22 Best GoPro Accessories in 2022

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Upgrade your camera with the help of these GoPro accessories.

best gopro accessories

best gopro accessories

22 Must-Have GoPro Accessories

After consulting with professionals and testing over 50 various accessories for my GoPro Hero 8, I’m ready to share my overview of 22 best GoPro Accessories: from common tripods, screen protectors and backpacks, to advanced SD cards and accessories for extreme shooting.

GoPro accessories can significantly increase the range of subjects you can record with a GoPro camera, while also taking proper care of it.

1. Rode VideoMic Shotgun Microphone

Best GoPro accessories for recording high-quality sound

rode videomic shotgun microphone best gopro accessories

Compatible with: All GoPro cameras | Level attenuation: -10 dB and -20 dB | Frequency Range: 40Hz - 20kHz


⊕ Can be used with any GoPro
⊕ Condenser microphone
⊕ Has a high-frequency filter at 80Hz
⊖ Haven’t been found

Even though a lot of people stress over the quality of their GoPro videos, they often forget about sound quality. Thankfully, Rode VideoMic helps deal with that injustice. It’s made of two parts: a windshield and a plastic mount with a built-in microphone. Both of them will help you minimize distortions and maximize audio clarity.

This product is among the best GoPro Hero 5 accessories as it uses a super-cardioid polar pattern design to support directional recording. Also, it offers a 40 Hz-20kHz response and a high-frequency filter that prevents low-frequency sounds like cars from being captured.

2. Monoprice Camera Skate Dolly

Best GoPro accessories for smooth video recording

monoprice camera skate dolly best gopro accessories

Compatible with: All GoPro cameras | Supplied with: Seven -20 sockets with one post screw and 3/8 adapter | Wheels: Smooth rubber with stainless steel ball bearings


⊕ Interesting angles
⊕ Smooth, shake-free recording
⊕ Comes with an articulating magic arm
⊕ Doesn’t produce any noise
⊖ Only for even surfaces

Professional Skater Dolly is perfectly suited for tabletop use and low-angle motion tracking, producing cinematic panning in the form of straight lines, wide curves and full circles. You can even block the wheels from different angles to take perfectly bent shots, Michael Bay-style.

3. Waterproof LED Light

Best GoPro accessories for underwater video

waterproof led light best gopro accessories

Compatible with: GoPro Hero cameras 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 + Session and MAX | Power: 300 lumen | Waterproof: 147ft | Modes: 100% brightness, 50% brightness, strobe | Rechargeable Battery: 1050mAh (6 hours)


⊕ Up to 6 hours of use
⊕ 5500K-6000K
⊕ Sturdy body
⊕ Has a power-saving mode
⊖ Light sometimes flickers

Underwater lighting plays an important role since without an external light source, your videos might end up looking dim, bleak and full off shadows. These water-resistant LED Diving Lights will help you quickly solve that problem.

Its power of 300 lumens is enough for the deepest and darkest areas that don’t receive any sunlight. The sturdy waterproof body can work even 40 meters underwater. Attach the lights near your GoPro camera or connect them to any GoPro mount to use them as a separate light source.

4. Waterproof Extendable Floating

Best GoPro accessories for shooting near/on water

waterproof extendable floating best gopro accessories

Compatible with: GoPro Hero cameras 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 + Session and MAX | Extends from: 6.5 to 23 inches | Application: Surfing, swimming, paddle boarding | Item Weight: 8 ounces


⊕ Lightweight
⊕ Extends to 23 inches
⊕ Compatible with a GoPro Hero line
⊕ Waterproof base
⊖ Inconvenient for extreme shootings

Your GoPro may be waterproof but it doesn’t mean that it can swim on its own. This extendable, floating grip will not let your new GoPro sink in the sea, river or ocean thanks to its special cover and floating material.

Moreover, the grip extends up to 23 inches that allows you to capture even more beautiful frames. Considering the above-mentioned information, this attachment may be easily called one of the most necessary Go Pro accessories.

5. SanDisk 256GB Extreme PRO

Best GoPro accessories for recording videos in 4K

sandisk 256gb extreme pro best gopro accessories

Compatible with: All GoPro cameras | Shot speeds: 90MB | Transfer speeds: 170MB | Video capture rate: 30MB/s


⊕ Compatible with 4K
⊕ Sturdy and water-resistant
⊕ Ultra-fast transfer speed
⊖ Expensive for an SD card

If you want to store and send videos in Ultra-HD 4K as if they were tiny files, consider purchasing a SanDisk SD-card from the Extreme series of accessories for GoPro that boasts 256GB of memory.

This card offers lightning-fast recording (90 MB) and transfer (170 MB) speeds, and a sturdy, water-resistant, crashworthy and temperature-enduring construction.

It should be noted that this card was rated UHS Speed Class 3(U3) and Video Speed Class 30(V30), allowing you to work in burst shooting mode and never miss an important moment.

6. SOONSUN 3-Pack Dive Filters

Best GoPro accessories for color correction

soonsun 3-pack dive filters best gopro accessories

Compatible with: GoPro Hero 5, 6, 7 | Set includes: 3 waterproof filters | Comes with: Safety housing


⊕ Rubbed snap on/off mount
⊕ Correction for diving
⊕ Made of qualitative material
⊖ Not for all GoPro cameras

No matter what you want to capture in the depths of the ocean, SOONSUN 3 Pack Dive Filters are the best GoPro session accessories for such shootings. They will provide color correction necessary to perform the work.

A red filter is developed to correct colors in blue or tropical water in the depth from 12 to 85 ft.

A magenta filter helps correct color in freshwater lakes and ponds that seem green in the depth from 8 to 75 ft.

A light red filter with a snorkel is designed to correct color in blue water or clean fresh water at shallow depth from 2 to 15 ft.

7. OUTXE Solar Power Bank Outdoor

Best GoPro accessories for long trips

outxe solar power bank outdodor best gopro accessories

Compatible with: All GoPro cameras | Capacity: 20000mAh | Connection type: Type C and Micro USB


⊕ LED flashlight for emergencies
⊕ Type C and Micro USB
⊕ Fast charging mode 18 W
⊖ Works only with active sunlight

I can confidently name this 2W solar panel one of the must have GoPro accessories because it can charge your GoPro without a socket. It supports fast charging, 4 times faster than customary batteries offer and provides a super-fast charging rate up to 18 W. Gadgets may be charged by 80 % for 35 minutes.

Also, I should mention that a power unit features IP67 ‒ it is water and dust resistant, shockproof and non-slip. An LED flashlight is a pleasant bonus with 3 lighting modes (normal, weak, SOS). They will guide you through the darkness and help you in case of an emergency.

8. Waterproof Protective Suit

Best GoPro accessories for immersion in water up to 115 feet

waterproof protective suit best gopro accessories

Compatible with: Hero 8,7,7,5 Black, HERO (2018) | Underwater dive: 45 meters (115 ft) | Material: Plastic with rubber + large flat glass lens


⊕ Can dive up to 45m
⊕ Sliding front panel to control the screen
⊕ Body is resistant to various weather conditions
⊖ Camera size is significantly increased
⊖ Inconvenient to hold

The deepest GoPro dive is equal to 10 meters. However, if you plan to dive or shoot deeper, you need a special waterproof body.

GoPro Super Suit is developed for dives of up to 45 meters (115 ft). The body is resistant to rain, water and mist. The glass lens provides the best quality of your video.

Although it is one of the top GoPro accessories for underwater dives, it still has some disadvantages. For example, you can’t use a sensor screen of your camera until you open a sliding front panel.

9. Helmet Front

Best GoPro accessories for sports shooting

helmet front best gopro accessories

Compatible with: All GoPro cameras | Mount: Adhesive | Adjustable Viewing Angle: Using a retractable stick | Item Weight: 0.32 ounces | Product Dimensions: 8 x 1 x 6 inches


⊕ Possibility to adjust the shooting angle
⊕ Small size
⊕ Quite firm mount
⊖ Adhesive mount becomes worse over time

This helmet accessory belongs to the must have GoPro accessories for shooters engaged in sport and extreme photography. Fixate your GoPro on the front part of your helmet like a headlamp and then adjust the retractable stick to set an appropriate shooting angle.

You may choose a foreground for shooting, which is particularly relevant for skiers and snowboarders, or turn the camera to your face. You may remove the mount by heating the adhesive part with a fan.

10. Joby GorillaPod Action Tripod

Best GoPro accessories for extreme video

joby gorillapod action tripod best gopro accessories

Compatible with: All Hero cameras (not Max or Fusion) | Comes with: 2 quick-release clips | Tilting capability: 90° | Panning capability: 360°


⊕ Flexible wrappable legs
⊕ Precise control with an integrated ball head
⊕ Bubble level
⊖ Occupies much place in the bag

Joby GorillaPod Action Tripod is one of the best GoPro accessories for shooters looking for universal support for their camera. It is a legendary and firm device with multi-layer and grasping legs.

Precise control with an integrated ball head allows adjusting the camera tilt by 90° and panning ‒ by 360°. The tripod may be also used with a camera featuring a removable lens or a video camera. Just fix an attached universal quick-release clip ¼inch-20 to the lower part of the camera and put it anywhere you want.

11. Shoot Diving Dome

Best GoPro accessories for fascinating videos

shoot diving dome best gopro accessories

Compatible with: GoPro Hero 7, Black/6/5, Hero2018 | Housing: Waterproof | Special Filters: 6x macro filter, red filter | Dome Water Resistance: 98 feet (30 meters)


⊕ Waterproof dome
⊕ Integrated macro filter
⊕ Special lens does not distort the video
⊖ Big size

Remember those fascinating videos where you see half of the frame above the water and another half under it? Such frames are taken using a special dome that contains a big front optic element to repel water from the GoPro lens.

The set includes 2 filters. 10x macro filter that enables you to photograph or record small creatures on the seabed, such as plankton or clownfish, etc. Correcting colors, a red filter is useful while taking pics in blue or clear water at depths of 5 to 33 ft (1.5 to 10 m).

12. 3.5-millimeter Microphone Adapter

Best GoPro accessories to connect a quality microphone

3.5-millimeter microphone adapter best gopro accessories

Compatible with: All GoPro cameras | Includes: Stereo microphone and a line-in jack for external audio sources | Product Dimensions: 0.3 x 5.6 x 1.5 inches


⊕ Provides high-quality sound capture
⊕ Compatible with a wide range of external 3.5mm microphones
⊕ 106 dB analog to stereo converter
⊖ Too bulky

Built-in GoPro microphones leave much to be desired. But this GoPro Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter is one of the best GoPro session accessories and provides high-quality audio recording when using a professional microphone.

It can be connected via USB-C to a Hero 6 or 7 camera and introduces a standard mic input for connecting external microphones. Keep in mind that this adapter isn’t compatible with older Session models.

13. Seeker Backpack

Best GoPro accessories for carrying the camera and optional accessories

seeker backpack best gopro accessories

Compatible with: All GoPro cameras | Fits: Up to five GoPro cameras, multiple batteries and micro SD cards | Dimensions: 20in x 11.5in x 9in | Item Weight: 2.18 pounds


⊕ Chest mount provides hands-free recording
⊕ Customizable compartment
⊕ Soft laptop case
⊖ There are cheaper models out there

Seeker is one of the best GoPro accessories on the market. The improved 18-liter daypack comes with a padded laptop section and offers even more space for your equipment, cameras and Karma.

The large camera sections can contain up to 5 GoPro cameras simultaneously. The daypack also features chest and shoulder mounts that simplify the process of recording immersive first-person videos.

14. Mounts Aluminum Wrench

Best GoPro accessories for adjusting screws

mounts aluminum wrench best gopro accessories

Compatible with: All GoPro cameras | Set includes: 3 thumbscrews and 1 wrench | Item Weight: 2.4 ounces


⊕ Very simple to use
⊕ For all GoPro cameras
⊕ Ring sealant
⊖ Easy to lose as there’s no convenient box

A tilting screen can be irritating when you’re recording sports. To deal with this situation, you need to tighten the screws on the camera head. Instead of doing that by hand, you can use the GoPro Tool to do it faster and more efficiently.

Other than the wrench, the package comes with 2 longer and 1 short thumbscrew, which you can use to make your GoPro gear more stable and secure. I consider it to be one of the best GoPro accessories for travel.

15. Casey

Best GoPro accessories for safe storage

casey best gopro accessories

Compatible with: All GoPro cameras | Capacity: 2 or more Hero cameras, mounts and accessories | Color: Black | Dimensions: 6.5 x 3.5 x 8.7 inches | Weight: 10.1 ounces


⊕ Sturdy, reliable body
⊕ Adjustable space
⊕ Fits 2 cameras
⊖ Lacks fastening for carrying

Casey is an irreplaceable product for safely carrying GoPro attachments and cameras. The water-resistant, semi-rigid body protects the gear from collisions. The special transparent layer prevents weather influences like snow, rain, dirt, etc.

Despite its small size, this case has a customizable inner compartment with adjustable partitions and can fit two or more GoPro cameras, attachments and additional accessories.

16. Quik Key

Best GoPro accessories SD card reading

quik key best gopro accessories

Compatible with: All GoPro cameras | Product Dimensions: 0.1 x 1.1 x 0.5 inches | Usage requires: Android phones and tablets with a micro-USB connector | Item Weight: 0.48 ounces


⊕ Weather-resistant cover
⊕ Can be attached to keys
⊕ Quick file transfer
⊖ Android required

Quik Key is a simple, weather-resistant card-reading device. Simply put an SD card into the card reader, connect it to the needed device with a micro-USB cable, and you’ll be able to quickly share your work via the Capture app. The unique shape of this product makes it possible to attach it to your keys.

17. Rechargeable Battery Max

Best GoPro accessories for long movie shooting

rechargeable battery max best gopro accessories

Compatible with: GoPro Max | Power: 1600mAh | Number of recharge cycles: 300


⊕ Acceptable price
⊕ A lot of recharging cycles
⊕ Doesn’t take up a lot of space in a bag
⊖ Only for GoPro Max

When using the full functionality of GoPro Max’s 360-degree recording, the life of even a new, fully charged battery becomes very short. That is why you’re going to need to buy a few spare batteries as a part of your Go Pro accessories kit. This lithium-ion battery, with a capacity of 1600mAh, will prolong the recording time for another 4-8 hours.

18. Screen Protector

Best GoPro accessories for scratch protection

screen protector best gopro accessories

Compatible with: All GoPro cameras | Package includes: 2pcs screen protector, 2pcs lens protector and 2pcs small display protective film | Made of: Tempered glass


⊕ Reliable screen protection from scratches
⊕ Removes glares
⊕ Cheap
⊖ Possible attachment issues

GoPro touchscreens gave a huge boost to its functionality and made the controls a lot simpler. But they have also introduced a set of drawbacks as now you have to take delicate care of the screens. This protective set isn’t just meant to save your GoPro screen from scratches and spots. It reduces glares on sunny days, provides convenient use and viewing of the screen, making it one of the must have GoPro accessories.

19. Dual Battery Charger

Best GoPro accessories to charge two batteries

dual battery charger best gopro accessories

Compatible with: Hero 8,7,7,5 Black, HERO (2018) | Number of charger slots: 2 | Powered by: USB | LED: Yellow, Green

⊕ Charges two batteries simultaneously
⊕ 1 х 1220 mAh battery included
⊕ Convenient indicators
⊖ Too expensive

If you’re in for a long and hard day of shooting, you’re going to need several fully-charged batteries. To make the process of recharging them simpler, make use of this compact-sized charging device, which is rightfully considered to be one of the top GoPro accessories.

Using the charger is very easy. Simply connect it with a USB-cable that comes inside the package. When the built-in LED indicators are yellow, it means that the battery is still charging. As soon as they turn to green – the battery is ready for use.

Additionally, you can put the charger into a GoPro bag or backpack and recharge your batteries on the go.

20. 3-Way Tripod Mount

Best GoPro accessories to replace the camera handle, extension cord and tripod

3-way tripod mount best gopro accessories

Compatible with: All Hero cameras and Max (not Fusion) | Measures: From 7.5 to 20 inches: | Item Weight: 10.6 ounces: | For use: On the surface, underwater


⊕ Extremely functional
⊕ Foldable for convenient transportation
⊕ Water-resistant
⊖ Lacks the stability found in dedicated tripods

This universal device can replace 3 GoPro mounts accessories: a camera grip, extension arm, and tripod. The foldable grip allows taking selfies effortlessly, without appearing in the frame (can be extended up to 20 inches).

The grip serves as a camera mount and contains a mini-tripod. 3-Way is water-resistant and can be used both on the surface and underwater.

21. Dog Harness

Best GoPro accessories for shooting in interesting perspectives

dog harness best gopro accessories

Compatible with: Hero 7/6/5/5 and Session 4/3/2/1 | For dogs: From 15 to 120 pounds (from 7 to 54 kg) | Item Weight: 9.9 ounces


⊕ Adjustable handle
⊕ Extra bag
⊕ Allows shooting from creative angles
⊖ Your dog might not like it

This GoPro Dog Chest Collar allows you to fully engage the viewers in the action at an interesting angle.

Thanks to an adjustable construction, this collar is suitable for big, medium and small dogs from 7 to 54 kg. A soft tectonic pad will not cause any inconveniences for your pet. It should be mentioned that the collar has a small bag where you can put bones, balls, etc.

22. Smart Remote

Best GoPro accessories to control camcorders from a distance

smart remote best gopro accessories

Compatible with: All GoPro cameras | Built-in Battery: 500mAh | Effective Distance: 50m | Wrist strap length: 29.5 cm


⊕ Works with 50 cameras simultaneously
⊕ Distance up to 50 meters
⊕ Waterproof up to 1.5 meters
⊕ Battery life is up to 10-30 hours
⊖ Expensive

Even if you have the latest smartphone and can easily control your GoPro with it, you probably understand that your gadget will not cope with all the challenges you have prepared for your GoPro. That’s why you should add a waterproof (2 m) Smart Remote to your kit of the must have GoPro accessories. This device can control 50 cameras simultaneously at a distance of up to 50 meters. Its LCD can mirror the camera’s screen for you to confirm the settings.

List of 5 Best GoPro Accessories

Image Name Features  
dual battery charger best gopro accessories
Dual Battery Charger
  • Hero 8,7,7,5 Black, HERO (2018)
  • Charges two batteries simultaneously 
  • Comes with a 1 х 1220 mAh battery
floaty best gopro accessories
  • Extends to 23 inches 
  • Compatible with all GoPro Hero cameras
  • Waterproof base
sandisk 256gb extreme pro best gopro accessories
SanDisk 256GB Extreme PRO
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Super fast recording speed 
  • All GoPro cameras
screen protector best gopro accessories
Screen Protector
  • Removes glare
  • Reliable screen protection against scratches
  • Cheap
3-way tripod mount best gopro accessories
3-Way Tripod Mount
  • Multi-functional
  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Waterproof

How to Attach and Use GoPro Accessories?

Many GoPro accessories are fixed on the camera or have a special pad. However, there are some adhesive attachments, for example, GoPro Helmet Front that is not so easily fixed. To attach adhesive GoPro mounts accessories, take the following 2 steps:

STEP 1. Attach the mount to a smooth and completely clean surface.

STEP 2. Place the mount firmly on the surface, providing full contact throughout the necessary area.

Mind that you should do it at room temperature. Let it properly adhere to the surface for 24 hours. In order to remove adhesive mounts, you may use a fan or a heat gun. In such a way, you will soften the adhesive and slowly remove it.

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