11 Real Estate Video Ideas to Try in 2021

A real-estate video taken by phone or captured by drone allows buyers to evaluate the property and helps realtors advertise the estate that is on sale. Use these real estate video ideas to create engaging videos that can be used for many purposes, including educational ones.

Top 11 Real Estate Video Ideas for Inspiration

You might think that real estate videography is easy to master, however, many realtors experience difficulties when trying to produce such content.

By using the real estate video ideas mentioned in this article, you can learn how to create clips that can grab customers’ attention and boost property sales. Read this article to learn how to implement ideas used by realtors for producing the best real estate videos.

1. Introduction Video

It’s perhaps the most popular type of video taken by realtors. It does not tell clients about the estates you are selling or have already sold, or how many years of experience you have. It lets people know why you became a real estate agent.

You can also tell more about your personality and the way you conduct the business. This short clip is very important as it allows your clients to learn more about your personality and work attitude.

Your potential leads or referrals will probably check info about you online to decide whether you are the person they can rely on.

2. "Just Sold" Video

“Just Sold” footage is a great way of showing homeowners what houses you have already sold, proving that you can handle things quickly and efficiently.

It’s one of the easiest to implement real estate video ideas that allows you to let your potential clients know what kinds of property you usually sell. You only need to edit your original listing video and insert the notice that a house was sold and is off the market.

3. Video with Useful Advice

Your success will depend on your professional skills. Clients should be certain that you are skillful and experienced enough to handle things right.

You can create an informational video and answer the most frequent buyer questions. Besides, you can provide your clients with useful recommendations if they want to purchase a home in a particular district.

In a video, you can let people know what aspects they need to pay attention to when buying a specific house, describe the paperwork that needs to be completed, provide some creative renovation ideas, etc.

4. Brand Promotional Videos

It is one of the greatest real estate video marketing ideas. I advise you to contact a professional real estate video editing service if you want to create a high-quality video that will engage your potential customers.

This video can be automatically played on your YouTube channel page. You can use it during various presentations and meetings to promote your brand.

A promo clip should be longer than other real estate agent videos, as you need to describe every positive side of your business and tell people why your company is so special.

5. Property Listing Video

A property listing video is a must-have media content for any realtor. Although photos with descriptions are quite helpful, a clip can provide customers with more detailed info about the property that is on sale.

Although this type of video is not the most creative and original one, it allows clients to go on a virtual tour to see every room. Some realtors prefer shooting serious clips, while others opt for funny real estate videos. By creating a property listing video, you can boost your chances of selling a home in the shortest time possible.

6. Neighborhood Video

A neighborhood where a house is located is one of the decisive factors to consider for any client. It’s one of the best real estate video ideas to create a clip that shows the district where the property is located. Add a link to this content to your property listings, and you will find the clients fast and easily.

Such a video should contain the info about the amenities available in this area, describe the community events that take place there, list the schools in this district, etc. When creating a video, make sure to mention all the info that can show the location in the best light possible.

7. Community Event Videos

In these videos, you can tell your clients more about various community events, such as parades, celebrations, etc. It will be a great addition to neighborhood videos. For better results, make this clip short and share it on social media networks.

8. Interview Videos

Referrals allow you to build a strong customer base. Short clips with testimonial interviews can help you generate more leads. The recommendations received from respected buyers and sellers you worked with in the past will allow you to gain trust from new clients and build a positive image of your business.

If you are going to interview people for your real estate video marketing needs, make sure to talk to clients who can say something that will be interesting to your audience.

9. School Reviews

A clip that provides clients with detailed information about the schools located in the area where you are selling the property is one of the most important real estate agents videos that you can shoot. It should list all the options nearby and provide their short description.

This would be an invaluable resource for families who are going to move into this neighborhood. Of course, there is much info about schools on various web platforms, like GreatSchools. However, a high-quality video and interviews with school staff will be more engaging and informative.

10. Blog Post Recap Videos

You can use an old video to create several new ones. It will allow you to save time and attract new clients. If you have a blog, you can post short videos there.

For example, a post that describes the most recent home design trends should contain a clip that will further expand the idea. This strategy will allow you to get more customers.

11. Share 360 Tours

Creating a 360 tour is probably one of the most effective real estate video ideas for professionals. Unlike 3D real estate photography and regular videos, these tours allow viewers to walk through a house.

Interactive virtual tours allow clients to go to any room, enlarge some elements, etc. To create such content, you need to contact professional videographers who use a special camera for real estate photography. If the estate is still being built, a 3D virtual tour is also a great idea.

Freebies for Real Estate Video Editing

real estate video editing freebies

Many realtors prefer creating videos that resemble a real-life tour. However, video editing is not an easy task, as you need to know how to use various tools and popular video editing software.

With these free real-estate LUTs, you can modify the colors and tones of your footage. They are perfect for making videos brighter and enhancing them with rich hues in a few clicks.

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