements, and an overview of the housing will be more effective.

Brand Creation and Reviews

Using the capabilities of a video, you can promote your personal brand more quickly and efficiently and popularize yourself on all social networks. It helps a lot because people are often happy to distribute creative and interesting videos on their pages.

Additionally, you can post video reviews with satisfied customers or include them in your videos of various types and arouse more trust among interested users. Such real reviews are more realistic and impressive than text that many think you could have written yourself and passed off as a “review”.

Average User Spends 88% More Time on a Website with Video

watching great real estate videos

People can concentrate on a written text for a limited period of time and then their attention dissipates. Thus, filling a website with only written descriptions is the wrong thing to do if you want to reach many potential buyers. As statistics shows, people are more willing to visit websites containing captivating real estate listing videos. Thus, they can learn more info using several perception channels.

Besides, watching a clip, you can faster learn whether the service or product corresponds to your demands. Agents can record videos to tell prospects about their professional activity and future projects.

Increase Organic Traffic by 157%

Great real estate videos are powerful tools for reaching a higher position on search results. Knowing what info your target audience is interested in, you can prepare videos that fully correspond to search queries.

Since few people really open the second link on Google or other search engines, you need to do all possible to occupy the first place. Videos are indispensable for leveling up a website, blog, social pages, and landing pages.

Bonus Tools for Your Real Estate Videos

color grading luts for premiere pro

If you want to improve your property video, use these professional LUTs. They are great for quick color grading without producing unnatural tones and transitions.

There are also LUTs for improving WB, fixing overexposure, improving greens, returning natural colors and more.