9 Best Camera Sliders in 2023

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Select the best camera sliders for flawless results in any project.

top 3 best camera sliders

Camera sliders have become widely popular among photographers and videographers, who need a stable camera, which also should move along a certain trajectory. The invention is not recent but it’s only been a few years that users become more interested in it. There are many camera slider brands manufacturing the gear now.

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  1. Neewer 31.5 inches Camera Track Slider - Our choice
  2. Zecti Portable Slider - Best budget camera slider
  3. Konova Slider K5 47.2 inch Track - Super smooth camera slider
  4. GVM Camera Slider Track Dolly - Motorized dolly
  5. Manfrotto Slider MVS100A - Durable camera slider
  6. Grip Gear Movie Maker - With great stabilization
  7. Kamerar 31” Video Slider - Fully adjustable legs
  8. Cinetics Lynx Motorized Slider - Professional camera slider
  9. Rhino ROV Everyday - Best compact camera slider

Choosing the best camera slider can be tricky. I have tested many expensive and cheap camera sliders to see which can be called the best one. I evaluated each model for its lens options, build material, dimensions, portability.

1. Neewer 31.5 inches Camera Track Slider

Our choice

  • neewer carbon fiber camera slider
  • neewer carbon fiber camera slider

    Length: 31.5 inches | Distance for app controlling: 8-10 meter | Max Load Bearing: 17.6 lbs | Material: Carbon fiber


    ⊕ Seamless bearing slide action
    ⊕ Effortless to mount and disassemble
    ⊕ Great build and performance
    ⊕ Reasonable price-quality ratio
    ⊖ Not found

    This is one of the best camera sliders for beginners thanks to the ease of use. It can be positioned on a surface or a tripod and the camera can be mounted either directly or with the help of a ball head.

    The slider’s hitchless assembly mechanism is helpful if you need to change your position often. You will find the construction rather lightweight but it can easily hold 8 kilos of gear without sagging or tilting.

    The slider has to be operated manually but six ball bearings are capable of ensuring absolutely fluid transitions for your shooting. When disassembled, it’s too big for a standard backpack but the carry bag that comes with it solves the problem of transportation.

    2. Zecti Portable Camera Slider

    Best budget camera slider

    • zecti camera slider
    • zecti camera slider

      Length: 15.7 inches | Distance for app controlling: 5-6 meter | Max Load Bearing: 11 lbs | Material: Carbon fiber


      ⊕ Travel-size, lightweight, portable
      ⊕ Durable materials
      ⊕ Reasonable price
      ⊕ Has a tripod connector
      ⊖ Limited sliding capacity
      ⊖ Lacks a quick release plate

      This is a rather cheap DSLR slider that is easily transportable and thus suits travelers or roaming photographers. Measuring only 15.7 inches and weighing slightly over half a kilo, this model can easily fit in a backpack.

      For a videographer, this is a great option because it can be fixed vertically or horizontally and set at a location on its own or over a tripod.

      The portability can be an issue because it restricts the panning to a short length so if you take photos of landscapes, you won’t receive striking results. The absence of a quick-release plate is also restricting. Otherwise, if portability is your main priority, this option is matchless.

      3. Konova Camera Slider K5 47.2 inch Track

      Super smooth camera slider

      • konova camera slider
      • konova camera slider

        Length: 47.2 inches | Distance for app controlling: 7-9 meter | Max Load Bearing: 39.6 lbs | Material: Aluminum

        $ VIEW ON AMAZON

        ⊕ Comes in a well-designed bag
        ⊕ Aluminum alloy, highly solid and durable
        ⊕ Super smooth slider
        ⊕ Compatible with Canon, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, Fuji, GoPro
        ⊖ Somewhat overpriced

        This is the best camera slider for those, who need long tracks. Boasting a high-end flywheel slider and some rather advanced features, it provides an absolutely fluid and effortless gliding but maintains a high control of the camera positioning. The system can further be automated with a crank/pulley add-on.

        The sliding area measures almost four feet (47.2 inches), which is unmatched in this market category, and the construction is reinforced with three sturdy bearings that will hold even those heavy-duty cameras with no problem, sustaining a load of 40 pounds.

        As a bonus, the slider has several ¼ and 3/8 inch supports that can be used for tripods and various accessories, allowing even more filming opportunities.

        All the components, when disassembled, can be safely stored in the provided bag and will only reach 7 pounds altogether. Remembering the length and versatility you will agree this is rather an achievement.

        4. GVM Camera Slider Track Dolly

        Motorized dolly

        • gvm camera slider
        • gvm camera slider

          Length: 32 inches | Distance for app controlling: 8-10 meter | Max Load Bearing: 13.2 lbs | Material: Carbon fiber

          $ VIEW ON AMAZON

          ⊕ Supports subject auto trekking
          ⊕ Solid and durable build
          ⊕ Noiseless operation
          ⊕ Clear and helpful instructions
          ⊖ No manual mode
          ⊖ Puzzling time-lapse functionality

          The GVM motorized camera slider is a great example of a solid built and feature-packed videography assistant. The device requires no assembly so the moment it’s delivered you can already start working.

          While in motion, the device is noiseless. It won’t take you long to learn the basic modes and features as everything is designed intuitively and the manual helps greatly. An interesting and useful service is motion tracking that will make the camera move together with the chosen subject.

          5. Manfrotto Camera Slider MVS100A

          Best durable camera slider

          • manfrotto camera slider
          • manfrotto camera slider

            Length: 42 inches | Distance for app controlling: 7-10 meter | Max Load Bearing: 4.5 lbs | Material: Aluminum

            $ VIEW ON AMAZON

            ⊕ Sturdy device
            ⊕ Perfect for experienced pros
            ⊕ Steel ball bearings of pin-point accuracy
            ⊕ Durable polymer wheels
            ⊖ Bulky
            ⊖ Mounts on two tripods

            Pairing this model with the MVH502AH video head is the way out that produces the most impressive results.

            Entirely automated slider cast from anodized aluminum is strong and durable, with a built-in level to help you mount it perfectly straight. This is one of the longest models, and for thisreason it requires the support of two tripods, but the result is the possibility to take the broadest pans.

            This model runs on bearings, some users complain about the necessity to supply it with a tripod head and very solid tripods to ensure stability. Providing those, you can capture come astonishing scenes for your projects.

            6. Grip Gear Movie Camera Slider

            With great stabilization

            • grip gear camera slider
            • grip gear camera slider

              Length: 24.4 inches | Distance for app controlling: 4-5 meter | Max Load Bearing: 1.6 lbs (vertical) | Material: Plastic

              $ VIEW ON AMAZON

              ⊕ Can host several cameras
              ⊕ Very stable footage
              ⊕ 9-speed Bluetooth remote
              ⊕ Quick setup, easy operating
              ⊖ Plastic material
              ⊖ Ballhead isn’t very strong

              This is a very reliable model that can be transported and mounted in any location and used for a variety of videography projects, even the more professional ones.

              This model has an engine that can be controlled from a remote and set to roll at one of the 9 speeds. There is little that needs to be assembled; the slider is very stable and simple to operate. The automated features can last for 2 hours on the battery and endlessly if you have a supply of USB power banks.

              An arguable flaw is the plastic material. While it does make the construction lightweight and transportable, the durability is compromised and heavy gear must be handled with care.

              7. Kamerar 31” Video Camera Slider

              Fully adjustable legs

              • Fully adjustable legs
              • Fully adjustable legs

                Length: 31 inches | Distance for app controlling: 8-10 meter | Max Load Bearing: 10 lbs | Material: Carbon fiber

                $ VIEW ON AMAZON

                ⊕ Very versatile
                ⊕ Operates on six rollers
                ⊕ Adjustable legs
                ⊕ Ease of use
                ⊖ Too large for frequent relocations

                The model’s operating on six rollers is important for a more even distribution of the gear’s weight which eliminates any noise during motion. Since each leg can be separately adjustable, you can stabilize the slider evenly even on the most crooked surface and by using the rubber balances you can make sure no sliding or trembling will ruin your shot.

                The designers took care of using the lightest materials that provide enough support and stability but the device reaches 10lbs none the less. It’s not too bad but combined with other gear the load will become too large for frequent relocations.

                8. Cinetics Lynx Motorized Camera Slider

                Professional camera slider

                • cinetics camera slider
                • cinetics camera slider

                  Length: 48 inches | Distance for app controlling: 10-12 meter | Max Load Bearing: 4.4 lbs | Material: Carbon fiber

                  $ VIEW ON AMAZON

                  ⊕ Sturdy construction
                  ⊕ Quick to program
                  ⊕ Large battery capacity
                  ⊕ Perfect speed of working
                  ⊖ Bulky
                  ⊖ Tight carrier

                  This is the smoothest motorized camera slider on the market designed with the utmost care and consideration especially for heavy professional use. It is easy to operate, can perform advanced moves like synchronized or repeatable motion of cameras.

                  The slider itself is robust and the construction allows for panning and tilting, the latter feature covering a full circle of 360 degrees. Mounting the tripod, you can achieve unprecedented smoothness.

                  You can achieve another level of functionality through the app. The controls feel like second nature, you can operate all the motors manually or record and run a preset program.

                  The battery capacity can provide full 3 hours of ceaseless motion or 24 hours in a battery saver mode. Measuring 48 inches with the extension, it becomes cumbersome and creates problems with changing positions, especially when loaded with gear.

                  9. Rhino ROV Everyday Camera Slider

                  Best compact camera slider

                  • phino rov camera slider
                  • phino rov camera slider

                    Length: 19 inches | Distance for app controlling: 8-10 meter | Max Load Bearing: 5 lbs | Material: Carbon fiber

                    $ VIEW ON AMAZON

                    ⊕ Intuitive operation
                    ⊕ Compact and lightweight
                    ⊕ Time-lapse mode
                    ⊕ Seamless cinematic video
                    ⊖ Restricted range
                    ⊖ Underdeveloped Android app

                    The Rhino slider ROV model is a well-designed automated tool with many desirable features. It has a lightweight monoblock frame and a battery life of 24 hours that can do wonders of videography on the go. Provided with an interval meter, it is perfect for recording time-lapses.

                    The model can support a range of cameras but has also a phone mount. If you’re filming with one of the most recent phone models that have three optical zoom ranges, the combination is optimal for creating great footage even with a seemingly restricted20-cm range.

                    The apps for Android and iOS aren’t a match in capabilities, the former noticeably lagging behind in performance. If you have iPad, you will get the best control over the slider.

                    List of the Best Helmet Cameras

                    Image Name Features  
                    neewer carbon fiber slider image
                    Neewer 31.5 inches Carbon Fiber Camera Track Slider
                    OUR CHOICE
                    • Seamless bearing slide action
                    • Effortless to mount and disassemble
                    • Reliable device
                    Check PRICE
                    zecti camera slider image
                    Zecti Portable Slider
                    • Travel-size, lightweight, portable
                    • Made from durable material
                    • Satisfying price
                    Check PRICE
                    gvm camera slider image
                    GVM Camera Slider Track Dolly
                    • Supports subject auto trekking
                    • Great build quality
                    • Noiseless operation
                    Check PRICE
                    cinetics camera slider image
                    Cinetics Lynx 3 Axis Motorized Slider
                    • Sturdy construction
                    • Easy to program
                    • Has a long battery life
                    Check PRICE
                    phino rov camera slider image
                    Rhino ROV Everyday
                    • Easy to use
                    • Compact and lightweight
                    • Time-lapse mode
                    Check PRICE

                    How to Choose the Best Camera Slider?

                    If you are not too familiar with sliders as a filming tool, you first need to learn what they can do and how they differ in performance. Since people naturally differ in preferences and priorities, even within one sphere, consider these factors below and determine the best camera slidersto meet your requirements.

                    Durability and Storage Capacity

                    choosing best camera slider

                    Lens options. Videographers give their preference to sliders instead of gimbal stabilizers because of the increased freedom they provide in terms of lens use, especially for those working on their own or filming with a cine lens.

                    Material. The most common options are either carbon fiber or metals such as steel and aluminum. The former makes a more lightweight and thus portable device but naturally restricts the weight of gear that can be loaded safely on it.

                    Durability and Storage Capacity

                    how to choose best camera sliders

                    Length. There is a variety of lengths available for all sorts of works. Measuring from one foot and up to five, the sliders remain transportable and reliable, whereas longer options operate more like tracks or pulleys.

                    Portability. The best budget slider is typically a transportable model that can be dismounted into a small pack and carried around easily. If you relocate often, this model would be a preference to keep you mobile and not overloaded. For videographers, who stay a long time on one spot, a longer model would be preferable for an increased range of movements.

                    Durability and Storage Capacity

                    how to choose camera sliders

                    Feet. The smaller models have feet that are a part of the construction and relieve you from the extra load of a bulky tripod. Such supports can have additional features that provide better grip or allow the slider to be mounted on all kinds of crooked and uneven surfaces, which in itself is an important characteristic that enlarges filming flexibility.

                    Crank belts. Slightly more elaborate models also leave space for supplying the slider belt with some sort of a drive like a crank. By attaching it, you manipulate the camera better, without shifting yourself, which reduces the risk of jerking or otherwise ruining the smooth flow.

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