Little Lusker Photoshop Actions Review 2021

By Tata Rossi 22 days ago, Photoshop Tips

This Little Lusker Photoshop action collection includes 5 unique action sets developed for optimizing and improving your photos. You’ll receive a stylish professional photo by adjusting the skin tone, brightness, and contrast or by using sepia, faded colors, and high ISO values. Little Lusker Photoshop actions can be used by photographers that work in all sorts of genres including portrait, landscape, wedding, etc.

5 Little Lusker Action Packs

All you need it to learn how to install Photoshop actions and start applying them to your photos in a single click. All actions are fully customizable, allowing you to apply any action to create a professional picture with ease.

It’s worth mentioning that each set is mainly focused on enhancing the highlights and shadows of the photo. Some lighting actions were created on the camera manually to convey lifelike light rays. Such sets are meant for producing clear and sharp images, so be ready to receive a good dose of contrast and color provided by the camera.

1. Little Lusker Classic Set

little lusker classic actions

Number of Classic actions included: 80+ actions
Compatible with: Photoshop CC/Photoshop CS 4-6/Photoshop Elements 11-15

The Classic set is a powerful and universal Little Lusker collection that includes over 80 actions that allow you to transform your images into vibrant and colorful professional shots. Regardless if you’re a beginner or experienced professional and what photography style you prefer, this set will help you quickly achieve the desired effect.

This collection is primarily designed for portrait photography, as they adjust the saturation, brightness, and tone of the image.

2. Little Lusker Creative Set

little lusker creative actions

Number of Creative actions included: 158 actions
Compatible with: Photoshop CC/Photoshop CS 4-6/Photoshop Elements 11-15

This set consists of 158 unique actions, which can be easily applied to any photography genre. With the help of this collection, you can add a soft light to the scene, introduce a matte look, enhance the texture, make the contours clearer, etc. This set contains an array of landscape Photoshop actions that you can also successfully use for urban and underwater photos.

Add bright and lively colors to your landscape photos with the help of this action set. Deal with bleak colors and overexposure, make the sunset more colorful, the plants greener, and give the water a true blue color.

3. Little Lusker Life Set

little lusker life actions

Price: $22.5
Number of Creative actions included: 96 actions
Compatible with: Photoshop CC/Photoshop CS 4-6/Photoshop Elements 11-15

Life is a Little Lusker Photoshop actions set that was created to highlight the emotions shown in the photo. This artistic collection was in development for over the year, with most of the attention being dedicated to improving the workflow speed and creating new tones and aesthetics.

Life is a set of dual actions that was developed specifically for portrait shooters. This collection contains tools for lighting adjustments, adding softness, and leveling out color tones. Here you’ll find everything you need for skin retouching, boosting skin vitality, brightening the eyes, reducing redness, and much more.

You don’t have to adjust the model’s smile manually by using Photoshop brushes since it’s a long and tiring process, especially if you’re dealing with more than one photo. Thanks to this set, you can give your model a Hollywood smile in a single click.

4. Little Lusker Light Leak Set

little lusker light leak actions

Number of Creative actions included: 70 actions + 50 bonus actions
Compatible with: Photoshop CC/Photoshop CS 4-6/Photoshop Elements 11-15

Light Leak Collection represents a collection of lighting-based actions. This set contains dramatic Photoshop actions, which are great at creating dramatic photos and allow achieving a cinematic image by improving the colors, exposure, adding a bit of noise and grain.

All actions from this set were created manually with a high-resolution camera, which allows receiving a real lighting effect that is ready to be used on your images. The universal nature of this set deserves a separate mention. Here you can change the size, rotate, and reshape the light stream to your liking.

5. Little Lusker Collection Set

little lusker collection actions

Price: $90
Number of Creative actions included: 370 actions + 70 overlays
Compatible with: Photoshop CC/Photoshop CS 4-6/Photoshop Elements 11-15

This Little Lusker action collection includes all 4 sets: Classic, Creative, Light Leak, and Life. In addition to the complete bundle of actions, you also receive 70 bonus overlays. Here you’ll find several tools for brightening the image, adding specific tones, and performing color correction.

These sets are designed for producing clear and sharp images. Created on a professional-grade camera, these actions add a significant dose of contrast and color, boosting the overall quality of your photos.

Additionally, the collection includes multiple warm and cold toning actions as well as high-contrast and low-contrast effects that are fully customizable and allow you to choose between different image editing styles.

Free Alternatives

free alternatives to little lusker photoshop actions

You have the opportunity to use equally efficient collections of completely free actions. With their help, you can easily perform photo post production of any genre: portrait, wedding, or children. Additionally, you use them for photo retouching or creating a cinematic-style image.

This collection allows performing classic and deep portrait retouching by using one of the provided actions. They’re fantastic time-savers and can automatically apply the following techniques: Teeth Whitening, Dodge & Burn, Eye Brightening, Glossy Lips, etc.

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