How to Create Freeze Frame in Adobe Premiere Pro

By Tata Rossi 23 days ago, Software reviews

Method #1. Add Frame Hold

Whether you need to create a freeze frame of the whole screen or its portion, these tips will help you cope with this task. Use these 3 simple but effective methods to create a freeze frame in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Adobe Premiere Pro is the best video editing software for Windows. It allows you to quickly create a freeze frame when watching a video clip. You can use various Frame Hold tools to freeze a frame. To do it, follow these steps:

STEP 1. Position the Playhead at the Frame

Open a video in the Timeline panel.

Position the playhead over the frame that you want to save.

freeze frame creation in premiere pro playhead at the frame

STEP 2. Select the Frame Hold Option

Select Clip > Video Options > Frame Hold. You can also use such key combinations as Cmd+Shift+K (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+K (Win).

freeze frame creation in premiere pro select the frame hold option

STEP 3. Select Hold On

You will see a copy of the frame that you have selected in the Timeline. This freeze frame will look just like a frame from the video, even its name will stay the same. Besides, the original colors won’t look bleak or faded.

freeze frame creation in premiere pro select hold on

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Method #2. Insert Frame Hold Segment

The second method allows you to capture a portion of any frame when creating a freeze frame in Adobe Premiere. You can add a portion of a freeze frame without creating any additional media files or elements in 2 simple steps:

STEP 1. Position the Playhead Wherever You Need

Place the playhead to the part of the Timeline panel where you need to insert a freeze frame. Then, choose Clip > Video Options> Insert Frame Hold. You can find a frame that you want to freeze, position the playhead over it, right-click and select Insert Frame Hold.

freeze frame creation in premiere pro position the playhead

STEP 2. Trim the Freeze Frame to the Necessary Length

Now, your video is split at the Playhead position with the help of a 2-second freeze frame that you can put wherever you want. Besides, you can crop the added freeze frame to whatever length you want.

freeze frame creation in premiere pro trim the freeze frame

Method #3. Freeze a Frame for a Portion of a Clip Using Time Remapping

If you want to create freeze frame Premiere, you can use several options. The third method is different since it helps you freeze a frame for a portion of a video. One of the most useful tips that you can find in Adobe Premiere Pro CC tutorials for beginners is about the way you can use Time Remapping for capturing a portion of a clip.

STEP 1. Select Time Remapping

Go to the Timeline panel and choose Time Remapping > Speed. You can find the necessary option in the Clip Effect menu. Besides, you can right-click on the FX icon and select Time Remapping.

freeze frame creation in premiere pro select time remapping

You will see the Clip Effect menu next to the title of the clip in a video track. If it doesn’t appear, you need to zoom in.

STEP 2. Create a New Keyframe

With the help of a horizontal rubber band that can be seen across the center of your video, you can adjust the speed. By default, your video will have contrasting colors above and below the 100% speed mark. You can find a white speed-adjustment track in the upper part of the video, right below the title.

Ctrl-click (Windows) or Command-click (macOS) on the rubber band. This way, you can add a new speed keyframe.

freeze frame creation in premiere pro create a new keyframe

STEP 3. Drag the Keyframe

Use Ctrl+Alt-drag (Windows) or Option+Command-drag (macOS) commands to put the speed keyframe to the place where you want your freeze frame to end.

When you work with a freeze frame in Adobe Premiere, you need to drag the rubber band horizontally. Other keyframes can be dragged vertically.

freeze frame creation in premiere pro drag the keyframe

You will see a second keyframe where you left your first one. The inner half keyframes, or the hold keyframes, look like squares, which makes them different from standard speed keyframes. It’s impossible to drag a hold keyframe if you don’t create a speed transition. You will notice vertical marks on the speed-adjustment track. They mark the fragments of the video with freeze frames.

Bonus Tools

bonus tools for video

Now that you know how to create freeze frame in Adobe Premiere Pro, you can also easily overlay videos in Adobe Premiere or make your clips look more engaging with the help of these LUTs. Learn how to install LUTs in Premiere and use them to enhance your videos in a consistent style. They were created by professionals who specialize in video enhancement.

With these overlays, you can enhance videos in any genre. Use them to make colors in your videos brighter and more saturated.