Little Lusker Photoshop Actions Review 2023

By Tata Rossi 22 days ago, Photoshop Tips

If you want to add professional-grade effects to your photos with minimum effort, then the Little Lusker Photoshop actions can become an invaluable addition to your toolset. These actions allow you to receive a stylish professional photo by adjusting the skin tone, brightness, and contrast or using sepia, faded colors, and high ISO values. Little Lusker Photoshop actions will be of use for photographers of any genre including portraiture, landscape, wedding, etc.

Little Lusker Photoshop Actions Collections

The collection of Little Lusker actions consists of 5 original and unique sets designed for improving the quality of your photos while being compatible with different versions of Photoshop: Photoshop CC/Photoshop CS 4-6/Photoshop Elements 11-15.

Classic Set

little lusker photoshop actions classic set

Number of actions included: 80+ actions

Actions from the Classic Set allow you to automate the image editing process by applying them to your photos. This set includes over 80 unique actions that will add color and brightness to your photos.

If you want to achieve the best results possible, it’s advised to use the actions on RAW images since this format offers more color editing flexibility. This collection is primarily designed for portrait photographers, as they allow you to adjust the saturation, brightness, and tone of the image. The only thing you have to know is how to install Photoshop actions to quickly apply them to your shots while customizing their effects according to your needs.

Creative Set

little lusker photoshop actions creative set

Price: $22.50
Number of actions included: 158 actions

This collection of Little Lusker Photoshop actions is rather universal and allows you to add softness and warm tones to your shots. The set includes an array of landscape Photoshop actions while also being a good fit for other kinds of photos including cityscapes and underwater shots.

The actions from this bundle allow you to add a matte look to the image, improve its texture, make the outlines more pronounced while infusing the photo with rich colors. The provided tools are also great at handling bleak tones, as they add color intensity to the sunset and plants while enhancing the natural blue color of the water.

If you don’t have any image editing experience or lack the time to handle post processing on your own, reach out to our experts. They’ll adjust the colors, deal with any exposure problems, add tasteful glares, and make all other necessary tweaks to your photos for an affordable price.

Life Set

little lusker photoshop actions life set

Number of actions included: 96 actions

The Little Lusker Life Set allows you to highlight the details and emotions in your shots. This artistic collection was in development for nearly a year and is designed to significantly improve your image editing workflow. The Life Set is aimed primarily at portrait photoshoots while standing out from other collections by including an array of double exposure actions.

When working with portraits, you can take advantage of the provided tools for skin retouching, skin tone enhancement, eye brightening, redness reduction, and much more. The set also has several useful actions for adjusting the lighting, adding softness, and aligning color tones.

Light Leak Set

little lusker photoshop actions light leak set

Price: $22.50
Number of actions included: 70 actions + 50 bonus actions

The Light Leak collection of Little Lusker Photoshop actions will help you add more light to your photos with the help of handmade effects that were created using a high-definition camera. This universal collection allows you to add an artistic film-like look to your photos that you can usually only achieve with dramatic actions Photoshop.

All tools are pleasantly flexible and allow you to resize, rotate, and reshape the light leak as you see fit. This set allows receiving a cinematic image by enhancing the colors and exposure and adding a small amount of noise and grain.

Collection Set

little lusker photoshop actions collection set

Number of actions included: 370 actions + 70 overlays

The complete Little Lusker Collection includes all 4 sets: Classic, Creative, Light Leak, and Life. In addition to the entire package, you’ll receive 70 bonus overlays that will give you even more freedom for creating quality professional photos. The collection includes a fantastic set of tools for increasing the brightness of the image, adding specific tones, and performing color correction.

These Little Lusker actions will help you add clarity, contrast, and color to your photos. Moreover, you’ll always have the freedom to choose from different editing styles by using fully-customizable warm and cool toning effects as well as different high-contrast and low-contrast effects.

Camera Bags Brand Info

kamrette camera bags brand

In addition to actions, Little Lusker also strives to entice photographers with their signature “Kamrette” camera bags. The brand’s name “Kamrette” combines the name of the photography studio’s owner Kate Margarette and the word “camera”. Kamrette produces high-quality modern and convenient camera bags that are produced by reputable factories.

Other than that, the company does a lot of charity work, giving away 1 dollar from each sale to local animal protection organizations that care about sick, injured, and homeless pets. The bags are delivered worldwide and everyone can find a fitting bag or backpack for their needs and taste, as most models are offered in multiple color solutions. The company also offers signature camera straps.

Bonus Tools

free photoshop actions collection fixthephoto

If you like Little Lusker Photoshop actions and you want to add similar effects to your photos for free, try using these alternatives. These free actions will be of use to both experienced photographers and those who are still only learning the art of image editing and color correction. Here you can find over 300 free actions that will ensure the retouching process is a quick and pleasant activity rather than a time-consuming chore.

Note: All tools we share were created by FixThePhoto experts. We do not copy and share third-party products.