How to Overlay Videos in Adobe Premiere

Using Adobe Premiere overlays, you can easily alter the mood and atmosphere of your clips. Some overlays can jazz up videos with matrix touches by adding green tones, while others turn a regular video into a mesmerizing CSI Miami piece with prevailing oranges and yellows. If you want to learn how to create a video overlay in Adobe Premiere Rush, this tutorial will definitely come in handy.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Adobe Premiere Rush is a simplified version of Adobe Premiere Pro suitable for non-linear video editing. The program has many professional instruments and a wide range of effects.

The popularity of this video editing software for Windows and Mac OS is obvious, as few programs can brag about real-time video editing, importing footage of any quality, or creating a clip from phone recordings.

Though such capabilities are rather impressive, the highlight of the program is the possibility to overlay videos in order to get high-quality output with a “picture-in-picture” effect.

STEP 1. Add all the needed videos and rename a project.

how to overlay videos in premiere rush tutorial

STEP 2. Make sure all videos are arranged one after the other.

how to overlay videos in premiere tutorial

STEP 3. Place one video above the others and open the Advanced tab.

how to overlay videos in premiere

STEP 4. Using the Advanced settings, we crop the left and right parts of the video in order to see the piece below.

how to overlay videos in premiere using advanced settings

STEP 5. Place the third video above the others.

video overlay in premiere tutorial

STEP 6. Use the Advanced settings again. Crop the left and right parts of the video to see the parts of the files located below. Thus, the video is divided into three parts.

video overlay in premiere

STEP 7. You can add more videos by clicking the plus sign on the left.

video overlay in premiere rush

STEP 8. Place the new video above the rest of the tracks and crop it in order to see the other parts of the clip. Thus, you can create picture-in-picture using this video editor for YouTube.

video overlay in premiere rush tutorial

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Bonus Tools

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