Earn $10000 a Month Recording Real Estate Videography

Earn $10000 a Month Recording Real Estate Videography

Real estate videography allows potential buyers to see the future home from all sides.

Using the video, you can supplement a dry verbal story with vivid shots, convey emotions, and even get to know your neighbors.

To make the story interesting, it’s not enough just to be able to handle the camera.

How to Get into Real Estate Videography: 7 Steps

According to statistics, users find videos three times more interesting than other kinds of content. I already talked about how to get into real estate photography and today will share tips about what a videographer who wants to earn money shooting real estate videos should start with.

  • Watch instructional videos #
  • Select appropriate equipment #
  • Create a portfolio #
  • Stay different from competitors #
  • Record not only selling videos #
  • Focus on emotions and be lifestyle #
  • Always make color grading and edit footage #

1. Watch Instructional Videos

watch the real estate video course

By participating in webinars and conferences on videography, you will learn how to select equipment for shooting, build a composition, and edit the finished material.

Also, take extra time to explore specific examples for the genre. Thus, you will have an understanding of the basics of videography and what is currently relevant in the market.

5 YouTube Learning Channels:

  • Parker Walbeck – a channel of one filmmaker which contains tips on shooting interesting videos.
  • Shot by Miles – tips not only about shooting but also about video editing.
  • Ryan Snaadt – a channel of a videographer, who shoots property, talks about equipment, and gives tips on how to start a videography business.
  • Green Light Live – useful tips for selecting equipment and shooting from a drone.
  • Dave Dwyer – an Australian videographer’s channel, who teaches how to record good footage of interiors.

2. Select Appropriate Equipment

select the appropriate real estate videography equipment

Apart from the DSLR for video, you also need motion control gear for shooting stable, panoramic, or dynamic clips with sliding in different directions.

You can purchase a ready-made set for real estate videography, for example, the Video Making System Kit.

When choosing a lens, opt for the wide-angle lens but also add a fisheye lens to your toolkit, as it makes the room look even wider. A focal length of 16 to 70 mm will lead to a less distorted and more realistic representation of the property.

Top cameras for recording real estate videos:

Top lenses for recording real estate videos:

Top accessories:

3. Create a Portfolio

create the real estate promo videos for your portfolio

Until you have your first clients, take a couple of test shots of any property. For example, shoot an apartment of your relatives or offer your real estate video services for free to some friends, who are selling or renting out.

4. Be Different from Competitors

shooting real estate videos

It won’t help if you work as a mere copy-cat and make use of the common tricks or reproduce the ideas of other videographers in your footage, even supposing you have better equipment and spend more time on refining the result.

Think of some personal real estate video marketing concepts and keep making out new catchy ideas.

For example, you can come up with a story from the life of one family, and build a composition around the object. Or shoot a detailed tour in 360°-format that allows users a thorough inspection of the desired object without even leaving their own house.

To invite an interesting idea in your creative process, get acquainted with the room, and note the key features of the object which will make it look appealing. Try not to repeat yourself when building the composition and capture rooms from different angles.

5. Shoot Not Only Selling Videos

shoot not only selling real estate video tours

Blend some useful information into the footage, like ways to contact the company. Additionally, create some topic-related content that will not be advertising. For example, shoot a video with tips on how to properly present a property to a client.

Even with such supplementary clips, do not forget about quality: choose a clear day for shooting in order to work with natural light. Such clips can contain a relevant but unobtrusive call for action capable of orienting the actively interested viewers towards the steps to take.

6. Focus on Emotions

shooting real estate videos with focus on emotions

To create a desire to buy property, play on emotions. Demonstrate the pride that such an occasion causes, the excitement, commitment to excellence. Follow those with tangible evidence to explain why someone does invariably feel these emotions. For example, tell us about the convenient location of the house or its unique architecture.

7. Edit Footage

  • how to edit real estate videos how to edit real estate videos
  • how to edit real estate videos how to edit real estate videos

    For video editing, you have the alternative of manually working through the entire footage or delegating that part to reliable professionals.

    The best software for PC:

    Top online programs:

    • ClipChamp – All-purpose online editor
    • WeVideo – An online tool for production teamwork
    • PowToon – Contains numerous templates

    The best mobile apps:

    • Adobe Premiere Rush: iOS | Android – For easy video editing and sharing
    • KineMaster Pro: Android – With a superb toolkit for color adjustment
    • Quik: iOS | Android – For quick editing

    8 Ideas for Your Real Estate Videography

    I have prepared 8 ideas for real estate videography oriented specifically at the goals of presenting the property in a favorable light and distinguish you from competitors. Note them down and apply.

    1. Slide Show

    To prepare a slide presentation, you need to use the techniques of real estate photography or videography. In case you can only take still images, these can be assembled into convincing and beautiful slide shows.

    Such a format is more convenient and better remembered than scrolling through images on a page. To gather slide show material you don’t need any powerful equipment, a conventional camera would do just fine.

    The optimal length of such real estate promo videos is 120-180 sec. It is easy to put up online and doesn’t run the risk of becoming boring or tiresome for the viewer.

    2. 360 Videos

    Watching such a video allows buyers to carefully investigate any specific portions of ​​the object, helping them feel as if they paid an actual visit. Creating such content is a question of supplementary and potentially pricy equipment.

    Such a tour on the premises allows you to capture both the rooms and the surrounding area. It is the only way for the client to consider even the smallest details, such as a pattern on the ceiling, except going on-site personally.

    3. Drone Videos

    Just note the number of views under the drone-recorded content in any genre. Such videos are popular on any platform, including the audience in paid advertising.

    It is the only device to allow you to cover the entire territory of the object, the possibility of acquiring more relevance when making the best real estate video of spacious interiors and plots of land.

    4. Getting Acquainted

    Clients are almost equally interested in the dealings of the company and the personality of their potential agent as in the features of the real estate.

    Help them feel more at ease and build trust prior to any personal meetings by recording an introduction clip. Moreover, such videos are fitting not only on sites in the "About Us" section but also on social networks.

    5. Neighborhood Guides

    When considering a purchase, people primarily pay attention to the location of the object. A creative possibility to introduce them to it would be to interview people from the area.

    Put out the opinions and views of people of local importance, like a school principal, some restaurant chefs, and the perfect touch would be several words from the closest neighbors.

    6. Live Videos

    Experiment with the possibilities of streaming on the preferred social media of your potential clients. Live videos create a closer connection and help build up trust.

    For example, you can come to an object and go live while walking around the house, mention some new facilities in the area like a public pool, share some local news, conduct a live Q&A session.

    7. Video Testimonials

    You can tell about your good qualities through some related personalities that would sound more convincing to outsiders. For example, a realtor may conduct a short interview and ask recent buyers to share their impression and experience during and after the transaction.

    8. Video Stories

    With the help of a single video it is possible to transfer all the relevant information about the object: where it is located, what floor-space it has, how many rooms, and more. Plus, if an agent presents the house, then this also arouses increased trust among the audience.


    I collected 5 helpful LUTs for improving your interior videography results. These can make the drone footage more lifelike or give your clips a more impressive cinematic touch.

    Like in a Film

    luts for real estate videography luts for real estate videography

    With this plugin, your videos will become more cinematic, with an emphasis on brown tones.

    Nature Look

    luts for real estate videography luts for real estate videography

    To give the house and its surroundings a contrast, use this plug-in. With it, the details will become more expressive, and the colors will not lose their natural look.

    For Drone Videos

    luts for real estate videography luts for real estate videography

    Use this LUT to enhance drone videos: adjust brightness, enhance colors, add cyan tones.

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