10 Best Video Cameras in 2023

By Tati Taylor 17 days ago, Cameras & Lenses

Perfect cameras for video recording.
best video camera

If you count in the cameras in phones, which by now are quite good even in more affordable models, nearly everyone can be a photographer or videographer today.

However, even the most precise and powerful smartphone camera does not reach the level of quality of the best video camera. Read on if you’re interested in what professionals would equip themselves with.

Top 10 Best Video Cameras

  1. Panasonic X1500 - Our Choice
  2. Canon PowerShot G7X - Best video camera for vlogging
  3. GoPro HERO8 - Stylish
  4. Sony FDRAX700 - Reduced image distortion
  5. Sony RX100 VII - Compact
  6. Blackmagic Design - Budget
  7. Sony Alpha A6600 - Mirrorless
  8. Panasonic Lumix GH5 - Solid performance
  9. Nikon D780 - For professionals
  10. Canon EOS 90D - Articulating screen

There is a whole range of models in each separate segment, and they all differ greatly. Certainly, naming the very best gadget for a category is quite impossible, as that would depend on the goals of filming and other criteria. Still, these options can be helpful for your best videocamera choice.

1. Panasonic X1500

Our Choice
best video camera

Type: HD Director's Camcorder| Sensor size: 1-Chip 1/2.5" MOS Sensor | Resolution: 8.57MP | Lens: 25 to 600mm | Viewfinder: simultaneous | Screen type: LCD | Maximum continuous shooting speed: 1/1 to 1/30 sec

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⊕ Top 4K60 video quality
⊕ 24x optical and 48x digital zoom
⊕ 1/2.5" 8.29M MOS Sensor
⊕ 120 fps slow motion, live RTP streaming
⊖ Very costly

This professional and yet portable device enables you to spend long hours at work with frequent repositioning without the strain or compromise in the quality.

You will be filming through a wide-angle 25mm lens that is equivalent to a 35mm camera. You can use two manual rings to focus and zoom in. The camera also comes with an ND Filter and an incorporated LED Light.

This best video camera provides 32x iZOOM and the possibility of streaming in HD through the Wi-Fi module. AF quickly finds and accurately holds its aim.

A high-efficiency HEVC codec, 24-bit linear PCM audio recording in high resolution, plus multiple other professional features are also present. The device captures 4:2:2 10bit footage that can be recorded in different formats.

2. Canon PowerShot G7X

Best video camera for vlogging
best video recording camera

Type: 4K Vlogging Camera | Sensor size: BSI 1-inch stacked CMOS sensor. | Resolution: 20.1 MP | Lens: 24-100mm f/1.8-2.8 | Viewfinder: - | Screen type: LCD | Maximum continuous shooting speed: 20fps

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⊕ Tiny portable body
⊕ 1-inch sensor
⊕ Lucid zoom lens
⊕ Rotatable sensor LCD
⊖ 4K disabled in some modes
⊖ Face detection issues
⊖ Not the best quality lens
⊖ No EVF

If you’re searching for the best video recording camera that would be both affordable and highly portable, here is a great option. This model has a few siblings that come in slight variations but it’s hard to say decisively that the G7X III is better than the G5X II.

Both models have good and bad sides and while the 7X has the brand’s first 1-inch sensor, the other version still produces somewhat better quality. There is also a price difference to be considered, among other things.

Whether you want to go for the new videocamera model with all bells and whistles or stick to the more affordable earlier version, either will be a great choice.

3. GoPro HERO8

latest video camera

Type: Action Camera | Sensor size: Motion sensor | Resolution: 12MP | Lens: 16-32mm| Viewfinder: - | Screen type: LCD | Maximum continuous shooting speed: fps

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⊕ Redesigned to make mounting easier
⊕ Enhanced image stabilization
⊕ A more practical shape
⊕ Easy in-app post-production
⊖ Less robust than earlier versions
⊖ Heats up during work
⊖ Aftermarket accessories problems
⊖ Poor battery life

Reestablishing itself on the market with the previous model, the brand is still riding the wave with the new release. These popular video cameras now offer an even better experience, with the quality of the footage also rising higher up.

Users are still waiting for an increase in battery capacity, and the fact that their filters have lost compatibility is also upsetting. However, these are the two main drawbacks of an otherwise superb device for filming sports.

4. Sony FDRAX700

Reduced image distortion
best videocamera

Type: HDR Camcorder | Sensor size: 39" | Resolution: 14.2MP | Lens: 9.3 to 111.6mm | Viewfinder: OLED | Screen type: LCD | Maximum continuous shooting speed: 1/8 - 1/10000 Second (Video)

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⊕ Stable 4K quality
⊕ No pixel binning
⊕ Shoots slow and quick motion video
⊕ Reduced image distortion
⊖ Few manual controls
⊖ Super-slow motion is recorded in mute

It is one of the best recording cameras suitable for less experienced amateurs or those already earning with videography. It offers a multitude of filming features and editing possibilities not only for the main subject but also for the background and the frame altogether.

The device received a great optical zoom module. It can also record in 4K, and the result will much excel your advanced smartphone.

If you want to spend some more on simply capturing the important moments of your life, or your idea is to turn it into a job, here is a great option. With this latest video camera, you will come pretty close to professional quality for a smaller cost.

5. Sony RX100 VII

new videocamera

Type: Digital Camera | Sensor size: 1" | Resolution: 20.1MP | Lens: 9 to 72mm | Viewfinder: Electronic | Screen type: LCD | Maximum continuous shooting speed: 1/32000 to 4s

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⊕ Ultra-high-speed shooting
⊕ Superb AF
⊕ Great 4K footage
⊕ Tiny body and great zoom range
⊖ Poor EVF
⊖ Somewhat slippery
⊖ Tiny buttons
⊖ No mount for the mic
⊖ No headphone jack

Among the tiny point-and-shoot models, this one is undoubtedly remarkable. It offers a great number of features and can record impressive quality for its size.

Unfortunately, the brand also charges a lot for this camera so it is not necessarily great for simple amateurs. However, if you don’t mind investing in the best new video camera to keep in the pocket for those easy to miss moments or filming on trips, here is a great one.

6. Blackmagic Design

new video camera

Type: Cinema Camera | Sensor size: 18.96 x 10 mm (4/3") | Resolution: MP | Lens: Active MFT mount. | Viewfinder: LCDVF BM5 | Screen type: LCD | Maximum continuous shooting speed: fps

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⊕ Affordable
⊕ Shoots 4K
⊕ Great 25,600 ISO
⊖ LP - E6 battery
⊖ MFT mount
⊖ Doesn’t work with the BMPCC Speedbooster

If you look at the camera itself, it is not very impressive, especially within this list that has some pretty outstanding models. The autofocus is slow, the continuous AF is not even there, the body is cumbersome, and yet they could not fit a decent battery in it, plus it couldn’t double as a photo camera because still shots look pretty lousy. If the latter point is important to you, do invest in a decent mirrorless system.

However, those users who only care about capturing video and have some background knowledge of the theory of videography can turn this piece of equipment into a candy. Get it, and your affordable new video camera will turn out to be a flexible creative tool for capturing 4K footage.

7. Sony Alpha A6600

best videocamera

Type: Compact System Camera | Sensor size: 366.6mm2 | Resolution: 24MP | Lens: Sony E 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS SEL18135 | Viewfinder: EVF type; 1.0cm (0.39-inch) 2.3M-dot XGA OLED | Screen type: LCD | Maximum continuous shooting speed: 11fps

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⊕ Compact
⊕ Weather-sealed body
⊕ Autofocus
⊕ High-capacity battery
⊖ Outdated design
⊖ Awkward controls
⊖ More expensive than similar models

Sony a6600 is one of the most popular video cameras due to its excellent image stabilization, first-class autofocus, improved battery, convenient grip, real-time tracking, headphone input for sound monitoring, and more.

Despite being expensive, the features and capabilities of this camera completely justify every single dollar spent on it. Apart from being convenient to work with, Sony a6600 lets you cover long-lasting photo sessions. It is considered to be one of the most demanded universal mirrorless cameras in 2019-2023.

8. Panasonic Lumix GH5

Solid performance
best new video camera

Type: Micro Four Thirds | Sensor size: 17.3 x 13 mm | Resolution: 20.3MP | Lens: Micro Four Thirds.| Viewfinder: Electronic | Screen type: LCD | Maximum continuous shooting speed: 12fps

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⊕ First-class video recording
⊕ Records 4K videos
⊕ Solid and bright electronic viewfinder
⊖ Not the highest image quality
⊖ Area AF mode issues

Panasonic GH5 combines powerful features of a photo and video camera and its quality yields the highest return on investment of $2000.

Due to its awesome functionality, amazing video quality, long-lasting battery, and robust construction, GH5 may become the best video camera for indie filmmakers and videographers.

9. Nikon D780

For professionals
latest video camera

Type: Full-Frame | Sensor size: 35.9 x 23.9 mm | Resolution: 24.5MP | Lens: Nikon F | Viewfinder: Optical | Screen type: LCD | Maximum continuous shooting speed: 12 fps

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⊕ Excellent build and handling
⊕ Instantly focuses in live view
⊕ Uncropped 4K footage
⊖ Dual autofocus systems
⊖ Ability to manually switch live view
⊖ High-priced

There is nothing outstanding about Nikon D780. It doesn’t offer any unique features, brand-new technologies, or extraordinary design. Nevertheless, it combines functionality suitable for both aspiring filmmakers and professionals.

The manufacturer improved this model by adding quick phase-detection in live view, high-end 4K video recording features, high-speed continuous shooting, and solid buffer capacity. Nikon D780 has fair value for the price that meets all the expectations.

As a bonus, you will be pleased with solid and balanced handling of this popular video camera.

10. Canon EOS 90D

Articulating screen
best video recording camera

Type: Mid-size SLR | Sensor size: 22.3 x 14.9 mm | Resolution: 32.5MP | Lens: Canon EF/EF-S | Viewfinder: Optical | Screen type: LCD | Maximum continuous shooting speed: 1/16000 sec

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⊕ Amazing 32.5MP image sensor
⊕ Video recording at 10fps with iTR focus tracking
⊕ Articulating screen
⊖ Rear dial may feel cramped
⊖ No PC sync port
⊖ Single memory card slot

This new video camera is not only budget-friendly but has a solid design and convenient body. It caters to the needs of skillful enthusiasts and is considered a universal option for recording sports and action events as well as taking landscape, travel, and portrait photos.

With Canon EOS 90D, you won't have any problems keeping up with action. Despite this model is a mid-sized DSLR, it boasts numerous benefits. EOS 90D will especially suit photographers, who prefer the look and feel of a DSLR body.

The modern market offers an array of decent mirrorless cameras. For example, Canon EOS M6 Mark II includes many similar features with EOS 90D. Nevertheless, it is only up to you which camera to opt for. Everything depends on your personal needs and requirements.

Image Name Features  
best video camera
Panasonic X1500
Our Choice
  • Type: HD Director's Camcorde
  • Sensor size: 1-Chip 1/2.5" MOS Sensor
  • Resolution: 8.57 MP
  • Lens: 25 to 600mm
best video recording camera
Canon PowerShot G7X
  • Type: 4K Vlogging Camera
  • Sensor size: BSI 1-inch stacked CMOS sensor
  • Resolution: 20.1 MP
  • Lens: 24-100mm f/1.8-2.8
latest video camera
  • Type: Action Camera
  • Sensor size:Motion sensor
  • Resolution: 12MP
  • Lens: 16-32 mm

How To Choose the Best Video Camera?

best video recording camera

Shopping for the best video recording camera may seem a real challenge. While picking the most optimal model, you will need to decide what purpose the camera should serve you for. The following aspects will help you choose the right option that will suit all your needs.

Interchangeable or Fixed Lens

There are two types of digital cameras – with interchangeable or fixed lenses. An interchangeable lens camera for sports gives you the flexibility to change the lenses to achieve better image quality and set a proper aspect ratio. A fixed lens camera doesn’t offer the ability to attach different lenses. Nevertheless, it is a more affordable option that is suitable for novice users.

Video Quality/Control

If you are going to pick a new videocamera for professional purposes, it is recommended to consider the model with customizable settings. Such features as a touch screen, ability to record 4K videos, change frame rate, and adjust tone curves may help you achieve stunning results.


If your camera has a good zoom ratio, you can change zoom and preserve the video quality. Those filmmakers who are shooting commercials or indie movies should pay attention to the models with a decent zoom level in order not to distort the image.


best video recording camera

Nowadays, you will hardly see people, who hold the camera against their faces when shooting videos. This is mostly because the majority of modern models come with LCD screens attached to the backside of the camera body. This simplifies recording videos in challenging conditions and prevents camera shaking if you are looking at the subject through the viewfinder.


It is rather challenging to find a budget video camera with a decent set of features. Try to pick a model that hits the sweet spot of affordability and productivity.


  • • Is a 4K video camera worth investing in?

Cameras capable of shooting high-resolution videos have both upsides and downsides. For instance, video cameras for sports can produce large files that require additional storage. 4K videos have frames that can be 1K, 2K, 4K, or even more in size.

  • • What is the best video camera for novice users?

Canon VIXIA HF R800 is the best Canon for video suitable even for total newbies. Apart from offering a traditional camcorder build, it has a compact design and neatly fits any hand.

  • • Which camera gear should I have to shoot a video?

Tripod. A useful device to stabilize the camera to produce professional-looking clips Camera Light Three-point lighting setup Movable Digital Audio Recorder Headphones Light Reflector Lenses: Wide Angle lens, Clear "Protective" Lens, Polarizer, Telephoto Lens, Macros, etc 3-4 additional batteries

  • • What's the difference between a camcorder and a video camera?

A camcorder is a device that combines a video capture and video recording capability while a video camera uses optical systems to capture motion image data.